Real peer-reviewed "research" from the soft sciences

A courageous researcher writes ecopoetry on the marginalised position of mushrooms;dn=790077802839411;res=IELHSS
Scientific concept of the day: Brown space
A keynote address
The author's profile picture is... interesting.
When you're not all too bright but the salary's better in academia than Starbucks.
Geographers are keeping busy
They're both Associate Professors.

Why is hiphop in education problematic? White admins, according to a 2-year research project
That stupid @real_peerreview account never tweets award-winning sociological research. Oh...

The author sent the bill to the UK taxpayers. About $90,000 for this project.
Ali G as "postmodern minstrelsy"
.@dj5j3tlimtvzyye Tourism researchers are frustrated with the fact that humans want to take all the credit.

Tourism Studies proves its usefulness once again
Wow. This is straight crazy, I'm afraid.
Feminist scholar: Feminism is incompatible with competition.
Critical plant studies and human supremacy
“Listening to the tube map”
Don't judge the book by its cover though...

Academia taking it too far? Don't be silly now. Check out this academic book
A researcher has finally discovered the difference between @WheelofFortune and @Jeopardy
PhD thesis (UC Davis, 2013) finds vegan guides from @peta promoting "racism"
There is no end to the possibilities in feminist scholarship
Intriguing findings
We'd like to tell our peer-reviewed stories and feel free not to generalise our findings.
Blasphemy in certain parts of the social sciences
Pedagogue or demagogue?
Coconstitutive human-fish encounters in British rivers
PhD dissertation (Duke)
Blog post as a peer-reviewed paper.
No, really?
His other work include a paper on a laptop in a Japanese hotel lobby performing nationalism
Researcher writes a peer-reviewed paper about how South Koreans react to his amazing beard
From the Department of Geography.
Groundbreaking beach research
He spent four years studying public park basketball games
The author is a @Yale postdoctoral researcher in Sociology
Step-by-step guide for (auto-)ethnographers to resist Institutional Review Boards
Concept of the day: Soul murder
Proving once again the usefulness of critical theory
I'm sure that this is just a coincidence.
Why are college kids going crazy these days? Say hello to their teachers.
Category: Self-identifies as a researcher.
The environmental justice movement is racist and the state is not an ally.
The author's PhD was fully financed by UK taxpayers.
Wanna read my paper, loco?
What happens when you let a cultural geographer go rock climbing?
I quoted @JessieNYC's tweet and asked whether you guys agreed or disagreed. Result?

Oh. Isn't this ironic.
Peer-reviewed paper: The portrayal of @KimKardashian's body is racist against white women
I'm sorry but this critique of @OITNB is very funny.
More pressing issues in yoga research
US taxpayers must be very happy funding this professor's research in ... Indian body stu...political science.

Don't know about you but I'm very pleased that someone decided to study this pressing issue
This book chapter is suitable for all of my human animal followers
An excerpt of the study's conclusions.
The buzzword factory is alive and kicking
Seems legit
The "power" of non-human actors (e.g., wristbands and locks) in classrooms
PhD thesis: We must start considering the positive aspects of dropping out of high school
You might watch too much TV if...
Fishy research?
Stop being ridiculous; they're not trying to turn teachers into Marxist brainwashers
... OK!
Academic book in the field of Education, 2016
Introducing a new methodological contribution: blackgirl autoethnography
Another critical food studies gem
More fascinating insights from the dynamic field of critical food studies
What do business students need to progress? Playing around with pictures.
The field of psychology is making some progress...
Groundbreaking work on Michael's gardening stories.
A book chapter on the intersections between Christianity and queer theory
The job market for English majors is apparently rough. I wonder why.
If you thought that this was exciting, just wait for the upcoming research projects
Another researcher spending too much time thinking about her favourite show @sho_jackie
Contemporary academia
Research is no joke. Right?
Contemporary academia
Racist white teachers in urban schools are to blame for the racial achievement gap.
The racist taxpayer identity is funding this valuable research
Based on Foucault and 20 interviews? Who would've guessed?
Important challenges facing educators today
What's up social scientists?

Remember, I'm just the messenger here.
If you were unconvinced about the importance of feminist perspectives in geography…
Innovative queer theoretical paper: White teeth to illustrate White heterosex'l identity
Yes, we all wake up every morning to check out the recent gay porn gifs on Tumblr
Book chapter on "white trashnicity" and porn, published by Rutgers University Press
Peer-reviewed: Middle school teachers having a sincere Marxist bias may experience benefits.
@Asjw9 No, this is a peer-reviewed paper. Bio of author:

This is the entire paper:
Researcher writes a peer-reviewed tweet about trauma on Twitter
The important questions.
Re: milking the taxpayers
Reverse racism is obviously only a fantasy. Trust me, I'm a partner in humanity.
A paper in the latest issue of Gender and Education
Say what now?
Important concept of the day: @snooki-as-text
Excuse me, I'm actually a Doctor of Education.
The government made some researchers an offer they couldn't refuse
Word of the day: Crimmigration
Feminist scholar plays @WoW_en and falls in love with a player. Result? Peer-reviewed paper
Cultural geographers have finally gained an interest in racing simulator enthusiasts
How to use your research funding to hang out at the beach
Serious philosophical examination of why farts are funny
Another case of you're too stupid to understand the complexities, I guess. An excerpt:

Prison of the "meat". Get over yourself. #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
How was the book received by her colleagues?
Oh, she has a "lab", too.
Found an interview with the author of the book:
Contemporary academia
Cutting-edge sociological scholarship
The complexities of children's "play"
From the journal of Black Studies. How surprising.
Yay! Twitter recognises my little hashtag but has "forgotten" @RubinReport's #RegressiveLeft? How strange.

I think that an apology to the readers is in order here
The book in question is, expectedly, not much better.

The preface of an academic book
Speaking of living in a parallel universe...
Great to see feminist scholars taking on the important research questions
An abstract written in an abstract way
New book from the Canadian Scholars' Press.
What do you need to do to earn a PhD from @universityofky? #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Guilt by association
Don't know how many of these tweets I get every single day :)

More intriguing findings from the field of critical animal studies
Another scientific breakthrough in cultural geography
Interview 10 school girls, make up themes and analyze "power" based on a French philosopher
Very useful research
I wonder if the author fails to reject the null hypothesis.
On the importance of collaborations across species
Word of the day: trans-misogynist
We've had the male, female, White, and tourist gazes. Add the GoPro gaze to the list
Recommendation algorithms by @amazon need to incorporate sarcasm detectors.

Another magnificent paper.
Criminology's making some progress...
A clear sign that the paper will be magnificent..
Case reports can be problematic regardless of field
Peer-reviewed journal of the month
Of course.
I love you all.

From "a journal of Feminist Geography"
RT @JayMan471: Congratulations to @real_peerreview for reaching 10,000 followers!

Interesting because "ambiguous meanings were strategically used to" write this paper too
RT @alasdairtweets: @real_peerreview this is reaction I got that prompted this btw from the modes of a popular community website.

Dear SJW comrades! Allow me to present this complex analysis. Also note my non-hostile tone.
...and only an implicit reference to "rape culture". I'm impressed. cc: @CHSommers
Novel addition to whiteness studies by taking @foxoutdoors' redneck humor seriously...
Hey @altmetric - any idea why my tweet ( and the 53 RTs aren't indexed? :)
The author is a PhD from @Harvard
On "the appeal of muscular, lean, and athletic physiques" in the male gay community
Groundbreaking research
No need to question the underlying assumptions here...
New feminist scholarship: Barbie DVDs are postfeminist now.
A paper on Chaz Bono with the mandatory snipe at upper-class heterosexual white males
On how to transform teachers into SJWs
While we're on the subject, another sociologist on the importance of Harry Potter
To clarify, this is a paper about the author playing a board game
This is just insane.
New research method: Going through your yearbooks and making up stuff
Salsa dancing is apparently racist #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
How traditional approaches have a limited capacity to capture the magic of mental illnesses
Yoga=Feminism #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Oh, by the way, the UK taxpayers forked up nearly $400,000 for this project
In "Feminist Criminology". Pretty strong conclusions for a sample of 11 participants, no?
A peer-reviewed paper about John Wayne's body in relation to global capitalism
"Runner identity" or using research grants to get a free 10-week trip to China
No highlighting necessary. Provocative enough for you?
Time to "undo" whiteness
"Earth Others" and ecofeminism
The (gender) performativity of murder
.@GhorAngirasa See this:

When you can't see it but you "know" that it's there...
On the elitist, misogynistic and ageist nature of Swedish standardised chemistry exams
RT @Talkmaster: Notice that this is an official sign sponsored by the university.

"The latinx and the oppressor's voice"
Critical studies researchers want us to start "unthinking".
White supremacy is maintained in Canada by calling Asians smart.
Northern Englishness is magical
Status update: We're still screwed.
RT @RubinReport: Take that you able-bodied heterosexual oppressors! @CHSommers @joerogan @GadSaad @Nero

On the usefulness of social "theories" in medicine
RT @Nero: Stunning work by @MikeMa_ Check it out @CHSommers @scrowder

RT @RubinReport: Twitter just doesn't like that darn #RegressiveLeft hashtag. 😳😳😳

Finnish gender scholar upset that "honor" violence is considered to be related to immigrants
This is what happens when conservative voices are silenced in the social sciences
A lot of men are certainly suffering from this disability.
Conspiracy theorist or a critical sociologist? Hard to tell these days.
Just when you thought that gender scholars couldn't come up with more interesting concepts
"War is sexy in contemporary US culture"
Geographer suggests that their colleagues should add comic books to their arsenal of tools
One would think that this is about something more complex than people biking to work.
Hey @marcmaron - a researcher listened to four episodes of @WTFpod and wrote this paper:
Combining animal studies with visual sociology can be a bit creepy.
When gender and critical animal studies finally collide...
I was unaware of the haunted educators. The author might need some professional help.
Paper suggests that mathematics engages in the exploitation of people and the environment.
Paper about brand names in Polish rap songs "in the rush towards neoliberal reality"
RT @clairlemon: Purity and Tolerance: The Contradictory Morality of College Campuses
Of course I trust you when you say that White America is racist but... 3 cases and an opera?
The general complicity of white teachers in racism (n=6).
.@ReflyTurbo Careful what you wish for...
"Queering the heteronormative business school"
Movie reviews can be peer-reviewed too.
When you know that your high school student wrote their paper the night before the due date
These are the people who are supposed to eliminate racism. Good luck with that.
On the lack of gender perspectives in studies of music listening during short car trips
Quare theory: For those who feel that queer theory is too racist and classist
You can find patriarchy pretty much anywhere.
On the importance of teachers not pushing an agenda...
.@xianyu118 Resisting capitalism by having not-for-profit sex with homeless people
You thought that the hobosexual piece was just one paper? #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Researchers play the telephone game and write a peer-reviewed paper about it.
Study on ghost ships and social/environmental justice draws some important conclusions
Experimental research designs in gender studies may need some refinement
"Skiing’s hegemony of Whiteness"
Send your kids off to college to become teachers and this is what they'll read, part 2
Peer-reviewed paper on air pollution warns against restricting analyses to scientific data
The statement that glory holes are highly prevalent is based on a study with 10 participants
Cited 74 times in the literature.
I'm glad that the reviewers questioned the basic assumptions of this paper
.@LightningShade0 Sadly, no. She's been doing this her entire career; and with co-authors.
How clarifying...
Certain sociologists should not be allowed to play video games until they've matured.
.@josephferrall @josephbt This one.
Scholarly treatment of penis racism.

Had a quick search in the PDF. Seems a bit excessive, no?

Interdisciplinary approaches in Critical Dance Studies
Found it! #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
The stigma must end now.
Scholar in education examines the dangerous practice of teachers telling kids to be careful

Study confirms what we all had feared; Pilates is racist!
If this is how you describe your allies...
Comical and pathological, indeed.
Lesson: Never discuss sports with certain academics.
Bravo's new show: Real researchers of academia?
"Discourses of cleanliness"
Recent paper in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (n=1)
This movie review was published just the other week.
Constructions everywhere.
.@Nero Fat sex studies book published last year.

This paper is pretty "Linsane" if you ask me.
Another reason for why the lack of political diversity in the social sciences is a problem.
The brutal regime of Canada
Feminist professors are tired of the triggered SJW-brats, too | @CHSommers @Nero
My impression is that this is not bad for an account that started three months ago. Thank you for the RTs!

The deficit (white) gaze, y'all!
Guess the heritage of this traveling researcher...
Slow down now...
.@ZKJones939 Attend? She teaches
A paper on Facebook apps writing status updates for 16 participants
Very complex analyses in this one.

Hegemonic masculinity can be applied to anything.
Children "learning" to be what they are (n=3)
Whenever I go out to a restaurant, I always ask for "more-than-food".
This is written by a full professor at CUNY.
I'm honoured :)

Kids, don't try to be this cute in high school. You'll be expelled.
The "female gaze" in the Twillight series. The important research questions once again.
A groundbreaking study on "queer capital"
Study on how one person plays Minecraft. External validity is endless.
On the magic of national flags. Likely written after consuming some magical mushrooms.
From Tunis to the resorts of Cape Verde. Some researchers know how grants are to be spent
Study on "walking rhythms" of tourists in Tunis. Can't make this up.
The Finnish government hired Dr. Guttorm (see earlier tweets) as an expert on segregation.
But wait, there's more...
An except of this masterpiece. For full-text:
How this is considered to be scholarship is beyond me.
.@splendid_savage Sure.
Just what @Snapchat needs. She has co-edited an anthology of critical writing on World of Warcraft (MIT Press).

The important research questions
Book directed at parents
The "heteronormative male gaze" is a standard concept in some fields
Philosophical takes on how video differs from text and photos #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
If you thought that hipsters were annoying...
"114 responses from transgender Mormons"
The Internet is a "white space" apparently.
Hopeful white folks cause white supremacy | cc: @CHSommers
Feminist scholars got turned on in the archives and wrote a paper about it
Study: NYPD socially construct Black women as "heavy" to oppress them
Pretty strong conclusions based on 11 not-so-randomly selected Black interns...
If this is not a blog post, I don't know what is.
"Queering the relationship between children and nature"
.@Russwarne He's selling himself short: See this contribution (n=10): @rory_kramer
Greek crisis? Don't you worry, the scientists are working on it!
That escalated quickly...
Animated autoethnographies (n=5) #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Because biology is socially constructed. Unreal.
The difference between subjectivity and objectivity is apparently false.
"Unfavourable economic climate" increased adolescents interest in slasher films. #NoData
Not sure why she can't find a job, given the groundbreaking work she has produced...
This is one of Melissa Click's PhD students. The gift that keeps on giving.
"Sociology of hip hop" and rap battles to "engage in sociological competition".
Ha! PhD thesis suggests STEM fields must incorporate hiphop to encourage non-white students
Qual/itat/ive re/sear/ch
.@lisalunu Yes, this book among other interesting research projects: @CHSommers
She essentially calls @MarthaStewart a racist in her PhD thesis.
How did Melissa Click start her career? By writing a PhD thesis on @MarthaStewart

.@YeyoZa Almost @kevinschawinski
RT @clairlemon: Review of Joanna Williams' (@jowilliams293) new book on academic freedom in @QuilletteM
Feminist scholar takes Judge Judy very seriously
The author is a leading gender theorist.
How much did the UK taxpayers fork up for the footwear research? Over $550,000
Sociologists analyse shoes "from a life-course perspective", funded by UK taxpayers
Peer-reviewed paper on researchers making sounds during presentations
Send your kids off to college to become teachers. This is what they'll read.
Research is all fun and games
Twitter user? You can be a researcher too!
On the links between cockfighting and social construction of gender
Send your kids off to college and they'll get to play SJW-Disney with their lecturer
Feminist scholar: Mental illness and DNA evidence = rape myths
The gendered nature of the electric guitar... | cc: @CHSommers
This is a peer-reviewed journal, too.
A taste of the masterful scholarship included in the book

New book in "curriculum studies"
Fancy doing a PhD? This is a professor funded to the gills by UK taxpayers offers:
To be clear, we're only talking about food here.
Their current research seems ... useful.
A leading gender theorist wrote this one.
Canadian taxpayers ("SSHRC Insight Grant") are funding her research program on video games, too:

The supervisor's own research, published in the prestigious "Loading..." journal
Same supervisor as the last dissertation. Atrocious. #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Conclusion of this masterpiece? Teenage girls are made invisible. Based on selfies of 8 girls. Amazing!

Not only an impressive sample size, but an equally impressive sample selection rationale. This is so painful.

Canadian tax dollars at work #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Mixed marriages and cuisines: Standard critical food study
Book chapter taking the Eurovision song contest a tad too seriously...
A journal from the prestigious Duke University Press.
It's a Disney character, y'know.
Canadian taxpayers fork up $200,000 for research on walking
Brainwashing kids to become social justice warriors. Great PhD project!
Addressing the important research questions in education...
Introduction of a paper in the academic journal The Drama Review.
Why are you so happy? Is it because you face minimal risks of genital mutilation unlike many girls in Africa?

Seeing genital mutilation as a problem is a part of the U.S. neocolonial project @CHSommers
Charity helping low-income women to get jobs = racist and classist | cc: @CHSommers
"Food narratives"
Study: The locations of community colleges prove their inherent racism
Intriguing findings...
In South Texas, salsa sauces help constructing masculinities | cc: @CHSommers @joerogan
Academic book: Black people dislike nature because of slavery and racial violence
New research method: Reading blogs
Those racist Internet avatars...
"Queer/ing Regions"
Addressing the important research questions...
Last year, Florida State University. Such a disgrace. #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
For those of you who thought that autoethnography was too serious. | cc: @CHSommers
The effects of social class on one individual using poetry and all that other good stuff.
Feminist? Put lipstick on, wear high-heels and drink cocktails to combat neoliberalism
"Seduction of rationality"
A _distinguished professor_ wrote this. Probably with a straight face.
New research method: Browsing pictures on @Pinterest
What does it take to earn a PhD at Cornell these days? #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Seems quite informative
.@Cpranger12 In fairness, the author's a full prof @MacRoweNick
The agency of non-human materials? The science fiction turn in the social sciences
RT @freddoso: @MTMehan @real_peerreview Brutal!

Yeah, what a silly assumption that would've been...
That escalated quickly...
Academic conference paper on taking a break at work
Recommended reading on hauntology. Good luck on the job market, kid!
That @real_peerreview account only cherry picks the outliers. What about the leading theorists in the field?

How interesting! All of my physics teachers must've misunderstood the electron.
Some intriguing diagrams in the paper...

In fairness, the conclusions are likely generalizable to Jamal.
One of the included articles in the dissertation (Yes, this is real). h/t: @PaleoLiberty

Feminist philosopher on the "sensuous pleasure" in the human-wheel relationship
This is an accepted conference paper (International Sociological Association)
.@CrockerDP Well...

Thanks to your RTs, the Pilates fighting capitalism paper is now @altmetric ranked #1
However, given our sample of 2 individuals, we cannot draw any conclusions.
A tip for the Facebook ad algorithm programmers: Incorporate sarcasm.

Another case of us not understanding "the complexity", I guess.
Scholarly treatment of #BlackLivesMatter
"Female complicity"
Abstract: "Using in-depth interview material..."
Research method: 12 buddies drawing comic strips about veganism #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
Also, LOL.

I love all of my fans!
Not sure why the researcher resides in a Western capitalist society...
Fighting capitalism by moving around and doing Pilates?
New research method: Browsing through @Yelp reviews
Book chapter in
And you just thought that it was a selfie?
On how the NBA is racist
Useful insights from contemporary ethnography
In a different part of academia...
@yuanyi_z BS.

Well, at least we all agree that it's science fiction.
From a paper in the Black Scholar
It took the researcher only 8 years to critique the album. Academics and deadlines y'know...
Academic book chapter.
If you thought that these people were only annoying at parties...
Yeah, these 12 guys must be quite representative
Empirical data (n=10) shows that the entrepreneurial spirit is sexist
Addressing the important research questions
Work hard enough and you can end up at Stanford doing research on a classist car ad cc @Ford
Objective scholarship in a peer-reviewed blog form
Deconstructing hidden meanings like professional conspiracy theorists
Allow me to present an excerpt of this scholarly masterpiece. Remember that it's all made up.

Oh boy, here we go...
Cultural geographer uses the movie Fight Club as a theoretical reference
School performance is merely a social construction.
Intriguing findings, indeed.
Orgasms are heterosexist, according to this scholarly book on Cosmopolitan and "lad mags":
A peer-reviewed paper about the "swiping logic" of @Tinder
Davis wrote a book about feminism and dancing tango, published by NYU Press
Breaking new grounds, indeed.
Feminist scholar discusses whether feminists should dance tango | cc: @CHSommers
Wait... I can explain!
Cultural geographers attempt to understand human-bird relationships in urban settings...
My life is complete.

Got some fans on @reddit :)
Good news from the Sociological Review
From sending people to the moon to this s...tuff.
Giving birth should be considered as having a mini-orgasm, apparently.


Women's subjectivity construction when in painful labour...
[Insert "Do you think this is a motherfucking game?" cat meme]
"Whiteness and Education" is a new peer-reviewed journal...
What happen when a German scholar of American Studies watches the NBA?
How nice of you to give "career advice" from your prestigious university in Thailand, James.
No, it's a blog post.
To clarify, this is about four kids dancing ballet.
Guess these researchers never had their houses remodelled.
A peer-reviewed paper about the author messing around on Google Maps.
RT @SAGE_Methods: Coming soon: First Person Action Research by Marshall #actionresearch #SAGEsoon @LSLNetwork
Not sure why this isn't an automatic f@il. #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
I can see why he's got such a large fan following in certain fields
The Australian taxpayers must be delighted!
This whole "research" thing isn't working out, I'm afraid. Try food blogging.
The practical implications of this work cannot be overstated.
New scientific method: Imaginary email exchanges with dead drummers
Great research topic, Shane. You must be popular with the high school girls. Also, n=2.
How clarifying!
.@PaleoLiberty It does exist, y'know.
Feminist scholar reflects on walking in a city they used to live in
Word of the day: Blacktavist.
Cracker of a topic for a new PhD dissertation
To all of my white friends: Please get this scholarly self-help book
.@BennSteil @MrMaitra Our friend is currently an Associate Professor at Juanita College
Not the way I would put it.
Interesting assumptions and conclusions :|
Good news! It is possible to get a PhD in virtue signalling #CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis
What happens when you mix Dr. Phil with Rambo?
The irony...
@RevenantFox @CHSommers

Peer-reviewed blog post #OutfitOfTheDay
That escalated quickly...
Not weird at all...
Oh wow.
An accepted conference paper on the "good intentions" of white people. Why are you so evil?
Not only do we have post-humans, we have post-tourists, too.
Dear peer-reviewed diary...
Ah, the racist savage child. Of course...
Must quit Twitter as I had no idea it's racist and runs the errands of hypercapitalism!
Are you a sexist or do you take the "gendered nature of food" seriously?
Feminist scholars have recently discovered that women aged 50+ may enjoy having sex
"Queering heterosexuality from within" (Sounds like a bad action movie title)
More "critical race activism" and less "whiteness" in our schools apparently
No need to read between the lines...
Table of contents of an academic book.
This is one sentence.
Isn't this just swell! Academic journal discuss "potentially unethical" activist strategies
In a different part of the sciences...

Might seem like a regular yoga class to you but to me, it's a peer-reviewed paper
"The iconography of the white firemen and the American innocence after 9/11"
On the dangers of women having confidence:
Can't understand why that would be the case...
I wonder why nobody's bothered before... #CantBelieveItsAPhDThesis
What happens when feminist scholars give their 2 cents about early education...
Groundbreaking conclusions
Just your standard textbook on qualitative methods
What a relief! Feminist scholar gives the thumbs up for women to sew at home.
Seems like a very useful approach...
RT @derpyhuman: @real_peerreview I looked up "The Cultural Impact of Kanye West" on google scholar. It's been cited 3 times.

Not only are adults reading Harry Potter...
Didn't hear about anyone protesting this talk, oddly enough.

Another expert on "critical comedy studies". Her scholarship is quite... interesting.
I googled this just for laughs. But, yeah, it exists.
Homo-heterosexuality is a concept now.
Yeah, these people do sound quite productive so the revolution may be near:
Next level feminism: Addressing sexist robots
You can never win with some people.
Finally; real proof of institutional racism!
Yet another peer-reviewed blog post. This time about "vegansexuals"
What is research? What is a blog post?
The struggle's real
@jhlasa @CHSommers
New study: "Non-whites" may need trigger warning before Pilates class | cc @CHSommers
.@KirkegaardEmil She got about $300,000 from the UK taxpayers for the picture studies
The follow-up study is not much clearer...
This is "interesting" on so many different levels.
Do I dare to read this paper? Might be overwhelmed by the massive sample (n=2)
So does "critical dance studies" exist? It certainly does:
One of the contributions: Dance is research now.
Dance revolution to address "austerity"? Conference last year:
Feel like this guy tonight.

#CantBelieveThisIsAPhDThesis People who travel to dangerous destinations like taking risks
Perhaps unsurprising, given that her supervisor produced this classical masterpiece:
Just got this ad on Facebook. One of the advantages of having this account, I guess.

Here we go...
.@bitchy_ranter You mean like this?
He's back? I had not noticed that he was gone, judging from publications in some fields...
Not all queer scholars are happy with increased societal homosexuality acceptance
Philosophy, huh?
Naturally, an expert on plants.

For those interested in critical plant studies:
This is scientific table in a peer-reviewed paper. I would have failed middle school if I tried to pull this stuff.

Another racist item to add to the list: Musical mashups
Ecopoetry of mushrooms and critical plant studies. Progress, indeed.;dn=790077802839411;res=IELHSS
On the misogyny of intellectual property laws
Social marginalization of women in heavy metal...
More research on women's gossip is apparently needed.
.@david_colquhoun Why don't you ask your colleagues at UCL? They awarded this person a PhD
How you can spot a fan of a certain French philosopher.
An academic step-by-step guide for therapists wanting to become SJWs.
Just what the field of mathematics needs.
Allow me to introduce: duoethnography
PhD dissertation #buzzwordfiesta
Oh Kate...

Addressing the dangers of students taking responsibility for their work
RT @CHSommers: @real_peerreview You may not have time, but there are lots of crazy textbooks out there too.This one, for example:

... OK.
Academics are being treated like peasants in the UK. Based on interviews with 5 academics.
Some qualitative researchers have a difficult time finding meaning in life. It haunts them.
.@david_colquhoun @DrAliceRoberts From the same research group:
And here I thought that nothing could be the shampoo and conditioner combo...
The intriguing discussion...

On the importance of gender theories to inform our understanding of biological processes.
Hawaiian researcher is offended by a South Park episode. Result? Yeah, a peer-reviewed paper
Lack of American interest for sub-Saharan cuisine due to racism by food writers
The massive policy implications of this work cannot be overstated.
.@YeyoZa The amount of data they were able to generate is quite impressive.

.@YeyoZa They received nearly $500,000 to examine racism against Black students
Obviously very bad things...
Geographer collaborates with a poet to research the "feeling of places"
. @YeyoZa From this book:
Thanks to your RTs, the farmers markets paper is now ranked #1 (@altmetric score): :)
The white supremacy of educational policies. Cited nearly 200 times in the literature.
The hegemonic masculinity of Hollywood dads
I wonder why students start attacking priests mistaken for KKK members... | cc: @CHSommers
Let's find something informative in the HARVARD Educational Review...
Oh, and the paper has been cited over 100 times in the literature.

Sociologists identify a problem within farmers markets: Whiteness
.@yeticheese He was previously awarded this 2-year postdoc, courtesy of the Danish taxpayers
Addressing the important research questions, I see.
That escalated quickly, part 3
That escalated quickly, part 2
I'm a researcher. Yeah... I specialise in pictures of dogs.
Yes, I understand the apparent complexity of the concept.
Comic book criminology is a real thing.
I had a hard time buying the arguments but the massive sample size convinced me.
No, really?
Some researchers should not have a Netflix subscription.
Stay humble, colleagues.
The struggle's real, part 2
Feminist scholar discusses the problems of empowered women having freedom of choice
Accepted conference paper escalated quickly
We must allow "trans and gender non-conforming people to pee in peace."
Knitting as a feminist tool:
International Relations must be free of this nonsense, right?
Doesn't get much better in the paper:

Arts-based health researchers list "obligations of truth and accuracy" as a problem
Finally! Poststructural theories of "performativity" applied to "economic objects"
This is a scholar with a PhD. No, really.

There's no end to the clinical implications of this study.
PhD thesis on "queer anarcha-feminism" based on blog readings.
PhD thesis on people (including the highly esteemed author) being psychics on Facebook.
.@AntisocialJW2 This conference: ... where one of the keynote speakers have this to say:
"Loving Whiteness to Death", published in the Berkeley Review of Education...
Fresh insights from the field of education in a recently accepted conference paper
Who said that we were running out of ideas?
Social workers must be reprogrammed to see poverty as a structural neoliberal problem
You must be referring to quite modern societies.

Poststructuralist perspectives on bird flu
The "performativity" of biological sex, age and sexuality in organization studies
@SpareTimer Yes.

To clarify, this is considered to be a _methodological_ contribution.

The first page of the study. #RegressiveAcademia?

But wait, there's more...
The conclusion of this ... study.

The struggle's real
I think that we must give this a fair assessment, given the rigorous references on the biological constructs.

The conclusions of the paper:

More "evidence" demonstrating that biological sex is socially constructed
Nearly $720,000 to study 12 families. Business is going well in the UK.
So how much did the UK taxpayers end up owing for this spiritual journey? Roughly $350,000
Research published in the #2 ranked journal in geography.
Pretty interesting assumption.
RT @legendre007: Hodkinson left this gift for us in the bibliography. @real_peerreview @StuartJRitchie @totominya @MisterMetokur

On the culturally insensitive toilets in Australia,5
Lesson of the day: Safe spaces reveal despair as a consequence of capitalism.
An extract of this fascinating research.

Seems like a very useful methodological approach.

In other news, white people can never win.
Another accepted paper. Thankfully, it does not contain any numbers to substantiate the peculiar claims.

.@Solly_Gratia The keynote speaker wrote this book.

RT @Solly_Gratia: Darn, missed it h/t @real_peerreview
This is an accepted conference paper.
Sure, why not?

The UK taxpayers were so impressed, they awarded him another $650k for his new project
How much did the UK taxpayers end up owing for the zombie disaster study? About $108,000.

Disaster films/literature construct non-whites as zombies, finds critical whiteness study.
Feminist paper questions Western menstrual taboo
Such an intriguing research question.
RT @StuartJRitchie: Thank GOD someone addressed this huge gap in the scientific literature.
On the advantages of using poetry as data in nursing research
Addressing the important research questions, once again.
An insight into the philosophy of computer hardware
One of the perks of being a comic book researcher in a high taxation country, I guess.
Black female scholar who could use a few anger management classes...
Critical scholars addressing important issues affecting race relations today
Heteronormativity silences women who find out their partner's a child molester. Or not.
Dilemma of the day: Find a man in this "diverse" department
Black women's "complex relationship" to food.
And on a more positive note...
Corporations are evil. How can we change that? By writing them ecofeminist poetry, of course
Groundbreaking book chapter finds that women find athletic men attractive.
Did not expect this to happen so quickly. Thank you all for your kindness!

Very useful findings.
A 2013 PhD dissertation warns against the dangers of selling Girl Scout Cookies
Make sure that your therapist is Whiteness certified.
First time I've heard the term "brave space" (see last tweet).

I think that we all can agree that it's a mess.
I think that we've found the cure for schizophrenia.
"Critical visual analysis" provides a queer interpretation of Bruno, the bear...
Science, not politics.
The versatility of queer theory is impressive.
Geography is not what it used to be.
RT @Alegrif0: @real_peerreview Watching the first pages.

Feminist physics? No string theories attached.
Very useful to know.
Q: How can I use the generous Danish welfare state to fund my drinking trip? A:
Using Marx and Lacan to understand the tourist gaze or sightseeing
Unraveling public health professionals hidden agenda against healthy black women w/ >30 BMI
Book chapter on how "feminist objectivity" can save us from climate change
White people are psychotic, obviously. Evidence? Yeah, this movie...
Seems legit.
Oh, and while we're at it, Twitter's racist, too.
Lessons of the day: Maths is racist and outreach programs are straight pimpin'
From "Feeling white: Whiteness, Emotionality, and Education"...
Lead author of "math is racist" paper. Thank the US taxpayers for her grants!
On the racist nature of mathematics
.@AliRadicali @Sevens_2 You might enjoy the work of Butler, a leading queer theorist
Feminist criminologists turn their attention to patriarchal violence in comic books now
Paper uses Butler's queer theory to inform fishing market's economic performance...
PhD dissertation on BDSM, neo-slave narratives and science fiction. Knowledge producers...
The wealth of knowledge derived from critical race and whiteness studies...
What if taxpayers knew that they are paying for your salary?
Even stranger comments...

How critical discourse theory informs efforts to reduce school bullying
Review paper finds lack of "critical theory" in management accounting research
New feminist scholarship suggests that women can fight patriarchy by drinking beer
"Becoming Earth", edited by Anne Reinertsen (crazy emails with husband paper)
RT @CalebWatney: @real_peerreview I assume it's the Donkey Sanctuary?

Gender theories applied to human-donkey interactions in Africa
More on the importance of animals in feminist research
.@RobertComeau82 Perhaps this will be informative: @CHSommers
Is this what the kids are learning in law school these days?
Study: Aussie women dissatisfied with their vaginas because of neoliberalism...
.@CHSommers I think you're a bit harsh on him. Check out his impressive CV...
Award-winning book unhappy with the lack of "carnage photographs" following 9/11
The ideological diversity in education is breathtaking. A new book on the topic.
About time cultural geographers started addressing magic seriously
An entire paper on women fainting in 50 Shades || cc @CHSommers
RT @pckrpaula: Haha as pessoas dão cada título pra seus artigos! #doutoradodadepressao

Sorry to break it to you, buddy, but you're likely just a clown with a PhD.
Some scientists really enjoy their zombie porn studies. Chapter 12 in this book:
Stories from the whiteness labor camps...
This is a peer-reviewed journal, too.
A queer/feminist PhD dissertation in architecture highlights the practice of walking
Not sure why this study strength was left out of the abstract.

Their massive sample (n=3) seemingly suffered from paranoid personality disorder
The queer nature?
"Biotourist performances", huh?
Allow me to introduce the concept of "vaginistic femininity"
An ethnographer struggles to see whether they are any better at their job than a janitor
Wow. @UofAlabama offers this fascinating course:
Where to even start with this one?
If a peer-reviewed paper was an episode of Seinfeld...
Intriguing, indeed.
Why US-based legal scholars need to adopt "whiteness studies"
On the need of feminist technoscience studies to enhance our understanding of Alzheimer's
Recent advances in "feminist science studies": Queer ecology. Social construction of nature.
Taking children's drawings seriously...
A leading book linking gender and critical animal studies (1400+ citations) - #mainstream
An application of the Facebook (auto-)ethnography. Quick and cost-effective.
A sample of this wonderful piece of scholarship.

They don't get enough of these, do they?
It's a good thing that the author avoids jumping to strong conclusions
Moderate muslim student org at @stockholms_univ asking if women can look at their lecturer "for a long time". Great.

RT @TrueEgAl: @hazem_awad @real_peerreview our friendly neighbourhood muscle gatherer Melissa Click:
.@hazem_awad There's an entire book on it.
Recent insights from a queer scholar on a vampire novel
The intellectual elites...
Gender and whimsy politics linked to "yarn bombing" the city
How gender and critical animal studies can enhance our understanding of the cat lady
Wondering about the language used in the PhD dissertations posted here? It's encouraged.
A sample of the paper...

Not sure if serious.
You see what you want to see.
Activist-scholars/critical pedagogy fighting against neoliberal topics in higher education
It's interesting that they mentioned "the repetitious production of the banal"...
This is not (s/tra/nge) at all.
An academic version of those work from home and make bank banners
Impressive data
An innovative PhD thesis focusing on "interrogating the ‘/’ [slash]" in educational settings
The important research questions, once again.
A paper on the vibrant bunkers of Mussolini
Holocaust tourism and implications of the "practice of photography"
You can apply Foucault to anything. This time it's cue card confessions on YouTube.
One of the co-authors...

A sample of the "interesting" data

The moment academia turns into a Dr. Phil episode
We seem to have very different definitions of groundbreaking.
Seems legit.
Certainly a bizarre assumption, given the name of the concept.
New book from New York University Press
Peer-reviewed paper by the Department Head of Communication Studies (UNCG)
Must've been a very fruitful conference trip to Vegas...
Remember DVDs? Here is a December 2015 quantitative paper on 10 (!) exercise DVDs
Sounds like a pretty shitty topic for a paper, if you ask me.
Reading more about "things" (chapter 4 in this book):
New research urges scholars to come out of their "colonial closets"
Fascinating new study based on the drawings of a researcher and their daughter...
It also shows that you can't draw any conclusions based on a sample of six people...
How many active male faculty members do you think they have? Try zero.
This must be a coincidence. 1/67 editorial board members in "Feminist Media Studies" is male
@CaGeRit Couldn't fit all of them in...
The most intriguing paper to date on male undershirts in Australia
Another fine contribution of autoethnography. This time it's a PhD dissertation.
Researcher rides the bus for 6 months to write personal stories about social inequality
The contents of a book published by New York University Press (2010)
We used to call this a conspiracy theory before postfeminism kicked in...
Some academics just need to stop horsing around...
The important research questions of our time
@real_peerreview Pro tip: This is NOT how you end your PhD dissertation
The abstract of a forthcoming "picture-book" PhD dissertation in architecture. View it here:
. @i_wandererr He's done one on "Monster", linking capitalism/patriarchy to Wuornos' murders
Published by University of Minnesota Press
Four unrelated economists share a surname and decide to write a paper about it...
A 2015 paper found that the 1999 movie Office Space engaged in "proletarian Blackface"
Thank you for following! :)

.@leftoutside @Noahpinion Reminds me of this old gem from NZ
Academics write peer-reviewed stories about why they don't want kids and salute their guru.
A peer-reviewed paper about listening to Miles Davis.
A peer-reviewed paper about things in childhood. No, really.
Must be a real mystery why nobody's examined this before.
RT @CubicVacuum: Hey @real_peerreview , found something up your alley

How performative methods inform our understanding of policing
Sometimes I just want to scream that it's just a [expletive] bike!
Paradigm-shifting peer-reviewed research on glass cases in museums. Hilarious!
TV show bromance establishes patriarchy in the workplace as benign, apparently.
A criminologist on counter-terrorism security work: An everyday war on meaninglessness
Important issues relevant to women's lives are continuously tackled by feminist scholars...
The author is involved in quite an interesting research project...
Guess it must be very stressful to produce high-quality rants of this calibre.
Groundbreaking stuff, indeed.
Seems legit.
This research on cops is no joke
5 scientists discover that kids can find their school on Google Maps
PhD dissertation developing profound networking theories based on the author's hobby
Your standard peer-reviewed paper on the concept of the zombie terrorist.
Recent peer-reviewed paper explores the bromance in the Jump Street movies
This must be an example of the useful "mixed methods" approach, combining qualitative and quantitative methods...

An Australian PhD thesis on observations of professional theatre rehearsal rooms
A 2014 PhD thesis focusing on stories of the gay author's sex life. Tax funding well spent.
Why do I even bother? A pretty good reason:
Must be another case of us not understanding the complexity of the work.

A sample of this fine piece of scholarship (re: last tweet)

The importance of poetry for neoliberal physical education
PhD dissertation. I repeat: PhD dissertation.
Individuals develop their identities through their experiences. Who would've thought?
On the merits of poststructural theories in computer science...
Not the only danger...
Sociologist finds an online forum devoted to a game and draws quite strong conclusions
Neocolonial fantasies and whiteness reproduction in the English seaside
Are you a teacher looking for a 3-year tax-funded trip to Brazil? A step-by-step PhD thesis:
A 2015 PhD dissertation on how animation practices can be informed by queer theory
"Academic capitalism"
Such a waste, indeed.
The struggle is real (re: last tweet)

Feminist glaciology not a hoax. Follow-up work: How disasters affect homosexuals differently
Researchers visit 1500+ microbrewery websites. Finding: They're dominated by whites
Not sure that this is the best way to reform the educational system...
Looking for anything that even resembles a concrete example in his answer...

Q&A with the PI of the feminist glaciology paper. We've all misunderstood it. Sure.
RT @TrueEgAl: @real_peerreview my amiga, Brandy

Academia certainly needs more BFF stories.
The drawbacks of... researching your hobbies
I tried this approach once but my professor disagreed. They used to have standards then.
PhD dissertation: Fictional white characters enable patriarchy
PhD dissertation (Uni of Glasgow, 2015): Time is socially constructed and non-present
2014 PhD thesis (University of British Columbia) on "queer Christian performative theology"
A 2015 PhD dissertation (BGSU) on women driving cars in the US
Kudos to academia in Brazil
On the discriminatory practice of excluding horses from computer interactions..
A 2015 PhD dissertation (Cardiff University)...
On the dire consequences of conditional statements in computer programming (IF->THEN)
How social theory can enhance our understanding of the backflip performed by cheerleaders
Never knew about the complexities of wearing jewellery
A paper on how parents "do family" in the car...
4-year study on how immigrant families in Belgium watch movies
An important scientific discovery
This is a conference paper accepted by the leading ass'n in sociology #stateofthings
This is how two researchers describe academia in Australia. Wow.
Yet another example of neutral social scientific inquiry
A 2014 paper in tourism studies still thinks it's a good idea to apply Marxism...
Papers on "human and non-human animals" are always entertaining
Research worthy of being worshipped?
The important research questions...
I personally love seeing tax dollars going toward this type of quality research
Hey, I'm in a field where the thoughts of Miley Cyrus are taken seriously
This must be a neutral research paper...
Reading some heavy methodological feminist scholarship this evening
$54,000 for this.

The British taxpayers paid $270,000 for a project on beauty pageant competitions in Africa
The importance of early education to fight waste caused by neoliberalism
The US govt spent $660,000 on a project increasing social justice in geology
Never thought videos of students could be this complex
A common theme among whiteness researchers; they like the word. From "Whiteness fractured"
Remember that feminist glaciology paper? Thank the US govt for the funding
Capitalism turns men doing "dirty jobs" into misogynists
What a coincidence. I also failed to take this seriously.
I'm tired of doing scientific work. I just want to write stories about my grandmother
Oh, really?
The academic equivalent of freestyle rapping
A PhD dissertation on the "modern body" and "sitting comfortably"
Discourse analysis of a database software for registering absent students. Seems legit.
Male blondness in Hollywood as a problem AND image of American masculinity
Your standard peer-reviewed paper on zombie gay porn flicks
Academic book chapter argues that protesters of capitalism should turn to parkour
Researcher talks to their dead mother to show that the relationship still exists
Feminist scholars introduce the concept of the "rich bitch" after watching "real housewives"
How can women fight patriarchy? Horseback riding, of course.
Observational study conducted by 4 researchers
Pro tip: You're not that important.
The issue of genetic determinism in the CSI series
This is science, not astrolo... oh wait.
Some UCLA English profs spend way too much time thinking about Nicki Minaj
The interaction effect of taking Ultimate Frisbee and Foucault too seriously
White rappers are "racial evaders" to maintain "white male privileges"...
Paper on sagging pants...
An alternative persepective on data...
Allow me to introduce: Performance ethnography
Researchers should use poetry to provide a fuller representation of their data
Allow me to introduce the concept of "white shadows"
Wait, need to put on some Celine Dion before reading this academic book chapter.

Would like to see how effective this strategy is...
This feminist public toilet interest is apparently not a one-off thing
Young girls shameless on social media to combat "melancholic femininity"... Sure.
A PhD on public toileting practices... :|
@CaGeRit The last paragraph

A sample of this research:

A joyful paper on "thisness".
This must've been quite a fruitful endeavour
Seems legit.
On "whiteness performance"
Neoliberalism stifles feminism + maintains male dominance by forcing women to self-regulate
Because the best research is obviously convenient
Academic book chapter on screwing sex dolls... or "posthuman experiences"
Some researchers take kindergarten kids dancing very seriously.
A peer-reviewed paper on "Roxie's" iPhone.
RT @Joe_Darlo: Gesa Mayer giving the last academic paper here at #HiPSEX. Deconstruction and Deleuze seem to be on the cards!

RT @Joe_Darlo: Next up is Robin Bauer reporting the results of his qualitative survey of les-bi-trans-queer BDSM practitioners.

A paper about watching the UK version of Dancing with the Stars
Allow me to present: Facebook ethnography
Table of contents of a book on queer theory in the field of International Relations
Why some researchers want to "work from home" all the time.
Two white scholars checked their privilege in a peer-reviewed paper.
How queer theoretical perspectives can enhance our understanding of the cum shot.
Gender scholar takes one for the team
This is very... interesting.
Researcher went biking for charity and wrote a peer-reviewed paper about it
We need more research on children's drawings...
A peer-reviewed paper on the question "What happened?"
Former convict criminologist brags about their experiences in a peer-reviewed journal
PhD thesis (Cardiff) links neoliberalism to 8 dads talking to their daughters about puberty
RT @YeyoZa: @real_peerreview SJW mathematics is a thing
It's important to read between the lines...
Somebody binge-watched True Blood and the Wire and decided to do a PhD on 'em
The important topics...

SJWs are not only on social media. They earn PhDs as well.
On the dangers of washing your jeans more than once every three months
Why are there fewer women in STEM fields? The syllabi are misogynist, gender scholar finds
Academic book chapter supposedly.
It's a hard knock life for us...
Oh wow.
A peer-reviewed paper asks an important question.
The problem of queer theory is its reliance on disguised masculinism apparently.
What happens when you let a gender scholar into a boxing gym? This is hilarious.
Lesbian porn filmmaker writes a peer-reviewed paper about their own film
Posthuman perspectives on school lunches are very informative.
Just of out of curiosity - what would a third option entail?
The causality is particularly strong in this one. Back to video games causing violence again
Mothers smoking during pregnancy increase because of "discoursive silencing". Of course.
An intriguing feminist analysis of how drunk girls manage their Facebook pictures
In other words: postfeminism is racist and role models are important
How can I spend all of my time traveling to conferences and never publish anything in peer-reviewed journals?

How can I use my grant money for a holiday in Thailand?
Dolly Parton feminism on its way?
I'm sure that the reasons are great but how about sharing some of them in the ABSTRACT?
Sociology prof complains that teaching gender studies is harder now because of neoliberalism
The knowledge one gains from combining The Hunger Games, feminism and whiteness studies...
Postfeminist scholars wrote a paper about their favourite reality tv show...
Remember kids, feminism is all about inclusion.
Addressing the pressing issues
Must've been a fun activity...
The next paper will be on watching paint dry.
Oh boy.
You don't say...
Dude, it's just an injury, not the French fucking revolution. Relax.
Your standard paper on doing yoga in Toronto
The struggle to conduct feminist studies on female commercial fishers is real
On the dangers of adopting a scientific perspective on the childhood years
New buzzword: hyperneoliberalism
Addressing the important questions facing women today
This is somehow a problem.
Allow me to present the concept of "cultural trauma"
Not only students now...
Contemporary social sciences
RT @bengoldacre: This really is my quote of the week. #reproducibility #transparency
I've not had the pleasure of meeting a teacher talking about racialised bodies of children
What a coincidence - I was about to say the same thing about this conference paper.

The important research questions
Just your standard paper about children playing with pets in Hong Kong parks
Star Trek feminism in action
When the author knows that they have not conducted any "research".

When you know that you're in for a real treat...

New PhD thesis suggests neoliberalism causes bad friendships among young soccer players
Neoliberalism causes eating disorders. The hell with all of the behaviour genetic studies.
Savvy, indeed.
A paper possibly exaggerating the importance of draq queens performing "The Golden Girls"
"Autoethnography" is infiltrating its way into STEM fields now...
An application of Critical Plant Studies. Seems very useful.
A paper examining children's play by adopting a "posthumanist" approach.
"Critical food studies" paper on intersectionality and lack of Black female food authorities
Sociological researcher uses the term "farterism" seriously in a peer-reviewed paper.
Black teens undergo therapy following racial profiling/race-based traumatic stress triggers
Queer researcher identifies prob. of having more queer represent. but less enthusiasm on TV
A real PhD thesis on the role of gender in Post-9/11 American Apocalyptic TV series.
Another paper from a female gender researcher doing a male-dominated activity...
Allow me to introduce: Critical Plant Studies.
A 2016 paper uses Marxism to analyse lesbian sub-cultures on Chinese reality shows
An entire paper on celebrity selfies with some profound conclusions
Critical conflicts in the performativity factory
Queer theory scholar advocates a messy and playful style of writing going forward...
RT @shoe0nhead: wat

The hegemony of the English language must be defeated...
Critical whiteness theory scholar of color complains about being exposed to microaggressions
Hegemonic masculinity causes men to avoid vegetarianism. Obviously.
I'm sure that this is going to be a very eye-opening book.

Fatshion, or "fat fashion", is apparently a word now.
Same author (last tweet) wrote a paper on Chihuahuas as "holy bonsai wolves"
Writing condolence postcards to bereaved pet owners "fuel(s) human exceptionalism"
A sociologist enters a gym for the first time. You wont believe what happens next.
Teachers shame Australian schoolgirls into passivity
Personal responsibility is not only a danger in social work but in education as well
What sort of a peer-reviewed paper would a breakdancing gender researcher write?
PhD thesis (Auckland University of Technology) on "transhumanist visuality"
New paper in a Social Work journal on the dangers of taking responsibility and being mature
Intriguing analysis of race and gender in political science
PhD thesis (Uni of Sydney) on horse/human entanglements+non-human perspectives in art
What happens when gender researchers binge-watch Storage Wars?
"Black Studies" paper on the importance of gangster rap to understand economic inequalities
Female interest in the NFL offers "critical sites to visualize neoliberal logic"
"Critical Whiteness Studies" paper on the dangers of emotional Whiteness in education
From the academic book entitled "The Cultural Impact of Kanye West"
Let's play the game of writing an abstract with as many feminist buzzwords as possible

An entire peer-reviewed paper on rapper CeeLo Green's song "Fuck you". Groundbreaking stuff.
An academic book.
A 2014 paper examines Hillary memes on Twitter and links them to "postfeminism"
New book chapter on how 4th wave Instagram feminism fought neoliberalism in education
"Androcentrism" is reproduced, either with or without "male bodies"
Rigorous methods were used to answer important q's re: being top/bottom
Let's write something profound about sexting
On the importance of ecopoetry
Men who observe women engage in "indirect social aggression" + other benefits of the "postfeminist gaze" perspective

How teachers construct the good reader by controlling the body of their students
A new generation of sociologists. Same ol' Marx though.
When you know that the book will be great from the first page.
I'm a researcher focusing on YouPorn.
Time to privileging the "elderly body"...
Gossip mag science
Negative attitudes toward women in power positions can be traced to children's books...

Combining the gender performativity concept with religion studies...
Meanwhile in "Social Analysis"...

Can't make this up. So much for science.

Welcome to academia.

This was very informative.

Qualitative researcher discuss whether they should write and speak "human"... and confuse it with "blue-collar"

"Prevalence" of cuddling and spooning among heterosexual British athlete-student lads...

A couple of teachers started gardening and here's their peer-reviewed story with some interesting conclusions

To understand sexting, we need to move beyond the human-non-human divide...

This was recently awarded a PhD at Washington University in St. Louis

A peer-reviewed paper on how queer theory and the concept of "the closet" can inform management research

A new peer-reviewed study on the "contemporary reading practices" of Russian Harry Potter fans

This is not a blog post. It's a peer-reviewed paper.

A peer-reviewed paper published last year warns about the dangers of selling Girl Scout cookies

Peer-reviewed paper suggests that @RuPaul advocates a type of queer perspective that is in line with neoliberalism

Study uses many parentheses and finds that the relationship betwen England and the EU is reciprocal.

- Congratulations once again! What did Ben end up majoring in? - ... I'm not sure. Something artsy fartsy, y'know.

Hunting stories can be transformed into peer-reviewed papers, too.

A peer-reviewed paper on the "performance" of buying condoms and why we need to reflect on it...

Same prof wrote a book on Valerie Solanas, the author of the SCUM manifesto
A gender studies prof assigned female students to grow out their body hair and to write a log book about it...

3 Flickr albums show that Jackie Chan's image "oscillate btwn nationalistic allegiance and cosmop. consciousness"

Racism makes it more difficult for Black webcam models to succeed, according to a new sociological study.

From an actual course book in qualitative methods.

Researcher provides a detailed account of his relationship with the song "I will survive" in a peer-reviewed paper

Sex and the City and Michael Kors ads demonstrate how neutrality towards neoliberalism is an expression of whiteness

Ecofeminism needed to understand environmental threats to "hegemonic masculinity" in marketing

Neoliberalism cause women to view being single positively

A psychoanalysis of the "white psyche" and its "racial fetish"...

All this academic jargon...

Neoliberalism cause children harm via their parents

A peer-reviewed story about how an MRI scan became poetry to a researcher

Fake authors and IKEA ads

Men who enjoy cooking manipulate cooking spaces and time(s) to make power structures more visible

A researcher in the humanities gets upgrades to first-class. Here's the peer-reviewed story about it.

On the need to include more queer theory in the closely related field of accounting

Individuals having not-for-profit sex with homeless people to combat capitalism