Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Founded by the Politecnico di Milano in 2003, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano ( pursues aims and carries out activities and functions that are central to the institution’s mission. Fondazione Politecnico is an agile and practical vehicle that opens doors to complex research for business enterprises, develops plans, encourages and supports the development of structures and laboratories, extends excellent competences and stimulates the creation of new technology-oriented companies.

Today, after seven years of growth in terms of structure, relations and projects carried out with numerous public and private partners, the foundation plays a significant role in innovating companies and the public sector, and in using the university’s expertise and research to assist economic development.

Fondazione Politecnico spotlights, promotes and makes the university's expertise accessible through:
• the development of partnerships between the institution and the economic and social community,
• the transfer of innovation from the academic world to businesses and public administration,
• partnerships at international level and
• support for the creation of new business ventures.

Fondazione Politecnico occupies a strategic position enabling it to act in synergy with the Politecnico di Milano, universities in general, businesses and public administration, facilitating collaboration.

Fondazione Politecnico promotes and participates in joint research projects that involve the Politecnico di Milano, private companies, public bodies, laboratories and universities from different countries, thereby actively contributing to the creation of the European research space. In this initiative, the European Union and the participating bodies share and exchange information, human resources and scientific results to increase employment and competitiveness in the European market.

"Energy efficiency is a fundamental issue in today's telecommunication field. The awareness and the responsibility for a green future makes Fondazione Politecnico di Milano proud to be a member of the GreenTouch initiative. Fondazione Politecnico is the ideal place where academic knowledge meets the industrial expertise and therefore a naturally suited actor to foster cooperation and sharing in research."

-Graziano Dragoni, General Manager, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano




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