Thank you for playing

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were required to extend our scheduled maintenance by 14 hours until
(12/8 18:00 PST)

We sincerely apologize for the extended wait and any inconvienence it may have caused.

[Update Summary]
- Trial Boss: 2-Headed Dragon added
- December bundles updated
- Holiday UI skin updated
- Various minor bugs have been addressed.

- Descriptions should be showing in the monster guide
- Skill descriptions should be properly formatted
- Arena minimum and maximum rank bug fixed

- 500 lapis
- 5 Rare Summon Ticket

All users who have downloaded the title before 12/8/2016.

[How to Claim]
Please claim your compensatory gift by tapping the mail icon on the home screen. *Please note that it will take some time to distribute the gift to all users. *Users have 30 days to claim this gift, after which it will be unavailable.

Due to our maintenance taking longer than estimated, we are extending the period of the following in game events and summons:
- FINAL FANTASY V Event: Big Bridge
- FINAL FANTASY V Featured summon
- FINAL FANTASY XIII Event: The Hanging Edge
- FINAL FANTASY XIII Event: Mog King trochoid gear exchange
- FINAL FANTASY XIII Featured summon

We look forward to your continued support of