Privacy Policy

Last update: January 27, 2021
Effective date: January 27, 2021

Merge Game understands the importance of your personal information and takes all measures to protect your personal information in a safe and reliable manner. Merge Game may collect or use your related information when you use its products and services. Through this “Privacy Policy” we hope to explain to you how we collect, use, save, and transfer such information when you use Merge Game’s products or services. We will seek your prior consent when we use the information for purposes other than those specified in this policy. You are expected to carefully read the contents of this Privacy Policy and confirm your full understanding before using Merge Game's products or services.

I.   How Merge Game collects your personal information
1.1 You provide relevant personal information to Merge Game
To play the games provided by Merge Game and use various services, you can choose to create an account using your Facebook, Google, Apple ID accounts or through Quick login.
1.1.3 Login mode:
If you choose to log in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID accounts, you need to share your corresponding account details (including your account number and avatar). The above account is used only to help us identify and verify your identity. This also helps Merge Game pair your account number to the game account number, thereby realizing synchronization of the game data under the account between different devices, so as to avoid the loss of game data such as level and items, and protect the security of your account.
1.2 The personal information or authorization you provide to Merge Game
Merge Game collects your personal information during your use of its products or services or provides you with relevant products or services after obtaining your authorization. Merge Game will collect your information or get your authorization when you need to use specific functions or services. If you choose to refuse or revoke such authorization, you will be unable to use such specific functions or services. However, your use of other game functions will not be affected. If you want to cancel the corresponding authorization after using or experiencing the above-mentioned services or functions, you can cancel or revoke such authorization in your mobile phone’s settings at any time. Specific methods of granting or canceling authorization may vary depending on the type of mobile phone device and system, so please refer to the instructions or guidance of your device and system provider.
1.3 Instructions for obtaining information or permission


Scenario triggering

Information type/permission


Facebook, Google, Apple ID

The user enters the game and clicks to log in for the first time

Personal information: Facebook, Google, Apple ID

Paired with game data like game progress to protect user account security

Mobile phone permission/device information

User’s first use

Personal information: IMEI, IMSI, device type, Android ID, MAC address

Important identifier of the account, to ensure the security of the account, and to ensure that the user logs in to the device the same as the last time, retain the user's game progress, and ensure that the user can completely run the game on a specific device

Scan QR Code

The user clicks the function for the first time after entering the game

Personal information:
Photo or video information
Permission: Camera

The user can add game friends using this function


The user updates the game

Permission: External storage

The new versions of the game are better adapted to the user’s device to ensure the security of the user account and personal information


The user uses the mobile phone screen capture or screenshot function

Permission: External storage

The user needs to save video or screenshots in the device before sharing the game image screenshots or screen capture


The user watches advertisement in the game

Permission: Location, external storage

The user can redeem items in the game by watching advertisements


The user accepts game notification

Permission: Notification

Users can learn about game updates and activities through game push or SMS notifications

Account attribution, recharge, item loss

The user contacts customer service personnel

Personal information: Account information (game ID, mobile phone number), recharge records

Used to ensure there is no loss, theft, or illegal use of the user account

Questionnaire survey

The user volunteers to participate in the questionnaire survey

Personal sensitive information: gender, age, occupation, recharge records and contact information.
Personal information: Education level

The user can voluntarily participate in the questionnaire activity launched in the game.
The user can continue to play the game normally if he/she does not agree to collect the above information

Issue physical reward

The user accepts the reward after participation

Personal sensitive information: Name, mobile phone number, contact address

After participating in the activities in the game, the user can enter his/her name, mobile phone number and contact address to receive the physical reward

1.4 Merge Game can obtain your relevant information without your permission according to laws and regulations if such information:
1.4.1 Is related to national security and national defense security.
1.4.2 Is related to public security, public health, and major public interests.
1.4.3 Is related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgment.
1.4.4 Is related to other cases specified by laws and regulations.
1.5 You (the user) understand and agree that in order to protect your account security and provide you with better products/services and experience, our partner (third-party service organization) may use your personal information to verify the authenticity of your authentication information or to complete the corresponding functions.
You understand and agree that our partner (third-party service organization) may use your personal information for comparison with an external legal database to obtain verification results. To ensure your information security, we will ask the third-party partner to maintain adequate data security and provide security protection of adequate levels. Without your consent, we will not use your information for any other purpose other than you have expressly permitted.

II.  How Merge Game uses your personal information
Merge Game may use the information that it has collected during provision of the products or services for the following purposes:
2.1 As agreed in the Privacy Policy, Merge Game may use the personal information collected for the purpose of achieving the functions of its products or services.
2.2 During Merge Game’s provision of products or services, it is required to perform authentication, security protection, archiving or backup, so as to ensure the security of the products or services provided by Merge Game.
2.3 Merge Game may prepare statistics on the usage of the available products or services to show the overall usage or trend thereof, however, these statistics will not contain any personally identifiable information.
2.4 Upgrade of available products or services.
2.5 Investigation of related activities or experience that you have participated in.
2.6 You can delete or cancel your account by contacting Merge Game, in which case, Merge Game may require you to provide relevant identity certificates. After verifying that you enjoy the legal rights attached to your account, we will stop using your personal information and delete or anonymize such information.

III.      How Merge Game shares and transfers your personal information and discloses it to the public
3.1 Except for the following cases, Merge Game will not share your personal information with others:
3.1.1 Provide such information after obtaining your explicit consent or permission.
3.1.2 Provide such information according to applicable laws and regulations or mandatory requirements of judicial and competent administrative departments.
3.1.3 Provide such information within the scope permitted by laws and regulations to maintain your legitimate interests (life, property, etc.) and that of other Merge Game users or other individuals or for the purpose of public interests.
3.1.4 Provide such information as required in related agreements (including electronic agreements subject to online signing or user agreements or usage rules publicly disclosed on Merge Game’s official website) or other legal documents that you have signed with Merge Game.
3.1.5 Provide such information based on the legal requirements of your guardian.
3.2 Except in the following cases, Merge Game will not transfer your personal information to others:
3.2.1 Provide such information after obtaining your explicit consent or permission.
3.2.2 Provide such information according to applicable laws and regulations or mandatory requirements of judicial and competent administrative departments.
3.2.3 Provide such information as required in related agreements (including electronic agreements subject to online signing or user agreements or use rules publicly disclosed on Merge Game’s official website) or other legal documents that you have signed with Merge Game.
3.2.4 In case of transfer of your personal information during acquisitions, mergers, bankruptcies, liquidations, reorganizations, and so on, Merge Game may require the new companies or organizations that hold your personal information to continue to perform their responsibilities and obligations under this Privacy Policy. If the new main entity needs to change the purpose of using your personal information, Merge Game will ask such main entity to obtain your prior express consent.
3.3 Public disclosure
Merge Game may disclose your personal information publicly only:
3.3.1 After obtaining your express consent (It's noted that your attendance of prize-winning or interactive activities organized by Merge Game means you agree or permit Merge Game to disclose your personal information publicly – Merge Game may reveal your mobile phone number or nickname and other messages (if you win a prize or participate in an interaction, etc.) after masking key sensitive information during announcement of the list of activity participants).
3.3.2 As required by law (We may publicly disclose your personal information to the extent required by law, legal proceedings, litigation, or competent governmental departments).

IV. Security of your personal information
4.1 Merge Game retains your personal information only for such period as is necessary for the purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy or during such time limit as may be required by laws and regulations.
4.2 The internet environment is not 100% secure and Merge Game will do its best to ensure or guarantee the security of any information you send to Merge Game. In the event of an unfortunate personal information security incident, Merge Game will, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, promptly inform you of the basic status of the security incident and its possible impact and the measures Merge Game has taken or will take to handle the same, and provide suggestions to help you prevent and reduce the risk independently, as well as provide remedial measures

V.  Account cancellation
5.1 You have the right to cancel at any time the account you have registered with Merge Game to access its products or services. To ensure the security of your account and property, you need to submit your account cancellation request to Merge Game through the customer service phone number mentioned at the end of the Privacy Policy page, using the contact information displayed on Merge Game’s official website, or by clicking the Account Cancellation option provided in the APP.
Merge Game will cancel the account after verifying your identity information.
5.2 If you have chosen to log in locally or have paired your account with your WeChat account, Merge Game will be unable to verify your identity when you cancel the account. After you complete the cancellation, your account cannot be retrieved and your account data cannot be recovered. Please maintain your account information properly.
5.3 Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, after account cancellation, Merge Game will delete all information related to your account, including personal information and game logs, thus you will be unable to normally use the products or services provided by Merge Game.

VI. How to manage or delete your personal information
6.1 Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, you have the right to have access to your data. You also have the right to request Merge Game to correct or to self-correct your information if you find there are any errors or in case of other modifications or supplementary requirements related to your personal information available with Merge Game.
6.2 If you think you have the right to ask Merge Game to correct or delete your information, you can correct or delete your personal information by carefully reading “Online Game Dispute Resolution” on Merge Game’s official website, and by providing true and complete personal information and request for the same.
6.3 You have the right to withdraw your prior authorization to Merge Game. After you formally withdraw your authorization in writing (refer to the processing in 6.2), Merge Game will no longer process your relevant personal information.
However, your decision to withdraw your authorization will not affect the personal information processing activities previously carried out based on your authorization.
For the permissions for pairing with Facebook, Google, and Apple ID accounts, you can click the “Set Button” in the game and select “Unpair”. For account security reasons, you need to conduct complete verification before unpairing.
For mobile phone permissions/device information and functions such as Scan QR Code, Update, Share, Advertising, and Push, navigate to “Setting”-”Application”-”Game Name”-”Permission” on your mobile device, to disable the permission.
For the game update or activity messages and notifications that are sent to you, you can unsubscribe from such messages by contacting the customer service or by the way specified in the messages.
The above functions may differ in different versions or mobile phone systems, so the final interfaces present in the mobile phone or game shall prevail.
If you have any doubts about the above operations, including those related to account attribution, recharge, item loss, or request for deletion of your personal information due to participation in Merge Game’s activities, you can contact our customer service for the solution or for deletion, or contact us through the contact information set forth in Section 9 of the Privacy Policy.
6.4 Merge Game may not respond to your request if:
6.4.1 The information is related to national security and national defense security.
6.4.2 The information is related to public security, public health, and major public interest.
6.4.3 The information is related to a criminal investigation, prosecution, or trial.
6.4.4 There is sufficient evidence to show that you have subjective malice or have abused any rights.
6.4.5 Responding to your request may cause serious damage to the legitimate interests of other individuals and organizations.
6.5.6 The information is related to a business secret.

VII.    Protection of the personal information of minors
7.1 Merge Game attaches immense importance to the protection of the personal information of minors. If you are a minor under the age of 18, your guardian must read the Privacy Policy carefully and agree or authorize you to agree to use Merge Game’s products or services in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
7.2 If you register or use such products or services and, according to relevant laws and regulations, if you are a child under 14 years of age, you shall, in accordance with the process on registration and use, obtain the permission of your parent or legal guardian in advance, and let them help you with the registration of products or services before your use of related products or services.
7.3 If you are the guardian of a child, you shall, before helping the child complete the registration and use the products and services, carefully read the Privacy Policy, specific privacy protection guidelines of the products and the Children’s Privacy Protection Guidelines, and decide whether to agree to them or not, and help the child with the registration and use of the products or services.
7.4 If you are the legal guardian of a minor and have any objection to the minor’s use of the products or services of Merge Game or hope to prohibit the minor from use of them, Merge Game provides a guardianship method titled Parent Guardianship Project which can help you manage the behavior of your minor if he/she is addicted to online games. For details, you can visit Merge Game’s official website to access to Parent Guardianship Project for Minors Addicted to Online Games.
7.5 If you have any questions or claims related to the protection of personal information of a minor under your guardianship, you may also contact us using the contact information disclosed in Section 8 of the Privacy Policy or in the Privacy Protection Guidelines for Children.

VIII.   Update of the privacy policy
8.1 In case of any change in the products or services related to the Privacy Policy, Merge Game will make timely revision and inform you by push notification.
8.2 Merge Game will not change your rights under the Privacy Policy without your express authorization.

IX. Miscellaneous
9.1 Unless otherwise specified, the Privacy Policy or the revised Privacy Policy shall take effect as of the date of promulgation.
9.2 If you have any queries or suggestions related to Merge Game’s products or services and the Privacy Policy, or if you want to complain about and report any issue when you think your personal privacy hasn’t been protected, you can contact Merge Game through the following methods, and Merge Game will accept the same and make a reply within 15 working days; if you are not satisfied with Merge Game’s reply, or think it’s handling has infringed your legitimate interests, you can also complain or report to the relevant department.