Todd’s Marietta Tree Services

Trees have many advantages, but when not properly cared for can cause a myriad of problems. Consider the homes in Marietta, Ga and how many damaged homes and limbs were down in yards after this past storm.

Yes the variety of tree species and well manicured landscapes create beautiful curb appeal, but when not managed and cared for properly, it can indirectly cause an emergency and catastrophic damage.

Unless you have experience in tree care, tree services are your best bet when looking to plant, assess their health, cut, prune, and handle emergency removal. Caring for these specimens can be overlooked, and some homeowners will advise you to do it on your own. However Todd’s Marietta Tree Services recommends hiring and using a professional tree service and removal company. Here are a few reasons we suggest hiring a company versus trying out your chainsaw and creating a big expense or mess in your yard.

Why would you hire a tree service company?

The size of the tree – If the size of the tree is small enough, cutting or handling its removal can be straightforward, but in case it is a large or storm-related emergency tree removal situation, you will need the help of a tree service. Removal of a large tree is difficult and requires the proper equipment. They also have the right tools and techniques to make the process easier, faster, and prevent damaged to your home, yard, or neighbors.

Cost – Doing it on your own costs nothing, but can take a lot of time as you do not have the required tools and knowledge base. The budget will depend on upon the type of service you require. Tree trimming and pruning is affordable, but it is suggested to ask for the quote from several tree services to find the most affordable one.

Services offered –Tree trimming and cutting is not the only goal, you also need to get the limbs, trunk, and debris disposed of as well. If you hire a company, rest assured they will handle everything. On the other hand, doing it on your own can be troublesome as you might have to look for a place where it can be disposed. All this creates a problem, expense, and unnecessary headache.

Find a tree removal service that not only trims and cuts, but also chips, hauls, and removes all components of the tree. Reading through the reviews is a great way to get information about the professionals, but following is how to identify the best company and make the right decision in who you hire for the job.

How to find the best tree removal service?

So, the above three points play a crucial role in deciding whether or not to hire a tree company in the assessment, during an emergency, or tree removal project. Some companies nickel and dime you, so search for professionals who ensure removal, disposal, and proper cleaning. You can go online to research, identify their credentials or ISA arborist certifications, read reviews about the service experience and cost. Once you have gathered a short list of the best services in Marietta Ga, call and invite them out to provide a free removal estimate.

You can prune some tree branches, but for cutting and removing trees safely, you need to hire a qualified arborist or tree removal service.