Attention [Who You Are Targeting]

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Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated with X, Y, Z?

Are you struggling with X, Y, Z?

Are you having a hard time with X, Y, Z?

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However...I have figured it out!

To make it easier for you, I have created an hour long training that will teach you how to do this without you having to do everything I did to figure this out.

Here is what this training is going to teach you:

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If you were to hire someone to coach you through this, then you would be looking at paying as little as $67/hr but most likely $97/hr or more!

I could sell the training for $67 but I won't...I want to make this as affordable to as many people as possible. So I am not going to sell it for $67 nor $27...I am only asking $7!!!

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I am not sure how long I am going to keep the price so low but if you want to get an amazing bargain on how to do X, Y, Z then GET IT NOW!!!

Signing Off,


P.S. - Remember that this price may not stay this low for very long. Get your copy today and [do whatever it is that you want them to do].