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Guest Posting In The Education Sector

Why the education niche?

The education niche is a very lucrative niche. Mainly because if you are selling online training it scales incredibly well. Thinn about it....
You only have to make a digital product once and then its a fixed cost that will stay at that level no matter how many sales you make of that training education product. It's pretty amazing really when you think about it.

So why should you guest post on other education blogs?

Guest posting builds relationships that will help you make a name for yourself in the education niche. Once you've made a name for yourself people will link to you automatically. You will of become an authority in that eduucation and training niche.

Any good tips for blogging on guest posting websites?

Only original content - Your guest post should not be a post you have already published on your blog or elsewhere. I have rejected submissions for this reason alone. Some of them would otherwise have been good fits. Think about it. A high quality site cares deeply about its reader experience. They pour many hours into creating the best content. Their goal is to stand out, to be the best in their niche. The last thing they want is rerun content from another site. Unless there is an explicit understanding between you and the blog owner about using content you've published elsewhere, it's respectful and wise to write something original. To me, it demonstrates care and concern for them and their readers, not just getting traffic for yourself.

Make sure your spelling is perfect - Again, it's a no-brainer, but it's worth a mention. A guest post submission should be your best work. It's pretty easy to tell when someone has “thrown together a little something” vs. someone who has really taken the time and care to produce something of high quality. Remember, great sites are very particular about the kind of content they share with their readers. Also, take extra care to use correct, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Edit, edit, edit. If you aren't particularly confident in your writing ability, have someone else proof your post for you. Site owners and Gatekeepers of Guest Posts don't have a lot of time. The less your guest post has to be edited and reformatted, the more likely it will be published.

Use VoilaNorbert & Rapportive To Find Almost ANY Email Address - These are sweet little tools that will get you most website owners email addresses so you can email them and be at an advantage as they are not getting the hundreds of guest posing requests most people are as their email address is more hidden.

Finding good education blogs to post on

There are many tricks for finding good websites in the education niche to guest post on. One of these is using search modifiers such as education + "guest posts". The only probem with this is that it can be quite time consuming. There are over 50 guest posting seatch modifiers such as "blog for us" and so on.

How can I speed this process up

If you want to speed up guest posting in the education niche then the best advice I can offer you is to head over to a site called and have a look through their education sites that accept guest posts. They've done all the hard work for you and buuilt up a massive lsit of websites in the education niche that accept guest posts.

They've added all the social metrics and MOZ domain authority so you can tell if they are a public blog network or not. Its a really great service that I 100% recommend. It's honest saved me DAYS looking for education niche guest posting websites. Also you'll find websites that are a little off niche but still great places to get a backlink from that you would never of thoughts of looking at.

I hope you've enjoyed my short little article and find those amazing education niche backlinks and relationships with other blog and website owners!

Alex Jones

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