5 Perfect Mystery Plots

From victim to perpetrator to a bunch of suspects and misleading clues

All neatly laid out in a chapter by chapter sequence

Look, if you’re still trying to write your novel, it's time you learned the truth… 

You see, I think you’ve read the books and have tried to follow all the rules. How frustrating. You've been misled and I want to set you straight.

Writing is the easy part.

Especially with murder mysteries. There are all those intricacies you have to deal with and all the clues you have to bury and have the detective find.
And what about the suspects and the sudden surprise twists.
Frankly, I want to make it easy for you.

Once you’ve seen what I have to show you, you’ll be ready to take it to the next level - you'll be able to just write your mystery novel.
You’ll have everything you need to succeed. The best part is, it’s super easy to implement these plots.
Here’s what is included in each plot:

An Intro to Making the Story Yours

While each plot is fully worked out, you change the names, ages, professions, and personalities to create a new novel based on the prewritten plot

Character Relationships

The dynamics of the relationships between and among the characters helps you change their descriptions but keep their motivations strong.

Chapter by Chapter Breakdown

You always know where the story is going because it is laid out systematically with the pacing and arcs already laid out like a trail of breadcrumbs.

About Me

Joanne Reid

I've ghostwritten dozens of Kindle books, taught novel writing, and have three Kindle novels of my own.
For the past 9 months, I have binge read the best mystery novelists, studied the old Plot Genie method, and analyzed the type of detectives that readers just have to read.

WARNING:  You could end up doing all the work yourself, stressing out and ultimately fail OR you can save your time and energy now, get these plots and take action to see massive results without doing any of the hard work! Your choice.

What's in the Package?

1. Five fully developed perfect mystery plots

Plots with plot points, pinch points, denouements, and all those things that make a novel keep on moving.

The plots were generated with Plot Genie (which was a new idea in the 1930s), updated to a current style, and then configured using The Hero's Journey.  I did this, using an Excel spreadsheet to get the plot components and then my plotting skills to turn that into a story.

It doesn't matter if you are writing cozy mysteries or hard boiled mysteries or anywhere along the gamut in between. The victim still dies and the murderer still hides. The detective's entire charcter is up to you and the choice of detective directs the style of the story.

Here's an example, in the first plot, I have a male detective who is 31 years old. He's a computer geek type of person. If you want to make the detective a middle aged woman who lives alone and likes it, that works too. 

Speaking of detectives...

2. Choosing a Series Character ebook

This ebook talks about choosing your detective. This is in the package because it helps you create a detective who will enchant and delight your readers.

You can have a person involved in the victim's life who solves the murder because she can or you can have a professional detective solve it. 

You can write these as individual stand-alone novels or create an ongoing character who grows through the series.

Don’t Waste Another Second Doing It The HARD Way…
Get These Plots Right Now and Access the Easy Way to Write Your Winning Novel


You can do anything you want with these plots except resell them as PLR. Use them as PLR for yourself.

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You can resell these plots and the ebook as your own.

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