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WP Social Agency - DFY Videos With White Label Rights


Before you set up your social consultancy website and launch this exciting new business, I have one more offer for you…How about providing Social Video Marketing services to your social clients

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20 ready-made videos to land
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Add these 20 ready-made,
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You already know that Facebook LOVES video content…if you will host it on FB.

If you will host videos on FB it goes viral faster than any other platform. You can easily offer this Social Video Marketing Service to your clients, even if you don’t know how to create high quality videos. Videos are generating lots of traffic

… in fact, by 2018, 80% of internet traffic will be coming from, or searching for VIDEOS.

And more importantly…

According to Forrester research, studies have shown that videos were over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

What if you had 20 videos advertising your services loaded into your website, all over Youtube, Vimeo and on Facebook Video within minutes from now?

Do you think that would help you find more clients?

You bet it would!

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20 ready-made videos to land
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Unless you’re a real pro, creating videos can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Heck, one of the most popular video creation tools will set you back $67… Take a look this is the price right off their page today!

And that’s before you’ve even learnt how to use it, or even created a single video! But you don’t have to pay anything like that. Instead, you can add these 20 ready-made, client getting videos to your website today, for just $67!

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WP Social Agency - DFY Videos With White Label Rights

P.S – With these ready-made videos your website, you’ll look more professional, suck in more visitors through search engines (Google ranks video higher than text these days), get more leads and clients from YouTube and other video sharing sites, and turn more visitors into leads and clients (video typically converts higher than regular text!)