Would you like to start a real, money making business as soon as tonight?
Then good news, because now you can...

Launch Your Own Money Making Social Media Agency Tonight!

(Yes, even if you're brand new, have no Social Media skills, no portfolio and no advertising budget!)

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Your Own Social Media Agency!

Packed with traffic-getting, trust building content Supercharged with an SEO friendly layout Laced with lead generating widgets

Your Own Ready Made Portfolio!

No experience, no skills? No problem! Your website comes with ready-made portfolios to showcase the types of services you offer.

Your Own Ready Made Content!

Rake in free traffic from Google and YouTube, while positioning you as the expert.

Awesome Editable Logos

Get instant professional, branding for your Social Media services with logos that build trust and instant recognition.

Live Training!

Discover the simple secrets that allow you to earn $1500 per client, month after month, by offering Social Media Marketing services (even if you don’t know a thing about Social Media!)

Here’s How You Can Launch A Local
Social Media Agency Within Hours…

Hey there,

Are you sick and tired of overcomplicated biz ideas and marketing tricks that keep failing you?

Would you like to finally work from home while making six figures a year?

Then listen closely......because I’m about to give you everything you need to launch a real business, selling a premium, in demand service, as soon as tonight. I’m talking about...

Your Very Own Social Media Marketing Agency!

Yes, even if you have zero skills or experience…
… and YES… even if you’re on a tight budget!

I’ll explain how in just a second, but know this:

Most Social Media Agencies earn up to
$20,000 per month
(and you can too!)

When I saw how much social media agencies are earning per month, my jaw dropped to the floor.

For example, did you know that social media agencies get paid up to $6,000 per month to create and run a company’s Twitter account?

Yes, that’s $6,000 PER MONTH to set up
and run a single Twitter account!

I’m not making this up.

In fact, I got these figures directly from one of the world’s most authoritative, trusted speakers in Social Media Marketing, Mack Collier.

Mack is recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Social Media Marketers in the World, and in a blog post back in 2011, he revealed the average rates that Social Media Agencies are charging their clients…

What Social Media Agencies Are Charging
Their Clients Each Month (And You Can Too!)


Launch a blog from the ground-up, outsource all content creation (including customer interaction, handling responses to comments, etc)

Charges: $3,000 – $5,000 a month


Launch a blog from the ground-up, outsource some content creation

Charges: $2,000 – $3,500 a month


Restructure an existing blog to improve your efforts...

Charges: $2,000 – $4,000 a month for 3-6 months


Ghostwriting blog posts – Charges: $50-$500 per

Most Charge – Charges: $100-$250 per


Launch a new presence on Twitter and then provide ongoing training for company

Charges: $1,000 – $3,000 a month


Restructure an existing Twitter presence to improve your efforts

Charges: $1,000 – $2,500 a month


Limited coaching to improve your existing efforts on Twitter

Charges: $1,000 – $2,500 a month


Launch a Facebook Page from the ground-up, outsourcing all content creation and customer interaction.

Charges: $2,500 – $5,000 a month


Launch a Facebook Page from the ground-up, with limited ongoing training

Charges: $2,000 – $4,000 a month


Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Creation, assuming outsourcing of all content creation through all channels (minimum 2)

Charges: $4,000 – $7,000 a month

Check Out WP Social Agency in Action Below

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And That's Just For ONE client!

As an agency, your earning potential is practically unlimited if you decide to hire other team members and take on multiple clients.

The bottom line...?

There’s A Freakin HUGE Goldmine Waiting For You Out There...
(And It’s Way Easier Than All That Other Crap...)

Forget busting your butt trying to sell some weird ClickBank product that nobody really wants.

Forget complicated “sales funnels.”

And forget spending all day trying to get 100’s of visitors to your website, in the hopes of making a measly $44 commission (if you’re lucky.)

The fact is, selling Social Media Marketing services is just so much easier.

Why? Because...

Business Owners Are DESPERATE
For Your Social Media Help!

Now, more than ever, local businesses need to be active on social media.

They need to be able to respond to complaints, handle enquiries and develop a trusting relationship with their audience.

They need to be found where their customers are hanging out, or they will lose customers to their closest competitors.

They know that people are searching for them on Twitter and Facebook...

...and they know that being active on social media is the best way to drive traffic, win trust, and handle reputation issues fast.

Problem is...

...they don’t have time to do social media themselves, and don’t want to learn either.

So they’re searching for people like you. And boy, are they searching...

Just Look At All These Hungry Clients Who Are Ready To Pay You Bags Of Cash For Your Social Media Marketing Services...

Just look at all those searches and low hanging fruit for just one keyword...

...and there’s hundreds of additional keywords being used every day to find Social Media Agencies!

But You Don’t Need To Be Ranked In Google To Get Clients!

Right now, there are thousands of businesses searching for social media experts right now on job boards and freelance websites.

Over 6,000 jobs on Upwork...

Over 6,000 jobs on Upwork...

And It’s Not A “One-Off” Pay Check Either...

Fact is, social media is constantly evolving...

...and it’s not a “one off”job.

Small businesses need daily –even hourly – support to keep their social media accounts in good shape, deal with complains, handle enquiries, post fresh content, optimize that content, find new followers, and on, and on.

That means you don’t just get paid once.

You get a monthly income.

And it’s easy to see how that stacks up...

Yes, That’s $22,500 Per Month
And Well Within Your Reach!

If you can’t get 15 clients using our tools and training, we’ll be disappointed.

Because the fact is, there are thousands of clients searching for your help out there right now.

(And don’t forget all the other services, products and training you can sell to them on top of this monthly income, too.)

But there’s a problem...

How do you attract clients? How do you win trust? And what if you don’t have a clue about Social Media and don’t have any experience or a proven track record?

Don’t worry, because I’m giving you everything you need to launch your own client-getting Social Media agency tonight!

Starting with...

Your Own Professional, Traffic - Getting, Trust - Building Social Media Agency Website!

Mock 12

It’s practically impossible to sell Social Media services to small business owners if your own website looks and works like crap, or you don’t even have a website at all. Your SocialAgency website is specifically designed with professional features, high converting layouts, call to action pages, traffic-getting content, and social media widgets, right out the box...


  • Visually showcase your most popular services including Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Video Marketing, Social Viral Marketing
  • Reduce bounce rate with easy to navigate, unmissable content

Feature Boxes

  • 3 separate feature boxes highlight your most popular services and why the client needs them
  • Additional content that Google can index and rank you for.
  • Help clients understand the need for your services and want to hire you today.

Service Tables & Pricing

  • 5 service tabs showcase your most popular services. When a visitor clicks on a tab, they’re taken to a page where they can learn more about that service. Use these pages to show case studies, explain how it works, answer FAQs and more!


  • A ready-made visual portfolio block showcases the type of work and services you can offer. Don’t have any previous examples of your work, or any previous clients? No problem! Now you can win trust and persuade people to pick up the phone and hire you with a ready-made portfolio that shows clients what they can expect from you.

100% Mobile Responsive

  • Most of your potential clients are looking at your website through a smartphone. Your website must work properly and look awesome on a small screen. Now it does.

About Us Page

  • Tell visitors what you’re all about. Let them get to know your values, mission statement, what makes you different, and meet the people behind your business, to win trust with a personal touch.

Team Members

  • People buy from people. Let your visitors get to know and trust your company by meeting your team. Show prospects how your team is qualified to help, and close more sales.
  • Easily switch out photos and descriptions of your current team members, without any technical or design skills.
  • Don’t have your own team? Simply insert details of the people you’re planning to outsource the work to!


  • Includes customer photo and feedback to show potential clients you’re trustworthy and worth every penny.

Contact Us Page

  • Let clients find you on the map, email or call you, with a beautiful contact page that fits perfectly into your new SocialAgency theme.

Pricing Table & Order Button

  • Let clients decide which package is right for them and sell themselves on your services.
  • Showcase the value of your services with side by side comparison
  • Generate leads with a “risk free analysis” option
  • No more expensive or buggy price table plugins!

Exisiting Clients

  • Showcase your current or past clients, including their logos, to build further trust with your prospects

SEO Optimized

  • Simple SEO settings allow you to optimize your site for Google, increase your rankings, and enjoy free traffic and leads for years to come!

One Click Install

  • Have a fully designed, professional looking, client generating website up and running within seconds from now! No outsourcing, no coding, no learning curves.

Easy To Edit

  • Make it your own: Change logos, colors, images, content and social sharing features with a couple of clicks
WP Social Agency - Main

Win trust, respect and attention...

Without a professional website, you can’t get far with your Social media consulting services. It’s the first thing potential clients will see, and the first thing they’ll judge you on.

Now you can show them you mean business…

… and that you’re professional and trustworthy.


Get found, fast.


Your new agency website isn’t just professional looking, but packed with Google friendly video and text based content that attracts hands-free leads, day after day.

And it’s carefully engineered to capture red hot leads right when they're ready to buy!

With thousands of monthly searches in Google, your website could be generating daily leads…

… and remember, you only need 5 new clients per week to be banking up to $22,500 per month!

Heck, even if you only get 1 new client a week, that’s still a sweet $1500 per month income, right off the bat.


Forget generic WordPress themes…


If you’re serious about launching your own Social Media Agency, you need a website that looks professional and is designed to capture leads and customers.

Don’t waste $100’s on generic themes that break easily, and require hours of customization, extra plugins, and content…

Screw that!

Our SocialAgency theme is simple, elegant, functional, and specifically designed to attract and capture Social Media leads.

It loads fast, installs quickly, is easy to manage, never breaks down…

… and is packed with traffic-getting content that you can use to win clients, day after day.

But wait, I don’t have any Social Media skills or experience!”

Let me share a little secret with you.

You don’t need to know anything about Social Media or have any experience to land your first client!

You can simply outsource the work to other Social Media experts!

You get paid a “finder’s fee” from the client, and send your client’s brief to your freelancer.


But what about a portfolio?


Here’s another secret…

You can legally “BORROW” one!

When you hire freelancers to do the work, you can also use THEIR portfolio, experience and results to show your client.

This is perfectly ethical and agencies do it all the time. You’re simply showing off your “staff” or “team” members to potential clients. And your team can just be a bunch of experts you find on a freelance website!

Which means you really can instantly start cashing in on the booming Social Media Marketing industry with your own ready-made, Google friendly, lead generating Social Media Agency website that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

But we’re not done yet!
Order SocialAgency right now
and we’ll GIVE you this…



live training

We’ve not only loaded your ready-made website with client winning content that you can use to get found in Google, YouTube and through social media…

… but we’re going to show you exactly how to land your first client fast, with our bonus private training program when you purchase SocialAgency today.

So let’s recap:

Order SocialAgency today and you’re getting…

  • Client-getting Social Agency website (Real world value $200)
  • Live training webinar: How to find your first client tonight (Real world value $99)

That’s a total real world value of $299!

But today, it’s all yours for just…

WP Social Agency - Main

My 100% “Win-Win” Guarantee

I can’t promise you a specific income, but I can promise you this:

When you combine this ready-made, content packed, traffic-getting website, with the exclusive webinar training to show you how to land your first Social Media client fast…

… I can’t think of a faster, easier way to set up a money-making Social Media agency from home!

And if you don’t agree, then you have 30 days to request a complete, no-hassle refund.


But hurry… this won’t last!


The price is rocketing with every sale…

… so act NOW to lock in the lowest possible price and grab your content packed website and client-landing training (valued at $299) before it’s too late!

With your own professional, lead generating website, you can start a legitimate business you can be proud of… a business that can bring in $20,000 per month from repeat clients… faster than ever.

No more wasting thousands of dollars on designers and coders…

now you can instantly plug in a professional website that wins trust, attracts free traffic from Google, and sucks in passive leads for your Social Media agency today!


It’s time to create an income stream you can rely on (and be proud of!)


Let’s face it…

It’s harder than ever to make money online…

… spending months writing content, building websites, and trying to get hundreds of visitors to your website just to make a measly $44 commission per day (if you’re lucky.)

It’s time to reclaim your social life, your family life, and your sanity. It’s time to stop hammering away at the keyboard, wondering if you’ll ever make enough money to quit your day job.

Offering an in demand Social Media Marketing service is the sure-fire way to start making BIG money from home.

And now, with your Social Agency website, you can attract leads and win people’s trust, even if you’re not an expert.

By using this ready-made, content packed theme, and hiring other Social Media experts to handle the work, you can instantly launch your own money-making agency TONIGHT.

Don’t spend weeks – and hundreds of dollars – trying to piece together your agency website from scratch. We’ve already designed and built a premium, traffic-getting, trust building, client winning website you can start using within minutes from now instead!

WP Social Agency - Main


Q: “Do I really need this?”

Apart from the ability to get passive free leads from Google, and the sheer amount of time and money you’re saving, here’s one big reason to invest in this ready-made website:

Your potential clients are getting bombarded with cold calls from your competitors… every… single… day.

You’re up against hundreds of Social Media consultants in your area and beyond… and every single one of them has a slick website and expert content to show clients they mean business.

Now ask yourself… why would any of these clients take a Social Media consultant seriously if you don’t even have your own professional looking website?


Q: I don’t have any skills or experience?

That’s OK. Everything you offer on your website/portfolio can be outsourced! We’ll show you how. Remember, the hardest part of starting a $20,000 per month Social Media consulting agency is winning people’s trust and getting clients. Now this website cuts through the noise, gets you found in Google, and presells clients on the need to hire you!


Q: I don’t have much time or money; can I still do this?

Absolutely. This theme was designed for people just like you! People who can’t afford to blow hundreds on website creation before they’ve even started. We’ll show you how to quickly edit and customize the content, logo and even the core services you want to offer, with push button simplicity. No HTML or coding skill required.


Q: How quickly can I start seeing results?

Your website will be up and running tonight, ready to attract FREE leads from Google, social media and other search engines. We’ll also show you how to attract clients from all over the web, within hours. And if you don’t have time or the skills, we’ll even show you how to outsource everything, including the jobs you’re hired to do!


Q: Do you offer after sales support?

Absolutely. Not that you’ll need it, but if you do, we’re here for you. You can reach 7 days a week. You’ll also get free lifetime updates too!