Word cluster viewer

Word cluster viewer.

Cluster path (and word type count) Words (most frequent)
^00000 (827) to
^000010 (1832) 's
^0000110 (512) and
^0000111 (660) or
^00010 (1417) of
^0001100 (647) on
^0001101 (1023) for
^0001110 (765) in
^000111100000 (688) before since until till befor int
^000111100001 (648) after
^000111100010 (697) without onto
^000111100011 (716) while whilst
^00011110010 (1446) than
^000111100110 (977) but unless
^000111100111 (1383) then . wesson stratton clank thus therefore sandals ..?
^000111101000 (695) into
^00011110100100 (627) over representing
^00011110100101 (1422) against behind toward towards upon concerning aginst aganist agianst
^000111101001100 (816) under above below beneath underneath
^000111101001101 (2284) inside outside surrounding
^000111101001110 (744) through threw throught thru forge trough
^0001111010011110 (701) near within along among including facing involving amoung inbetween amongst
^0001111010011111 (689) around across throughout beyond aboard
^000111101010 (1208) during durring
^000111101011 (510) at
^00011110110 (1044) by
^000111101110 (400) as
^000111101111 (1003) about regarding
^000111110 (1061) between
^0001111110 (731) from
^0001111111 (733) with
^001000 (923) does dose
^0010010 (968) was
^0010011 (1146) did
^001010 (1140) is
^0010110 (776) were
^0010111 (688) are
^001100 (788) many
^00110100 (408) much
^00110101 (493) long
^00110110 (406) old
^001101110 (599) big deep heavy thick
^0011011110 (698) far tall
^00110111110 (527) fast soon
^00110111111 (1081) often closely frequently httpwikianswerscomqhow munch
^0011100 (636) when
^0011101 (605) if
^0011110 (305) do
^00111110 (1035) can
^001111110 (688) will
^0011111110 (609) should
^00111111110 (377) would
^001111111110 (958) may cannot doyou doi
^0011111111110 (409) could shall lets
^0011111111111 (664) must might
^0100 (3084) the
^01010 (1058) a
^01011000 (935) my
^01011001 (706) your
^010110100 (718) her strep bellas
^010110101 (2650) his
^010110110 (1085) their thier
^010110111 (1008) its
^0101110 (1456) an
^010111100 (485) per
^0101111010 (594) each
^0101111011 (706) every atleast
^010111110 (779) one
^0101111110 (1011) this
^0101111111 (934) another
^0110000000 (3613) dogs cats birds horses tigers frogs sharks snakes whales rabbits lions pandas dolphins hamsters penguins monkeys worms elephants bees bats wolves bugs eagles spiders crabs cows owls dragons rats chickens lizards cheetahs ants snails ducks butterflies leopards foxes zebras giraffes amphibians crocodiles koalas kangaroos geckos goats sponges squirrels turkeys camels
^01100000010 (1069) bear bears fox eagle seal owl seals ant octopus alligator cobra rhino panther anaconda sox panthers hare eel iguana retriever rhinoceros cobras armadillo retrievers mamba ocelot hares echidna fleece foxs anteater albatross orangutan stallion
^011000000110 (1967) chicken tiger chocolate shark lion frog turkey whale wolf monkey bee butterfly leopard crab cheetah sheep dolphin banana duck zebra cactus squid kangaroo crocodile giraffe burger peach camel salmon sponge platypus shrimp parrot gorilla sunflower kiwi strawberry mushroom tuna crayfish pitbull scorpion lobster dove goose moose python beaver grasshopper dragonfly
^011000000111 (1748) fish snake pig spider pigs turtle turtles deer jellyfish goldfish starfish lizard snail gecko fishes mosquito squirrel peas otters wasp tortoise toad otter chicks cucumber mantis catfish plankton slug lemur tzu stingray finches anemone cucumbers
^01100000100 (3494) jews slaves colonists romans egyptians greeks europeans farmers germans aztecs colonist pilgrims dinosaurs vikings nazis africans patriots puritans republicans witches incas mayans federalists natives pioneers democrats pharaohs italians railroads peasants kkk sumerians russians hebrews lords filipinos mormons protestants quakers southerners israelites aboriginals confederates miners victorians merchants arabs tudors communists texans
^011000001010 (590) americans koreans conquistadors
^011000001011 (1777) indians soldiers tribe workers immigrants settlers troops tribes soldier immigrant armies shepherd soliders servants sailors civilians soilders monarchs bulldog shepherds shepard migrants authorities settler perce warship rockwell indains volunteers solders immagrants solider mercenaries sheperd settelers
^01100000110 (1512) people
^0110000011100 (996) girls boys guys lesbians
^0110000011101 (1345) women men blacks priests ladies beadles monks couples nuns poets bakers
^0110000011110 (2618) scientist scientists doctors astronauts nurses lawyers employers astronomers historians vets pediatricians geographers biologists astronomer chemist veterinarians pilots geologists geologist chefs architects economist feasibility psychologists physicist cops firefighters dentists archaeologist chemists experts meteorologist accountants archaeologists economists photographers attorneys critics carpenters researchers sociologist meteorologists docters scientest brazilians detectives programmers electricians zoologists journalists
^0110000011111 (2575) humans muslims others christians adults teenagers males females catholics hindus vampires patients mexicans sikhs buddhists zoos islams apes creditors mankind cnidarians mermaids asians infants gays vegetarians liberals echinoderms werewolves diabetics fireflies porifera smokers eskimos debtors ours hispanics bullies cubans jamaicans christains
^0110000100000 (1246) numbers letters keys fractions digits squares lenses integers spaces decimals combinations vowels paragraphs expressions ratios vectors exponents clauses pointers gaps worksheets tens consonants beers loops arrays alphabets
^0110000100001 (1141) lines sides angles faces glasses sets directions alleles bits thirds triangles strands segments rows wavelengths fifths fourths corners cylinders paths proportions diagonals axes slopes volumes threads halves lanes terminals endpoints denominators bisector
^0110000100010 (954) members episodes explorers pairs copies followers millions shadows victims thousands inhabitants explores hundreds ties signers feud memebers billions cava descendants secretaries
^0110000100011 (995) species levels content coat bags blocks chambers breeds quarters bottles cans deposits habits candies spoon flavors spoons coating candys coats supplements containers speices specie manners jars jug sessions pockets kernels buns emblems voltages soles substitutes
^0110000100100 (557) rocks mountains islands plates oceans clouds winds deserts seas poles tides hills waters storms caves streams ridges fronts mountians moutains highlands waterfalls plateaus cliffs arches reversals
^0110000100101 (790) stars planets rings moons seasons satellites races strings galaxies beaches vertebrae craters constellations gospels petals dwarfs jewels souls coastlines atmospheres rovers thieves plantes satelites
^0110000100110 (1987) electrons chromosomes protons neutrons valence edges vertices electors homologous orbitals chromatids nuetrons valance pixels flats autosomes sharps chromosones phosphates electons elctrons
^01100001001110 (934) atoms molecules particles ions bases crystals grains nucleotides nuclei salts monomers fragments polymers sediments particals droplets solutes subunits monosaccharides debris oxides codons
^01100001001111 (789) elements gases substances compounds nutrients chemicals solutions isotopes sugars gasses macromolecules dyes solvents
^011000010100 (2033) bacteria acids metals proteins minerals volcanoes enzymes earthquakes fossils viruses fungi genes liquids vitamins fats mitochondria hurricanes tornadoes lipids solids magnets floods ribosomes chloroplasts mixtures protists glaciers comets volcanos tsunamis nonmetals prokaryotes pathogens germs microbes microorganisms protiens mutations protist tornados faults gametes oils antibodies spores asteroids cilia thunderstorms tendons plastics
^0110000101010 (1881) plants fruits vegetables consumers producers algae decomposers vertebrates carnivores eukaryotes herbivores omnivores stems invertebrates arthropods mollusks ponds ferns mosses
^01100001010110 (838) organisms objects ones individuals users ecosystems pronouns polygons routers incidents primates organisims chordates quadrilaterals
^01100001010111 (876) animals insects mammals reptiles celebrities creatures
^0110000101100 (843) presidents citizens ships senators actors families planes athletes judges writers capitals delegates authors flags officials candidates voters casualties passengers marines districts prisoners guards governors actresses residents flights treasures inventors popes footballers survivors criminals ambassadors congressmen spies revolutionaries dictators politicians senates captains patents lifeboats prisons households participants epics officals births applicants
^0110000101101 (1188) children kids students teens twins employees fans childern minors readers
^0110000101110 (1728) trees cars computers flowers guns banks holes buildings maps batteries aliens businesses castles roses diamonds angels factories bubbles boats mushrooms airplanes roads cameras fireworks farms vehicles customers fires hotels rockets stocks weights bikes tanks ghosts laptops masks mirrors errors hats condoms cones canals trucks robots dams balloons trains hunters guitars
^0110000101111 (1116) eggs babies seeds beans puppies offspring chips babys apples cookies stamps cubs bananas kittens shells tattoos nuts tomatoes carrots grapes abortions oranges bricks berries peppers peanuts strawberries onions cakes gills venom pups nests bullets mates farts feces lemons crackers nuggets mites antlers oysters nectar pumpkins olives pellets peaches cages triplets
^011000011000 (15600) independence representatives confederation representative gettysburg 1812 versailles fame darkness warcraft hastings tears independance normandy fortune yorktown giza midway capricorn statehood pisa terror saratoga vicksburg antietam amontillado 1763 trenton shiloh 1828 reps aragon treason anubis burgesses stalingrad almia relativity rep represenatives fredericksburg dunkirk waitangi allegiance commons anarchy indepence marne eden representitives
^0110000110010 (2953) congress whom parliament taxation ugc parliment corpus aicte skillet
^0110000110011 (1226) government goverment governments monarchy treasury gov constitutions govt
^011000011010 (8910) romeo latitude lewis longitude mice checks jon zack pride lexington alvin phineas briggs motte flora ratchet cohesion lattitude nims aly scylla adhesion zeke gavin longtitude ramona harrington hansel yin romulus mergers sunnis shiites diagnosing jammu sharkboy montagues malloc
^0110000110110 (3615) photosynthesis islam respiration christianity mitosis judaism buddhism meiosis reproduction hinduism fermentation fertilization osmosis confucianism glycolysis transcription cloning nato interphase capitalism ramadan taoism sikhism lent prophase pollination cytokinesis diwali pangaea resperation socialism nirvana photosythesis mummification shinto starvation buddism reincarnation pangea opec pentecost anaphase shintoism telophase exocytosis metaphase endocytosis impressionism modernism christanity
^0110000110111 (1938) britain slavery depression plains britian communism imperialism gatsby segregation migration racism awakening nationalism industrialization apartheid expectations britan prohibition feudalism fascism dane conscription klan rationing humanity colonialism khali danes whaling patel mercantilism isolationism
^0110000111000 (884) lake port buffalo barrier delta cape pumpkin basin inland baja patrol mesa collie shelby pewter greenwich pumkin primate grove collies mahogany
^01100001110010 (879) climate weather geography personality mood vegetation landform climates landscape terrain winters topography wheather sorrow climatic scenery suburbs vegitation
^01100001110011 (596) land lands coastline landmass
^0110000111010 (499) power authority
^0110000111011 (1095) relationship conflict relation connection agreement relationships attraction relations comparison interaction conversation struggle interactions dispute connections junction covenant tensions dialogue correlation disputes rivalry disagreement realationship realtionship comparisons connectivity
^01100001111000 (976) heat gravity stress friction diffusion shock tension inflation evaporation inertia compression conduction condensation happiness tariffs biodiversity distillation filtration magnetism insulation refraction urbanization groundwater smog radioactivity corrosion sewage electrolysis buoyancy flexibility karma aging refrigeration transpiration shedding metamorphism runoff
^01100001111001 (945) soil ground media demand dust poverty equilibrium crescent soils horizon confidence myelin farmland saturation hipaa wto bedrock topsoil cresent threshold
^01100001111010 (946) transport damage waste supply supplies decay circulation makeup carrier wastes suffering damages immunity packages carriers yolk supplement packaging merit retention acceptor preference machinery assortment donation cleansing shortages diffraction piping pore affinity coagulation clinics donors damge signaling
^01100001111011 (2220) technology pollution erosion tourism mining katrina homeostasis discrimination concord deforestation tracy federalism globalization flooding prejudice heredity ike terrorism li bias deposition rectifier corruption globalisation pollutants showers morality scarcity harmony ddt outsourcing monopolies contamination polution trusts overpopulation piracy tecnology poaching censorship technolgy malware trent malnutrition charybdis
^01100001111100 (762) rights cases jurisdiction trials suffrage liberties
^01100001111101 (1166) education training experience gpa fitness schooling certification residency
^01100001111110 (932) art speech labor medicine arts transportation farming exploration defense poetry agriculture beauty immigration prayer drama leadership commerce staff competition advertising entertainment housing nutrition labour ballet propaganda defence charity privacy grammar unity artwork witchcraft appeasement irrigation cycling advertisement tolerance overtime mis guidance containment aggression recreation prophecy speach assignment neglect realism fables
^01100001111111 (5307) matter motion duty evolution limitations symmetry pi conservation statistics limitation succession secrets courage equality appeals reasoning genesis emotion personification luster symbiosis mutualism mater kin imagery obligation locomotion thermodynamics foreshadowing bounds rhetoric excretion commensalism parasitism satire gravitation wrath merger incidence dominance incorporation forgiveness
^011000100000 (945) element organ enzyme organelle hormone gland item artery nutrient pigment neurotransmitter
^0110001000010 (1712) compound substance mineral trait solvent catalyst polymer compund bacterium reactant predicate pathogen pendulum hydrocarbon monomer cation polysaccharide polynomial polypeptide precipitate macromolecule donor microbe subtance disaccharide monosaccharide synapse compond meteoroid hyphen disturbance
^0110001000011 (1435) bond tissue bonds machines bonding equations impulse impulses marrow metamorphosis prompt compunds endings
^011000100010 (1445) energy radiation fission turbine conductivity
^0110001000110 (1805) molecule circuit particle chromosome synthesis stream replication strand extraction deficiency circuits displacement nucleotide duct ladder isolation optic codon template polymerase fragment shortage bilayer centauri phi glider kappa partical gliders tavi circut fingerprinting deoxyribose optics intolerance curcuit triplet chromatid
^0110001000111 (1423) wave waves rays currents spectrum telescopes buds vibrations tum adder insemination illusions radiations
^01100010010 (1666) system systems tract
^0110001001100 (1534) disease scale canal peninsula cavity disorder disorders mutation scales variation tumor vacuole transplant cavities sensation modulation defect transplants stimulation diease desease passages septum penninsula lesion tubules penisula operon stenosis dysfunction
^0110001001101 (1039) membrane wall division walls membranes anemia sphinx beds divison membrance junctions
^0110001001110 (736) bones muscles organs structures processes organelles joints hormones tissues glands tubes veins arteries nerves variables ribs neurons valves surfaces fluids columns receptors senses pigments emotions contractions pathways stimuli folds skeletons filaments tones pores axons reflexes ducts secretions fractures organells microtubules dendrites appendages sockets pulses stuctures mucles coverings quadrants
^0110001001111 (779) muscle bone joint command nerve neuron cartilage vein fracture reflex epithelial rhythm tendon scar nebula receptor epithelium ligament vertebra girdle flare sphincter flexor tubule fascia plexus
^011000101000 (752) body skeleton bodys beings
^0110001010010 (1062) heart breathing pulse literacy heartbeat mortality fertility panic pulitzer
^01100010100110 (1323) brain nucleus lungs future liver kidney bladder kidneys skull cytoplasm uterus pancreas chloroplast colon backbone alveoli aorta esophagus spine trachea diaphragm epidermis stomata ribosome spleen curb womb urethra brains pelvis ovaries gallbladder cerebrum retina tropics testes femur humerus larynx biceps rectum ventricles placenta pupil cia villi nucleolus dermis cytoskeleton cerebellum
^01100010100111 (1087) skin eye ear arm leg lung chest knee shoulder abdominal rib wrist toe abdomen elbow thumb thigh ankle prostate jaw pelvic ovary forearm cervical sinus heel hernia av testicle portal groin ovarian nook flesh fallopian limb bicep eyebrow eyelid cuff thirst toenail
^011000101010 (4279) solar nervous digestive operating respiratory metric circulatory skeletal muscular reproductive immune endocrine urinary cardiovascular cardiac pulmonary excretory thyroid caste cranial lymphatic pituitary renal coronary feudal spongy adrenal integumentary spoils salivary synovial parathyroid intestinal thymus squamous customary respitory pneumatic parietal solor grading pectoral bronchial carotid vagus stimulating membranous olfactory hyaline
^0110001010110 (664) cell plasma permeable
^0110001010111 (1176) cells vessels vessel fibers capillaries nodes clot node clotting clots reticulum
^01100010110000 (1212) olympics camps camp playoffs iditarod solstice gradient olimpics olypics olmpics olymics
^01100010110001 (1037) winter summer superbowl spring beijing karate sunny daytime autumn rainy gladiator internment sunrise summers discus pow javelin bronx judo refugee consentration bejing balcony relocation x-factor xfactor decathlon
^01100010110010 (1231) desert church forest rainforest tundra forests grassland rainforests plateau grasslands taiga savanna churches dessert swamp synagogue wetland savannas rosary clergy benthic pampas tundras
^01100010110011 (1847) rain catholic tropical sahara temperate deciduous protestant orthodox baptist coniferous mormon evergreen gobi alpine monsoon arid anglican methodist boreal atacama daintree lutheran subtropical adventist kalahari mojave thar tibetan reflux decidous steppe petrified mangrove pentecostal sahel
^01100010110100 (2616) amino boiling turning melting hydrochloric freezing fatty nucleic sulfuric nitric sulphuric citric acetic lactic dilute exclamation insertion polyatomic muriatic folic phosphoric carbonic hydronium uric pyruvic benzoic ethanoic ascorbic hydrocloric hydrolic oxalic salicylic equivalence acetylsalicylic carboxylic deoxyribonucleic boling boric cyanuric arrhenius muratic anti-b
^01100010110101 (3310) vitamin magnetic igneous sedimentary metamorphic gravitational tectonic molten hepatitis extrusive intrusive weathered totem peregrine cumulus crustal prevailing ouija wrigley itt franktown foliated clastic cumulonimbus basaltic neap hep conglomerate nimbus oxidizing flanders ayers lithospheric felsic preexisting fiery gravitional sedimentry mafic carlsbad vitamine oort bulletin nonfoliated vit pre-existing detrital granitic causative techtonic
^01100010110110 (759) acid ion acidic electrolyte
^011000101101110 (809) plate fossil traffic speeding convergent bud divergent ivory foo converging warped diverging
^011000101101111 (726) rock cloud jazz blues reggae b12
^0110001011100 (1361) blood lymph spindle
^01100010111010 (712) animal insect onion antelope
^01100010111011 (1494) plant stem eukaryotic bacterial prokaryotic cheek sickle somatic haploid paramecium germ xylem diploid elodea prokaryote eukaryote selectively phloem
^01100010111100 (1972) egg earthquake electron ecosystem experiment essay abortion airplane orgasm organisation aircraft architect apartment orchestra observation accountant arrow asset embryo amoeba asteroid astronaut insulator earthworm affair electromagnet antibiotic erection envelope ira amphibian electrician anesthesiologist iud orthodontist aeroplane encyclopedia entrepreneur iceberg apostrophe autobiography opiate ox oligarchy ovum emt obstetrician exoskeleton ape ammeter
^01100010111101 (3579) object atom organism adjective allele isotope alloy integer adverb array algorithm fibrosis isthmus octagon anion exponent endpoint observer antigen
^01100010111110 (1756) adult active individual elephant independent associate employee oscar employer std alkali attorney associates unknown transition aa infant x-ray ultrasound fbi improper inclined ostrich athletic undergraduate independant ntfs restriction abandoned inactive mri ledc dormant airbus rbi angiosperm medc accelerated authentic immature m16 xray integral llc lp aas osha unconscious mnc erupting
^011000101111110 (464) action epic abstract acrostic aura
^011000101111111 (1123) xbox parental alto unborn funbrain tenor x-box
^0110001100000 (622) players teams championships titles clubs finals coaches quarterbacks stadiums tournaments footballs mascots referees
^01100011000010 (1165) player footballer laden golfer
^01100011000011 (687) team stadium coach pitcher quarterback tournament hoop goalie cleats rink qb
^0110001100010 (567) game match trophy stats roster scholarship demo
^0110001100011 (1103) games lite controller emulator
^01100011001000 (856) ex self interview lx dx atv coupe selves lxi hatchback selfs cx
^01100011001001 (1037) xp olds vista powerpoint photoshop nt cad clipboard woodcutting installer cs3 cs2 logon acrobat cs4 sp3 wpe
^01100011001010 (736) email mail ip mailing farewell inaugural usps e-mail ipv4 fanmail
^01100011001011 (905) phone phones router adapter cellphone
^01100011001100 (1091) card cards squad
^01100011001101 (514) score report note certificate puzzle scores reports scorer posts certificates puzzles scorers cert
^01100011001110 (968) own
^01100011001111 (685) touch nano touches shuffle bold dare rumor
^01100011010000 (1282) pressure intake beam conditioner suspension conditioning injection carb beams presure pressures
^011000110100010 (503) tank gauge mileage guage gage milage sender
^011000110100011 (641) capacity gap pan spill reserves spills immersion filler tanker rig capacities
^011000110100100 (782) range ratio loss peak ranges rating consumption dew elasticity intercept garnishment extensions tops ration watchers rage peaks taker cords ratings necessity rang watcher laurel peek
^011000110100101 (450) point piont
^011000110100110 (423) force condition bag conductor proof conductors sac raid sacs filament insulators detector thrust sack pollutant buildup
^011000110100111 (1074) chain pyramid producer curve chains poisoning coloring disposal webs sheath preservation curves exporter critic spoilage additives colouring pyrimid preservative wildfire
^01100011010100 (1487) ball ring bar hole cave balls bat suit hunter sword boots bars helmet rim puffle rope necklace fence jacket blanket feather pointer claw knot fang beard bracelet suits madness alley collar puck amulet whisperer shovel wrinkle dagger bracelets skulls nugget runes sergeant vale slippers
^011000110101010 (599) cylinder wire tube spot cap spots wires pipe leak pin stroke kit bumps nut hose dots lump pad bump rash screw ribbon pipes furnace jewel piston sores misfire repairs blister kits stripe cyst hoses surge fumes stud puffles lid patches lumps canister fitting bracket clamp strap beep cyclinder visor cushion
^0110001101010110 (408) core mode shell cord coil column review matrix blast chord coils fortress cores activism restraint privilege
^0110001101010111 (583) line pack bit frame lane packs interval projection marking
^011000110101100 (932) trade cash export trading import traders trades napa elise
^011000110101101 (1106) market peace exchange prices printing bench shipping enterprise markets roebuck truths deviation exchanges packing reimbursement orient barter coping polls nyse onis futures
^011000110101110 (593) act acts revolt
^011000110101111 (1130) ages version harbor isle bridges harbour mines keeper latitudes gale cadet lattice jubilee verison habor
^011000110110000 (3855) birthday quest voyage presidency childhood journey rebellion lifetime voyages funeral inauguration ferry debut birthdays hometown explorations redemption fury histories lullaby expeditions favorites sleigh almanac honeymoon journeys basilica tombstone brithday soliloquy bday inaguration folly refrain
^011000110110001 (740) family cabinet cage crew campaign gang village witness witnesses relatives clan disciples grave reagent akatsuki familys vp cabinets
^011000110110010 (1792) degree diploma graduates
^0110001101100110 (510) hand career shoe wing litter bra shirt glove lap waist desk mattress boob carrer pant snowboard bac handicap t-shirt flyer porch backpack aspiration nesting quilt wallet squat comforter wheaties tablecloth
^0110001101100111 (624) job profession
^01100011011010 (816) life menstrual
^011000110110110 (670) home touchdown fatal td undefeated
^011000110110111 (2114) room farm fault crossing gamestop jam shelters noon stp cruelty petco crimson petsmart vest publix
^011000110111000 (785) hero page holiday server deck row dish meal edition heroes arena browser tab burner quiz celebration servers publisher cafe heros tabs rivals clef premiere decks bandicoot changer browsers dubois browsing illustrator pandemic concerto omnitrix makeover battalion cams burners breakout pickups
^011000110111001 (1071) commercial screen disk ad disc classic chip menu trailer charger tape console com rom logo commercials hd slim advert cab xl broadcast studio inc sp receiver commerical discs studios disks ads ltd tent comercial screens bot frappe combo suv v4 tray v3 glide bucks royale coop tuner touring hitch rv
^0110001101110100 (816) cup championship anthem champion cemetery heavyweight champ
^0110001101110101 (1360) series wide saga heritage dusk undead everlasting ume flop tikki jamb
^0110001101110110 (684) record records tour award penalty draft mvp audition toll grammy curfew brides kickoff homerun emmy punt fines recored no1
^0110001101110111 (1171) step ticket gym tickets concert badge ski violation boycott pillar citation veyron violations lobby enzo sighting winnings murcielago crashers gallardo cabins consert f430 reventon
^0110001101111000 (530) law trial sense knowledge district meeting jury representation doctrine wealth committee charter session tariff bureau platform denominator offense approval heights discipline complaint ancestor publication meetings consideration caucus conspiracy faction verdict
^0110001101111001 (1749) case rule justice decision judge reform justices lesson debate ruling manor minds pardon advisors diplomacy summons cady marshal regiment hopes proceedings prosecution reformer proceeding counsel puncture epistles nominees rulings delinquency
^0110001101111010 (397) position style brand course positions choice styles shaft brands flavor institute postion grounds gallery positioning flavour institutes positon
^0110001101111011 (739) policy property policies sector custody opinion violence affairs coverage ownership matters sectors residence entity improvement visitation modification reversal ministry agenda initiative characterization proprietor premiums schemes polices
^0110001101111100 (649) company document companies co hospital agency corporation magazine holder firm agencies franchise collector catalog broker companys trader firms manufacturer holders seller provider facility dealership manufacturers operators expires transactions collectors
^0110001101111101 (1293) program programs reference programming clues guide label script craft shortcut 451 programme clue references programmer labels query programing programe compiler preview
^0110001101111110 (597) field board manager agent tech pitch agents fields council managers association schedule feild editor operator boards mat clerk reporter builder orientation makers developer consultant manger runway bord umpire organizer flux feilds
^0110001101111111 (784) plan airport beach response route strategy trip plans failure approach threat effort promise springs proposal mound efforts inspiration exposure delegate responses advisor neighbours responce distress helper corollary
^0110001110000 (911) girl boy teenager
^0110001110001 (1750) guy condom lien judgement creditor judgment landlord comma tampon cosigner lawsuit narcissist tenant dildo boner defendant co-signer lein trustee lender stranger
^0110001110010 (573) man woman couple mans priest jew farmer
^0110001110011 (3312) person persons
^01100011101000 (662) car vehicle motorcycle scooter tractor taxi
^01100011101001 (1319) ship plane volcano bridge boat bike crime hurricane bus castle tsunami rocket tornado magnet jet satellite comet telescope newspaper dam flood balloon robot bullet helicopter knife bicycle needle glacier submarine cyclone meteor ferrari chair spacecraft lamborghini mosque hammer mistake flask pilgrimage batter casino volcanoe bugatti cliff thunderstorm typhoon lightbulb parachute
^011000111010100 (870) horse pet kid tattoo zoo compass warrior mermaid marathon boxer skateboard lamb pirate kite pony mummy demon cop pillow guardian cub crane werewolf unicorn sleepover tatoo sovereign carnival wart pawn millionaire backyard butcher dude diaper sled firework magnifying surprise nanny beginner broom weaver leprechaun wheelchair hobo cupcake blunt
^011000111010101 (1094) dog cat rabbit mouse hamster cow puppy worm rat bunny fetus goat donkey kitten hen chick reindeer calf caterpillar rooster ferret chihuahua parakeet skunk pimple tick sparrow mare bitch flea scavenger beagle foal rottweiler
^011000111010110 (1100) license parent driver passport drivers visa permit pilot licence warrant dealer learners ged custodial learner licenses warrants dealers provisional cdl liscense lisence liscence handyman non-custodial visitor passports warrent noncustodial
^011000111010111 (1185) child divorce minor bachelor felony patient felon phd misdemeanor tubal dui veteran felons 1099 notary vasectomy pwc
^0110001110110 (3313) doctor teacher nurse student lawyer assistant vet teachers pediatrician surgeon technician chef therapist dentist psychologist therapy veterinarian pharmacist rn photographer mechanic physician detective contractor specialist supervisor counselor journalist surgeons zoologist salesman carpenter investigator psychiatrist mechanics firefighter cna cosmetologist assistants practitioner cashier pathologist plumber obgyn docter technicians cpa hygienist gynecologist lpn
^01100011101110 (1986) solution mixture circle triangle noun cube verb prism polygon predator rectangle cone container carnivore thermometer proton sphere pentagon pronoun quadrilateral beaker parallelogram hexagon rhombus trapezoid wedge barometer parasite seizure photon cocoon sling polyhedron trapezium pedigree cuboid decagon syringe
^01100011101111 (13752) sentence mockingbird sentences vowel metaphor palindrome simile sentance consonant bearville blowjob scam refuge conjunction thong
^011000111100000 (533) ipod iphone blackberry lg ipad pod itouch kindle macbook zune htc
^011000111100001 (982) credit sim sat rookie sd iq debit bonus r4 jitsu gre fico geek crossword
^011000111100010 (1819) fan mobile wireless usb wonder verizon ethernet sprint att razor prepaid fax priority induction motorola unlocked broadband t-mobile wired incoming hdmi tcp dsl android tmobile gsm outgoing tracking cisco jumper cingular ide firewire pata vga utp cdma parcel linksys vodafone crossover sata landline shunt jailbroken alltel headphone netgear mobil fios
^011000111100011 (1383) windows microsoft ms linux adobe unix sql tally mozilla photographic ubuntu
^011000111100100 (1826) free cheap unlimited 999 infinite unused pivot stardust
^0110001111001010 (1757) online virtual porn rated racing wrestling shooting scary shopping texting horror rpg multiplayer vip animation poker realms accredited pg gaming auction accelerator interactive animator -13 addicting mmorpg offline asylum chatting karaoke coaching
^0110001111001011 (1275) video gift chat downloads pdf westing comment torrent haven prank greeting ringtone fps rar gif shooter remix gamer midi jpg dorm mpeg bingo
^011000111100110 (1869) facebook dvd mac itunes youtube myspace mp3 webkinz yahoo msn bin zwinky meez wikianswers twitter stardoll limewire hotmail ebay imvu cp habbo tamagotchi bebo skype gaia gmail wiki friendster firefox mp4 comcast answerscom aol paypal alchemy netflix weeworld orkut barbiegirls sansa craigslist vhs flipnote itune tumblr frostwire piczo voicemail imovie
^011000111100111 (5524) ds wii pc psp ps2 ps3 dsi gba gamecube brawl gameboy xbox360 melee vba ps1 nds
^01100011110100 (1237) football basketball baseball soccer hockey cricket tennis volleyball softball rugby netball badminton chess lacrosse cheerleading footbal
^011000111101010 (1396) olympic electoral premier consecutive hunger champions commonwealth playoff ivy olimpic negro newbery tocco electorial olypic allstar olmpic newberry olymic
^011000111101011 (1207) nfl nba ncaa mlb nhl nascar yankee premiership wimbledon sec afl odi heisman pga swat inferno winningest wnba acc cfl wembley nfc hula t20 bcs wildcard afc icc shea nrl dodger
^011000111101100 (699) college collage highschool gcse
^011000111101101 (638) school
^011000111101110 (1290) league pro professional masters fantasy bachelors ba junior torch senior autographed jeopardy defensive bs leagues doctorate par freshman ea leauge leage proffesional doctoral varsity profesional juniors legue freshmen sophomore bachlors participant
^0110001111011110 (999) sport sports tourist airline sovereignty hobby athletics businessman
^0110001111011111 (1223) mountain musical waterfall moutain mountian vocal woodwind percussion kyoto stringed wicket mountin
^011000111110000 (542) test tests testing addiction smear screening
^0110001111100010 (987) birth wisdom expiration traction
^0110001111100011 (1878) late pill pills depo patch tablets killers xr provera nuvaring meds mellitus nervosa jab reliever placebo
^011000111110010 (1913) sex intercourse
^0110001111100110 (2718) pregnancy puberty ovulation ejaculation miscarriage foreclosure conception implantation cpr pregnacy menstruation romana sunburn hysterectomy pregancy penetration urination menopause pms
^0110001111100111 (1329) drug urine saliva probation prescription swab pap paternity follicle parole piss ua narcotic biuret urinalysis benedicts etg urin
^011000111110100 (750) period periods paycheck
^0110001111101010 (892) friend friends doll dolls scouts wishes freind freinds fawkes
^0110001111101011 (2713) boyfriend girlfriend husband crush spouse partner bf lover gf neighbor esteem bestfriend ex-boyfriend girlfreind fiance ex-girlfriend bff boyfreind neighbour
^0110001111101100 (1156) vagina stomach mouth nose tongue hands butt neck belly mind throat lip pussy nipples virginity anus lips ass tounge chin hymen vigina nipple bum appendix cervix gums testicles foreskin stool tummy shoulders forehead scalp knees stomache clitoris hips vaginas clit cheeks appetite tailpipe armpits roaring genitals
^0110001111101101 (1668) penis breast tooth dick boobs woods breasts pox cock thighs dicks butts penises tits booty hive fetish penus pennis constrictor
^0110001111101110 (1393) hair mold nails hearing homework pubic blonde gel lice hairs fern facial knuckles salon curly molds slime blond armpit goo electrophoresis fingernails
^0110001111101111 (1802) eyes teeth juice legs arms ears fur wings pants fingers dreams jeans feathers stripes underwear candles toes beak paw panties diapers claws socks fins shirts boxers pupils strips sins helmets shorts blindness horns juices thongs paws limbs bras mouths noses jackets tonsils tongues skirts eyebrows tentacles beaks wigs pajamas tusks
^01100011111100000 (1261) web guitar cd piano bass violin saints client trumpet custom clarinet spore bunsen deluxe dns dj trombone funnel cello reaper darts tuba proxy dhcp viola grim cassette silab lyre piccolo waltz ukulele bootable wed smtp pop3 baritone treble harmonica
^01100011111100001 (754) internet sky telephone flute oven wifi default automobile recorder lottery irs bios bluetooth cmos telegraph h1n1 gateway wi-fi gunpowder iso elevator droid wardrobe travelers css bikini dmv lotto abacus xylophone oboe www mic m295 ovens javascript eon
^01100011111100010 (1004) computer camera laptop keyboard library monitor desktop motherboard cpu resume pencil spreadsheet notebook webcam calculator gps microphone registry microprocessor blog startup
^01100011111100011 (2483) tv television cartoon talent anime manga reality comedy broadway animated survivor ericsson 70s superhero nickelodeon editorial halftime prada hbo rogue
^01100011111100100 (658) base question variable user subject message medium news string domain blank pen task sin reader folder vector partition reflection presentation loop terminal directory url stimulus destination substrate crest buffer specimen apex discussion shade kernel diagonal memo clients fingerprint plea workshop attribute statistic matching genius textbook varible tem tangent keyword hyperlink
^01100011111100101 (580) map product fraction decimal graph paragraph chart segment victim worksheet charts vertex beneficiary graphs stanza grid workbook bibliography forecast remainder subscript flowchart spacing complexity flock watershed
^01100011111100110 (1300) network software machine device virus microscope devices printer lens processor vaccine utility modem transformer generator networks lan capacitor slot tablet topology microscopes transistor printers scanner diode toolbar vaccination header slots processors semiconductor softwares lense trimmer dynamo queue celeron devise modules ointment microscopy paradigm dropper catheter mixer chipset
^01100011111100111 (1822) data memory files storage input output hardware graphics interface atm instruction cache editing gathering antivirus folders switching rhetorical partitions dimm multimedia jpeg agp tcpip nic mesh spyware anti-virus inkjet inputs inverter l2 ocular emitter udp multitasking sdram
^01100011111101000 (1571) account password loan membership profile accounts payment wages app loans signature payments messenger registration premium icon username goggles acount playlist teller sticker weevils surveys homepage updates v5 layouts profiles weevil voucher receipt verification consolidation decoder gamertag addy fuze turnout chats
^01100011111101001 (997) bank balance debt sale vision mortgage budget deed lease aim repo highway fund checking thesis equity pokedex collision repossession patent debts rental withdrawal fraud buyer payday warranty deficit strain reporting surplus voter dividend collections bail financing admin dept plc trademark hsbc purchases buyers dex wreck boll forgery withdrawl tenants medallion
^011000111111010100 (1026) income application sales interest profit precipitation revenue employment outlook inheritance funds margin commission assets expenses opportunity taxable expense discount ace depreciation payroll promotion poll sampling payable profits intrest expenditure earning merchandise satisfaction acceptance margins funding utilities liabilities vat substitution receivable morbidity revenues interviews dividends deferred turnover accumulated deduction commision ethic
^011000111111010101 (1340) tax taxes bankruptcy zombies assault spending probate maximization w2 stub alimony liens bankrupcy 1040
^011000111111010110 (1401) health unemployment customer wildlife disability liability medicare welfare retirement pension homeowners medicaid heath workmans comprehensive posture fringe ssi malpractice homeowner workmens coordinating naturalization
^011000111111010111 (1196) insurance estate accident arrest accidents comp compensation crashes inspection ins exp collisions uninsured ledger incentive insurence
^01100011111101100 (2030) management communication engineering accounting engineer administration planning processing banking operations ethics apparatus administrator engineers communications intelligence investigation inventory assistance managment computing analyst welding expert hygiene coding costing assessment billing inquiry appraisal pricing allocation engg encryption audit investments recruitment professionals assurance correspondence budgeting sanitation planners forecasting intranet procurement infrastructure governance automation
^011000111111011010 (777) service services protection maintenance recovery hazard relief delivery personnel awareness drainage malfunction quota providers maint esp notification
^011000111111011011 (1203) security safety worker owners guard networking overhead reservation saftey darwinism safty gaurd stratification mobility cashiers preventive precautionary retardation evils
^01100011111101110 (1543) business research project hotel fashion marketing lab database finance restaurant laboratory fiction graphic manufacturing investment retail projects monopoly electronics narrative hr buisness survey classroom hospitality aviation transaction partnership curriculum healthcare hardship bussiness housekeeping sbi daycare batch modeling cheque scanning nonfiction resturant pest aeronautical bpo biomedical modest landfill warehouse seminar catering
^01100011111101111 (2895) science math chemistry psychology biology nursing economics physics mba geometry sociology maths gymnastics mathematics baptism genetics photography logic algebra sciences astronomy uptu multiplication ict vocabulary bba dbms investigatory btech biotechnology prose anthropology confirmation mca geology alliteration taxonomy ap microbiology cosmetology counseling iit subtraction thermometers levers pulp ecology hrm gymnastic relational
^0110001111111000 (1021) building writing design painting reading singing learning feeling saying teaching riding breeding thinking drawing hunting recording writting exploring designing typing handling healing counting anger hacking sculpture formatting climbing publishing honors designs dreaming burial addressing surfing spam listing heading skateboarding torture casting broadcasting drafting monitoring investing filming buliding winding focusing grooming
^01100011111110010 (817) face dance text bed dress finger track mask dancing uniform youth mine uniforms trick costume skating contest tan punch skate joy choke rival guest ashes dresses thread whip bully poster campus joke skater spear dock whistle bust charm pinky grip purse racer skirt sharingan skates cheer lollipop tee retreat lace
^01100011111110011 (1514) dream figure pop roll folk rap solo cough martial dunk swing drag subnet lyric smiley guess chariot mead homecoming majoras funky salutary flamenco ballroom lyrical bunk screamo hinky carinosa
^0110001111111010 (2374) pain cream noise bleeding discharge rust piercing ore cramps spotting pierced pains foil cramping mucus swelling pimples caps headaches headache ache plow numbness blisters humping nausea noises itching cracks piercings ulcer fatigue injections cramp flexion gloss ulcers sherry compressions tingling twister puss aches dizziness ringing redness bloating abduction fillings rashes
^01100011111110110 (1445) store paint stick stores shop dye stain trap sticks spray clip shops wrap dressing dough towel staining chromatography anchor hut clips towels primer comb paints cartridge brushes breeder cleaners cutter polyurethane flick tarnish salute tubing weave cleanser flake
^011000111111101110 (697) leaves shot round shadow roots heads wax tails sight bark voices sap rolls spike dat slab backs bred mist folding sails trunks hurdles puff bore sighted sponsors stalks flaps daffodils downstairs petal thrower ultima punched stinger feat piles jams
^011000111111101111 (1039) sound smell taste sounds convection seismic odor smells vibration transverse longitudinal em scent tastes sine
^0110001111111100 (1562) paper gun glass rose cake pizza pie concrete candle bow pot ink clay fishing salad soup carpet pepper glue fabric sauce cookie cereal cement furniture tile liquor jewelry brick sandwich cloth ranch luggage foam melody acrylic perfume banner lemonade latex grocery curry pudding pottery cardboard straw enamel lipstick muffin crayon
^01100011111111010 (552) pool diet community contract shower plain toilet bath kitchen lawn microwave bathroom pond stove wound friendship pools basement bathtub diets plumbing dishwasher toaster faucet kettle couch boiler driveway perm pace corona lawnmower fireplace banquet coma spa reception bakery dining mailbox canoe drip bong patio treadmill suitcase rug paperclip invitations chiller
^01100011111111011 (1045) tree bird flower seed mammal bean dinosaur bug creature syrup carol reptile planner leafs blossom eaters orchid stalk marsupial viewer vine larva nymph decoration shrub
^0110001111111110 (654) food shelter medication
^01100011111111110 (439) gas gasoline petrol propane emissions
^01100011111111111 (995) metal fruit wood plastic gene consumer nail vegetable rubber brass leather fungus wool synthetic marble hardwood vinyl ceramic halogen ferrous veg porcelain herb pellet softwood biodegradable laminate styrofoam slate veggie fiberglass vegtable woven fingernail
^011001000000 (1908) cities rivers lakes religions industries landforms exports towns imports landmarks landmark citys monuments prophets highways airports waterways peninsulas cites religons museums
^011001000001 (1392) events event battles figures attractions developments flaw moments
^0110010000100 (658) religion industry organization era currency faith philosophy occupation festival organizations religon legislation festivals communities ethnicity innovation ideology organisations scripture epidemic denomination trails believers
^0110010000101 (1379) language languages cultures ports scriptures languge
^0110010000110 (1001) laws forces ideas beliefs accomplishments symbols values inventions actions belief achievements decisions views attitude traditions theories feelings practices customs nicknames standards arguments observations interests discoveries perspective attitudes motivation thoughts freedoms regulations mistakes restrictions celebrations opinions writings rituals failures opponent demands motives promises conclusions antonyms prayers artifacts compositions achievments opponents debates
^01100100001110 (860) products powers crops houses goods crop homes holidays partners routes spices statues alliances committees personalities factions wagons commodities possessions currencies
^01100100001111 (711) problems problem issues issue challenges situation conflicts illness trends institution treaties concern difficulties reforms advances concerns trend situations institutions precedent agreements difficulty intervention criticism scenario innovations controversy advancements considerations complications troubles constraints revival injustice
^011001000100 (785) songs books movies awards poems films paintings quotes missions rooms dances novels singles cds speeches cartoons scenes miracles concerts trips quotations badges tapes posters tours sonnets
^0110010001010 (960) music thriller
^0110010001011 (1437) pictures sheet stuff videos messages apps photos images pics contacts sheets revenge emails samples texts dvds icons packets comments moshlings loads scratches ammo ringtones wallpaper sms fonts markings stickers messaging masterballs charms coupons tokens backgrounds animations residue bots conversations coinz recordings demos subtitles robux wallpapers
^01100100011000 (363) foods places schools items colleges universities dishes restaurants meals recipes snacks desserts sights cheeses collages malls occasions
^01100100011001 (1009) jobs diseases weapons evidence strategies crimes careers technologies tactics obstacles medicines offices occupations hardships punishments medications prizes illnesses similes metaphors chores wepons abbreviations cancers warnings
^01100100011010 (683) clothes skills tools questions clothing shoes equipment toys documents techniques skill font experiments gifts grades tasks options advice commands lessons tricks costumes choices presents buttons gloves abilities herbs jokes cloths facilities memories sunglasses equipments talents crafts calculations highlights logs rewards drawings scholarships documentation connectors utensils attire outfits sneakers crowns riddles
^01100100011011 (1859) colors conditions classes colours courses subjects patterns circumstances majors gcses arrangements modifications
^0110010001110 (748) website site websites sites topics exercises remedy remedies bait pokeball pranks hairstyles lubricant dares animes
^0110010001111 (845) material materials instrument instruments tool protocol protocols beverage beverages instument insturment instuments intrument
^0110010010000 (991) reaction reactions digestion weathering romance titration reation messengers
^0110010010001 (2189) formula equation abbreviation explanation formulas analogy antonym acronym salutation formulae
^0110010010010 (2170) environment economy habitat behavior prey enviroment predators enemies nest enemy anatomy audience lifestyle behaviour niche enviorment habitats economies afterlife enviornment environments habit ancestors surroundings den habbitat segmentation realm enimies hoof preditors enemys enviroments burrow preditor
^0110010010011 (2202) resources activities activity resource selection crisis disaster incident eruptions hazards barriers disasters transformation activites phenomenon resourses transformations resorces conversions resourse phenomena imbalance resoures recources resouces crises nares calamities
^0110010010100 (1361) order addition regards
^01100100101010 (1343) unit units sequence measurement measurements measurment sequences measurments moines readings
^01100100101011 (1706) terms stories papers tense sickness gardens participle generations pairing storys bargain tenses plots intonation eukarya
^01100100101100 (607) symbol title nickname treatment background procedure punishment topic slogan recipe conclusion mascot synonym foundation biography emblem initials backround framework diagnosis portrait reward motive ritual homophone birthstone blessing modulus blueprint deadline tittle recommendation scramble postcode etiquette venue synopsis fairness reunion zipcode tagline
^01100100101101 (692) source goal idea contribution contributions invention discovery objective responsibility introduction accomplishment argument achievement orders teachings tendency impression provision deeds assumption indication obstacle appreciation sorce drawback contributors omen sourse premise arguement intention objection achievment
^01100100101110 (1138) theory method statement hypothesis technique statements notation theorem theroy prediction statment nomenclature bargaining hypotheses thoery
^011001001011110 (1158) process path principle concept passage mechanism pathway mechanisms possibility
^011001001011111 (505) structure shape shapes genus strait texture phobia projections manner stucture filename tunic straits
^0110010011000 (950) parts components methods sources branches stages component principles applications phases themes locations purposes categories divisions concepts wonders versions pillars indicators classifications provisions modes tributaries portions sacraments shades componets sects genotypes
^0110010011001 (476) groups bodies areas regions layers pieces kingdoms sections quantities departments lobes genres domains peices eras spheres phyla compartments formations antilles denominations dialects slabs stacks entities
^0110010011010 (1112) factors factor ailments
^0110010011011 (1383) characteristics features properties traits feature adaptations characteristic qualities adaptation behaviors adaptions attributes adaption charateristics charecteristics indications
^0110010011100 (1349) words nouns adjectives verbs phrases adverbs
^01100100111010 (553) things
^01100100111011 (1154) thing luck comeback
^0110010011110 (803) steps benefits rules signs requirements notes qualifications ingredients requirement risks reactants benifits procedures threats qualification treatments opportunities criteria synonyms precautions penalties requirments guidelines chords cures openings alternatives ingrediants precaution requirment privileges exceptions recommendations prospects sighns perks benfits suspects
^01100100111110 (1210) reason reasons reson resons
^01100100111111 (1328) ways gorges
^011001010000 (782) time
^0110010100010 (525) day
^0110010100011 (752) month week decade mounth
^011001010010 (1156) money horsepower
^0110010100110 (812) place
^0110010100111 (735) way sequel
^01100101010000 (325) group article section category signer
^011001010100010 (275) region phase stage chamber lobe quadrant reigon
^011001010100011 (1388) episode direction phylum extent ep
^01100101010010 (660) branch layer department depletion brach
^01100101010011 (809) planet galaxy trainer constellation
^01100101010100 (1687) amendment album generation clause fleet crusade ammendment gen trimester admendment amendement triumvirate amendent commandment
^01100101010101 (784) class grade verse semester grader sem syllable hokage graders prestige puc omniscient grad
^01100101010110 (591) level lvl lv
^01100101010111 (730) season chapter scene budokai
^0110010101100 (2035) countries continents countrys counties contries
^01100101011010 (849) nation nations conference airlines newly estates emirates republics romero confrence nationals slavs
^01100101011011 (476) states amendments territories provinces staes
^0110010101110 (1827) country continent province contry
^01100101011110 (1056) city county
^01100101011111 (425) state
^01100101100000 (1078) age proclamation
^01100101100001 (508) date dates
^01100101100010 (474) size sizes sized
^01100101100011 (1808) color colour genre nationality
^0110010110010 (649) number
^01100101100110 (2148) minister officer pm reef academy biologist meridian officers diaries reefs ministers corps factorization apprentice corp slayer inspector mover verde acadamy minster cadets nasser
^011001011001110 (1108) address adress addresses merge addres
^011001011001111 (591) care translation speaking dub dubbed nadu
^011001011010000 (1014) volume density ph concentration frequency voltage wavelength slope magnitude humidity intensity solubility phenotype amplitude viscosity genotype brightness proportion hardness frequencies salinity polarity bulk loudness electronegativity acidity concentrations bandwidth densities factorial extermination alkalinity scattering entropy hematocrit
^011001011010001 (607) mass velocity resistance quality acceleration radius quantity masses momentum magnification reactivity complement numerator
^011001011010010 (1074) temperature temp temperatures elevation altitude tempature temperture tide tempeture temprature tempreture tempurature altitudes
^011001011010011 (545) speed speeds rpm
^011001011010100 (577) price salary rainfall basis wage fee tuition fees scheme earnings syllabus salaries routine dosage snowfall allowance salery attendance percipitation
^011001011010101 (642) weight wieght wight
^011001011010110 (568) center tower setting bottom temple rest plot tone museum gate centre decline mall climax centers bombing headquarters ruins sinking lighthouse fountain maze protagonist maid chiefs exposition boulder vault essence summit shores stake halls centres sanctuary rails creators shrinking bombings midline backseat brawlers
^011001011010111 (1162) rate prize rates possibilities
^011001011011000 (1169) starting beginning ending rhyme begining dealing sonny beggining begging beging interacting
^011001011011001 (421) end ends forth antagonist
^011001011011010 (443) side corner atrium handed ventricle
^011001011011011 (637) area angle image expression extension option axon intersection
^011001011011100 (1411) growth development production strength analysis construction expansion status performance operation success distribution combustion survival appearance index identity diversity metabolism contraction absorption destruction efficiency context explosion usage reduction progress prevention evaluation identification secretion adoption productivity perception advancement developement inverse coordination stability integration germination hierarchy accuracy hydrolysis prosperity strenght physiology decomposition attachment
^0110010110111010 (643) history nature danger tradition extinction detail existence federation unification secession
^0110010110111011 (657) population rank resolution populations gdp ranking involvement adventures ranks catcher participation burden popularity crowd
^011001011011110 (1100) death freedom marriage consent plague murder ops suicide permission marriages graduation veil robbery widows burglary marrige offender maturity motown offenders
^0110010110111110 (613) house garden roof tomb palace fate mansion streets
^0110010110111111 (442) head voice interior hood trunk exterior bonnet
^01100101110000 (1899) society culture democracy civilization literature theatre alphabet theater architecture civilizations politics genocide dictionary calendar tragedy colonization societies recession dictatorship plantations samoa theatres calender forum catholicism ancestry adulthood dialect humanism descent tyranny civilisation legion cuisine railways tragedies reservations civilzation civilazation marketplace democracies theocracy translator landings
^011001011100010 (1043) god gods goddess pyramids truth edge undertaker philosopher whites buddha queens myth legends myths temples philosophers iris godess thinkers turks tombs shi nobles muse invaders sculptures boogeyman
^011001011100011 (1599) empire dynasty emperor numerals empires rumble colosseum numeral emperors isles dynasties emporer coliseum
^01100101110010 (1786) coast hemisphere boundary fuels boundaries hemispheres tectonics indies fighters boundry ordinance woodlands cortex cordillera coasts boundries timor palsy hemispere hemishere hemorrhage hemispher
^011001011100110 (1344) colonies towers liars titans fc dipper apostles scrolls bighorn colonys planters
^011001011100111 (1729) colony territory settlement yankees giants monarch shore settlements cathedral raiders cardinals packers jets mets lowlands colonie o'keeffe fanning gators bulldogs resolutions condor knicks o'keefe
^011001011101000 (1133) cycle span vapor expectancy cycles fixation vapour heaters
^011001011101001 (1115) table rush tangled tables coolidge warner
^011001011101010 (538) court courts enforcement
^011001011101011 (1359) party parties candidate reserve regime partys affiliation canidate revision ix
^011001011101100 (1139) union road street railroad spirit unions alliance tunnel creek pact rail ghetto salvation challenger communion trinity choir eucharist dragonoid
^0110010111011010 (997) general chief moral cheif admiral boolean genral octet enclosure
^0110010111011011 (792) army military allies navy victory naval fighter railway plantation arch patriot offensive homeland ally ambassador merchant overseas ghettos victories airways caller extradition blitzkrieg bomber airforce embassy infantry millitary uprising troop raf workforce cavalry ironclad
^0110010111011100 (1187) leader leaders commander secretary ruler invasion inventor generals dictator rulers conquest supporters blockade prisoner evacuation chancellor persecution inventer commanders conquistador
^0110010111011101 (1118) movement election author convention eruption owner elections movements impeachment oath executor appointments appointment conventions movment reformers auther supremacy nomination riots activist recipient nominee
^0110010111011110 (853) university republic governor trail compromise director mayor ceo derby governer govenor berkeley chainsaw govener sheriff commissioner univercity
^0110010111011111 (1567) flag citizen senator legislature shield resident citizenship motto census congressman servant subcontinent sheild militia parkway cession legislator
^01100101111000 (657) river rift waterway
^011001011110010 (638) ocean ridge airway
^011001011110011 (583) sea eyed widow aquarium trophic
^011001011110100 (1292) surface atmosphere crust mantle tilt lithosphere mahal suface hydrosphere atmoshere
^011001011110101 (1527) orbit axis rotation orbits orbital revolve circles rotates orbiting revolves spins quake raining revolving flytrap quakes orbited revolved
^011001011110110 (1263) night flu fever hill knight flame eve nights supper parade journalism chapel weekend flames ibis olympian airbender jays loser magician kippur skies
^011001011110111 (1828) revolution idol drift carta fries revolutions guiana jima
^01100101111100 (1345) word phrase prefix suffix idiom
^01100101111101 (1094) term terminology
^011001011111100 (1455) story poem quote barrel tale hop tales coaster moment curse mane helix stack pong declamation ballad stranded fudge moto coasters spaced
^0110010111111010 (675) movie film comics
^0110010111111011 (606) book novel symphony
^011001011111110 (1463) band singer actor artist actress writer bands singers artists rapper athlete celebrity composer poet wrestler painter dancer musician musicians composers dancers abolitionist wrestlers mathematician drummer bandz historian guitarist thinker rappers painters beatle gymnast swimmer scholar mathematicians cricketer oasis vena preacher putty performers performer jockey sculptor playwright grinch celeb pornstar comedian
^0110010111111110 (535) song ceremony riddle ceremonies
^0110010111111111 (1107) character characters weapon boss armor irony ingredient moshling pokemons armour regis gems joker potion hideout starters villain outfit legendaries hq masterball hms charecters quests jutsu warden lair villian headlines charecter finisher grunt bosses companion charaters charater beasts cavern plaza genie charcter charactor orbs legendarys villains charcters curator potions charters clapper
^0110011000 (659) names meanings creator
^0110011001 (564) name
^011001101000 (689) meaning purpose definition origin defination defintion origins defenition birthplace orgin definiton deffinition difinition pupose
^011001101001 (12653) value importance declaration statue articles significance sum chances founder statute presence outcome tropic probability gcf lcm chairman odds cask absence establishment relevance quotient decleration
^0110011010100 (3597) role roles
^0110011010101 (4366) advantages advantage duties pros strengths aims positives merits
^01100110101100 (534) height length risk classification diameter width gender conversion perimeter depth scope circumference regulation lifespan separation spelling thickness lenght hight symbolism preparation lengths calculation percentages seperation repetition bending coefficient hieght molarity hypotenuse precision pronunciation syntax midpoint lenth breach tenure wingspan crests fellowship loft circumfrence lengh girth
^01100110101101 (630) function functions formation composition dimensions weakness lining breakdown arrangement contents funtion dimension definitions epicenter interpretation outbreak functioning sacrament fuction effectiveness motions funtions basics
^01100110101110 (9806) disadvantages symptoms responsibilities disadvantage cons objectives weaknesses balances goddesses symtoms symptons superlative furious negatives drawbacks fauna demerits obligations responsibilites syptoms disavantages godesses responsiblities
^011001101011110 (494) effects consequences impacts aspects dangers aspect outcomes implications
^011001101011111 (711) amount hall amounts amout accumulation softening
^0110011011000 (703) example inflammation
^0110011011001 (992) examples multiples
^0110011011010 (448) top
^0110011011011 (2809) list outline lists
^0110011011100 (929) lord root multiple opposite wizard legend plural diary pirates phantom wizards possession feminine singular ocarina clash arrival masculine passion def cradle oppisite behalf ransom possesion oppsite duelist domestication degeneration dukes mutiple nazca rondo
^01100110111010 (964) battle treaty gulf framers founders pledge chronicles
^01100110111011 (828) capital majority founding creation patron capitol ratification captial abolition liberation annexation
^0110011011110 (1796) picture member piece lot bottle sample pair collection chance photo package convicted slice symptom jar loaf variety packet peice pic writ bunch bucket postcard photograph bundle remake carton keg defender pile replica memeber puddle blockage pice ream
^01100110111110 (578) result results combination winner winners timetable consequence
^01100110111111 (754) location description removal summary installation placement timeline discription descriptions goblet illustration summaries
^01100111000 (297) type sort
^01100111001 (965) kind
^01100111010 (1389) part portion capable
^011001110110 (499) percent percentage protector precentage
^011001110111 (968) types kinds
^0110011110 (1693) year yr
^01100111110 (899) happened happend
^01100111111 (491) happens happends happenes
^01101000000 (835) two several
^011010000010 (500) four five six seven
^011010000011 (747) three various
^011010000100 (1263) living multicellular nonliving unicellular distant luminous non-living
^011010000101 (3216) these waverly unfortunate daltons theses
^011010000110 (861) different diffrent differnt diff
^011010000111 (948) other
^011010001000 (1435) chemical balanced molecular exothermic endothermic quadratic
^0110100010010 (1695) natural renewable volcanic mindless nonrenewable missile non-renewable greys nullification leisure natrual paranormal recreational scarce inexhaustible
^0110100010011 (2272) physical geographic geographical structural behavioral seasonal intensive constructive phisical topographic physiological defining distinguishing gradual
^0110100010100 (1293) special specific historical traditional typical unique household sacred protective random specialized additional vital tragic sporting creative dramatic historic geological staple magical dietary herbal strange fictional distinctive fractional desirable heroic latent favorable elemental speacial desired specail continuing keen concealed convenience
^0110100010101 (1395) basic primary secondary dominant universal formal principal fundamental critical functional cardinal logical practical comparative tertiary regional nutritional numerical intermediate generic microscopic corresponding systematic primitive exclusive astronomical theoretical ics taxonomic underlying regulatory numeric developmental probable medicinal mains unifying ata procedural socio
^0110100010110 (3647) cellular genetic sexual biological aerobic visual passive sensory asexual anaerobic alcoholic voluntary viral metabolic hazardous verbal involuntary chronic cyber infectious hereditary bipolar systemic anabolic photosynthetic communicable steroid exocrine prenatal uterine accessory aggregate benign cbrne malignant contractile lyme intracellular ventricular bodily maternal inflammatory celluar rheumatoid visceral auditory chromosomal situational homeostatic testicular
^01101000101110 (2712) economic internal financial external cultural environmental abiotic educational agricultural biotic ethical informal strategic ecological experimental emotional academic immediate monetary organizational technological quantitative macro implied sustainable qualitative cognitive psychological extensive enviromental intellectual interpersonal governmental exponential eco operational organisational swot architectural economical statistical demographic intrinsic analytical additive inductive concurrent orderly extrinsic deductive
^01101000101111 (2010) social literary mental selective geometric managerial poetic spatial
^011010001100 (1146) major
^011010001101 (1454) main
^0110100011100 (1797) official outer executive inner legislative judicial ozone spinal osi offical outermost figurative thickest vertebral judical canopy extracellular umbilical waxy jovian innermost outter thinnest excutive oxidative understory officail uppermost offcial emergent exective indo-european synoptic
^01101000111010 (1040) middle kanye
^01101000111011 (2808) scientific imaginary mathematical collective symbiotic evolutionary symbolic descriptive rhyming biblical anatomical binomial viet graphical literal null pythagorean mathmatical wegeners shorthand
^0110100011110 (1260) great berlin
^01101000111110 (1461) vice vatican goldenrod hearthome saffron snowpoint vise sootopolis mossdeep cerulean quezon celadon viridian
^01101000111111 (903) firing elite towing ticker alphabetical chronological seating ascending restraining fireing descending
^0110100100000 (391) supreme appellate surpreme appomattox
^0110100100001 (2273) periodic calvin eiffel mona hubble leaning krebs cn scopes dewey aswan tanoby kreb perodic bayeux bloons khmer eiffle guggenheim
^0110100100010 (2317) political religious republican communist ethnic armed liberal religous minority terrorist socialist conservative opposing civilian nationalist fascist spiritual populist intermolecular capitalist artistic territorial politcal whig philosophical autocratic superstitious
^0110100100011 (2071) federal presidential constitutional local democratic progressive congressional parliamentary unitary presidental bowel bicameral municipal totalitarian centralized fedral speedy authoritarian
^0110100100100 (855) daily secret everyday peoples yearly monthly hourly shelf suite weekly batting gangster weighted captive baggage retained secert sorority everday continual
^0110100100101 (1826) soviet holy ultimate underground silk comic zodiac transcontinental warsaw waterloo coronation sesame elm gaza carpal abbey downing mutant urbz temperance domesday briand nonaggression gigolo bimetallic marshy astrological maxus 34th
^0110100100110 (1515) national stanley interstate jurassic fa provincial dow pal uefa icici barclays amusement
^01101001001110 (985) current former previous rapid radical westward pentium deputy tuskegee
^01101001001111 (1095) early mid whiskey harlem earlier pax anglo ectopic
^0110100101000 (1382) european asian allied arab woodland landlocked scandinavian neighbouring industrialized exporting eurpean europian
^01101001010010 (643) african enslaved
^01101001010011 (500) native
^0110100101010 (1100) indian australian canadian mexican philippine nigerian indentured pakistani naturalized antislavery alaskan indain
^0110100101011 (567) american vietnamese
^0110100101100 (1723) ancient acient
^01101001011010 (1391) central coastal niagara geologic racial peripheral autonomic sympathetic equatorial niagra parasympathetic temporal facto centeral seneca costal stratified treeless abyssal
^01101001011011 (2771) colonial medieval victorian tudor elizabethan notre brooklyn uss textile paleolithic mesozoic precambrian olden medival paleozoic cenozoic papua quaternary medievil cornelius permian midieval norte
^01101001011100 (1511) roman aztec persian dominican inca byzantine han ottoman czech tang shang ming qin gupta lieutenant mongol austrian babylonian incan madras mughal zhou assyrian yuan osmania
^01101001011101 (2000) greek egyptian mayan viking doodle sumerian mesopotamian athenian romes aryan egyption anglo-saxon saxon sojourner norse shakespearean hellenistic olmec minoan pagan armenian harappan
^01101001011110 (1425) japanese chinese german jewish irish filipino hindu islamic scottish aboriginal buddhist maori swiss inuit sikh hispanic indigenous brazilian celtic thai japenese spartan jamaican turkish advent danish amish quaker indonesian germanic serbian hungarian norwegian zen wartime lebanese bantu chines fierce buddist judaisms malaysian
^01101001011111 (1863) british nazi royal confederate iroquois federalist sioux puritan cheyenne hopi pueblo norman navajo apache anasazi shawnee migrant seminole mohawk curious pilgrim chinook pomo pullman blackfoot brittish skilled britsh shoshone lakota comanche commanding kwakiutl powhatan nez
^011010011000 (1152) first 1st frist earliest
^0110100110010 (354) last
^0110100110011 (1244) next closest nearest farthest forbidden pitchers closet furthest brightest andromeda eleventh schlieffen mariana
^011010011010 (1296) second third 2nd fourth 3rd 4th 5th 6th 8th fifth 7th sixth 13th 10th 12th seventh eighth 15th 14th 9th tenth 11th 25th fourteenth ninth incredible 22nd mystic thirteenth 26th 24th fifteenth 27th secound
^0110100110110 (1217) worlds americas beatles steelers simpsons mayflower lakers britains africas colts dodgers chargers redskins undertakers exxon spurs souths perkins kardashians britians norths veronicas asias seeker duggars
^0110100110111 (1596) united cowboys hilton untied cowboy celtics ravens unites utd falcons broncos contiguous reds 50th phillies yalta braves oilers 49th sooner steeler cavaliers orioles bruins pistons fullmetal tipton brewers canadiens
^011010011100 (1322) average annual ideal
^01101001110100 (665) greatest least greats coriolis greates greastest lest
^01101001110101 (1193) highest lowest coldest driest warmest higest northernmost hightest
^01101001110110 (1054) total maximum minimum approximate median estimated fewest optimum rms angular focal maxium instantaneous nominal minimal approx residual minimun
^01101001110111 (956) original final correct proper latest exact entire actual overall initial orginal pitching origanal billboard liturgical upcoming fantastic origional orignal xyz 38th oringinal intial unofficial
^0110100111100 (1482) longest fastest youngest strongest tallest richest worst shortest hottest hardest slowest rarest deadliest coolest smartest weakest fattest funniest lightest scariest widest riches cutest fastes wealthiest toughest loudest sexiest hotest
^0110100111101 (856) largest biggest smallest oldest deepest heaviest bigest poorest
^0110100111110 (1157) best easiest cheapest milky
^01101001111110 (1274) same
^01101001111111 (2422) following
^0110101000000 (784) black bubonic
^0110101000001 (1334) white haunted hull
^0110101000010 (2005) blue yellow dark orange pink purple lemon grey gray colored bright skinny flashing spotted grape striped cranberry pear blinking mud invisible violet gastric coloured pancreatic pale almond snap fuzzy fig hind colorful canine hazel shining
^01101010000110 (1286) red oxygenated deoxygenated
^01101010000111 (1298) green dungeon pea flowering poppy lone citrus woody clover nonvascular c4 seedless
^0110101000100 (936) sperm snow cotton bull yeast potato lightning semen honey cattle thunder tomato bulls garbage moss lighting cork cabbage pineapple hail sperms subduction timber potatoe grapefruit compost gamete dino pickle sandstorm lightening dung lichen goliath tomatoe cataract basil stinging marlboro homebrew tibicos poinsettia milkweed cotten
^0110101000101 (1226) polar panda bald grizzly koala jehovah megan snowy harp barn monk burrowing jehovahs ringed kodiak cfc gummy yogi fennec harpy polor snowshoe
^0110101000110 (3833) wild police giant marine vampire coral killer dwarf rainbow hermit bengal freshwater siberian bearded tasmanian aquatic terrestrial prairie humming dart komodo winged scuba dodo yorkshire hammerhead humpback beluga pygmy horseshoe bottlenose mythical yeti bumble segmented toed woolly highland howler orca albino fiddler flightless mallard frilled amur wooly gaint sumatran clouded
^01101010001110 (2018) baby guinea betta beta jelly clown newborn fetal praying snapping slider viper rattle puffer koi mule horned shih guppy chow angler maltese
^01101010001111 (2674) female male labrador angus sunni miniature siamese sumo furry
^0110101001000 (2768) medical criminal registered dental forensic technical surgical massage pharmacy brief pediatric certified clinical veterinary pastry administrative persuasive occupational licensed detailed nursery pe juvenile med preschool kindergarten neonatal equine culinary radiology salvage orthopedic cosmetic nth maternity
^01101010010010 (1432) modern international womens mens urban classical romantic rural womans todays indoor gothic baroque outdoor imperial prehistoric divine contemporary tribal ffa tokio metropolitan realistic maritime neo secular monopolistic modernist amateur subsistence informative impressionist mordern institutional peacekeeping
^01101010010011 (1643) public global foreign private domestic developing sole residential fiscal multinational foriegn chartered vocational pharmaceutical hostile foregin commutative petri distributive aspergers klinefelter transnational associative marfan
^01101010010100 (1882) single regular certain few particular lunar triangular rectangular multi repeating cinder stationary coarse linking hexagonal transitional vivid rubiks cylindrical certian pentagonal
^01101010010101 (811) small large tiny huge narrow bony shallow vast
^01101010010110 (2498) non personal direct digital permanent samsung sony lcd nokia semi corporate micro temporary indirect dynamic mutual unpaid analog twisted portable instant toshiba rca outstanding acer proprietary ddr kodak ddr2 cooperative crt reflective sequential wholesale aggravated icy mainframe unsecured roth philips disposable discrete computerized maglev nikon compaq bsnl removable enhanced ddr3
^01101010010111 (3043) short double perfect mini toy hip dirt triple laser pre washing pocket roller fairy sub sewing hybrid quad wooden concave coordinate convex canterbury ping spiral f1 pci bmx gucci cargo greyhound boeing halleys rc cardio dialysis reflecting haiku punnett shin freight truss motocross concentric nitro stamford jumbo dipole paddle hover
^01101010011000 (1326) positive negative recessive lasting postive heterozygous negitive homozygous scalar positve autosomal possitive adverse gadsden
^01101010011001 (5038) false neutral 64 bros kart cart sunshine nuetral polytheistic karts carts eee unchanged xlv flase xlii
^01101010011010 (3595) liquid solid solute homogeneous heterogeneous herbivore omnivore alkaline nonmetal democrat neutron vertebrate invertebrate isosceles equilateral gaseous decomposer aqueous insoluble homogenous metalloid heterogenous colloid brittle scalene non-metal hypotonic soild hypertonic isotonic dicot monocot saline stimulant flammable crip malleable autotroph boon heterotrophic ductile gymnosperm depressant colorless
^01101010011011 (2126) organic simple ionic covalent pure complex radioactive linear irregular vascular connective inorganic metallic barry incomplete nonpolar simpler diatomic silicate fibrous crystalline non-polar volatile peptide indefinite pathogenic autotrophic sigma decayed decaying vending inert opaque nonmetallic nonvolatile nonlinear declarative platonic convalent interrogative ternary metalic lymphoid aromatic impure uncharged glandular dissimilar adipose jellylike
^01101010011100 (1637) wind nuclear potential thermal kinetic geothermal hydroelectric biomass hydro activation tidal usable ionization radiant resolving ionizing useable
^01101010011101 (1871) electric electrical mechanical electromagnetic electronic anti emergency extra artificial audio alternative gamma abnormal intel optical elastic ordinary existing ultraviolet infrared conventional uv acoustic integrated automotive unbalanced alternate excellent alternating neural eletric spontaneous antique unwanted atx tata manta cosmic electrostatic hvac aftermarket directional artifical electro alluvial enormous aerial synchronous diminishing electic
^01101010011110 (839) high elementary
^011010100111110 (1379) lower higher upper anterior posterior dorsal ventral medial lesser enlarged distal sprained lumbar frontal rocker m291 proximal hepatic axillary
^011010100111111 (1627) low constant fixed vertical rough circular extreme peer horizontal dual atmospheric excess excessive definite broad partial marginal hydraulic continuous sudden reducing rigid decreasing apparent moderate rotational steep bilateral steady elliptical radial glacial elevated planetary uneven unequal intense venous projectile optimal lethal arterial prolonged conscious defective suction adequate sloping retrograde rotary
^0110101010000 (1396) important significant essential inportant
^0110101010001 (1954) likely dangerous harmful useful difficult dense helpful reactive accurate serious efficient deadly reliable toxic sensitive destructive beneficial painful attractive concentrated explosive resistant httpwikianswerscomqwhat frequent prone addictive damaging vulnerable comfortable widespread challenging likley durable sufficient precise harmless efficiently usefull corrosive harmfull analogous devastating appealing trusted likly costly superficial listened conductive susceptible
^0110101010010 (1070) famous famouse
^01101010100110 (2852) popular powerful successful expensive beautiful recent populated abundant valuable violent advanced massive influential diverse prominent populous succesful numerous densely lonely mountainous profitable intelligent precious productive decorated sucessful complicated populer unpopular powerfull prosperous prevalent
^01101010100111 (1321) common limiting commen
^0110101010100 (753) good funny valid
^01101010101010 (542) bad nice cute sexy smart shy weird stupid cruel rude boring wierd
^01101010101011 (1117) hard easy flash quick floppy intervertebral
^01101010101100 (1420) young christian poor rich muslim virgin wise spice homeless emo mature wealthy pioneer runaway diabetic vegetarian virgo circus strict gemini loyalist aries elderly corrupt scorpio pisces nearby peaceful unemployed shia libra peasant goth monotheistic innocent caitlin aquarius sagittarius christain satanic vegan nomadic literate youngs fellow bilingual polite christan latino blackout
^01101010101101 (1511) little older teen twin teenage deceased younger foster gossip elder soulja underage surviving abusive preteen premature notorious gilmore whooping eldest powerpuff alton pathological unmarried uncircumcised backstreet
^01101010101110 (1109) dead happy naked evil blind mad crazy ugly angry nude ill sad lucky deaf merry scream disabled educated dumb hungry brave wicked annoying horrible stink sleepy yours lazy handsome orphan honest lovely blessed busy immortal cheers infamous smiling naughty retarded bop masked insane crap delicious mute damn selfish gorgeous sweetheart
^01101010101111 (2039) endangered healthy effective rare extinct stable poisonous underwater modified friendly fertilized flexible edible unhealthy refrigerated polluted nocturnal ness endangerd venomous exotic aggressive domesticated unrefrigerated endanger sterile cloned carnivorous halal endagered affective invasive parasitic engineered placental munro diurnal solitary nutritious interdependent useless ineffective ruminant testable fossilized vicious hoofed agressive extint indangered
^01101010110000 (1263) atomic serial binary routing vin oxidation molar quantum heliocentric geocentric ordinal octal iban hexadecimal aba micr chassis
^01101010110001 (1097) prime whole composite digit odd rational irrational fibonacci presiding correctional prim
^01101010110010 (1004) human golgi celestial gall axial
^011010101100110 (992) legal golden relative absolute voting emancipation gambling gilded leagal
^011010101100111 (673) normal recommended appropriate resting impossible usual reasonable recomended
^01101010110100 (2143) dragon mission master candy march monster ghost basket treasure warriors zombie bowling ultra sniper samurai beyblade gem roar diving titan erin bounty miracle elf llama missionary duel purity epf bionicle volley engagement jedi altering cracker doom lucille mii misson domino heap luxury psychic token mysterious playable snickers dotted sway tactical
^011010101101010 (1221) past morning un opera rising friday midnight hm tm evening afternoon terrible saddle winx disco sams regi affirmative undefined hallelujah
^011010101101011 (745) present fine visible missing fertile hidden soluble hanging fallen sunset resulting fed embedded isolated remaining coded spherical lend lacking waxing latter scatter inelastic waning polarized circulating visable brilliant sinners deficient projected vacant
^011010101101100 (1658) fire counter poke rolling spinning kanto oval statutory chaos rosetta sinnoh azure iced hoenn johto phenol g1
^011010101101101 (1167) leaf mystery shiny legendary lipton shiney
^011010101101110 (1348) standard stock factory target nobel noble greenhouse cigarette sears competitive columbian craftsman fm doppler commodity kenmore cigar silph slant toro bose standerd aaa lending cb ems oem
^011010101101111 (1801) net slave stamp fair mint gross postage copyright navigation sedition intolerable autograph judiciary embargo townshend homestead cathode fugitive unfair neutrality robber dawes antitrust espionage transatlantic quartering clayton townshed pendleton mau coercive declaratory discounted
^01101010111000 (769) facts fact
^01101010111001 (1312) information info instructions details essays infomation imformation emphasis hints
^01101010111010 (1191) interesting fun unusual amazing intresting awesome intersting awsome exciting remarkable impressive kinky unusal fascinating
^01101010111011 (2098) true ture ironic
^01101010111100 (738) back
^011010101111010 (766) left wounded
^011010101111011 (1161) right acute lateral obtuse algebraic
^011010101111100 (729) lead leading failed superior silly supporting listening inferior expanded preferred governing dominate marching continued contributing cease paved shag urge florentine hurry
^011010101111101 (774) given applied expected denied assigned rounded intended reserved proven dedicated givin specified responding scheduled delegated confined
^011010101111110 (1978) answer lyrics answers ability hope respect preamble appeal attention opposition regard desire intent invitation loyalty ode heir excuse exception footnote refusal gusta devotion inability anwser commitment
^011010101111111 (1046) theme opening entrance gospel closing admission feast techno brenda intro numa
^0110101100000 (2500) making doing playing finding measuring buying leaving killing producing downloading kissing forming studying watching showing creating cleaning holding keeping helping knowing determining dividing joining performing seeing asking calling telling raising calculating fingering solving dropping hurting controlling maintaining conducting separating purchasing naming managing choosing treating preparing preventing establishing regulating loving protecting
^01101011000010 (1409) using adding increasing via describing converting providing useing multiplying
^01101011000011 (890) both those either neither unlike invading thy subtracting conquering
^0110101100010 (2321) being becoming genetically
^01101011000110 (743) having oral anal unprotected haveing unsafe
^01101011000111 (2055) getting taking giving wearing entering losing putting filing touching stopping sucking receiving throwing beating hitting collecting catching reaching gaining marrying licking geting biting pressing inserting completing loosing striking picking recieving snorting jailbreaking defeating contracting finishing deleting gettin brushing needing quitting waking
^0110101100100 (4336) raw baking cooked frozen static peanut bubble saturated chewing rubbing cocoa baked junk dried boiled unsaturated fried uncooked canned powdered soy laundry rotten thawed boneless cider cottage ethyl grilled kosher unopened stuffed spicy evaporated chopped condensed stride granulated sliced cheddar trident mashed deli caster dunkin moldy shredded pickled bbq raisin
^01101011001010 (797) cold hot warm salty moist humid cloudy harsh inhaled exhaled
^01101011001011 (1241) salt fresh tap dirty lime saltwater distilled vanilla bottled carbonated muddy
^01101011001100 (1327) running eating moving drinking burning cooking falling heating walking passing cutting carrying dying blowing leaking recycling mixing feeding dissolving filling rusting lying jumping sailing laying exercising lifting swallowing pulling charging shaving fasting shaking sweating vomiting crying peeing rotating shifting loading rolled expanding cracking pushing backing smelling starving idling sticking splitting
^011010110011010 (627) driving flying sleeping traveling saving savings cane travelling braking boating
^011010110011011 (2021) working growing paying acting standing cheating sitting mating landing babysitting binding hiring staring genuine choking breastfeeding believing appearing arriving engaging part-time swearing priced evolving pooping
^01101011001110 (2104) dry cool flat soft wet sweet thin sore sharp smooth pit vaginal sweat compact loud severe sour swollen tight stainless melted clicking homemade mild curved itchy grinding tough sticky knocking hairy scrap tender movable bitter tanning navel transparent bare crushed popping stained watery slight dull stiff rusty oily curling waterproof
^011010110011110 (1334) well mixed charged heated sexually infected suspended bonded cooled insured repossessed erect parked compressed accelerating packed loaded paired unstable contaminated excited ripe tightly activated duplicated submerged blended displaced erected familiar unreactive warmed squeezed totaled cemented watered denatured diluted repossed illuminated colliding repoed impounded rearranged merging glued impaired squashed clustered matched
^011010110011111 (1140) broken strong straight slow closed fake weak vacuum locked hollow upside graduated blown burnt foul floating quiet lean torn cracked folded bent faint sealed upright clogged faulty shaved pointed scratched hyper gentle manipulated chimney secured popped pp vaccum pointing slowing fractured scattered flattened stripped bog ripped jammed vacum symmetrical fused
^0110101101000 (648) water
^01101011010010 (2215) alcohol milk electricity bread soda cheese butter rice coffee wine vinegar gum flour powder beer coke soap pasta shampoo pepsi popcorn toothpaste vodka detergent yogurt mentos spaghetti tar sprite lotion toast shortening gravel noodles rum jello oatmeal champagne gatorade margarine oats spinach electricty alchol icecream ketchup yoga asphalt alchohol icing
^01101011010011 (2110) fat meat corn coal zero grass beef wheat pork potatoes poison ham grain dairy roast bacon steak petroleum coconut garlic hay hamburger bamboo lettuce mustard celery squash ginger sausage cinnamon broccoli seaweed broth salsa flakes almonds chops loin macaroni sushi poultry donuts blueberries brandy potatos sage barley rubbish bran lumber
^01101011010100 (1781) carbon sodium hydrogen potassium sulfur lithium silicon barium ammonium sulphur beryllium strontium nitrous epsom
^01101011010101 (1375) ice iron copper calcium steel sand magnesium aluminum zinc limestone tin granite aluminium uranium titanium quartz graphite agar chalk sandstone charcoal nylon bacillus basalt tungsten radium manganese polyester chromium bauxite acetone rubidium calcite staphylococcus shale gypsum plutonium obsidian irons plywood pyrite alum garnet
^01101011010110 (1631) dna rna parallel magma lava alpha html subatomic mrna lipid pollen sediment complementary aqua oracle adjacent nitrogenous dehydration galactic trna adp glycerol chromatin cleavage phospholipid http hydrophobic hydrophilic complimentary
^011010110101110 (2226) oxygen nitrogen chlorine o2 co2 helium iodine h2o hcl ammonia bromine phosphorus methane fluorine argon boron naoh nacl h20 adenine krypton xenon h2 thymine arsenic guanine h2so4 nh3 cytosine lpg radon unleaded methanol selenium nadph feldspar ch4
^011010110101111 (1668) sugar protein glucose atp sunlight carbohydrates starch fiber daylight insulin caffeine carbohydrate cholesterol bile protien calorie chlorophyll ethanol fertilizer fibre sucrose gluten hemoglobin cellulose glycogen moisture hcg fructose trash lactose amylase silica pepsin suger urea testosterone serum catalase estrogen borax caffine gelatin humus pus adh adrenaline silt lipase rbc wbc
^01101011011000 (1279) someone everyone somebody everybody somone nobody
^01101011011001 (2554) something anything everything nothing somthing anyway somewhere somethings whatever ensuring
^01101011011010 (1283) me whether wether
^01101011011011 (5250) them him yourself itself themselves himself eachother herself myself themselfs themself ourselves
^0110101101110 (4786) cancer drugs smoking marijuana infection weed hiv aids surgery cocaine tobacco diabetes cigarettes injury antibiotics adderall braces thc masturbation xanax herpes tylenol acne steroids infections hydrocodone heroin masturbating ibuprofen asthma chlamydia vicodin aspirin nicotine oxycodone penicillin meth methadone malaria morphine bullying percocet genital ecstasy lexapro warts suboxone rabies pre-cum obesity
^0110101101111 (8045) stone tea rod stones mew arceus lugia surf pikachu eevee mill snorlax radar palkia mewtwo feebas ditto mills rods dialga darkrai extinguisher shaymin nightmare glory suicune groudon kyogre deoxys amber riolu regirock bigfoot axe celebi entei dratini jenny abra giratina jirachi manaphy rayquaza articuno incense raikou dragonair dragonite chao mesprit
^01101011100 (904) most
^0110101110100 (1163) so
^01101011101010 (1037) too expired
^01101011101011 (2678) very pretty fully highly negatively pixie positively slightly relatively mentally extremely electrically fairly quite perfectly twinkle covalently abnormally potentially gently critically emotionally ouran oppositely culturally splendid somewhat environmentally increasingly grateful
^0110101110110 (896) any
^01101011101110 (858) more less
^011010111011110 (968) no none
^011010111011111 (663) only
^01101011110 (6467) there ther
^011010111110 (2396) some
^011010111111 (1830) all
^011011000 (3763) ram truck silverado blazer neon camry caravan cavalier malibu corolla s10 jetta impala tahoe pickup beetle camaro altima suburban maxima trailblazer deville stratus durango passat lumina monte sentra intrepid sebring sierra alero lesabre frontier cutlass tacoma sienna rodeo pathfinder venture regal corvette protege yukon caprice 626 aurora sportage cobalt integra
^01101100100 (1122) explorer ranger expedition focus escort f150 taurus mustang windstar contour f250 probe bronco fiesta tempo thunderbird f350 aerostar transit e350 e250 econoline e150 mondeo aspire expidition festiva freestar excursion
^01101100101 (903) accord civic odyssey accent crv galant elantra sonata prelude montero lancer cr mirage tiburon trx crf cbr crx diamante recon rancher foreman goldwing fourtrax rubicon vtx endeavor
^011011001100 (1581) 1500 golf 300 350 jimmy 150 250 400 carlo 2500 2.0 le 2.5 3.0 turbo 240 4.0 rio 5.7 2.2 4.3 3.8 2.4 4.6 5.4 3000 3.1 305 nova 1.6 3.5 450 1.8 rs 5.0 convertible 190 sedan magnum 5.3 302 2.3 5.9 3.3 4.7 3500 3.4 6.0 2.8 z28
^011011001101 (1471) van century diesel monsters v6 gt se knights v8 zx2 ss wagon xlt centuries triton vortec lt gl hemi tdi pu dohc sel leone centry minivan deisel hdi vortex mk4 zetec awd v10 zx3 powerstroke xi sohc cummings sho xls gls efi tbi centuary
^011011001110 (2802) town race ls benz cougar metro sable voyager legacy navigator a4 325 tracker davidson astra outback clio corsa breeze villager prizm mountaineer sl2 cruiser vectra 318 outboard sl e320 vue raptor sportster scenic sidekick sl1 punto impreza 323 mystique megane g20 525 a6 topaz c230 blaster sportsman forester es300 i30
^0110110011110 (595) am theft canyon 'm slam rapids slams larceny
^0110110011111 (756) cherokee prix wrangler sunfire marquis laredo bonneville firebird gtp sunbird g6 tj vibe vitara fiero gto yj aztek
^011011010 (1081) 2000 2001 2002 1999 2003 1998 1997 2004 1996 1995 1994 2005 1993 2006 1992 1990 1991 98 99 97 95 1989 96 94 1988 93 92 1987 1986 91 1985 02 peugeot 89 03 01 04 87 05 86 00
^0110110110 (1690) chevy dodge toyota nissan buick mazda gmc vw chrysler kia cadillac chevrolet oldsmobile acura isuzu volkswagen chev volkswagon
^011011011100 (492) honda mitsubishi hyundai topps fleer
^011011011101 (455) ford
^011011011110 (1614) mercury saturn mercedes bmw plymouth yamaha subaru audi volvo geo lexus jaguar suzuki harley renault vauxhall polaris pt kawasaki gm daewoo infiniti fiat 206 infinity 106 saab holden porsche citroen 306 ktm lavender scion mecury opel murcury toon skoda
^0110110111110 (269) jeep pontiac
^0110110111111 (240) grand gran
^011011100000 (898) carolina dakota pole carolinas koreas
^0110111000010 (624) america korea armada
^0110111000011 (1074) africa europe asia wales
^01101110001000 (2135) france germany japan spain italy russia israel poland haiti portugal austria iran switzerland sweden norway denmark hungary florence belgium finland chad romania serbia palestine zimbabwe pompeii ukraine bulgaria nagasaki vienna syria isreal yugoslavia carthage tobago kazakhstan czechoslovakia bosnia macedonia burma slovakia lithuania kashmir liberia latvia myanmar bismarck judah
^01101110001001 (2949) india canada china australia ireland hawaii brazil pakistan alaska antarctica cuba scotland argentina nigeria jamaica chile peru kenya afghanistan thailand ghana venezuela saudi nz madagascar heaven iceland alberta indonesia jerusalem bangladesh antartica bolivia vermont ecuador malaysia greenland guatemala colombia fiji mecca honduras kuwait ethiopia cambodia nepal lebanon paraguay sudan algeria
^01101110001010 (876) england mexico liverpool quebec amsterdam delhi madrid arsenal holland netherland everton
^01101110001011 (1680) egypt rome greece athens mesopotamia sparta mali babylon constantinople rwanda persia cairo alexandria sumer kush mariner tenochtitlan eygpt songhai nubia timbuktu verona athen
^0110111000110 (1388) texas california florida georgia ohio illinois pennsylvania michigan arizona maryland oregon colorado missouri louisiana alabama indiana ny tennessee kentucky maine ontario oklahoma minnesota nevada utah singapore pa nc wisconsin arkansas iowa nj idaho va tn mumbai wyoming mn newyork ky wi flordia uae karachi bangalore manitoba chennai tamilnadu punjab malawi
^0110111000111 (2890) virginia twilight massachusetts kansas delaware jamestown columbia connecticut harvard nebraska grease hollywood eastenders ucla virgina dame yellowstone narnia theaters pune princeton yale hatchet gallipoli tuck stanford auschwitz usc oxford cinema oakland forks hogwarts eragon auburn roanoke uc omaha arlington matilda providence aladdin alcatraz stonehenge cambridge hairspray medina rikki conneticut rajasthan
^01101110010 (595) war
^011011100110 (1547) york jersey zealand hampshire orleans testament yorks jerseys brunswick zealands boyz
^011011100111 (3968) angeles francisco vegas rico diego andreas everest antonio vesuvius salvador rica lawrence juan helens lanka fuji rushmore sumter lauderdale coronet etna kilauea aires paso lucia olympus kilimanjaro augustine krakatoa petersburg loa rican pinatubo nino fransisco miguel camino ricans rafael paulo ember andres rainier vernon angelo fransico shasta tome blanc jacinto
^011011101000 (9200) london paris chicago boston miami dallas atlanta toronto sydney houston manchester orlando philadelphia denver phoenix vancouver dubai seattle detroit tokyo tampa pittsburgh melbourne montreal charlotte barcelona portland baltimore cleveland nyc birmingham dublin venice memphis glasgow calgary jacksonville brisbane honolulu heathrow perth cancun auckland milan ottawa savannah moscow nashville sacramento munich
^01101110100100 (621) south southeast southwest
^01101110100101 (895) north
^01101110100110 (730) west east northeast mainland
^01101110100111 (1600) southern western northern eastern northwest cerebral southeastern northen nothern southwestern northeastern northwestern souther sothern
^0110111010100 (535) world
^01101110101010 (1074) vietnam panama iraq korean salem nasal suez erie thoracic opium iberian richter chernobyl huron darfur veitnam mohs sinai roswell pleural malay angkor alzheimers
^01101110101011 (1520) civil revolutionary trojan punic cival peloponnesian
^0110111010110 (1002) san st mount los mt el las fort puerto costa sri buenos mauna sao cabo mont sharm machu
^0110111010111 (785) new
^0110111011000 (1755) president pope pharaoh presedent
^01101110110010 (2254) queen saint prince captain princess crown prophet joan duke lebron bloody franz dred les archduke czar st. papa madame madam guru pastor colonel captin captian coretta shah ole elton carmelo princes mickie kaiser clarence bartolomeu jolly eliza caption tsar horrid
^01101110110011 (729) king kings apostle
^011011101101000 (724) mother father reign assassination ark aunt daddy bride grandmother grandfather bishop grandma fool downfall resurrection successor grandson grandpa birthdate murderer antonia resignation mommy
^011011101101001 (1159) wife brother sister son mom dad daughter mum cousin cousins sibling nephew wand niece mistress dong ji ex-wife dislikes
^011011101101010 (834) parents fathers mothers sons veterans wifes childrens daughters memorial husbands girlfriends moms dads boyfriends neighbors grandparents spouses mums
^011011101101011 (1956) brothers sisters siblings wives hobbies grandchildren sibilings bro salk
^01101110110110 (1552) favorite favourite fav fave favorit favortie
^011011101101110 (908) full simplest possessive ful
^011011101101111 (871) real childs maiden wonderful
^0110111011100 (2311) difference differences similarities diffrence differance differnce diference similarity
^01101110111010 (2116) letter
^011011101110110 (1825) flight gestation spare incubation nonstop
^011011101110111 (1016) distance halfway duration distances
^01101110111100 (677) us
^0110111011110100 (1555) sun equator flies universe devil hedgehog beast giver narrator crucible mighty chipmunks biosphere cyclops hobbit bloodstream chorus ripper rye equater troposphere conch stratosphere snowman
^0110111011110101 (490) moon globe clique olympians
^0110111011110110 (1492) constitution bible senate throne confederacy quran midwest torah consitution constituion sabha iliad conqueror constition
^0110111011110111 (12522) uk philippines titanic holocaust renaissance refrigerator outsiders fridge bahamas jungle 1920s netherlands 1950s enlightenment freezer crusades 1960s trenches alamo reformation 1930s workplace eu alps deathly himalayas underworld everglades bulge 1980s somme 1970s blitz 1940s phillipines louvre 1990s parthenon watergate hajj refridgerator godfather eureka 80s enlightment wilderness messiah 60s labyrinth rockies
^011011101111100 (2871) mars venus jupiter pluto uranus neptune hiroshima wikipedia orion europa ceres pegasus eris uluru pilgrimages venuss homosexuality charon rigel
^011011101111101 (1380) earth
^0110111011111100 (1638) earths swine suns oceanic scarlet mickey silent saturns jupiters taj midsummer bunker plutos neptunes facilitated typhoid eternal mercurys sistine starry twelfth dengue yom scarlett glomerular
^0110111011111101 (2206) industrial continental rocky appalachian andes magna neolithic galapagos beverly glorious iwo atlas canary cayman ural ozark pyrenees edsa himalayan himalaya whirl habeas bolshevik smoky industrail falkland continetal continential epiphyseal polynesian bahama ductus hawiian catskill contiental appalachain
^0110111011111110 (1865) mississippi nile amazon congo indus tigris euphrates murray thames ganges danube yangtze huang severn rhine zaire niger darling avon volga ganga seine parana lena missippi potomac mississipi tees tiber spacial clyde mekong amozon mississppi zambezi niles gibbon multipurpose humber shenandoah rhone stlawrence styx
^0110111011111111 (2054) pacific atlantic arctic caribbean mediterranean arabian artic bermuda carribean antarctic caspian piedmont baltic mid-ocean bering alantic endless aral mid-atlantic antartic balkan caribean nasopharyngeal eurasian aegean beaufort azores mediteranean carribbean adriatic
^0110111100000 (284) spark drain glow
^01101111000010 (577) steering passenger rover garage washer rangers cv sliding booster ferris loom passanger sterring stearing landrover
^01101111000011 (987) transmission trans olive crude differential bp fram seminal tranny transmision tranmission castor gearbox cerebrospinal canola transmisson amniotic transmition
^0110111100010 (409) fuel cabin
^01101111000110 (332) oil coolant freon antifreeze
^01101111000111 (969) air upward
^0110111100100 (856) brake tail dash warning abs parking fog dashboard airbag dome srs overdrive seatbelt fluorescent blinker incandescent aed ets
^0110111100101 (838) front rear blend snare
^01101111001100 (807) timing serpentine cam quotation punctuation harmonic timming timeing serpintine
^011011110011010 (393) wheel seat speaker drum wheels axle hub bumper rack fender pinion axel strut
^011011110011011 (467) door window doors shifter tailgate
^011011110011100 (3511) starter thermostat headlight alternator horn headlights headlamp ecm ecu pcm cambelt taillight waterpump sparkplugs altenator thermastat crowbar
^011011110011101 (936) heater ac ignition idle egr pcv cooling windshield pvc dimmer erg ect purge evap evaporator inlet raging semilunar tricuspid bicuspid iac pantech aoss ambient intermittent aortic mitral windscreen bleeder atrioventricular drl
^011011110011110 (867) radio battery radiator clock stereo alarm lighter distributor exhaust antenna ceiling emission overheating odometer sunroof carburetor sewer anti-theft orifice condenser transmitter gts distributer supercharger muffler subwoofer mildew
^011011110011111 (1024) blower tire clutch crank wiper crankshaft knock speedometer camshaft throttle iat tyre coaxial maf tuning idler doggy tps dpfe tdc fielders p1 speedo cowgirl coax doggie
^0110111101000 (702) fuse wiring bolt torque fuses lug catalytic scroll dialog pandoras
^01101111010010 (731) diagram pattern configuration settings layout specs diagrams schematic spec specification specifications configurations numbering
^01101111010011 (526) box dot converter cluster boxes harness wrench compartment converters ryder swarm
^01101111010100 (632) code passcode walkthrough
^01101111010101 (874) codes cheats tips passwords slogans auditions mods hacks suggestions glitches analogies
^01101111010110 (2581) key remote entry error keyless fob journal diagnostic obd cha alt keypad entries bora wep hex competencies
^01101111010111 (1373) cheat postal zip gameshark bio locker modifier glitch promo redeem coupon cpt penal malicious dialing
^01101111011000 (287) pump injector
^01101111011001 (400) filter filters injectors
^01101111011010 (229) plug plugs
^01101111011011 (462) fluid dipstick reservoir dip vesicle
^011011110111000 (509) belt marks bearing belts bearings alignment studs balancer
^011011110111001 (538) panel lock handle regulator locks panels latch manifold knob handles opener actuator hinge locking ajar tint pannel panal
^011011110111010 (860) sensor sensors
^0110111101110110 (823) switch valve button module compressor wipers tumbler
^01101111011101110 (725) relay replacement flasher resistor solenoid tensioner adjustment mounts clearance chime relays cutoff resister buzzer modulator shutoff replacment adjuster
^01101111011101111 (957) bulb assembly gasket bulbs bolts flashes fixture blinks gaskets buld fittings
^011011110111100 (821) lights speakers brakes pads rotors tires rims rotor drums caliper vents mania shocks struts lamps gauges calipers hubs flashers bushings axles blinkers lifters
^011011110111101 (589) light lamp
^011011110111110 (1214) engine engines trac locomotive
^0110111101111110 (860) motor cable mirror lever pulley blade outlet connector socket cables dryer breaker blades vent pedal amplifier motors fork switches appliance frames cabling moter linkage pully breakers
^0110111101111111 (1420) signal bomb indicator signals bombs marker reminder ons chimes
^0110111110000 (3225) 1
^01101111100010 (680) 2
^01101111100011 (483) 3
^01101111100100 (1444) square cubic sq rushing nautical cu sqaure
^01101111100101 (5909) 100 20 50 30 24 40 22 25 60 200 500 1000 90 32 80 70 45 120 35 36 48 125 75 55 600 49 42 800 38 180 1.5 65 110 54 52 750 700 44 34 72 85 56 220 33 37 51 84 43 10000 140
^01101111100110 (575) 12 13 11 14 16 15 18 17 21 19 23 twelve thirteen eleven leap sixteen fourteen fifteen seventeen eighteen
^0110111110011100 (552) 5 howmany
^0110111110011101 (484) 10 ten twenty fifty thirty forty sixty
^0110111110011110 (469) 6 7 8 9 eight nine 28 27 26 31 29 5.5 7.2 365
^0110111110011111 (356) 4
^011011111010000 (1216) sims halo ninja playstation transformers fable spiderman assassin orb mortal fallout ww sims2 rockband sly mysims battlefield tekken metroid tenkaichi hsm commando jak spectrobes pikmin diablo glatorian photosystem hamsterz uncharted hitman terminator
^011011111010001 (1667) moshi nintendo astro 19th wimpy 20th safari 18th 16th 17th 21st nineteenth littlest cbbc twentieth eighteenth gila seventeenth pokepark beka nitendo septimus slumdog mariokart ninteenth synchro sja
^0110111110100100 (1029) soul harvest adventure smackdown sterling aq sailor harpers mech pluribus cyberchase deltora buus
^0110111110100101 (669) club petz zoey dragonball viva taipei
^0110111110100110 (362) super
^0110111110100111 (1223) gta auto lego apa rune mla sift nfs mk marianas simcity tungkol
^011011111010100 (2667) christmas swimming wedding easter palm halloween maple thanksgiving sunday cherry pine oak boxing dinner breakfast vacation valentines lunch saturday cinderella passover mocking monday lima prom anzac lotus skiing hanukkah thursday cedar armistice tuesday sabbath inground redwood bastille chrismas xmas snowboarding groundhog camping eid pancake weddings spruce kwanzaa hibiscus fencing atkins
^011011111010101 (3225) disney apple bell mcdonalds magic angel nike walmart dell jls barbie mcdonald berry swan chase airsoft dean nasa nerf bells starbucks hershey abc paintball bb subway pandora csi canon litmus metallica slipknot pascal avi gibson tesco kfc bbc adidas peck converse disneys ibm wednesday geico hollister bratz tyra emerson macy
^011011111010110 (1897) wwe naruto sonic google july april zelda apollo fifa bleach june avatar december january yugioh september bakugan november august october spongebob digimon professor cod icarly glee superman tna february inuyasha hulk svr ncis marvel mtv madden shrek jaws dbz wrestlemania buffy supernatural charmed dec jan degrassi kirby ben10 desperate ufc
^0110111110101110 (1267) harry hannah ulysses manifest osama hanna avenged garrett skulduggery jp tyrannosaurus bernie
^0110111110101111 (1967) rhode selling breaking spy winning nate bang ellis spyro chesapeake rockhopper cinnabar montego shutter nates botany vinayaka padre baffin seafoam rockhoppers surtsey staten newmoon wining gilligans guantanamo catalina mackinac spratly myriad watership
^011011111011000 (1055) 2008 2007 1984 1968 88 1964 1945 1979 1914 1976 1972 1967 1969 1917 1939 1965 1983 1957 1963 1973 1978 1941 1948 1977 1975 1974 1943 1776 1982 1942 06 1928 1981 1971 1966 1935 1947 1912 1929 1861 1944 1956 1959 1918 1789 1953 1934 1962 1954 1949
^011011111011001 (1226) 2009 2010 2011 2012 09 08 2013
^011011111011010 (736) 1800 1600 1700 1950 1920 1960 1900 1980 1970 1930 1940 1860 1850 1900s 1840 1400 1830 1890 1820 1300 1750 1880 1870 1770 1790 1620 qur 1650 incredibles 1780 -1800 1550 1760 1660 -1700 1630 1440
^0110111110110110 (456) french russian dutch portuguese cuban welsh swedish portugese
^01101111101101110 (699) english italian hindi hawaiian tamil tagalog scrabble telugu
^01101111101101111 (832) spanish latin hebrew arabic gaelic slang samoan spainish mandarin urdu spainsh
^01101111101110 (1610) pokemon
^011011111011110 (1752) diamond pearl platinum emerald ruby sapphire crystal soulsilver heartgold firered leafgreen dimond crater indigo saphire xd emrald platnium platnum platium daimond emarald tppc
^0110111110111110 (6461) poptropica runescape mythology clubpenguin wonderland counterfeit howrse roblox nabooti panfu fantage cryptids aqworlds dragonfable farmville skullduggery aqw minecraft maplestory buildabearville oblivion yoville bloxorz nintendogs wizard101 horseisle mw2 neopets millsberry steamworks toontown miniclip binweevils sundays moshimonsters counterfiet wolfquest fusionfall babydow potropica ssbb superpower dizzywood
^01101111101111110 (1399) space jail prison trouble hell hiding detention
^01101111101111111 (12580) office ww2 ww1 excel reconstruction wwii 1066 911 1787 wwi captivity 1492 1607 exile 1765 1816 1815 1781 1807 1664 cinemas ww11 1453 1519 excell
^01101111110000 (1096) hour million mile hundred minute billion thousand acre kilometer min capita trillion thousandths hundredths kilowatt inning 000 hundredth millon kilometre lakh
^01101111110001 (1297) pound oz gallon liter gram ounce ton lb litre mole kilogram teaspoon pint tablespoon kilo quart dozen bushel gigabyte tsp millimeter milliliter byte tonne gal mol milligram joule megabyte tbsp kwh decimeter micrometer clove qt tbs kilobyte crore micron kiloliter hectare milimeter
^011011111100100 (886) feet inches meters cm yards kg centimeters km mm metres millimeters euros cm3 kw centimetres decimeters kva kb knots milimeters mins cms kl kelvins
^011011111100101 (1076) foot inch meter ft yard centimeter bedroom metre footage '11 '10 yd d's trinomial x9 majoris
^011011111100110 (2004) gb intestine runner x4 -10 mb intestines wd cyl gig k10 noches l60e natale cly giorno
^011011111100111 (2221) degrees cc mph amp cal volt carrot watt caliber cents hz psi ohm ohms mil mag ers degress lr rr hertz mhz
^01101111110100 (1418) grams pounds cups ounces gallons ml quarts mg liters lbs kilograms litres moles tablespoons teaspoons tons acres volts milliliters pints kilos bytes milligrams btu megabytes servings slices gigabytes mls joules kgs barrels tonnes mcg onces mililiters cloves micrograms kiloliters ccs ozs miligrams bushels mgs kilowatts millilitres iu kilobytes millileters
^011011111101010 (905) miles kilometers kilometres
^0110111111010110 (671) hours minutes credits seconds watts beats amps mpg hrs breaths outs litters
^0110111111010111 (3097) calories pages seats floors carbs pins chapters syllables laps zeros fouls rounds
^011011111101100 (319) years yrs commandments
^011011111101101 (1047) days weeks months tenths wheeler gables eighths decades
^011011111101110 (1750) times albums superbowls
^011011111101111 (678) points goals votes medals wins medal deaths shots oscars touchdowns rides trophies losses innings murders homeruns appearances pitches signatures assists interceptions sixes sacks wickets strikeouts batters dunks
^01101111111000 (4606) model exam winchester models stevens remington examination colt hsc savage ssc browning cbse marlin higgins 410 exams springfield jc maharashtra bcom bsc sonnet ithaca cet ruger revelation aieee bca firearms modle napolcom msbte mosaic nda mossberg weighing jntu glock glenfield
^0110111111100100 (1178) dollar cent pence peso shilling franc karat doller carat kt francs
^0110111111100101 (1238) coin dollars penny coins rifle shotgun nickel dime pennies rupees pistol pesos yen rupee revolver dimes nickle nickels rifles shotguns plated florin lira rand dollers pennys sixpence dinar carbine baht pennie penney farthing luger
^01101111111001100 (487) gold euro bronze
^01101111111001101 (1345) silver eater uncirculated barber sprites sliver unum
^01101111111001110 (358) bill bills incision
^01101111111001111 (1498) half quarter serving quater giga
^0110111111101000 (632) bowl mario smash wow bowls saiyan scribblenauts
^01101111111010010 (977) star sa batman mafia iv trench assassins seafloor starwars guild mob sanandreas
^01101111111010011 (954) kingdom floor gear fusion polish gears liner flooring alchemist kindom varnish villan siding stopper
^0110111111101010 (1766) wars pets hearts warfare spreading creed castaway tycoon trek remover spangled battlefront pilipinas monera animalia k9 asya k11 troopers dateline arkham keepers
^01101111111010110 (1662) ago warming syndrome hallows scandal proprietorship stockade syndrom
^01101111111010111 (961) penguin 101 hourglass pinata dogz sclerosis
^0110111111101100 (1561) liberty montana christ arc morgan destiny rex paradise scots finch tyrannus chavez atlantis fowl arcs malfoy assisi tonkin hess reid libertys siena gagarin
^0110111111101101 (2502) potter shippuden superstar layton riders superstars grimm diva chrome fools unleashed squarepants pleasant housewives sevenfold potters gx montanas houdini divas hogan shippuuden nxt buu montanna funkeys waw
^0110111111101110 (1026) island bay dawn streak
^01101111111011110 (1086) else station exactly shuttle stations tracks pcs elses probes shuttles abouts eles els exacly
^01101111111011111 (2202) channel zone biome storm zones biomes resort thief gin channels capsule famine theif raider inspiron resorts longshot mastiff itza crusher ranching longstrike lows forteza strom channle
^01101111111100 (834) -
^0110111111110100 (2098) plus sided tailed headed minus -2 eared -3 -4 -5 haired nosed bellied s2 -12 legged shader chambered -9 -20 -7 -15
^01101111111101010 (1331) equals approximately roughly
^01101111111101011 (1299) equal equivalent converted congruent identical perpendicular supplementary intersecting
^0110111111110110 (2735) dioxide chloride hydroxide carbonate oxide nitrate sulfate phosphate sulphate monoxide peroxide cubes sulfide bicarbonate bromide iodide fluoride curtain dunes footprint acetate cyanide filings -14 nitride aureus chlorate citrate permanganate dune tetrachloride trioxide sulfite berg chromate wedging oxalate 238 subtilis bifida triphosphate hypochlorite
^01101111111101110 (659) replay blooded celled grained potentials replays
^01101111111101111 (2033) 360 designer -150 maker mower designers arcade -250 saxophone -350 sax kinect coli tester attax saxaphone mowers
^0110111111111000 (1739) c celsius java fahrenheit celcius 39 kelvin ct farenheit structured gmt tackle php centigrade usd c3 cst ripken pst
^0110111111111001 (895) f e quincy falcon freestyle ka enchanted
^01101111111110100 (2744) d coca gi ed dimensional wal scooby prong jing laissez cro kool winn eb obi greco sgh tr ul ibang tay alka
^01101111111110101 (1173) b t y u na yu -1 wells blu 111 802.11 cos sci evers
^01101111111110110 (1644) l v k w h j cooper zx sx reg grande scotia -6 ci -8 stine sabre ltr dl fb ee -30 cid ctg
^011011111111101110 (1292) x alien hp squared mega cubed mp punk x2 duo po dice pac pixel der hg scardox aero ctrl x3 megapixel
^011011111111101111 (3593) g m z p q fe gs cl au ce vous fu ambitions tc dm odst mitzvah tb amigo ghz amu kai diddy tri gp arroyo buffet sublevel bce gr x10 electra bravo ampere carte vie m2 mw db ppm bello d2 samus s1 ibs brute duce
^01101111111111000 (2366) im hello yes youre hi como hey welcome hes theres goodbye shes sorry thanks kitty iam theyre goodnight cuantos hola youm
^01101111111111001 (4253) once oh later cola twice bye mart doo wee rockefeller rw faire dubz dixie mei yeah woo in-law hoo 182 ..... fil laude edd seltzer whoa sen blah minded dun magnon magnons gyn sachs coa chum daro fitr swindell krab gatherers woah ooh jabu apap a-bearville bissau leaved litovsk bopp
^01101111111111010 (800) r id si os ar dos wa re con des dis freak dod isa dp ist tis sis dd ic iss dous ios doses cana ias arte rae ids das wast odes ein dom ism dues
^01101111111111011 (8936) o n 0 est er amd ab 'n ne ni du inn ha cs whit mon fir af ir inter chi nad ob ie op ch ... mono rh ing aye omega 925   hs pas br ay --- eg ve ta a-z io pr mio ki sn ich oc
^0110111111111110 (673) ' ''
^01101111111111110 (2357) dc eclipse fl ga bc tx kong il ma sc carver massacre az monument mo md bloom wilder dhabi nm eclipses nv lumpur ut ak ks eclipes carvers fla hidalgo bonifacio accords eclispe ns eclips arcangel mons fd raton wilders civics
^01101111111111111 (1648) s
^011100000 (3028) describe explain identify whats define discuss whatis briefly wats discribe mention enumerate illustrate summarize decribe wheres descibe whatare
^0111000010 (1325) whose witch hat ho wat whos hw ware howe anu sino wards wt whoes gow paano hou hos wah saan
^0111000011 (920) compare changing replacing contrast removing distinguish differentiate trace installing connecting returning fixing comparing combining adjusting locating draining repairing differenciate replaceing emptying
^011100010 (908) change
^0111000110 (452) reset repair locate disable bypass recharge disconnect refill deactivate resetting
^0111000111 (2198) replace remove fix install adjust tighten
^0111001000 (1435) become
^011100100100 (1459) enter join reach visit follow divide explore invade expand conquer ratify oppose elect occupy unite colonize resist rebuild govern acquire justify obey abolish amend weaken prohibit vist unify navigate achive criticize aquire inhabit oversee circumnavigate evacuate liberate ignite invades halt
^011100100101 (634) win declare declaring
^0111001001100 (1036) kill treat commit punish warn bury convict greet accuse entertain
^0111001001101 (869) build create obtain establish achieve destroy capture approve organize creat resolve satisfy enforce alter override modify impeach implement construct assemble seize pursue confirm violate impose negotiate bulid nominate attain acheive expel initiate administer enact forbid depict isolate overturn repeal revive manipulate incorporate carve
^0111001001110 (394) see ask hear teach hide remember understand prove sue lick swallow convince observe forget rub persuade verify conceive insure shout forgive invite ignore repeat tickle grab squeeze spank starve enroll sew concieve
^0111001001111 (562) leave sell receive choose attend collect finish recieve accept recover adopt steal garnish overcome introduce deliver chose recognize publish appoint reject deny recive borrow inherit decorate execute fulfill advertise abandon notarize repossess goto repay attened suspend
^011100101000 (648) pay apply wait prepare owe blame qualify
^011100101001 (909) lose gain loose shave gained withdraw derive regain
^0111001010100 (1767) determine calculate solve predict classify ensure evaluate analyze demonstrate examine assume interpret compute investigate specify assess rewrite revise determin caculate allocate designate
^0111001010101 (791) measure measures estimate mesure
^0111001010110 (562) stop bleed avoid quit enjoy
^0111001010111 (1185) keep protect prevent reduce improve raise maintain detect regulate defend promote preserve conserve eliminate relieve stimulate sustain strengthen enhance retain neutralize fertilize minimize induce motivate purify distribute restrict
^01110010110 (261) make
^011100101110 (800) produce carry provide develop require include perform absorb attract digest involve operate reflect generate develope gather transmit undergo possess preform exert emit repel exhibit pose resemble replicate penetrate posses synthesize prescribe magnify constitute pollinate exceed withstand regenerate excrete utilize convey
^011100101111 (714) help allow harm enable assist encourage
^01110011000 (562) give let
^011100110010 (515) tell
^011100110011 (575) know worry
^01110011010 (1060) love contact miss trust thank wish notice fancy dear bless tunes tel
^011100110110 (591) say spell pronounce
^0111001101110 (555) call
^0111001101111 (753) think hate dislike realize admire regret
^0111001110 (177) get
^011100111100 (292) find
^0111001111010 (635) buy catch feed delete bake activate erase underline recruit retrieve impress abort summon snort unblock prune
^0111001111011 (575) beat unlock defeat beet
^0111001111100 (638) watch read wan recycle ge browse
^0111001111101 (1027) download hack upload sync uninstall
^01110011111100 (439) write draw select cite arrange simplify
^01110011111101 (722) add convert translate multiply subtract covert unscramble
^01110011111110 (1152) clean send connect save fill shoot wash register flush insert restore manage update forgot brush cancel attach edit skip restart jailbreak swap ruin wipe configure renew submit terminate compress assign straighten diagnose cleanse enlarge refinance decontaminate mack reboot undo reuse tame toss shorten lighten whiten decode conect eject steer rinse
^01110011111111 (699) put 're
^01110100000 (1245) led helped gave brought designed contributed opposed inspired forced leads granted ordered freed attempted sponsored refused contributes encouraged promised commanded escaped motivated aided appoints warned succeeded drove sought enabled convinced backed prompted assisted sparked assumed urged prohibits defended resisted sponsered preached raided protested overthrew persuaded preceded
^011101000010 (1325) likes wants tells loves calls asks talks hates kisses cums stares tries ejaculates sees sucks smiles owes licks cares rejects misses rubs hugs ignores laughs threatens grabs trys fancies teases masturbates avoids pretends warns waits
^011101000011 (926) said says thought though believed told sure stated knows thinks felt decides liked guarantees suggested believes proved showed knew suggests belived argued concluded feared stating steals reveals advised implies proves proposes realized perhaps considers mentions tought beleived repeats
^0111010001000 (1467) invented discovered discoverd sank coined dicovered invinted
^0111010001001 (701) named nicknamed shortly
^0111010001010 (873) started invent signed discover began ended stopped painted reached entered finished attended begun stoped enjoyed explor sighned dicover
^0111010001011 (1190) created built founded developed established introduced ruled settled supported proposed owned invaded opened conquered explored attacked launched claimed colonized completed captured studied crossed directed sunk governed favored rejected suffered dominated constructed promoted predicted funded financed benefited challenged bulit renamed inhabited liberated guided rebuilt controled negotiated declined reigned initiated annexed devised
^011101000110 (2393) wrote plays sings studies sang owns pays sells writes stole manufactures chooses elects approves buys playes studys introduces voiced
^0111010001110 (1356) won hosted
^0111010001111 (1104) played scored served ran worked wore starred sung appeared featured participated acted stayed stared stood climbed illustrated dressed specializes competed starring portrayed posed
^0111010010 (705) has
^01110100110 (2298) contain contains produces carries provides includes covers connects containing requires divides involves creates receives absorbs surrounds releases converts displays transports reflects removes joins conducts follows sends recieves traps secrete stimulates transfers collects secretes attaches reduces occupies adds raises binds undergoes lacks transmits generates compares emits comprise delivers promotes detects yields
^011101001110 (2426) describes holds controls determines represents regulates supports explains indicates defines maintains performs identifies directs establishes decribes expresses manages characterizes governs prepares illustrates enforces administers summarizes descibes discribes forbids completes demonstrates interprets encloses comprises flexes outlines opposes specifies denies controlls selects recognizes ensures violates oversees desribes emphasizes organizes assumes determins insures
^011101001111 (979) makes helps eats gives allows keeps protects kills prevents brings enables builds attracts cleans fills catches pushes replaces teaches distinguishes hunts
^01110101000 (1583) up
^011101010010 (1336) down forward ups backwards backward clockwise bankrupt downs downhill
^011101010011 (499) off
^01110101010 (938) out
^011101010110 (1012) because instead alot consist consists lots consisting regardless infront becuase consisted plenty insted
^0111010101110 (213) rid
^0111010101111 (886) paid enough payed scoring pitched grossing
^0111010110000 (660) charge return purchase claim count charges favor deposit returns refund feedback petition fi deductible extradite bandage doubt connotation reinforcement
^01110101100010 (517) cover share host offer shares veto sharing grants ban offers hosts offering sponsor employ offset casts reviews vetoes compliment vetos sponser
^01110101100011 (833) support limit aid abuse limits conviction guarantee ligation advocate decree undercover outlaw suport
^01110101100100 (630) attack view escape worship honor attacks advance overdose veiw silence roam imprint honour atack insult
^01110101100101 (627) fight fighting lie strike surrender rape combat protest challenge fights rebel volunteer annex sacrifice hostage encounters
^01110101100110 (662) fall spread rise shift cast slide bounce guilty slip collapse slides fade shifts slipping slips
^01110101100111 (661) study practice benefit fear lack tip accused afraid scared manufacture understanding benifit proud dispose overthrow aware slaughter suspected informed practise
^01110101101000 (577) open press express empty click upgrade rip trim indent
^01110101101001 (631) complete cross access post clear link print reverse display boot rescue setup tow secure backup flip boost scare rev bet trigger dim flex void alert ease recall unlocking acess sever plat highlight acces elaborate comfort knit invert shutdown fet conjugate inbound hookup warp toggle complet spur alleviate sp2 suprise
^01110101101010 (730) check search manual automatic steam interference manuel
^011101011010110 (498) transfer release block copy load clone deleted stretch transform paste duplicate tranfer strech refresh rupture crate trapping embed realease pause exhaustion
^011101011010111 (470) file train cure format rent log tag mod request scan grill drill detox tags levy groom login zoom suspect bid formats sprain requesting potty hint
^01110101101100 (466) break cut burn blow throw shut push kick lift bend dig tear fold scratch jerk calm defrost chop shuts curl injected soak throws knocked kicks smack dyed jacking sweep slipped chill shutting clap
^01110101101101 (528) turn
^01110101101110 (734) show shows suggest
^011101011011110 (453) set pick split hook broke wake tune dial mess picks hooked blew
^011101011011111 (445) sign breed strip tie signing fin flap sketch sighn herd pinch ind sigh
^0111010111000 (700) cause
^0111010111001 (1240) causes kinda
^0111010111010 (511) effect impact influence affects influences
^0111010111011 (1275) affect enters affecting reaches
^0111010111100 (872) goes moves runs passes turns breaks travels appears cools rises cuts pulls blows extends freezes opens boils walks slows feeds reads sinks sits leaks develops bounces bends drains heats evaporates vibrates extending splits hangs spreads exerts jumps condenses expands shoots stretches warms hardens shines decays exits diffuses accelerates dries heals
^01110101111010 (673) lives works falls floats builders sleeps operates preys finder rests resides blooms feeders breathes survives swims
^011101011110110 (502) changes boom drops claims matches injuries experiences verses gains variations improvements doubles swings offenses
^011101011110111 (1720) means burns stops pumps contracts lasts closes exploded prints pops hooks explodes
^01110101111100 (549) form yield
^011101011111010 (442) uses needs remains coordinates treats approaches counts searches guides requests abuses favors
^011101011111011 (665) forms covering links crosses breezes froms
^01110101111110 (2113) border borders lies separates surround seperates bordering boarder boarders dominates
^011101011111110 (1061) flow valley flows flowing valleys empties vally basins circulates
^011101011111111 (559) control controll defects contraceptive
^0111011000 (243) have
^011101100100 (535) go
^0111011001010 (378) learn bring talk decide migrate agree continue propose donate seek reveal argue admit immigrate conclude flee learns infer talked confess complain imply lied dedicate proceed relocate
^0111011001011 (1178) want try wanted respond expect listen suppose refuse reply refuses afford deserve
^011101100110 (244) use consider
^011101100111 (542) need
^0111011010000 (835) sleep smoke exercise cum pee mate breath swim masturbate bite breathe poop ejaculate crack cry masterbate sting bites poo pleasure fart dive workout smile blink laugh sneeze peel excercise squirt ovulate urinate vomit stings camouflage spit wank exhale ejaculated stamina relax crawl concentrate burp moan spawn yawn woohoo excersise douche
^01110110100010 (754) cook mix separate freeze substitute seperate boil smoked extract pour fry inhale thaw refrigerate inject weld refreeze substitue stir subsitute thicken reheat seprate soften
^01110110100011 (724) drink lay conduct drinks consume hump chew lays drank
^01110110100100 (765) drive drives
^01110110100101 (862) travel fly sail graduate secede fare travle
^01110110100110 (328) move drop pull rotate spin hang collide extend diffuse vibrate align grind
^011101101001110 (351) run walk jump
^011101101001111 (600) pass ride heal climb launch
^01110110101000 (1135) fit evolve spend evolves fits engage evole evovle digivolve envolve evlove
^01110110101001 (881) stay appear sit remain arrive stays behave staying apear detectable
^01110110101010 (5796) survive vote serve float settle sink hatch accomplish compete participate decompose babysit accelerate invest succeed disappear resign reside germinate remarry testify enlist sprout servive intervene gamble terabithia acomplish prosper deploy dissapear survie surive
^01110110101011 (1010) grow dissolve reproduce melt grows melts dissolves rot evaporate spoil
^01110110101100 (1435) worth
^011101101011010 (883) hold represent symbolize indicate except compose shine expire signify symbolizes symbolise repersent exept
^011101101011011 (1455) weigh weighs explode ville wiegh talon weighed
^01110110101110 (615) work
^011101101011110 (855) hurt even shake hurts stall upset itch shakes shrink stalls numb swell overheat clicks bleeds licked stalling itches idles cranks squeak backfire dilate whiter hesitate jerks overheats squeal sputter tighter wobble hert twitch sputters
^011101101011111 (806) increase increases decrease decreases burst exit vary delay stunt varies induced increse exceeds overlap
^0111011011000 (1824) die suffer retire
^0111011011001 (1124) died lived dies landed survived arrived cheated smokes resigned arrives
^0111011011010 (714) live
^0111011011011 (2648) eat hunt pray shed hibernate
^011101101110 (796) like
^01110110111100 (1651) believe speak celebrate belive speaks beleive celebrates speek insist celabrate worships belives
^01110110111101 (1095) wear earn earns
^01110110111110 (418) play
^01110110111111 (950) kiss meet marry sing suck met hire dated kissed pierce meets ave encounter dump swear hug marries wrestle marrie slap preach cuss behead
^01110111000 (481) take
^011101110010 (861) possible safe illegal ok okay easier acceptable mandatory alright posible compulsory unlikely illigal ilegal advantageous
^011101110011 (323) cost costs
^0111011101000 (1816) due close according compared refers closer prior seem pertaining applies attempts relating tends continues belonging corresponds correspond pertains devoted acording inorder pertain ought
^0111011101001 (1083) related similar relate linked relates fails proportional similiar borne realated simular
^0111011101010 (1118) going trying talking allergic goin wanting referring
^0111011101011 (1869) belong allowed able added contribute connected adapt adapted supposed tried referred refer attached belongs attempt attracted aloud exposed tend unable admitted entitled addicted willing loyal suited agreed invited belonged reffered refered permitted sentenced responds alowed reluctant attributed danced responded suppost subjected obligated hoping suposed conected readmitted adapts
^0111011101100 (782) used available happening
^0111011101101 (1842) needed required necessary ready eligible neede neccessary
^01110111011100 (1265) known classified defined described serves remembered noted regarded
^011101110111010 (927) such sending
^011101110111011 (2788) considered causing considerd concidered experiencing deemed
^01110111011110 (1502) based shaped dependent depend spent powered bound depends oriented tilted driven rely exerted focuses focused stamped centered imposed dependant numbered mounted depending relies depended pictured catalyzed 'em relied plotted
^011101110111110 (1085) stand stands
^011101110111111 (1678) responsible looking suitable applying waiting qualified searching liable caring blamed searched resposible responsable reponsible
^01110111100000 (1355) written controlled limited recorded published increased organized performed shared raised manufactured approved damaged printed expressed reduced inherited extended recycled calculated lit recognized distributed threatened solved imported planned acquired processed preserved repeated experienced recognised decreased writen ranked reversed managed authorized stressed titled restricted hung incorrect labeled inverted televised posted operated unified
^01110111100001 (562) hit lost hits crash saw bought received missed visited stolen blocked strikes purchased earned loved recieved watched downloaded crashed saves beaten hacked forgotten hid visits delayed dumped swallowed resent conceived recived
^011101111000100 (1173) done taken sent seen removed gone moved banned asked burned pulled tested fired heard transmitted learned drawn observed filed prepared tied viewed garnished transported returned touched sued delivered reported trained picked cured checked answered owed contagious sucked cleaned dismissed worried discharged pressed rubbed administered borrowed withheld relegated prescribed expunged shipped
^011101111000101 (1083) changed divided passed turned replaced protected dropped carried worn separated saved thrown seperated improved spelled prevented laid multiplied conducted kicked pushed prohibited transformed taxed inserted enacted struck carved repealed explained pumped eliminated flown bitten plugged handled inducted poured incorporated spelt pronounced switched wiped violated demonstrated filtered decomposed levied possessed droped
^011101111000110 (999) held elected celebrated chosen declared joined adopted accepted appointed selected decided issued impeached ratified drafted offered awarded presented nominated crowned abolished accomplished announced achieved surrendered capitalized sworn hired legalized counted addressed justified implemented avoided enforced demanded resolved outlawed amended exiled honored inaugurated aimed choosen proclaimed emphasized overturned re-elected criticized upheld
^011101111000111 (1304) killed sold fought treated eaten destroyed faced defeated injured abused traded voted taught employed bombed murdered executed committed punished evacuated hunted encountered persecuted kidnapped planted hated commited faught rescued targeted enrolled enlisted worshipped imprisoned betrayed discriminated worshiped rebelled shocked debated rationed blinded mummified stung ruined
^01110111100100 (1348) found stored placed included kept dissolved listed shown arranged installed mentioned contained detected displayed mined
^01110111100101 (5200) involved grown spoken stuck interested practiced involed trapped competing participating invovled intrested evident
^01110111100110 (1500) formed produced released measured covered determined represented absorbed transferred digested obtained generated reflected identified collected secreted copied deposited occuring extracted supplied consumed occurring maintained exchanged doubled emitted exported absent transfered indicated harmed pollinated synthesized conserved dispersed wasted enclosed drained replicated distinguished realeased coverd subtracted harvested
^01110111100111 (2657) caused affected meant influenced provided surrounded effected followed marked characterized occupied bordered guaranteed divisible ment impacted regulated triggered accompanied bounded stimulated
^0111011110100 (3956) pregnant sick horny pregant pregnat bored pregnent jealous pregnet tired fingered pregnate
^01110111101010 (3736) born buried assassinated filmed avenue assasinated
^011101111010110 (1432) married caught arrested divorced drunk emancipated engaged bullied raped cancelled deported maried baptized canceled
^011101111010111 (1999) gay dating alive lesbian overweight retired obese bi awake bisexual racist homosexual ticklish anorexic dateing hai incest hardcore bulimic lactating underweight
^01110111101100 (2652) together alone depot cited
^011101111011010 (1520) now again here yet anymore forever properly correctly tonight tomorrow anywhere etc overnight abroad .. yesterday effectively everywhere regularly illegally carefully sometime outdoors incorrectly simultaneously
^011101111011011 (5690) today arabia worldwide nemo annually unconstitutional pradesh presently altogether nowadays
^01110111101110 (1854) faster longer easily quickly naturally farther slowly taller cleaner further rapidly differently slower quicker freely badly evenly asexually deeper louder tutor continuously vertically violently hitter internally hitters poorly barefoot
^01110111101111 (1386) better bigger larger smaller greater stronger rather hotter harder warmer shorter worse cooler colder heavier thicker smarter cheaper brighter healthier denser richer safer darker thinner weaker wider beter
^0111011111000 (2758) mean
^01110111110010 (2348) occur occurs exist occured erupt occurred exists existed erupted resulted intersect occure erupts emerged exsist emerge occures arose accur
^01110111110011 (449) happen
^0111011111010 (7818) called
^0111011111011 (1524) located situated
^0111011111100 (760) start begin communicate flirt
^01110111111010 (1018) starts begins rhymes deals articulates rymes ryhmes articulate flirts
^01110111111011 (1517) associated react wrong deal combine combined reacts filled compatible interact concerned credited combines diagnosed bind disagree reacting mixes lined flirting interfere dealt compatable coated reacted unhappy obsessed inlove slept interacts consistent affiliated merged decomposes collided agrees disagreed mated equipped assosiated sprinkled pleased interchangable
^011101111111000 (399) come
^011101111111001 (680) coming stains comming bustin comeing comin
^011101111111010 (473) takes took flew lasted presides presided tilts
^011101111111011 (605) came comes went fell sailed traveled grew spoke seems walked rode migrated travelled stepped immigrated fled marched suffers figured whent seemed
^01110111111110 (530) made composed
^011101111111110 (1557) differ originate alike translated originated evolved derived differs arise seceded exempt disappeared originates orginate differed hatched excluded converge hatches descended protruding origanate orginated
^011101111111111 (1395) away apart asleep ahead aside horizontally
^011110 (3109) you
^011111000 (5396) it
^01111100100 (2061) not
^01111100101 (4320) n't 'nt
^01111100110 (1692) he she
^011111001110 (1063) i we yo ou
^011111001111 (2701) they
^011111010 (1305) that
^0111110110 (664) be
^0111110111000 (742) wont doesnt isnt dosent wasnt dosnt doesent doesnot
^0111110111001 (900) dont cant didnt 'll arent 'd shouldnt couldnt wouldnt
^0111110111010 (449) feel feels
^0111110111011 (556) look looks looked stare
^0111110111100 (3700) also directly mostly currently commonly sometimes originally mainly primarily chemically recently widely specifically physically especially entirely accurately heavily successfully equally clearly partially strongly greatly partly formally economically previously largely formerly politically readily socially particularly historically deeply publicly indirectly actively inversely gradually orginally collectively jointly geographically originaly significantly privately strictly otherwise
^011111011110100 (1104) really actually gonna realy truly secretly
^011111011110101 (1354) still
^011111011110110 (1048) always never usually already normally generally typically finally eventually probably officially usally initially traditionally possibly ultimately rarely usualy continually normaly barely basically offically necessarily hardly
^011111011110111 (920) just legally thats please almost completely 've nearly havent immediately automatically suddenly safely constantly ive manually totally permanently temporarily maybe accidentally simply plz completly randomly aint literally repeatedly personally pls accidently absolutely legaly voluntarily immediatly
^01111101111100 (371) had ate
^011111011111010 (948) became becomes remained hears commits bacame
^011111011111011 (630) got gets wears loses puts finds spends swallows looses
^01111101111110 (1483) ever
^01111101111111 (1360) been gotten
^01111110000 (4643) shakespeare jefferson frank newton madison darwin poe dickens monroe edison allen shakespeares allan newtons davis howard penn franks shakespear marx taft mckinley lloyd jeffersons paine polk blake wallace garfield shakespears boleyn darwins morris harvey manson cooks sullivan babbage poes hutchinson thomson hobbes tecumseh musa sinatra maslow becket oswald montesquieu hathaway
^011111100010 (1300) lincoln grant truman hoover bohr carson lincon cornwallis trumans licoln rutherfords
^011111100011 (6589) hitler obama columbus roosevelt franklin napoleon gandhi obamas hitlers galileo picasso lincolns jfk cleopatra beethoven mozart mendel cortes eisenhower fdr rutherford bach michelangelo mussolini roosevelts lenin bonaparte copernicus sacagawea mendeleev pythagoras franklins sebastian shays castro galilei cortez gutenberg kepler napolean archimedes colombus pericles ghandi raphael chaucer attucks mendels banneker tesla
^01111110010 (10340) jr smith adams kennedy lee wilson williams cena armstrong nixon perry robinson pattinson stewart carter arthur marshall ruth simpson mccain reagan khan cabot tut watson miller locke harrison tyler frost douglas dahl manning holmes anderson wade hughes lennon simmons solomon dalton sherman meyer mccartney hancock palin rowling seuss steinbeck chan
^011111100110 (2060) jackson johnson jordan jacksons orton myers phelps jordans michaels johnsons carnegie faraday hayes sanders morpurgo boyle alcott paterson vick ortons clements
^0111111001110 (1368) luther garvey luthers frobisher aurelius
^0111111001111 (219) ca wo ai
^01111110100 (16623) cyrus swift gaga spears lautner sprouse bryant twain swifts angelou claus gosselin winfrey hamm lynn cruz kardashian barton murphy gagas symone jeter norris bauer crosby jovi rhodes salle sheckler lohan laurence schwarzenegger capone burton knowles radley gump daniels granger lin sapiens middleton twains jemison cyruss tendulkar lautners mays conrad hutcherson
^011111101010 (3179) washington bush austin hong washingtons ingalls morse kent washinton irwin matisse ogden dicaprio sampson orwell fargo clemente bushes bushs custer slater patton
^011111101011 (5448) bieber vinci gates clinton biebers gogh champlain beiber kaulitz soto balboa mga coronado duff pizarro mayo gama cosby dali medici coles buren vivaldi clintons leeuwenhoek rivera hinton biber franco timberlake nadal champlains janeiro goghs beibers vincis kellys winkle halen helsing kasaysayan ryans duffs ruiz funk neumann oro dior nye gaulle
^01111110110 (11114) park ii parks jones viii polo hudson einstein hamilton stalin mandela ali magellan iii cullen presley walker curie graham keller beckham crow earhart tubman douglass marley revere cartier churchill vespucci dickinson vii depp twist monet goodall vi radcliffe xvi cromwell boone braille jenner lambert spinelli osment xiv wiesel antoinette cullens
^011111101110 (2381) brown wayne cruise hawk rider turner gordon reed baker cannon mama booth mason nightingale hart sparks villa ferguson fizz rooney gretzky ward freeman campbell fisher tyson floyd petty garcia dawson damon giovanni jericho blair stanton gill payne moody kaif richards hopper matthews richardson asperger rai goodman mayweather webb massey turners
^011111101111 (8656) jonas gomez wright efron hudgens lovato hardy tisdale minaj lopez browns carey brady cosgrove underwood musso pitt waynes biden songz wolff evans perez lavigne rodriguez mysterio jolie mccurdy pelzer kress hanks sawyer hardys merrygold tisdales bleu derulo greene grint jonass trump dion radke hilson kinney felton vader powell boosie olsen
^01111111000 (1752) james william thomas charles anne isaac edgar catherine ann karl marilyn rebecca cher mansa issac jj otto sammy olivia tomas cocker rudyard dolley willam kris edith friedrich upton neale
^01111111001 (3492) abraham ben barack christopher benjamin theodore adolf michelle hernando teddy pablo terry abe gregor herbert eleanor dwight johann ernest zachary johannes mahatma benito barrack hernan barak nicolas hugh mohandas fidel crispus dmitri millard niels vladimir herman sasha nikola aretha theodor malia adolph saddam wolfgang aberham mitt corrie geoffrey js rosalind
^01111111010 (4832) john robert dr sir mr jackie neil stephen kristen sarah andy gary ronald katy steven babe roald roger jesse mrs emma alfred bruce rob rick jaden jessica woodrow peyton jk abigail sherlock brett eli langston dale jacqueline nicole ted judy willow carl lou stephenie jhon julia katie stephanie alan pete
^011111110110 (2089) martin julius walt jose walter vincent malcolm edmund marcus jingle taco criss ludwig milton louisa anton blaise malcom rudolf mel zheng wilma edvard halle acai sigmund irene elias tinker waldo oskar maynard hubba martian
^011111110111 (1630) michael andrew micheal percy randy shawn lyndon susan katherine janet shirley booker michel bo stonewall banjo shaun iver jermaine michal marlon ida
^01111111100 (4346) chris selena lil joe tom nick demi ashley vanessa zac charlie jeff alex jason kevin matt mike tony miranda nicki jennifer dave molly mariah nat nancy avril carrie bobby brad nathan aston nikki donald rey logan trey ronnie brandon shane angelina corbin keith ricky mitchell amanda tina rupert tiffany shannon
^011111111010 (3338) elizabeth victoria patrick scott francis diana anthony lucas teresa grace valentine nicholas benedict lucy patricks alexandra isabella edwards sandra vic dias gabriel hatshepsut johns henrys victorias sputnik wagner monica fran noel kirk mohammed elizabeths pauls helena peters bernard esther veronica roach ellington theresa fiona beatty andrews royce ahab jude schubert
^011111111011 (4689) henry mary paul david alexander edward louis peter joseph adam albert richard elvis jim marie bob jane nelson johnny rosa muhammad daniel emily marco helen ferdinand jerry amelia oliver matthew luke frederick harriet harold jacques winston amerigo eric roy cj claude elie philip mao linkin gerald pierre christina ivan leif
^011111111100 (3030) jesus macbeth caesar odysseus oedipus zeus moses rizal antigone hamlet creon athena beowulf hades atticus brutus aristotle frankenstein artemis hercules aphrodite poseidon hera raleigh ares augustus duncan socrates plato capulet halley cassius achilles scrooge pocahontas draco cesar grendel allah voldemort constantine hector montag ra whitman medusa bilbo justinian hammurabi hermes
^011111111101 (6226) juliet bella anyone clark cole kelly ash kate jacob ryan scout eminem beyonce drake lisa ralph sasuke drew dylan amy rihanna cody ross simon oprah josh kim ronaldo kane sakura aaron noah chelsea fred jem finn arnold rachel dan ron batista lennie messi ponyboy sara usher derek goku anybody rouge
^0111111111100 (3088) taylor lady miley jamie britney larry jonathan mileys bruno brittany trish taylors candice lindsay optimus roc loretta nicky annasophia shania talor lindsey taio tamera mily kourtney brittney
^0111111111101 (6930) mark la jack ray santa alice max al sam jay que robin mi troy maya ti raven kobe mia billy tu tim maria chuck anna uncle leon eddie sean jean brian don daisy et phil leo holly carlos lily lauren warren whitney russell barbara bon homo annie buddy je mc
^0111111111110 (3572) de vs da es ng ang en del von para nunez esta estas v. puedo tiene sei
^01111111111110 (2781) justin cheryl jake hillary billie betsy ned alicia hilary cristiano hank huckleberry gerard lionel fernando debby stevie baton keyshia nolan usain leona invader giles meriwether debbie justins mikey
^01111111111111 (4218) george leonardo samuel steve laura marbury vasco ano martha henri ponce dia gorge roberto reggie cinco hans georges gibbons goerge cual plessy roe gideon denzel lorenzo antoine
^10 (1400) ?
^110 (1171) how
^11100 (1666) who
^111010 (783) why
^111011 (1153) where
^11110 (2648) what
^11111 (2058) which wich