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I quietly engineer the future

I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Software Engineering, Graphic Design and Animation. I specialize in developing complex machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, fortune 500 e-commerce, responsive UI/UX, universal native mobile app dev, quantitative trading platform and strategy development, data visualization and analysis, skateboarding, and much more. If it can be programmed, I'll program it.

A few past clients include, Securities training Corporation, L'Oréal USA, Redken, Armani, Transit Center NY, Gig-Werks, Grey Advertising, Havas, Three Point Tequilla, Ninjatrader,, LHC CMS (CERN), Quantiacs and tons more.

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  • One South Eola Drive Unit 1 Orando FL 32901

  • mike (at) this url dot com

  • (646)-420-0170