Winter Travel Map Prototypes and Info

Winter Travel Map Prototype

Your organization can support the creation of a new authoritative Winter Travel Map designed to serve all kinds of trail users. This simple site is a starting point to illustrate prototypes of what the map can look like.


Share The Slate is leading an effort to build a Winter Travel Map that will be included in the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism's CBGtrails app.

We recommend taking a moment to check out either the current iOS or Android CBGtrails app. The Winter Travel Map will be another map users can select, download, and follow in the app, like the summer map.

A major goal for the Winter Travel map is to create a multiuser map useful for all kinds of trail users. If your organization supports or advocates for winter travel, we encourage you to participate in the creation of this map because it will become the official Winter Travel map for the Gunnison Valley.

So far, the map includes Alpine ski, Nordic Ski, and Fat Bike trails. The next major step will be to recreate the USFS Winter Travel Management Zones (see this paper winter travel map for example.)

The map can also readily accommodate additional official winter travel information relavent to local organizations. Therefore, we are contacting your organization to learn whether or not it would like to contribute data to the Winter Travel Map (e.g., trails, content, private land, other travel restrictions).

The USFS and other land managers will authoritatively review the map before publication.

We are pursuing this opportunity to create a Winter Travel map NOW so that the new Winter Travel Map can ride the development coattails of a major CBGtrails app update that is set for a May 2018 release. Co-development of the Winter Travel Map with the CBGtrails app update will save ~$7,000 compared to developing and releasing the Winter Travel Map separately.

Three Interactive Map Prototypes

Your organization may wish to provide one or more kinds of interactive data illustrated below.

Data Format Information

We can ingest most types of GIS data into the map (e.g., .shp, .kml, .kmz, .gpx, .geojson). If you plan to share .shp file data, please send us WGS 84 CRS. The ultimately preferred format is .geojson. Here are some helpful GeoJSON resources:

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your data in this project, please contact us below at your earliest convenience.