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  • Designed for Newbies and Professional Marketers
  • State of the Art Amazon Live Search Technology Allows You to Add Virtually Unlimited Products in Your Store
  • Unlimited and Salable Product Source from Amazon

Jumpstart Your Ecom Affiliate Store with Infinity Store in
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Why 99% of Affiliate Marketers Fail?

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing money making source online today. With hundred and even thousands of marketer trying to venture into this side of online business, the competition and getting your fair share of the market is tough and some 99% fail even before getting back their investment.

Fastest Growing Money Making Source

In building Infinity Store, we tried to identify the major issues to give you the best solution to become more successful as compared to other marketers around.

Outdated Website Design that Never Converts

Your website is the first thing that your customer will see. Around 75% of online commerce websites on the internet are still using old technique and coding methods which makes the site unreliable and unsafe to use for consumers.

Limited Product Availability that Reduces Your Income Potential

Existing online commerce websites have pretty limited products on display and with very few inventories. This results into less customer engagement, less profit and even lesser company growth and in return closed business operation.

Tedious and Time Consuming Site Maintenance

One of the reasons why most marketers quit and fail in online marketing is the time it takes for some online commerce stores to be updated and most of these systems requires well-trained individuals to run and function perfectly.

Complicated Software Products that Adds Frustration Instead of Proving Solution

From installation to running the online store, most system requires technically trained and online savvy individuals to run and operate. This in turn would cost you more money and time to maintain your online commerce site.

Expensive ECom Systems and Updates

Building your own online marketing website would cost you from around a hundred to a thousand dollars, not to mention the separate cost of weekly maintenance and updates to keep up with other online marketers around.

So What's Our Solution?

Introducing: Infinity Store

Your Solution to Online Commerce Issues

Infinity Store allows you to have a powerful online commerce website without spending countless hours on creating a website, updating contents and breaking the bank. We have formulated the perfect online commerce website that makes online marketing less complicated, feature packed, modern and most of all affordable and easily accessible to all those interested in venturing into online commerce business.

Unlike existing and previous online commerce oriented website, Infinity Store is packed with modern features, updated coding techniques, brand new marketing approach and modern website design to help you gain advantage on this growing online marketing venture. With Infinity Store, you are getting an all powerful online commerce website you can use within minutes and reap long term profit.

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Why Choose Infinity Store?

Online marketing is a competitive field, with hundreds or even thousands of people trying to gain success on this business field but most of them fail. When creating Infinity Store, we spent countless hours analyzing and identifying why most online commerce systems fail along the way. And we have formulated strong and efficient solutions to make sure we bring only success to our valued clients.

We focused on three things to be able to give you a good and working online commerce system.

  • Easy to Use and User Friendly Interface
  • Modern Design and Features that Outmatches Other Online Stores
  • Affordable, Result Oriented and Profit Magnet System

Your Infinity Store system was created and programmed using modern and advanced methods and we made sure to incorporate it with advanced features that would greatly benefit your online marketing venture. Here are the features we have packed on this powerful system that will ensure your online commerce success.

Amazon 'Live' Search Technology to Display Unlimited Products

The biggest profit killer as most of the affiliates experience is the limitation on the products your store can display. Today, Amazon boasts of 400 million plus products. Even if your store is able to display 1000 products, it's nothing compared to the real volume!

Biggest profit killer!

Infinity Store is the answer to this problem! It allows you to display virtually infinite (as in "ALL") Amazon products on your own store, so no worries on losing a customer coz the product he was looking for was not on your store. Our state of the art technology allows your customers to search all the Amazon products from your own store.

A Newbie Friedly simple "3 Click Install" Set up

Self Updating Store

Updating your Affiliate store in order to sync it with Amazon has been a time consuming and arduous task. Failure to do so has been known to create annoyance for the customers apart from taking a hard hit at profit potentials and customer loyalty.

Update without Intervention

Infinity Store has been programmed to update itself without your intervention and be in sync with Amazon for out of stock products, expired deals, discounted prices, etc. So your affiliate store is all-time up-to-date with Amazon.

Mobile Friendly

Today, 75% of the customers buying from online stores are doing so on the move, that is mostly using their smart phones. If your affiliate store is unable to adjust itself to a mobile screen with the same efficiency and features, users are likely to leave the tedious store.

Sell on the Go with
Mobile Responsive Design

Infinity Store is completely mobile responsive and retains the same features, finesse and ease while being accessed from smart phones. So you don’t have to fear losing the mobile audience.

High Converting Design

We made sure that Infinity Store's design is at par with the current design trends of website today. All sections of the website was aimed to give you high conversion and better engagement on every website visit you get for your online commerce website. Good conversion and excellent engagement would easily translate to high profit or leads return.

Works with all amazon Branches!

Let your customers search the best items near them with Infinity Store's location based search feature.  This feature also allows user to search and purchase items in particular regions or countries where Amazon is present, lessening the waiting time for each order and giving them even more choices.

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Extra Valued Features

Enjoy even more high quality features added to your Infinity Store that will easily help you reach your goals. We made sure to pack Infinity Store with these value added features to keep your own online commerce website safe, profitable and in accordance to current international rules and regulations of online marketing.

Here are the additional features you will enjoy on this amazing offer.

Build List with Optins

Customer Wish List Option

When the product/variant is back on the store the customer gets an automated email notification for the same, thus creating a loyal customer for you. Yet another way to acquire email addresses and to create more and more contented customer base.

Real-time Discount Finder

Witness Infinity Store in Action


Your Very Own Easy Set-up Online Commerce Marketing Website Can be Yours In Just a Click Below

Viral Traffic Module

Driving targeted traffic to your store is a crucial element that makes your store highly profitable. Hence, we have added the Social Viral traffic module that unplugs the flow of super targeted traffic to your store.

Step 1

It's a one of its class technology. You can promote your products using customized posts on social media right from the dashboard of Infinity Store. No need to leave the system. But the real beauty of the system is it impulsively converts your store products to match the promotions that are bringing in the traffic.

So if you are promoting pet products on FB using our Infinity Store Social Viral Traffic module this system will post your promotional post on FB and when someone visits your site from that link they will see Pet products only. Even if you get traffic from a post for Automobile accessories with Discounts, then the system will magically transform itself to show Discounted automobile accessories to such a visitor.

Step 2

Step 3

This single feature is all worth for your investment in Infinity Store as it boosts your earning potential instantly. Not only your earning potential but it also help you save more funds just for getting traffic into your website.

Email Optin Advantage

Email Optins are powerful tool and feature for online marketers specially when they want to grow their leads or collect contact details from customers. This is very useful during promotion period or if you want to get in touch and build a good business to customer relationship.

Make sure to utilize the optin form found on the Infinity Store website and don't miss out on this special feature.

Email optins when used appropriately can give you huge advantage on your online commerce website. Here are some things you can accomplish...

  • Build Your Very Own Mailing List Without Spending a Dime
  • Email Optins can be Used to Connect to Your Customers and Inform them of Promotions and Sales Specials
  • It's a Good Way to Connect to Your Customers and Build a Good Business Relationship with Them

GPDR Compliance

Many of you might have heard of the new GDPR compliance norms which have been levied on websites in European countries.

Infinity store is 100% GDPR compliant, thus enabling you to use it carefreely for the European audiences.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires enterprises to better protect an individual’s personal data. Ensuring that an individual’s data is trusted, secure, and governed can build better customer experiences and, ultimately, improve business outcomes.

In “GDPR Compliance For Dummies” you’ll get an in-depth look at the issues affecting compliance and discover strategies for getting ahead of the compliance curve.

You’ll learn how to:

  •  Understand and find what data is affected
  • Prevent unauthorized access to customer data
  • Create a 360-degree view of data subjects

Amazon Compliance

As an Amazon affiliate store it is absolutely mandatory that your store must follow all the Amazon compliances.

With Infinity store you can be assured that your store will be 100% Amazon compliant thus saving any hassles which might arise otherwise.

Who Can Use Infinity Store?

Everyone! Anyone can use this software and the business strategy that we have formulated! Whether you are a skilled marketer or complete newbie you should find this system useful and greatly beneficial.

  • Newbie Marketers

    Easily setup your very first and even personal site in minutes, add and curate contents and start getting traffic in a day.

  • Facebook Marketers

    We have added the Social Viral traffic module that unplugs the flow of super targeted traffic to your store.

  • Affiliate Marketers

    In order to sell your affiliate products you don’t need to built your affiliate site from scratch and write update content manually. Infinity Store does it all on autopilot.

  • Bloggers

    Manage and run it by itself ,You don’t need to work on it daily once you set it up. Monetize with automatically integrated highly relevant amazon product.

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Just to Sweeten the Deal, We Have Added Fast Action Bonuses for Your Infinity Store Purchase

Exclusive Webinar Training by Prady

How to make More Profit from Infinity Store

Viral Feed

Smart Curator

In a Nutshell, This is What Infinity Store
Could Give You

  • Complete solution engine For Ecommerce Marketers that takes care of everything from Store Creation to monetization on autopilot.
  • Set it up once and watch your income grow.
  • Let your Customer decides how much commission you are going to earn
  • Manage and run it by itself ,You don’t need to work on it daily once you set it up.
  • Monetize with automatically integrated highly relevant amazon product.
  • Driving targeted traffic to your store with the Social Viral traffic module that unplugs the flow of super targeted traffic to your store.
  • Let your customers search the best items near them with Infinity Store's location based search feature
  • Collect leads from our attention grabbing optin forms.
  • High converting designs that improves your profit.

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Infinity Store Tutorials

Infinity Store is a very powerful and easy to use system. But just in case you wan to go through the detailed installation and setup process, we have formulated the necessary tutorials for you.

Support Details

Aside from giving our customers useful products and bonuses, we also make sure that we take care of them even after sales. We have competitive individuals ready to give you support whenever you need them. Contact us on our support page if you need assistance about the product.

No risk involved! When you purchase your very own Sydicurate right now you will be entitled for a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you like this powerful product, keep it and earn long-term income through viral video blogging!

If you are not satisfied, which I doubt you won’t be, you can contact us on our support website and simply ask for the money back guarantee we are offering.

It’s a simple and Powerful WordPress Plugin for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need this?

Yes! You really need it.. These are legit income from actual products coming from Amazon,, Walmart, Aliexpress! You don’t even have to constantly update it and the site earns for itself! You can easily achieve this too, give this software a try and you won’t only be getting traffic but also recurring income.

Q: I don’t have any skills or experience?

That's ok, Infinity Store system is absolute newbie friendly you don't need experience. With Our easy to use tutorials set up this system once and your site will grow automatically.

Q: Is it a WordPress based system?

Yes, it is wordpress system with detailed training on how to install and create Infinity Store. With our detailed knowledgebase even newbie can create sites.

Q: I don’t have much time or money, can I still do this?

Absolutely. This system was designed for people just like you! People who can’t afford to blow hundreds on website creation before they’ve even started. People who want to attract FREE leads from Google, social media and other search engines. We’ll show you how to deliver the services your website offers, and if you don’t have time, you can outsource it!

Q: Do you offer after sales support?

Absolutely. Not that you’ll need it, but if you do, we’re here for you. You can reach out to us. You’ll also get free lifetime updates too!

Disclaimer : We are NOT associated in any manner with Amazon, Facebook or any other brand mentioned in sales pages. Images are just for the demonstration purpose & respective companies hold trademark of the same.