Utility For Creating Addresses For Your Contacts From Text

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If you’ve ever been sent an address in a text message and tried to add it to a contact you’ll know why you need this app!

With Context you can generate a contact from any information you can paste. From any piece of text Context automatically picks out any and all: addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites, disregarding the rest of the text, and adds it to a contact for you. Address fields are looked up on the internet so they’re always complete with the fields in the correct order, regardless of if they’re present in the original text or not!

Context iOS main screen displayed on an iPhone

You could use it to:
Look up and save an address someone has sent you in a text
Update your friend’s contact information from their email signature Store a businesses contact details from the contact page of their website The possibilities are endless…. (providing they’re to do with contact creation from text)

If you’ve only got part of an address, don’t worry, Context looks up addresses over the internet and adds any missing information and you can even view a map of the location straight out of Context.

Context is totally free to use and fully functioning, albeit with adverts, for the creation of up to three contacts. If you’ve found Context useful please unlock the full version via the in-app upgrade and aid continued development of the app.