What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is probably the longest piece of work you have ever written, and it can be intimidating to know where to start. An article will help you figure out where to include exactly what should be included and where not. A dissertation is a scientific thesis based on a particular field of study, such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics or economics, and submitted as part of a doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s degree.

A dissertation itself should contain only essential information that directly contributes to answering research questions. Making sure each section is in the right place is only the first step towards a well-written dissertation. Documents you have used that do not fit into the main part of your dissertation can be added as attachments.

In a doctoral program, a dissertation is an opportunity for you to contribute new knowledge, theory and practice to the field. Your thesis is the culmination of your research, which proves that you know about the information you have learned during your diploma studies. This point is often invoked to develop completely new concepts and defend their value. 

Writing plans
Writing a dissertation

First, the general conclusion is set out directly, then discussed and then interpreted. In the academic convention, “Conclusion” refers to the short section that follows the discussion. The discussion refers to other scientific work to show how the results fit into existing knowledge. A conclusion from the dissertation answers the most important research question and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of the central argument. 

How do you get this information? What should your master thesis be about? Your doctoral thesis is likely to be much longer and comprise more than a single chapter, with a number of chapters and case studies. There will probably be a chapter on how you got the information, as well as an introduction to the topic of your thesis.

While the form of your research depends on your location, discipline, topic and approach, not all dissertations are structured exactly the same. For example, a dissertation in the humanities can be structured as a long essay that builds an overall argument in support of a central thesis, with chapters organized around various topics and case studies. 

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