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This is a new & improved ancients optimizer that optimizes the most important metric of all - soul farm efficiency.
Note that idle mode does not use DR. If you want to include it while still using idle mode (minus two minutes for using the abilities), uncheck idle mode and set every field inside to zero.
It is highly recommended that you actually paste in your save data instead of entering the levels manually, since there is a lot of other data it uses, such as gilded levels.

Iris simulation assumes that a food/candy is clicked as soon as you ascend, allowing you to immediately progress to the highest unlocked zone.
Paste save data (click wrench, click Save, close the save prompt because its already copied to clipboard):
Please import a save for suggestions
New ancient suggestions:
Please import a save for suggestions
Leave current level blank or 0 if you don't own the ancient.
Hero Souls
Efficiency indicates switching all gilds to the indicated hero, and includes the 80 souls lost for each regild.
Tinkering with gilds will not automatically account for the souls lost to regilding.
Efficiency indicates the relative value of the relic. The relic with the lowest efficiency should be salvaged.
This plan begins after all heroes are unlocked and all upgrades are purchased up to and including Frostleaf.
HeroTo Level
Original calculator and source from rivsoft.
New updates by /u/rler. Visit /r/clickerheroes for more info.