Voter Turnout (2 Candidates)

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How to Play

The school has announced they will buy new varsity jackets for either the basketball or soccer team. Which team gets varsity jackets will be put to a vote. The winner of the vote is decided by a simple majority vote (i.e. one side got more votes than the other). You will either be in the Soccer or Basketball group and you will know the number of people in both groups.

For each group member, voting is costly. Voting cost is determined by distance from the school. This cost is only incurred if an individual votes and there is no direct cost from abstention. You receive 100 points if the number of votes meets or exceeds the minimum threshold and 0 points otherwise. This leads to six payoff situations:

  1. Your team wins and you voted: 100 − cost of voting
  2. Your team loses and and you voted: 0 − cost of voting
  3. Your team wins and you abstained: 100 − 0
  4. Your team loses and you abstained: 0 − 0
  5. There is a tie and you voted: 50 − cost of voting
  6. There is a tie and you abstained: 50 − 0
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