Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

Awarded climate medal by Obama—now he finds enormous fraud and exposes it

Memo to President Trump and Steve Bannon: Here it is. Set the table, put the napkins in your lap and feast on this revelation.

by Jon Rappoport

February 6, 2017

A highly respected, medal-winning climate scientist just wound up and threw a giant monkey wrench into global warming science.

His name? John Bates. His target? A recent fraudulent study that claimed the uncomfortable “pause” in warming was really no pause at all. That study, pretending warming had never stopped, was timed to help negotiating nations at the Climate Summit in Paris. It was timed to help them enact draconian economic measures to reduce warming.

But, Bates reveals, that study was cooked on several counts. It was such a mess no self-respecting scientist would sign on to it. However, scientists did sign on to it. And a prestigious journal, Science, published it. Apparently, the brains at Science were on vacation. Or they were determined to play ball and assist the Globalist plan to drastically reduce CO2-producing energy production in nations across the globe, thus escalating poverty, in order to “save us” all from frying.

Here are choice quotes from David Rose’s exclusive Daily Mail article that exposes the far-reaching deception:

“The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.”

“A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed [fraudulent] report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.”

“The [fraudulent] report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed, and that world temperatures had been rising faster than scientists expected. Launched by NOAA with a public relations fanfare, it was splashed across the world’s media, and cited repeatedly by politicians and policy makers.”

“But the whistleblower, Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has shown The Mail on Sunday irrefutable evidence that the paper was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data.”

“It was never subjected to NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process – which Dr Bates devised.”

“His vehement objections to the publication of the faulty data were overridden by his NOAA superiors in what he describes as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’ of what became known as the [fraudulent] Pausebuster paper.”

“His disclosures are likely to stiffen President Trump’s determination to enact his pledges to reverse his predecessor’s ‘green’ policies, and to withdraw from the Paris deal – so triggering an intense political row.”

“In an exclusive interview, Dr Bates accused the lead author of the paper, Thomas Karl, who was until last year director of the NOAA section that produces climate data – the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) – of ‘insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximised warming and minimised documentation…in an effort to discredit the notion of a global warming pause, rushed so that he could time publication to influence national and international deliberations on climate policy’.”

“Both datasets [used in the fraudulent study] were flawed. This newspaper has learnt that NOAA has now decided that the sea dataset will have to be replaced and substantially revised just 18 months after it was issued, because it used unreliable methods which overstated the speed of warming. The revised data will show both lower temperatures and a slower rate in the recent warming trend.”

“The land temperature dataset used by the study was afflicted by devastating bugs in its software that rendered its findings ‘unstable’.”

“The paper [fraudulent study] relied on a preliminary, ‘alpha’ version of the data which was never approved or verified.”

“None of the data on which the paper was based was properly ‘archived’ – a mandatory requirement meant to ensure that raw data and the software used to process it is accessible to other scientists, so they can verify NOAA results.”

“Dr Bates retired from NOAA at the end of last year after a 40-year career in meteorology and climate science. As recently as 2014, the Obama administration awarded him a special gold medal for his work in setting new, supposedly binding standards ‘to produce and preserve climate data records’.”

“Yet when it came to the paper timed to influence the Paris conference, Dr Bates said, these standards were flagrantly ignored.”

“The [fraudulent] paper was published in June 2015 by the journal Science. Entitled ‘Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus’, the document said the widely reported [warming] ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ was a myth.”

“But Dr Bates said this increase in temperatures was achieved by dubious means. Its key error was an upwards ‘adjustment’ of readings from fixed and floating buoys, which are generally reliable, to bring them into line with readings from a much more doubtful source – water taken in by ships. This, Dr Bates explained, has long been known to be questionable: ships are themselves sources of heat, readings will vary from ship to ship, and the depth of water intake will vary according to how heavily a ship is laden – so affecting temperature readings.”

“Dr Bates said: ‘They had good data from buoys. And they threw it out and “corrected” it by using the bad data from ships. You never change good data to agree with bad, but that’s what they did – so as to make it look as if the sea was warmer’.”

“Moreover, the…software [used in the fraudulent study] was afflicted by serious bugs. They caused it to become so ‘unstable’ that every time the raw temperature readings were run through the computer, it gave different results.”

“Dr Bates revealed that the failure to archive and make available fully documented data not only violated NOAA rules, but also those set down by Science. Before he retired last year, he continued to raise the issue internally. Then came the final bombshell. Dr Bates said: ‘I learned that the computer used to process the software had suffered a complete failure’.”

“The reason for the failure is unknown, but it means the [fraudulent] Pausebuster paper can never be replicated or verified by other scientists.”

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Get it? Fraud all the way along the line. And a cover-up, to make an examination of the fraud-details impossible.

The perfect worst-case scenario.

Can we now, at last, have a few criminal indictments?

Even a prosecuting attorney fresh out of law school, wet behind the ears, with zero courtroom experience, would be able to secure a proper verdict.

Guilty on all counts.

Guilty of fraud, and aiding and abetting a far-reaching scheme to reduce energy production in America (and other nations), on the premise that warming is rising and must be stopped.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, imagine this. The powers-that-be want to cut the production of energy in this country. Anyone can see the result of such a plan. We all become strapped. We all become poorer. But we’re told this is necessary to save us from the destruction of life on Earth. We’re told we have to go along with the plan, because producing energy releases carbon dioxide, which in turn keeps raising the temperature of the planet. Recently, a key scientific study was published, and this study bolsters the whole idea that global warming is on the rise. But a key expert insider will show that this study was false and a fraud and a lie, and the people who wrote it are guilty of deceiving you and me and everyone. Find these people guilty, once and for all, and send them to prison, where they belong…”

I could try this case in court. You could try this case in court. Three guys in a bar could try this case. And win.

Are you ready, Mr. Trump? Send out the hounds from the Department of Justice and put these liars under arrest.

And let’s see their trial in open court, every minute of it, on camera, on television, online.

Let’s see it in New York and Chicago and Los Angeles and Toronto and London and Paris and Rome and Kabul and Tehran and Sydney and Tokyo and Rio and Durban and Nuuk and Tierra del Fuego…

At long last, put official science and its enablers in the dock.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

15 comments on “Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Always provocative, Jon Rappaport…

  2. Blackeyes says:

    For some of us it is not knew that Circus Climate Change is part of action plan Agenda 21/2030.
    It proved to be very hard to convince people that it is all a hoax and I believe Mr. LaRousse who stated that climate change is no Science, it is a depopulation program.

    And here we are, finally scientists with decent brains, the right responsibil attitude are opening up to inform the people what is the truth.

    IMO, the action points in your article I fully agree with have to be carried out by Mr. Donald J. Trump without delay because this “climate change circus” is damaging people, the earth and in the line of the new USA president: it damages the global economy horrendously.

    Thank you for the good and very informative article, Mr. Rappoport.

    • Michael Burns says:

      Here in Canada, one will pay carbon tax on plants bought from a greenhouse…I looked at the numbers on how much it will cost each and ever household on average in Canada, and it flutuates somewhere around $4000 a year. Depending on who is reprting. That is a lot of money for someone to steal from me.

  3. Robert L Wachsmuth sr says:

    President Obama has said that refining Gasoline further to remove more of the impurities would Eliminate 50 Billion Dollars a year in Healthcare Costs , probably Billions more . Time to Prosecut the American Medical Association for the Genocide of the American People and the Destruction of the Earth . MURDER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM KILLING MY FAMILY .

  4. floridaborne says:

    With a new administration, there may be hope that the thousands of scientists who have tried to speak out against the climate change coercionists will now have a chance to speak.

  5. skedaddle says:

    Thank you for the succinct facts of this case of lying. I’ll tell it to people like I have the other cases of fraudulent global warming data but I predict I’ll have almost no luck in persuading anyone to doubt global warming. It looks blatantly simple, a child could understand the problem with data from ships vs. fixed buoys or moving thermometers around but adults just stare and keep believing the TV guy.

    Trump should use this opportunity to out the facts and expose the lies but I’m still not sure it will persuade many people. A doctor once told me that my ability to see things as they are was very rare. I don’t understand how you lie to yourself as much as is necessary to keep up with all our current lies but thank goodness I see and accept truth. Wish there were more of us.

  6. IMNAHA says:

    Looks like it’s an early Hannukah for the Donald. This SHOULD be a litmus test of his will to drain the swamp…

  7. Greg C. says:

    These so-called scientists should be punished for their fraud. How about one season of cherry-picking? (Actual cherries, not data!)

  8. elliottjab says:

    Gears just clicked, the pendulum just swung a bit further in our favorable direction. Thank you Dr. J. Bates – retired NOAA.

  9. elliottjab says:

    This should result in more than a small crack in the dam… thanks so much Jon.

  10. Michael Burns says:

    Yes this is a shock, I read the story in WUWT…

    Global Average Temperature…what a joke! The whole gathering process is a joke.

    If one take a closer look at the surface stations in the United States. Much of this infrastructure is old and jury rigged to modern standards. Surface stations have been monitored for well over a hundred years, in some places. And some surface stations have been around that long, if not in other cases much longer.

    It is one of the least looked at infrastructures in the US. Many of these temperature and data surface stations were built decades and decades ago. Were once an open field expose the surface station to the elements. Now many of these are in the middle of subdivision. Or they are now on black top tarmac parking lots or next to a heat source like exterior restaurant kitchen fans, or heat exhaust from running vehicles in parking lots. Home owners have moved them, planted around them to hide them; or they are sheltered from the effects. Some can be found on top of a building in a shopping mall…a hot place on a summer afternoon.

    Sometimes the surface station are attached to newly erected buildings, or right next to these definite heat sources. Proper temperatures can not be gained in this…this gathered information cannot be considered facts.

    When one looks at the paucity of surface stations closer to the poles, or wilderness, they are few and far between, when compared to the density of surface stations in the continental United States and Europe. When one looks closer, we find a great density of surface stations in villages and towns. Numerous surface stations are found within major cities, airports…

    Cities, towns and villages are micro-climates compared to out of town regions.
    I personally have found an average 2 degree C difference in town temperature and out of town temperature.

    When testing these sites for their accuracy of gathered data. We find that, within the United States, that surface stations on average, are greater than 2 degrees C in error. Some even range as large as 5 degrees C in error. Add this to the paucity of surface stations over the whole planet, rather than a concentration in specific regions, countries and there is enough room to fly a space shuttle through the gaping hole in that corrupted global data.

    When average world mean temperature for instance is calculated, an average or mean it taken from all reporting surface stations. If there is a lop-sided gathering from one warmer area compared to paucity of surface station in colder areas, there will be discrepancies. And imbalanced mean.
    Adding to this, with newer off planet temperature sensor gathering from satellites, the accuracy of these results are even more untrustworthy. With temperature prediction according to computer models, we add another layer of error.

    In a recent study of hospital thermometers…(I know, but a mercury thermometer is still a mercury thermometer)

    “Both laboratory and clinical studies show that there is [no significant difference in the average accuracy of the two types of thermometers], however there is a greater fluctuation of readings of temperature when using electronic thermometers. In clinical studies between 9 and 23% of repeated measurements using an electronic thermometer differ by 0.5°C or more whilst the corresponding range for mercury thermometers is 0.6%. It is also shown that when making clinical measurements with mercury thermometers there is no clinical advantage in using a measurement time longer than 3 minutes.” -PubMed

    Proper temperature gathering devices are very expensive; mercury thermometers are unreliable below -39 degrees C, but still cheap. Alcohol in thermometers evaporates, and polymerize after a time.
    Electronic devices are susceptible to surrounding EMF corruption and electrically disturbances; they rely on battery or solar power. And as they age they drift to an errored higher or lower temperature

  11. From Quebec says:

    This was their dirty plan to ban people from owning a car and to start pushing for Robot self driving electric cars And to crush the coal industry to push the solar panel industry in which the Elites had invested in.

  12. Vaclav Nemec says:

    The community of geoethicists from the source has lot of experiences with horrible climate changes frauds as well as with real scientific problems of the actual extraordinary period in the behaviour of purely natural forces. Oliver K. Manuel has indicated very objective testimonies at some of the previous blogs supported also by my comments. From such a point of view the new elite whistle blower story may seem to be of quite marginal importance. BUT in fact Jon is to to be congratulated for publishing this case of the probably first confession of a scientist who appeared as unable to continue in his life with such a heavy moral burden. There is no need to ask President Trump or Steve Bannon what to do, all steps of the previous Administration incl. manoeuvres at COP 21 in Paris have been blocked immediately. The correct question should be: How long will other collapsed scientists continue in delaying an analogous confession? In my opinion an unavoidable high intensity Science-quake is to be expected.

  13. From Quebec says:

    The truth always come out. It reminds me of a beautiful Leonard Cohen song, where he says: ‘ ‘There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in..

    Leonard Cohen – Anthem (w/lyrics) London 2008

  14. John says:

    The left can never win on facts or ever deal with a citizenry which is awake and has the ability to question and think. The left must always use deception, selective outrage and manipulation of data in order to advance its illogical and twisted agenda.

    The left does not care if its agenda is right or if they are helping the country. Their Marxist agenda is their religion and they consider it their duty to blindly follow this agenda, up and over a cliff if necessary.

    Some very smart people who would classify themselves as liberals no longer care about this country. As long as they can exist safely within their bubble of moral relativism, it is the only thing that matters to them. They believe anybody who disagrees with their view or agenda must be eventually eliminated. You can not argue or debate a liberal anymore.

    These zombies are living in an inverse reality preparing their children for a world which never existed and never will. Trump needs to push his agenda hard and not compromise with these people.

    Harry Reid changed the rules in order to never compromise again. The country is at stake and we need to ignore the leftist children and their temper tantrums.

    Obama got everything he wanted and spent 10 trillion dollars destroying every fabric of American society. It is time to pick up the pieces of carnage this Marxist maniac ideologue and his arrogant sycophants have left behind.

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