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  • What's In It For You

    As a website owner, blogger, or online marketing expert, you know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money and provide real value to your audience. But the key to success is choosing the right program and the right product. We’ve got you covered. By joining our Affiliate Program, you will be able to offer a game changing lead generation tool that has helped more than 19,000 marketers get more leads, increase their conversions, and get marketing campaigns up much faster. We know you have a ton of affiliate programs to choose from, so it is our goal to make our program the very BEST!

    • 30% Commissions
    • 2.17 CPC (average commissions per click among our top 10 affiliates)
  • Bonuses

    • 50/50 If you hit over 15k in revenue then we will split commissions 50/50
    • 100 Get a dedicated landing page after you hit 100 sales
  • Dates

    Here are the dates for your launch, please mark them on your calendar. We will email you if anything new comes up. Thanks for being in this launch!

5 Ways To Promote Company Name Right Now
  • Co-host a Company Name JV Webinar with us - If you can get over 100 people on a live webinar and 300+ people registered we’ll host a dedicated webinar just for your audience. Click here to learn more >>
  • Promote Our Weekly Live Company Name Webinar - Don’t have a big enough audience for your own webinar? Join our weekly webinar and start making commissions now. Click here to learn more >>
  • Become a Member of Our Partnership Program - As a partner, you can offer exclusive Company Name deals and packages on your website as often as you like. Click here to learn more >>
  • Promote New Company Name Features - Company Name releases new templates and features every month. As an affiliate, you can capitalize on any launch or new feature with promotions of your own. Click here to learn more >>
  • Market Company Name in Blog Posts, Social Media & Emails - Love Company Name? Have a great case study to share? Tell your story and promote Company Name to your audience. Click here to learn more >>
Inside The Product:
What To Love About Company Name

  • 4 Membership Levels
    • Standard Monthly -- $37/month - Your Affiliate Commission: Click here to learn more
    • Pro Monthly -- $67/month - Your Affiliate Commission: $20.10 per month
    • Standard Annual -- $297/year (30% off the monthly rate) - Your Affiliate Commission: $89.10 per year
    • Pro Annual -- $497/year (40% off the monthly rate) - Your Affiliate Commission: $149.10 per year
  • Top Features
    • Over 70 Landing Page Templates
      Choose from over 70+ easy-to-customize templates to quickly and easily generate high-converting landing pages. That includes proven landing page templates for sales pages, landing pages, launch pages, welcome gates, about me pages, launching soon pages, webinar pages, thank you pages, upsell pages, interview series pages, per-cart pages, squeeze pages, opt-in pages, and more.
    • Unlimited Pages on Unlimited Domains
      You can create an unlimited number landing, sales, and opt in pages with your Company Name account. You can also use your Company Name™ account with an unlimited number of domains.
    • LeadGen
      A LeadGen is a pop-up window that appears when your potential subscribers click on a designated link, image, button or text. To see exactly what a LeadGen looks like, click here. We also highly encourage you to click on the button below for a live demonstration of LeadGen™.
    • Sort All Pages By Conversion
      Our “sort by conversion tool” lets any customer instantly see our highest converting pages with a single click.
    • Facebook Page Compatible
      Publish your Company Name or LeadGen to your Facebook fan page. You can do this in four clicks.
    • 100% Mobile-Responsive Pages
      Company Name™ works on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices effortlessly. We'll make sure that everyone can navigate through your landing pages (and that you don't lose sales by restricting who can see them).
    • One-Click Facebook Registration
      Get your users best email address...the one that’s tied to their Facebook profile. The Facebook registration plugin can be enabled on all Company Name and LeadGen templates that support multiple form fields.
    • Conversion Rate Stats/Analytics
      With our built-in analytics, you can find out in seconds how Company Name, LeadGen, and ShutterStock are performing. With a glance, you can see your conversion rates, unique visitors, and graphical analysis of how your marketing assets are trending over time.
    • Digital Asset Delivery
      Company Name™ makes giving away free content “bribes” easier than ever. With our simple templates, you can create opt-in pages that instantly send your subscribers free content bribes (or “lead magnets”) when they opt-in for your email list.

      Unlike other software, you can give away as many different content bribes as you want on multiple opt-in pages and still drive your new subscribers to the same email list. You can also link your email service provider into Company Name™, and send your new email subscribers confirmation emails, welcome messages or other communications once they receive your free content bribe.
    • Pre-Populating Landing Page Fields
      If someone fills in contact details on any LeadPage, Company Name remembers it across the network. So for any lead that finds another opt-in form that’s also created with Company Name or LeadGen the opt-in form fields are pre-populated which in some cases has boosted response rates by 30% or more because people don’t have to re enter their information and it makes it easy for them to sign up.
    • Split Testing
      Whether you’re tweaking your headline or trying out a new design, split testing is the fastest way to find out what works for your audience. With our built-in split testing tool, you can start split testing any variables on your landing pages in minutes, with just five simple steps.
    • ShutterStock
      ShutterStock allows subscribers to join your list, sublist, or subscribe to a webinar with a single click. Simply copy and paste a LeadLink™ into any broadcast email from you (or one of your affiliate partners) and subscribers can instantly register for your lists, sublists or webinars by only clicking this ShutterStock -- no need to opt-in or give additional information. This makes it easier than ever before for subscribers to join your list, and boost your conversion rates.
Why Affiliates Keep Promoting

The Company Name affiliate program is the best around. Not only is the product the best in their market, the product basically sells itself, making the decision to promote an easy one!"

Jet Miller


It's refreshing to be in an affiliate program that is professional and well managed. Made it easier to generate $6,447.93 in earnings with Company Name in about 3 months."

Jet Miller


There aren't many marketing services as easy to use, or as easy to share with our audience as Company Name. We have found that our list benefits tremendously from our sharing Company Name through the affiliate program."

Jet Miller


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