You are the leader of an alien nation competing for resources and control in a crowded galaxy. Will you consolidate resources while shutting off your borders? Build fleets and conquer your peace-loving neighbors? Or grow and expand your kingdom as you discover new worlds? The choice is yours…


Players win by gaining 10 victory points. Gain points by doing any combination of these things:

* These points are limited- only a certain number may be collected by all players per game.

Game Setup


The board starts with a few planets revealed with randomly-generated resources and surrounded by unexplored sectors. Each sector contains one hidden planet that may be discovered as the game progresses.

Starting Resources:

Each player begins with 2 of each resource type: Metal (gray), Water (blue), Fuel (red), and Food (green). Find these in the Resource Menu at the bottom-left hand corner of the screen.

Starting Mines:

Each player also gets 2 mines to place anywhere on the board for free. (After the game setup, structures cost resources to build and must be built on or next to planets you already occupy.)

Order: Players place their first mines starting from left (the red player) to right. Player order then reverses, with the last player placing their second mind first.

Placing mines: To place a mine on your turn, hover over any empty resource square of a type you want to collect and click it. You should receive a confirmation menu with a green checkmark button to accept. Once confirmed, you will see a new mine of your color appear on the chosen resource square (and one less mine in your Structures Inventory). Each round, mines give you one of whatever resource they occupy.

Navigation: Throughout the game, you may want to move or resize the board to get a better look at things. You can do this by zooming in and out using the magnifying glass buttons on the left of the screen. You can also click and drag the board at any time to reposition your view.

Game Play

The remainder of the game takes place in rounds, each consisting of 5 phases:

1) Missions, 2) Collection, 3) Upkeep, 4) Building, and 5) Actions, with Building and Actions occurring in turns, from left to right. To avoid any unfair advantages due to turn order, the starting player rotates from left to right on each round. (eg. The second, blue player is the first to build on the second round)

  1. Missions

    At the start of each round, any missions launched by players in previous rounds are resolved. No missions will appear at the start of the game, since none will have been launched yet.

  2. Collection

    Next, each player receives all resources collected by their mines, factories, and embassies for this round. Collect these by clicking the Collect button that will appear at the bottom of the screen next to your resource menu.

  3. Upkeep

    After collecting resources, all players must pay upkeep for any structures or agents they have on the board (Mines have no upkeep cost). During this time, you may also choose to retire or remove any structures you no longer wish to keep and lower your upkeep cost. (Click the Upkeep button to pay resources and end this phase.)

    Removal: To remove structures or agents and lower your upkeep costs, click on them during the upkeep phase. This will bring up a menu allowing you to Remove or Retire them. Click this. If you have not paid upkeep this round, your

    upkeep requirement will reflect the change.

    Important: Winning players are only declared when they maintain 10 or more points after paying upkeep. The end of the Upkeep phase is the only time in the game that winning players are declared.

  4. Build & Recruit

    During this phase, players take turns building structures and/or recruiting agents on planets. Details on each structure and agent can be found by hovering over them in your Structures and Agents Inventories.

    Building: To build a structure, click on it in the structure inventory. Next, hover over the resource on which you want it to be built. (For bases and fleets, simply click on a planet. These do not go on specific resource squares.)

    Recruiting: To recruit an agent, first click on them in the agent inventory. Next, click on a plant where you want them to start. Agents must start on a planet where you have a structure that allows them to be created, but they may move and complete missions elsewhere.

    Note: If you have no more structures on the board that allow your active agent to be recruited (eg. you have an explorer on the board and your only factory was just destroyed) that agent is also removed from the board until you can re- recruit them.

    This also applies to fleets, which must be built where you have a base. If your base is lost, your fleets are automatically removed from the board as well.

  5. Actions

    Each agent, base, and fleet may perform 1 action per round. Players take turns choosing these actions, with each player launching all actions before the next player goes. When finished with your actions when it is your turn, click ‘End Turn.’

    Fleets: Once per turn, each fleet may either move to an adjacent planet OR attack a structure (including fleets) on the planet they occupy.

    Move: To move a fleet, click it on the board and select Move on the screen that appears. Next, click the planet you wish to move to.

    Attack: To attack, click on your fleet and select Attack on the screen that appears. Next, click the structure or fleet to attack. If successful, the structure is removed, and the attacker earns 1 destruction point.

    Bases: Once per turn, each base may attack one fleet on the planet it occupies.

    Attack: To attack, click your base and select Attack on the screen that appears. Click the fleet you wish to attack. If successful, the fleet is removed, and the attacking player earns 1 destruction point.

    Defense: Each structure has a defense rating, found in the info menu in the structures inventory. This is the chance each structure type has of defending a single attack. (ex. 2|6 means a 33% chance of survival.) When attacked, the structure will briefly show a shield or explosion to show the result.

    Agents: Once per turn, each agent may either move to an adjacent planet OR launch a mission that will utilize their unique mission text.


Below is a detailed list of all agent types, with explanations of their mission text.

Explorer - Send on a mission to an unexplored sector. On resolution, a new planet is revealed to all players. If you are the first to explore this sector, gain 1 point (2 for large sectors). You may also reserve one resource square on the new planet, where only you may build. (All players may build on the other resources.)

Miner - Send on missions to planets where you have a mine, factory, or embassy. On resolution, you may choose one resource square you occupy on this planet to receive 6 of that resource type.

Surveyor - Send on a mission to any planet. On arrival, you may choose up to 2 resource squares present. (Hit done when finished). For the rest of the game, any mine on these squares will collect 2 of that resource instead of 1. (No effect for factories or embassies, which already collect 2 resources per round)

Ambassador - Send on a mission to any planet. On arrival, choose up to 2 borders between this planet and adjacent planets to place no fly zones. (Hit done when finished). For the rest of the game, fleets and agents cannot pass these borders. When all borders of a planet are blocked with adjacent (explored) planets, each structure there is worth +1 point.

Envoy - Send on a mission to any planet occupied by an embassy. On arrival, collect resources equal to those gained by all opponents on this planet each round. Gain 1 envoy point if the planet has one or more opponent embassies.

Spy - Send on a mission to any planet. On arrival, a spy eye will appear on both the source and destination of this mission (If source and destination are the same, 2 eyes will appear on the same planet). When opponent missions appear where you have a spy eye, you may discard it to block the opponent mission OR collect resources equal to what your opponent earns from the mission.

Smuggler - Send on a mission to any planet. On arrival, smuggler steals one of each resource that opponents collect here. (Resources not stolen if opponents have no more of that resource type) OR When launching a mission with another agent from the

same planet as your smuggler, include the smuggler on this mission. The other agent’s mission may now cross a no-fly zone. (Smuggler will appear at that mission’s destination on resolution, and cannot be used until the mission is completed.)

Sabateur - Send on a mission to any planet. On arrival, you may choose 1 opponent structure here. That structure is destroyed, and you earn 1 destruction point. (This is not an attack, and the structure’s defense is not considered.) Mines cannot be destroyed.