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02/13/2018 -

Serious haul just came in on the loading dock. Major fist in the air to Dmytro at Archivist Records of the Ukraine for this absolutely amazing care package.


Go give them all your money!

Holy Terror

07/28/2017 -

Holy Shit!!

11/04/2016 -

I really need to get around here more.  I have a very good reason to today though.  Mike Alvord was nice enough to send me a copy of the new MINDWARS record "Sworn To Secrecy". I am sooooo looking forward to digging into this over a few pops tonight! Thank You Again Mike!

Holy Terror

10/30/2015 -

As the caretaker of this aging website, I really enjoy getting emails from Holy Terror fans from all over the world. I love hearing the stories of times people were able to see the band play, when they first heard Holy Terror, and their favorite songs! My man Martin Gasa recently contacted me with a couple of cool reviews he did on "Terror & Submission" and "Mind Wars". Check them out here, and here. Love this shit Martin, keep it up bro!

05/08/2015 -

Holy Terror

It is my great pleasure to present the latest piece in the Holy Terror legacy. Dark Descent Records has been kind enough to release this monster of a double vinyl set entitled "Guardians Of The Netherworld: A Tribute To Keith Deen". Instead of trying to explain this like a fool I will just give you the details from the horses mouth:

"The CRYPT is honored and privileged to announce our cooperation with legendary thrash kings HOLY TERROR! One of the most underrated bands from the late 80's, Holy Terror had a unique sound unlike any of their peers. Led by ex-AGENT STEEL's Kurt Kilfelt and his unconventional, complex and catchy guitar melodies, and Keith Deen's amazing and original vocal style, Holy Terror had forged their own innovative and distinct sound! Sadly Keith lost his battle with cancer in 2012 and we offer this release as tribute to him.

The DLP features the band's amazing 1986 demo, carefully mastered for vinyl from the original analog source as well as two complete, unreleased live soundboard recordings from the band's extensive touring days! Spread over 2 LPs, we present this thrash classic gem in a 350 gram gatefold jacket featuring cover artwork from Rick Araluce, who painted both covers for the band's 2 full length albums "Terror and Submission" and "Mind Wars" as well as their "El Revengo" compilation.

Also included are new extensive liner notes from the original band members, album cover artist Rick Araluce and band historian Scott Lambert, as well as a forward by A.A. Nemtheanga of Primordial, tons of classic band photos. 200 on black wax and 200 on blood red vinyl.

I can't tell you how much of an honor it is to have a part in the release of this record. NOW GO BUY THE FUCKING RECORD RIGHT NOW!

07/29/2014 -

In case you were wondering what Floyd Flanary was up to, check it out here.

06/18/2014 -

As I mentioned in my last update, the mighty Mike Alvord was hard at work with MINDWARS. From what Mike says, the record is ready and from what I have had the honor of hearing the stuff is face melting. Check out the cool interview and track "Death Comes Twice" below:

Mike Alvord rules. That is all for now.

02/02/2014 -

Been a while, sorry. Been real busy with the day job and my new podcast. Check it out, it is called The Disaster Signals ENcast. We talk about all sorts of stuff on there, but mostly music. Speaking of music, Mike Alvord has a new band! The band is aptly named MINDWARS and they are working on a full length as we speak! THERE IS SOME GOOD IN THE WORLD! They have posted their first studio vlog already. Check it out below:

Pretty fricken sick eh? I already knew this having had the pleasure of getting to hear some of Mike's other stuff he has worked on, but Mike has not lost an inch! I can't wait for this record! I know it will be great guys!

04/04/2013 -

It has been 2 days since one of the most important people in metal EVER was taken away from us. I personally have not processed it all yet. I have listened to the Slayer discography 3 times though since Thursday night. I do not know what else to say but thank you Jeff for helping to raise me with your amazing music. I know the guys from Holy Terror feel the same way. Mike Alvord put together his own dedication and I think it pretty much sums up the awesomeness of Jeff Hanneman. The video is below.

Holy Terror

 12/17/2012 - Mike Alvord has put together a very cool video for Keith.  Check it out below:

12/16/2012 -

At approximately 7:30 PM on December 15th, 2012 I was informed by my dear friend Chris Carlson from Chicago that Keith Deen of Holy Terror passed away.  He had been battling cancer since September of 2012.  Like any normal person, it blew through me like a heat wave.  My plan was to go for a walk when I got home which was where I was heading when I got Chris' message about Keith.  So, I got home and went for my walk.

A permanent piece of real estate on my iTouch is dedicated to Holy Terror as one would expect.  So, I queued up the "El Revengo" recordings and hit the pavement.  The house I bought last year is in the neighborhood I grew up in and as I walked I started to remember a younger, plump, mullet headed version of myself riding my GT Performer up and down these same streets tossing papers on porches to the same soundtrack I was listening to right now.  Sometimes it is good to relive the past, at least to a small degree.

On that thought though, I am not a very big fan of nostalgia anymore.  But, some things I just can't deny.  Keith Deen fucking ruled.

Keith Deen Roared.
Keith Deen Screeched.
Keith Deen Yelled.
Keith Deen Sang.

If you listen to Both Terror and Submission & Mind Wars, you will agree that Keith Deen covered pretty much every style of vocal delivery imaginable in just those 2 albums.  I often wonder what Holy Terror as a band would have done and created if they had stayed together.  The past is the past though, and I know that the guys in the band would say the same thing.

So with that I would like to speak directly to Keith.....


Thank You for Roaring at me.
Thank You for Screeching at me.
Thank You for Yelling at me.
Thank You for Singing to me.

Thank you for joining Holy Terror all those years ago and giving speed metal a fresh new voice.
Thank you for being the co-writer of "The Immoral Wasteland", my all time favorite song.

Thank you Keith, for being who you were.

We will meet again my friend, and when that time comes, I am going to buy you a drink and ask if you would be interested in singing in my band……

- Scott Warren Lambert / holyterrorspeedmetal.com

Keith Deen

06/24/2012 - Wow!!!! 2 updates in one month!! I am on a roll!! Check out this cool interview with Joe Mitchell here.

Scott Lambert06/08/2012 - Hello everyone!! Yeah, it has been forever and I am a lazy bastard!! Been pretty tied up with work and my new house and stuff. Did some updates to the Links page. Got everyones facebook and/or myspace page up there now, check them out. There is also a link to Joe Mitchell's new band that he is touring with Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies. Very cool stuff!! They are on tour right now, so if they are coming near you, I suggest you check them out! They will be in Grand Rapids at the end of July and I am definetly not missing that!! We have a new guestbook also! Feel free to talk shit on it! :) More updates coming soon! I promise!!

11/14/2010 - So, if you have tried to come to the site for the last month or so and it has been down, I am going to tell you why. To start, unfortunately, I have not been able to spend as much time as would like on this site. I have a very demanding professional life these days and well, you know the story. So a few weeks ago, I finally put aside some time to update a few things on this site. I edited some of the pages here and went to go to the ftp server to load them and I could not get to it. I also couldn't get to any other services and low and behold the damn site was down also. What the hell? Right? So, I start sending to tickets and emails requesting help from the hosting company I was using, Artery Planet (Fartery Planet). I waited 4 days for a response from these chuckleheads to no avail. So I started doing some investigating and come across this forum on the web. Apparently there was some buyout with the company and the new owners just up and the let the operation fall on its face, namely not paying there bills and having servers shut off, most likely where this site was living. It seems the only thing these assholes seemed efficient at was getting my yearly payment for the hosting service. I am looking into that also, because I want my money back!!Anyway, I had to regain control of the domain here and set up a new hosting service which obviously has been done because you are reading this. I am very dissapointed in the way Fartery Planet has done business with me. For years they have been rock solid, no issues, and then this. Bummer. Thankfully, I am not a moron, like most people and I back EVERYTHING up. So, once I got the hosting set back up, it was easy to relad the site.

Anyway have a few things in the works for the future, including some new interviews with the members of you know who. In the meantime check out some cool videos I found on youtube. That guy look familiar? :)

                  TerrorTHANX to Mike Alvord for taking the time to scan them and send them out!! Go check them out!! Also, looks like Candlelight Records has released new remastered version of Terror & Submission and Mind Wars. Follow this link to check it out and order it!!
12/14/2009 - Yes!! I know it has been a very long time since you have seen me here!! Scott Lambert heScott Lambertre again pleased to announce that the website has had a complete facelift. I have been planning on doing this for a very long time, but have had ZERO time for anything!! I would like to thank my lovely better-half Amberrose for helping me out a ton getting Holy Terror V2.0 together!! Probably will be working the kinks for the next couple of weeks. Need to finish up the press section. Will do that this week for sure. Hope you all enjoy it!! We have a lot of stuff coming up so stay tuned!!!