BlackLight 2016 Release 3.1 (build 20161220.234512-d6e04e7)

For a complete list of all improvements and bug fixes, please scroll down!

Full Changelog

  • Improved[HALO-10844] - Support for iOS 10.2 backup encryption
  • Improved[HALO-10828] - Improved speed of generating report preview
  • Improved[HALO-10803] - Improved speed of displaying database preview
  • Fixed[HALO-10259] - Fixed crash when running deep search
  • Fixed[HALO-10754] - Fixed issue causing internet log parsing to hang
  • Fixed[HALO-10454] - Fixed issue causing Windows VSC parsing to hang
  • Fixed[HALO-10379] - Fixed issue causing file carving to hang
  • Fixed[HALO-10802] - Display accessible properties for untrusted iOS devices in Add Evidence window
  • Fixed[HALO-10867] - Fixed issue preventing the tagging and exporting of Windows Thumbs.db thumbnails
  • Fixed[HALO-10793] - Fixed issue preventing the exporting of thumbnails
  • Fixed[HALO-10782] - Fixed another issue preventing the exporting of thumbnails
  • Fixed[HALO-10902] - When new app is installed it needs to remove old EWMounter directory and install the new directory
  • Fixed[HALO-10583] - Fixed failure to load ewffs.kext for EWMounter
  • Fixed[HALO-10898] - Display Win10v1511 system hiberfil and raw memory dump data
  • Fixed[HALO-10666] - Can now carve Mac physical memory image