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The Mageworx Buyer's Guide and Coupons for 2019

Mageworx — software developer that offers extensions for Magneto. On their site, you can choose various extensions, among which: SEO Suite Ultimate, Order Management, and Advanced Product Options.

All the company's programs are aimed at assisting businesses to build the right system for work with clients. On their website, you will find a lot of suggestions, and if you need help in the selection, contact support.

Magento Services at Mageworx

Upgrade: increase the safety and efficiency of your online store by constantly updating your platform. This service will help you to avoid constant updates, making them as fast and safe as possible.

SEO: experts and software allow you to cover every aspect of search engine optimization and promotion.

Migration: If you decide to move your store from another platform or to use Magento 2, you will be assisted with complete and safe transfer.

Salesforce Development & Consulting: CRM Salesforce will create a whole team of developers, which will integrate all configurations correctly.

SavvyCube: SAAS is an application that allows you to collect and organize data about payments Magento, PayPal, and Google Analytics, in one place.

Customization: Regardless of the needs of your business, Magento will easily adapt to them and will help to solve all the problems that arise.

Turn-Key Solutions: comprehensive software that covers all the subtleties and needs of your business. The offer includes high-quality service and support.

Installation: install Magento, all the necessary components, extensions and themes in just 48 hours.

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Mageworx constantly publishes coupon codes and special offers to attract customers. They can be found in the official Facebook or Twitter account. In addition, our site is engaged in continuous monitoring and places all relevant offers. Hurry up to use them until they are valid.

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If I bought the wrong product, can I return the funds?
To declare an inappropriate product and return the funds, you must contact MageWorx support. Their specialists provide assistance in setting up and installing programs, but if you are sure that they do not suit you, you will be offered one of the options:
  1. Replacing with another program at the same price.
  2. Full refund.
If you purchased the program on our website, simply contact support and provide details of the operation. They will cancel payment on your credit card or PayPal account.