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In this photo from National Geographic, a mother and daughter sit near their cleaner burning stove.

Radha's Message
Radha Muthiah

Dear Friends,

As 2017 comes to a close, I want to wish you and yours an enjoyable and festive holiday season. It's been another strong year, as highlighted in the Alliance's newly-released 2017 Progress Report. While our work is far from finished, we've shared many successes, and I look forward to working together in 2018 to achieve even more.

None of this progress would be possible without the expertise, advocacy, engagement, and support of our donors, partners, and advisers. I thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to making clean cooking a reality for all.

We've come a long way. We're making real progress. Let's put our feet on the accelerator to drive this sector and market forward.

Our work continues, 

Radha Muthiah
From the Alliance
State of the Clean Cooking sector: 2017 Progress Report

Today, clean cooking is widely recognized as a global development and climate priority. But what will it take to achieve our 2030 goals? Read our Progress Report

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We want to hear from you! Take the 2017 Partner survey

Phase 3 of the Alliance's work will kick off in January. Help us develop a partnerships program that best supports our shared goals by filling out this survey, as we work toward universal clean cooking access by 2030.


Alliance co-hosts global event to improve energy access in humanitarian settings

Over 140 people from 20 countries joined the fourth annual Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Humanitarian Workshop. 

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From the Sector
Cooking—A Dangerous Activity for Millions of Women

A mother who cooks with cow dung in India brings to life the deadly impacts of cooking over an open fire.

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Study confirms health, environment benefits of LPG cooking programs

A recent study finds greater expansion of LPG and other clean fuel cooking programs can help achieve progress toward several different sustainable development goals.

Solving a gender issue: How clean energy can impact time poverty

Many women around the world spend excessive amounts of time cooking and collecting fuel, leading to time poverty. Learn how clean cooking can change that.

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Opportunity for university students: Collaborative Clean Air Policy Centre

Based in New Delhi, the Collaborative Clean Air Policy Centre invites fresh ideas from university students on how to clean up air pollution in India and make one winning idea into a reality.

Musician Ellie Goulding speaks out about household air pollution from cooking

Ellie Goulding joins the UN family as UNEP's Global Goodwill Ambassador, and champions clean cooking.

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gac17-09: Partner Spotlight Essmart
Partner Spotlight
Shamba Chef

Shamba Chef is a reality-style TV show that takes viewers inside Kenyan homes, to watch as families learn how to prepare more nutritious meals while testing out a new stove or fuel.

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