JavaScript Visualization Framework
JavaScript Visualization Framework
JavaScript Visualization Framework - JSViz and TIBCO Spotfire®


Within the TIBCO Spotfire® community, one area of discussion that comes up continually is that of new visualization types.  Customers often ask for a visualization type during a POC that Spotfire does not currently support.  Others ask for simple customizations of existing visualizations, such as moving labels around, that sound straightforward but are almost impossible to implement without extensive coding.

There are now a number of JavaScript libraries available for creating rich interactive graphics within a standard web browser.  One such is D3 which has a large library of example visualizations available on the D3 Website.  There are many others, including Highcharts and Google Charts.

The JavaScript Visualization Framework, or JSViz, is a Custom Extension for TIBCO Spotfire that allows users to create their own visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as d3 but still allow them to seamlessly integrate with the Spotfire platform.  Note that although d3 was an initial driver for implementing the custom extension, it can actually work with any JavaScript based code.


The JSViz binaries and forum articles can be accessed from the TIBCO Community forum Wiki here: JavaScript Visualization Framework - JSViz and TIBCO Spotfire®

The API Documentation

The API documentation is focused on the JSVisualizationModel class, and its supporting classes most notably the DataSetting class, as these are the core implementation items that would be targeted for automated plot generation.