Welcome future Amazon Economists!

What is it like to work for the Amazon Economist team?
Economists at Amazon are solving some of the most challenging applied economics questions in the tech sector. Amazon economists apply the frontier of economic thinking to market design, pricing, forecasting, program evaluation, online advertising and other areas. Our economists build econometric models using our world class data systems, and apply economic theory to solve business problems in a fast moving environment. A career at Amazon affords economists the opportunity to work with data of unparalleled quality, apply rigorous applied econometric approaches, and work with some of the most talented applied econometricians in the trade. In addition to a number of top tier junior PhD economists hired in prior years, in the last two years, Amazon has been able to attract several new economics from top tier institutions. Led by our Chief Economist, Patrick Bajari, our senior team members include VP Economist Phillip Leslie (UCLA-Anderson School of Management), VP Economist Steve Tadelis (UC Berkeley), Greg Duncan (University of Washington), John Geweke (University of Technology, Sydney), Guido Imbens (Stanford GSB), Eric Zivot (University of Washington), Ali Hortacsu (University of Chicago), and Victor Chernozhukov (MIT).

Are you interested in learning more about the Amazon Economist Department? We will connect you directly to a leader on the team!: Please send your resume to economist-careers@amazon.com.

What's it like to work as an Economist at Amazon?

Why should you apply?

  • Work with data unparalleled in other tech, industry, or academic economist roles
  • Apply cutting edge econometric methods to petabytes of data
  • Work on problems with immediate impact and broad reach – both customer-facing applications and applications that impact our vast operations network
  • Partner with top flight economics talent as well as extremely capable business and engineering colleagues

Who are we looking for?

  • PhD in Economics
  • Two to three years of experience in private sector, consulting, government, or in academic research
  • Strong background in econometrics (e.g., program evaluation, forecasting, time series, panel data, and/or high dimensional problems), economic theory, and quantitative methods
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced business environment
  • Strong applied research track record in industrial organization, applied econometrics, labor economics, development economics, public economics, applied macroeconomics, quantitative marketing, or a related field
  • Hands on experience with at least one of the following: Matlab, R, SAS, Stata
  • Experience with SQL and/or with languages such as Python, Java, C++, Ruby is a plus.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills


To apply or learn more

Email us with questions or send us your CV (resume). We look forward to talking with you!