Find Your School

Note: Some schools have no vaccination rate listed. For confidentiality reasons, Oregon does not release information on schools with fewer than 50 enrolled children or fewer than 10 nonmedical exemptions.

School Name County Percent Not Immunized
Mckay High School Marion 0.76
Jesuit High School Washington 0.78
Evergreen Middle School Washington 1.21
Tom Mccall Upper Elementary Washington 1.23
Springfield High School Lane 1.23
Hazelbrook Middle School Washington 1.27
Neil Armstrong Middle School Washington 1.31
Hermiston High School Umatilla 1.32
Stoller Middle School Washington 1.35
Vose Elementary Washington 1.42
Marshfield High School Coos 1.44
Parkrose Ms Multnomah 1.46
Sherwood Middle School Washington 1.47
Pendleton High School Umatilla 1.56
Aloha High School Washington 1.57
South Meadows Middle School Washington 1.60
Obsidian Middle School Deschutes 1.62
Stayton High School Marion 1.64
Lent K-8 Multnomah 1.65
Parrish Middle School Marion 1.65
Sherwood High School Washington 1.70
Meadow Park Middle School Washington 1.72
Highland Park Middle School Washington 1.72
North Salem High Marion 1.75
Lincoln Street Elementary Washington 1.76
Findley Elementary Washington 1.77
Beaverton High School Washington 1.77
Tualatin Elementary School Washington 1.78
Thurston High School Lane 1.79
Claggett Creek Middle Marion 1.79
Peterson Elementary School Klamath 1.80
Central Catholic High School Multnomah 1.84
St. Helens High School Columbia 1.86
Southridge High School Washington 1.89
Roseburg High School Douglas 1.91
Crater Academy Of Health And Public Sevices Jackson 1.91
Mt Vernon Elementary Lane 1.93
Redmond High School Deschutes 1.94
Briggs Middle School Lane 1.95
Buell Elementary School Yamhill 1.96
Cooper Mountain Elementary Washington 1.96
Mabel Rush Elementary Yamhill 1.98
South Salem High School Marion 1.99
Hammond Elementary Marion 1.99
Twality Middle School Washington 2.00
Hall Es Multnomah 2.00
Scholls Heights Elementary Washington 2.01
Nellie Muir Elementary #103 Marion 2.01
Brown Middle School Washington 2.01
Riverbend Elementary Lane 2.02
St. Helens Lewis & Clark Elementary Columbia 2.02
Parkrose Hs Multnomah 2.03
St. Helens Middle School Columbia 2.05
Whitcomb Elementary Clackamas 2.07
Hb Lee Ms Multnomah 2.09
Margaret Scott Es Multnomah 2.10
Tillamook High School Tillamook 2.10
Jacob Wismer Elementary Washington 2.12
Millicoma Middle School Coos 2.12
Crook County Middle School Crook 2.12
Aloha-Huber Park School Washington 2.13
Memorial Middle School Linn 2.14
Century High School Washington 2.14
Taft Elementary Lincoln 2.15
Wilkes Es Multnomah 2.15
Mckinney Elementary Washington 2.15
Westview High School Washington 2.16
Kelly Creek Es Multnomah 2.17
Whitford Middle School Washington 2.17
Thurston Middle School Lane 2.17
M A Lynch Elementary School Deschutes 2.21
North Albany Middle School Benton 2.21
Forest Grove High School Washington 2.22
Yoshikai Elementary Marion 2.22
South Albany High School Linn 2.22
Scappoose High School Columbia 2.23
Raleigh Hills School Washington 2.24
Barnes Elementary Washington 2.25
Vern Patrick Elementary Deschutes 2.25
Sunset High School Washington 2.27
Mcloughlin Middle Jackson 2.27
Glencoe High School Washington 2.28
Cascade High #5 Marion 2.29
Armand Larive Middle School Umatilla 2.31
Lenox Elementary Washington 2.32
Monroe Middle School Lane 2.32
Mazama High School Klamath 2.32
Kennedy Elementary Jackson 2.33
Meadow View School Lane 2.33
West Park Elementary Umatilla 2.34
Leslie Middle School Marion 2.35
Tigard Elementary Washington 2.36
Liberty High School Washington 2.36
Hogan Cedars Multnomah 2.36
St. Helens Mcbride Elementary Columbia 2.36
Laurelhurst K-8 Multnomah 2.36
Schirle Elementary Marion 2.37
Fowler Middle School Washington 2.37
Clear Creek Ms Multnomah 2.37
Hillcrest Elementary Coos 2.39
Washington Elementary Jackson 2.40
Whiteaker Middle Marion 2.40
Tualatin High School Washington 2.41
Rock Creek Elementary Washington 2.42
Hazeldale Elementary Washington 2.43
Baker Prairie Middle School Clackamas 2.43
Five Oaks Middle School Washington 2.43
Hillsboro High School Washington 2.44
Scott Elementary Marion 2.44
Mcnary High School Marion 2.44
Kinnaman Elementary Washington 2.44
Sam Barlow Hs Multnomah 2.44
Rainier Hudson Park Elementary Columbia 2.46
Rosa Parks E.S. Multnomah 2.47
Two Rivers Dos Rios Elementary Lane 2.47
Sherwood Heights Elementary Umatilla 2.47
Eagle Point Middle School Jackson 2.49
Harrison Park K-8 Multnomah 2.49
Ridgeview Elementary Lane 2.49
Madras Primary School Jefferson 2.50
Madras High School Jefferson 2.52
Grant Elementary School Marion 2.52
William Knight Elementary Clackamas 2.53
Minter Bridge Elementary Washington 2.53
Reynolds Ms Multnomah 2.54
Talmadge Middle School Polk 2.54
Laurel Ridge Middle School Washington 2.55
Lee K-8 Multnomah 2.55
Madison Elementary Coos 2.55
Gladstone High School Clackamas 2.56
La Salle Catholic College Prep Clackamas 2.56
Poynter Middle School Washington 2.57
Weddle Elementary Marion 2.58
Vestal K-8 Multnomah 2.58
Madison Hs Multnomah 2.59
Springville Elementary Washington 2.59
Elmira High School Lane 2.60
Creslane Elementary School Lane 2.60
Wascher Elementary Yamhill 2.60
J Clyde Hopkins Elementary School Washington 2.61
Judson Middle Marion 2.64
Sam Case Primary Lincoln 2.65
Wy'East Middle School Hood River 2.65
James John Es Multnomah 2.65
Trost Elementary Clackamas 2.67
Jefferson County Middle School Jefferson 2.70
Patterson Elementary Washington 2.70
Newberg High School Yamhill 2.71
Eagle Point High School Jackson 2.71
Yolanda Elementary Lane 2.72
Shasta Elementary School Klamath 2.72
Willamette High School Lane 2.72
Cesar Chavez School K-8 Multnomah 2.73
Reynolds Hs Multnomah 2.73
Ladd Acres Elementary Washington 2.73
Gilham Elementary School Lane 2.74
Mckay Elementary Washington 2.74
West Albany High School Linn 2.75
Awbrey Park Elementary School Lane 2.77
North Marion Primary #15 Marion 2.78
Duniway Middle School Yamhill 2.79
Pringle Elementary Marion 2.79
Edy Ridge Elementary Washington 2.80
St. Pius X Washington 2.80
Auburn Elementary Marion 2.81
Montclair Elementary Washington 2.81
Crook County High School Crook 2.84
Oaklea Middle School Lane 2.84
Happy Valley Middle School Clackamas 2.84
Greenway Elementary Washington 2.84
Cecil Sly Elementary School Crook 2.86
Sandy High School Clackamas 2.87
Mae Richardson Elementary Jackson 2.87
Cheldelin Middle School Benton 2.88
Brockway Elementary School Douglas 2.88
Eastwood Elementary School Douglas 2.88
Salish Ponds Es Multnomah 2.89
Antonia Crater Elementary Yamhill 2.90
Me Web Academy High School Multnomah 2.91
North Bend Middle School Coos 2.92
Eastwood Elementary Washington 2.92
Slater Elementary Harney 2.93
Klamath Union High School Klamath 2.94
Eagle Rock Elementary Jackson 2.94
Roosevelt Elementary Jackson 2.94
North Marion High #15 Marion 2.94
Alberta Rider Elementary Washington 2.96
Gubser Elementary Marion 2.97
Fairview Es Multnomah 2.99
Patton Middle School Yamhill 3.00
Monmouth Elementary School Polk 3.00
Timber Ridge School Linn 3.00
George Ms Multnomah 3.01
East Primary School Douglas 3.03
Tigard High School Washington 3.03
Keizer Elementary Marion 3.04
John Tuck Elementary Deschutes 3.04
Ponderosa Junior High School Klamath 3.04
Phoenix Elementary Jackson 3.05
Imlay Elementary Washington 3.05
Irving Elementary Lane 3.06
Elton Gregory Middle School Deschutes 3.06
Buff Intermediate School Jefferson 3.07
Lake Oswego High School Clackamas 3.07
Bush Elementary Marion 3.08
Wood Middle School Clackamas 3.08
Gordon Russell Ms Multnomah 3.08
Highland Es Multnomah 3.09
Jefferson Elementary Jackson 3.10
Junction City High School Lane 3.13
Scott K-8 Multnomah 3.13
Boones Ferry Elementary Clackamas 3.13
Cedar Ridge Middle School Clackamas 3.13
Mills Elementary School Klamath 3.13
Aumsville Elementary 3-5 Marion 3.14
Bonny Slope Elementary Washington 3.14
Conestoga Middle Washington 3.15
Danebo Elementary Lane 3.15
Dayton High School Yamhill 3.15
Independence Elementary School Polk 3.18
Lebanon High School Linn 3.18
West Linn High School Clackamas 3.18
Milwaukie High School Clackamas 3.20
Woodmere E.S. Multnomah 3.21
Faulconer-Chapman Elementary School Yamhill 3.22
Shasta Middle School Lane 3.22
Phoenix High School Jackson 3.23
Sunset Middle School Coos 3.23
East Elementary Tillamook 3.23
The Dalles Wahtonka High School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam 3.24
Grandhaven Elementary Yamhill 3.24
John Wetten Elementary Clackamas 3.25
Madison Middle School Lane 3.25
Rowe Middle School Clackamas 3.25
Catlin Gabel School - Upper Washington 3.26
Prairie Mountain School Lane 3.26
Byrom Elementary Washington 3.26
Conger Elementary School Klamath 3.27
Crossler Middle Marion 3.27
Lee Elementary Marion 3.27
Oregon Trail Elementary Clackamas 3.27
Straub Middle School Polk 3.29
Scappoose Middle School Columbia 3.30
Rock Creek Middle School Clackamas 3.31
Arts And Communications Middle Washington 3.31
Cummings Elementary Marion 3.32
Mountain View Elementary School Benton 3.32
Sweet Home High School Linn 3.33
Crooked River Elementary Crook 3.33
Newport Intermediate Lincoln 3.33
Deer Creek Elementary Washington 3.34
Lakeridge Junior High Clackamas 3.34
Alder Es Multnomah 3.35
Marist High School Lane 3.35
Lynch Wood Es Multnomah 3.35
Boise-Eliot Pk-8 Multnomah 3.36
Edwards Elementary School Yamhill 3.37
Hucrest Elementary School Douglas 3.37
Whitman Es Multnomah 3.39
Roosevelt Hs Multnomah 3.39
Terra Linda Elementary Washington 3.39
Monroe Grade School Benton 3.40
Laurel Elementary School Lane 3.40
South Prairie Elementary School Tillamook 3.42
Cedar Park Middle School Washington 3.42
Creswell High School Lane 3.42
Thurston Elementary Lane 3.43
Forest Park Es Multnomah 3.43
Walt Morey Ms Multnomah 3.44
Blossom Gulch Elementary Coos 3.44
O'Hara Catholic School Lane 3.45
Lyle Elementary School Polk 3.46
Hollydale Es Multnomah 3.46
Griffin Creek Elementary Jackson 3.47
Gresham High School Multnomah 3.47
River Grove Elementary Clackamas 3.47
Lapine Elementary Deschutes 3.47
Buena Vista School Lane 3.48
Bethany Elementary Washington 3.48
The Dalles Middle School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam 3.49
Sheldon High School Lane 3.49
Oak Hills Elementary Washington 3.50
Centennial Hs Multnomah 3.50
Jewett Elementary Jackson 3.51
Dexter Mccarty Ms Multnomah 3.51
South Umpqua High School Douglas 3.51
Durham Elementary Washington 3.51
Prescott Es Multnomah 3.52
Union Elementary School Combined With Union High S Union 3.52
Fern Ridge Middle School Lane 3.53
David Douglas Hs Multnomah 3.54
Pleasant Hill High School Lane 3.54
Mcminnville High School Yamhill 3.54
East Orient Es Multnomah 3.55
Mckinley Elementary Washington 3.55
Walker Middle School Polk 3.55
Menlo Park Es Multnomah 3.55
Bilquist Elementary Clackamas 3.56
Clackamas High School Clackamas 3.58
Lake Oswego Jr High School Clackamas 3.58
Stayton Elementary #29 Marion 3.59
Rigler K-5 Multnomah 3.60
Sweetbriar Es Multnomah 3.62
Beaver Acres Elementary Washington 3.63
Sage Elementary Deschutes 3.63
Oregon City High School Clackamas 3.63
Cal Young Middle School Lane 3.64
Cascade Middle School Lane 3.65
Henley High School Klamath 3.65
Newport High Lincoln 3.66
Sublimity Elementary Sd 7 Marion 3.66
Lewelling Elementary Clackamas 3.67
Estacada Junior High Clackamas 3.68
Oceanlake Elementary Lincoln 3.70
Sprague High School Marion 3.70
Tom Mccall Elementary Deschutes 3.70
Central Linn Middle/High School Linn 3.70
Philomath High School Benton 3.71
Morningside Elementary Marion 3.72
Wilson Elementary Jackson 3.73
Ochoco Elementary School Crook 3.74
Harrisburg Elementary Linn 3.74
Lapine High School Deschutes 3.75
Perrydale School Polk 3.76
Sky View Middle School Deschutes 3.77
West Salem High School Polk 3.78
Earl Boyles Es Multnomah 3.79
Canby High School Clackamas 3.79
Sexton Mt. Elementary Washington 3.79
Naas Elementary Clackamas 3.80
Joseph Gale Elementary School Washington 3.82
Liberty Elementary Linn 3.83
Yamhill-Carlton High School Yamhill 3.83
Central Medford High School Jackson 3.83
Maple Elementary Lane 3.85
Sacramento Es Multnomah 3.85
Oregon Episcopal School Washington 3.85
North Medford High School Jackson 3.85
Lone Pine Elementary Jackson 3.86
Metzger Elementary School Washington 3.86
Skyline K-8 Multnomah 3.86
Gearhart Elementary Clatsop 3.87
Astor Elementary Clatsop 3.87
Clackamas River Elementary Clackamas 3.88
Willagillespie Elementary School Lane 3.88
Hillside Elementary Jackson 3.89
Dry Hollow Elementary School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam 3.91
Crestview Heights Lincoln 3.92
Fir Grove Elementary School Douglas 3.92
Centennial Middle School Multnomah 3.92
Dundee Elementary School Yamhill 3.93
Candy Lane Elementary Clackamas 3.94
Howard Elementary School Lane 3.94
Philander Lee Elementary Clackamas 3.94
Ardenwald Elementary Clackamas 3.94
East Gresham Es Multnomah 3.95
Molalla High School Clackamas 3.95
Benson Polytechnic Hs Multnomah 3.96
Centennial Elementary School Lane 3.96
Amity High School Yamhill 3.96
Baker High School Baker 3.97
Hood River Valley High School Hood River 3.98
West Gresham Es Multnomah 3.99
Athey Creek Middle School Clackamas 3.99
Clear Lake Elementary Marion 4.01
Mary Woodward Elementary Washington 4.01
Hedrick Middle School Jackson 4.02
Central High School Polk 4.02
Willamina Elementary School Yamhill 4.02
Whitworth Elementary Polk 4.02
Siuslaw Middle School Lane 4.02
Clatskanie Middle/High School Columbia 4.03
Lacreole Middle School Polk 4.04
Scappoose Otto H.H. Peterson Columbia 4.04
Santiam Elementary Linn 4.04
Cascades School Linn 4.04
Brooklyn Elementary School Baker 4.04
Rex Putnam High School Clackamas 4.05
Candalaria Elementary Marion 4.06
St. Mary'S School #91 Marion 4.06
Jefferson Hs Multnomah 4.07
Chehalem Valley Middle School Yamhill 4.07
Archer Glen Elementary Washington 4.08
Alder Creek Middle School Clackamas 4.10
West Sylvan Ms Multnomah 4.12
Faubion Es Multnomah 4.12
Gervais Elementary Marion 4.15
Parkdale Elementary Hood River 4.17
Englewood Elementary Marion 4.17
Lincoln Hs Multnomah 4.17
Rosemont Ridge Middle School Clackamas 4.20
Spring Creek Elementary School Lane 4.20
Riley Creek School Curry 4.21
Ridgeview High School Deschutes 4.21
North Eugene High School Lane 4.22
Mecp- East/West Multnomah 4.22
Errol Hassell Elementary Washington 4.22
Wilsonville High School Clackamas 4.22
Floyd Light Ms Multnomah 4.23
Alice Ott Ms Multnomah 4.25
Terrebonne Community School Deschutes 4.25
St Mary'S Academy Multnomah 4.26
Lakeridge High School Clackamas 4.26
Tobias Elementary Washington 4.26
Wright Elementary Marion 4.26
Spring Mountain Elementary Clackamas 4.27
Quatama Elementary Washington 4.28
Miller Elementary Marion 4.29
Columbus Elementary School Yamhill 4.33
Battle Creek Elementary Marion 4.33
Mt Scott Elementary Clackamas 4.34
Holt Elementary School Lane 4.34
Sunset Primary Clackamas 4.36
Beverly Cleary K-8 Multnomah 4.37
Hartley Es Multnomah 4.40
Mt View High School Deschutes 4.40
Hiteon Elementary Washington 4.41
Boeckman Creek Primary Clackamas 4.41
Myers Elementary Polk 4.41
John C Fremont Middle School Douglas 4.41
Ensworth Elementary Deschutes 4.42
Eccles Elementary Clackamas 4.43
Orenco Elementary Washington 4.46
North Gresham Es Multnomah 4.46
St. Cecilia School Washington 4.48
Seaside High School Clatsop 4.51
Chenowith Elementary School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam 4.52
Lincoln Park Es Multnomah 4.52
Dayton Grade School Yamhill 4.52
Salem Academy Elementary Marion 4.52
Molalla River Middle School Clackamas 4.53
North Powder School Union 4.53
Garfield Elementary School Benton 4.55
Central Point Elementary Jackson 4.55
Sweet Home Junior High School Linn 4.55
Banks Elementary Washington 4.55
Harvey Clarke Elementary Washington 4.55
Raleigh Park Elementary Washington 4.56
Hallinan Elementary Clackamas 4.58
Orchard Hill Elementary Jackson 4.60
Beaumont Ms Multnomah 4.62
North Marion Middle #15 Marion 4.64
Stephenson Es Multnomah 4.64
Creswell Middle School Lane 4.65
Portland Christian Jr/Sr Hs Multnomah 4.66
Westridge Elementary Clackamas 4.66
Joan Austin Elementary Yamhill 4.66
Lane Ms Multnomah 4.69
Middleton Elementary Washington 4.70
Crescent Valley High School Benton 4.70
R E Jewell Elementary Deschutes 4.71
Ainsworth Es Multnomah 4.74
Astoria High School Clatsop 4.74
Aumsville Elementary K-2 Marion 4.74
Firwood Elementary Clackamas 4.75
St Mary'S School Jackson 4.76
Life Christian School Washington 4.77
Coquille High School Coos 4.78
View Acres Elementary Clackamas 4.79
Wilson High School Multnomah 4.79
High Desert Middle School Deschutes 4.79
Riverdale High School Multnomah 4.80
Crater School Of Business, Innovation & Science Jackson 4.81
Warrenton Grade School Clatsop 4.81
Lewis & Clark Elementary Clatsop 4.82
North Bend High School Coos 4.84
Franklin Hs Multnomah 4.85
Adams Elementary School Benton 4.86
Russell Academy Multnomah 4.88
Brush College Elementary Polk 4.89
Culver Elementary School Jefferson 4.89
Fort Vannoy Josephine 4.90
Mulino Elementary Clackamas 4.91
Hoover Elementary School Benton 4.91
Myrtle Creek Elementary Douglas 4.92
Veneta Elementary School Lane 4.93
Robert Grey Ms Multnomah 4.94
Taft High Lincoln 4.96
Access Multnomah 4.96
Oak Heights Elementary Linn 4.97
Roseway Heights K-8 Multnomah 4.98
Memorial Elementary School Yamhill 4.98
Lep Charter Hs Multnomah 5.02
Jacksonville Elementary Jackson 5.02
Eagle Ridge High School Klamath 5.03
Corridor Elementary School Lane 5.04
Amity Elementary School Yamhill 5.04
Vernon K-8 Multnomah 5.05
Clatskanie Elementary Columbia 5.06
Jackson Elementary Jackson 5.06
Kelly/Da Vinci Alt Middle School Lane 5.08
Cove School District/Charter School Union 5.08
Lincoln Elementary School Benton 5.09
Philomath Elementary School Benton 5.10
Crater'S Renaissance Academy Jackson 5.18
St John The Apostle Catholic School Clackamas 5.19
Columbia Christian School Multnomah 5.19
Scappoose Grant Watts Grade School Columbia 5.19
Jennings Lodge Elementary Clackamas 5.19
Pilot Butte Middle School Deschutes 5.21
Seaside Heights Elementary Clatsop 5.22
Shady Cove School Jackson 5.22
Trillium Creek Primary School Clackamas 5.26
Richmond Elementary Marion 5.28
Broadway Middle School Clatsop 5.28
Ponderosa Elementary Deschutes 5.28
Dallas High School Polk 5.29
Bohemia Elementary School Lane 5.29
Arts And Communications-High School Washington 5.31
Mckinley Elementary Marion 5.31
Sacred Heart Catholic School Jackson 5.34
Duncan Elmentary Clackamas 5.37
Troutdale Es Multnomah 5.38
South Medford High School Jackson 5.40
Ogden Middle School Clackamas 5.41
Gardiner Middle School Clackamas 5.41
Pioneer School Linn 5.42
Helix School District Umatilla 5.43
Lincoln Savage Middle Josephine 5.44
Concord Elementary Clackamas 5.44
South Middle School Josephine 5.45
Rural Dell Elementary Clackamas 5.47
Ron Russell Ms Multnomah 5.49
Sunnyside Elementary Clackamas 5.49
Manzanita Elementary Josephine 5.50
Parklane Elementary Multnomah 5.50
Sumpter Elementary Marion 5.52
Eagle Creek Elementary Clackamas 5.53
Fullerton Iv Elementary School Douglas 5.56
Harrisburg Union High Linn 5.56
Lynch Meadows Es Multnomah 5.58
Hoover Elementary Jackson 5.59
Chapman Es Multnomah 5.61
Woodland Es Multnomah 5.61
Irvington K-8 Multnomah 5.61
Grant Union Jr/Sr High School Grant 5.61
Yujin Gakuen Elementary Lane 5.62
Gilbert Park Es Multnomah 5.62
Grants Pass High School Josephine 5.62
Tualatin Valley Academy Washington 5.64
Riviera Christian School & Daycare Polk 5.65
Central Elementary School Union 5.67
Stafford Primary Clackamas 5.69
Knova Reynolds Public Charter Multnomah 5.69
St Agatha School Multnomah 5.70
Ione Community School Morrow 5.71
Corbett Ms Multnomah 5.71
Linus Pauling Middle School Benton 5.72
Kalapuya Elementary Polk 5.74
Forest Hills Elementary Clackamas 5.76
Salem Heights Elementary Marion 5.78
La Grande High School Union 5.79
Gilbert Heights Es Multnomah 5.83
Harrison Elementary School Lane 5.84
Liberty Elementary Marion 5.85
La Grande Middle School Union 5.87
Riverside Elementary Clackamas 5.88
Sweet Home Charter School Linn 5.88
Gaarde Christian School Washington 5.91
James Templeton Elementary Washington 5.91
Gold Beach High School Curry 5.92
Lincoln Middle School Lane 5.92
Central Christian School Deschutes 5.96
South Baker Intermediate Baker 5.96
Bonanza Jr/Sr High School Klamath 6.03
Siuslaw High School Lane 6.03
Rogue River Junior Senior High Jackson 6.05
Capitol Hill Es Multnomah 6.08
Jefferson Elementary School Benton 6.10
Estacada High School Clackamas 6.10
Prospect Charter School Jackson 6.11
North Marion Intermediate #15 Marion 6.11
Mccornack Elementary School Lane 6.13
Carus Elementary Clackamas 6.14
Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School Washington 6.15
Oakdale Heights Polk 6.15
Gaffney Lane Elementary Clackamas 6.17
Three Rivers Elementary School Deschutes 6.18
Elgin Stella Mayfield Elementary Combined With Elg Union 6.20
Wilson Elementary School Benton 6.25
Gervais High Marion 6.25
Powell Valley Grade School Multnomah 6.25
Santiam Christian Schools Benton 6.26
Happy Valley Elementary Clackamas 6.29
Gaston Elementary Washington 6.30
Riverside Elementary Josephine 6.31
Lowrie Primary School Clackamas 6.31
Bonanza Elementary School Klamath 6.32
Beavercreek Elementary Clackamas 6.32
Astor K-8 Multnomah 6.32
Kennedy Alternative High School Lane 6.35
Portland Adventist Academy Multnomah 6.36
Yamhill Carlton Intermediate School Yamhill 6.36
Cherry Park Es Multnomah 6.37
Multi-Sensory Learning Academy Multnomah 6.37
Neahkahnie Middle School Tillamook 6.40
Talent Middle School Jackson 6.42
Siuslaw Elementary Lane 6.42
Powell Butte Community Charter School Crook 6.45
Walterville Elementary Lane 6.45
Centennial Elementary Linn 6.46
Reynolds Arthur Academy Multnomah 6.47
Hood River Middle Hood River 6.47
Lookingglass Elementary School Douglas 6.47
Markham Es Multnomah 6.49
Faith Bible Christian School Washington 6.50
Harrisburg Middle Linn 6.51
Bend Senior High School Deschutes 6.51
Northwest Academy Multnomah 6.56
Astoria Middle School Clatsop 6.57
Oak Creek Elementary Clackamas 6.58
Redwood Elementary Josephine 6.60
Summit High School Deschutes 6.66
Trinity Lutheran School Deschutes 6.67
Milwaukie Academy Of Arts Clackamas 6.67
Lake Grove Elementary Clackamas 6.68
Oregon Trail Primary Academy Clackamas 6.70
Cottage Grove High Lane 6.70
Sisters Middle School Deschutes 6.70
Azalea Middle School Curry 6.74
West Union Elementary School Washington 6.74
Mill Park Es Multnomah 6.74
Kennedy Middle School Lane 6.75
Eugene Field School #4 Marion 6.77
John Mcloughlin Elementary Clackamas 6.79
Lacomb School Linn 6.79
Arleta K-8 Multnomah 6.81
Lvc-Bridgeport Campus Polk 6.83
Eastmont Community School Deschutes 6.86
Jackson Ms Multnomah 6.87
Cascade Middle School Deschutes 6.92
Cedar Mill Elementary Washington 6.92
Sisters High School Deschutes 6.93
Grout Es Multnomah 6.95
West Powellhurst Es Multnomah 6.95
Duniway Es Multnomah 6.97
Grant Hs Multnomah 6.97
Grand View Christian Academy Clackamas 6.99
Horizon Christian High School Washington 6.99
Latham Elementary School Lane 6.99
Brooking-Harbor High School Curry 7.02
Madrona Elementary Josephine 7.03
Corbett Charter School Multnomah 7.05
Ridgewood Elementary Washington 7.06
Atkinson Es Multnomah 7.08
Yamhill Carlton Elementary School Yamhill 7.08
Nancy Ryles Elementary Washington 7.09
Butler Creek E.S. Multnomah 7.09
Vernonia High School Columbia 7.14
Prairie City School Grant 7.14
Ventura Park Es Multnomah 7.14
Oakridge Elementary School Lane 7.17
North Clackamas Christian Clackamas 7.17
Corbett Grade School Multnomah 7.18
City Christian School Multnomah 7.20
Good Shepherd School Clackamas 7.21
Grace Christian Jackson 7.21
Lincoln Middle School Douglas 7.24
Sand Ridge Charter School Linn 7.24
Holcomb Elementary Clackamas 7.25
Buckingham Elementary School Deschutes 7.25
Eugene Education Options-East Lane 7.25
Chapman Hill Polk 7.26
Lava Ridge Elementary Deschutes 7.28
Woodstock Es Multnomah 7.28
Chief Joseph/Ockley Green Multnomah 7.30
Estacada Web Academy Clackamas 7.30
Seven Peaks School Deschutes 7.38
East Linn Christian Academy Linn 7.45
Enterprise Jr/Sr High School Wallowa 7.45
Oregon City Service Learning Academy Clackamas 7.45
Gervais Middle Marion 7.46
Bridger K-8 Multnomah 7.46
Portland Christian Elementary School Multnomah 7.51
Rogue River Elementary Jackson 7.52
Hosford International Ms Multnomah 7.53
Mark Twain Middle School Marion 7.54
Pleasant Hill Elementary School Lane 7.55
Imbler Jr/Sr High Union 7.60
Lynch View Es Multnomah 7.62
Crow-Applegate Elementary Lane 7.63
Scouters Mountain Clackamas 7.64
Fleming Middle School Josephine 7.67
Corvallis High School Benton 7.67
West Hills Christian School Multnomah 7.69
West Tualatin View Elementary Washington 7.69
Phonics Phactory Christian School Multnomah 7.72
Alameda Es Multnomah 7.73
Valor Middle School #103 Marion 7.75
Cedaroak Park Primary Clackamas 7.81
North Middle School Josephine 7.84
Riverdale Grade School Multnomah 7.85
Beach Pk-8 Multnomah 7.87
Sisters Elementary School Deschutes 7.88
Sabin Pk-8 Multnomah 7.90
Deep Creek Es Multnomah 7.91
Eagle Charter Marion 7.91
Willamette Primary Clackamas 7.94
International School, The Multnomah 7.94
Silver Crest School Marion 7.97
Pine Ridge Elementary School Deschutes 7.97
Woodburn Arthur Academy Marion 8.13
Parkside Elementary Josephine 8.13
Sherwood Charter School Washington 8.14
Highland Elementary School Douglas 8.18
Island City Elementary Union 8.20
Silverton High Marion 8.24
Bear Creek Elementary Deschutes 8.26
Bridlemile E.S. Multnomah 8.28
Catlin Gabel Lower School Washington 8.37
Academy Of Arts & Academics Lane 8.39
Albany Christian School Linn 8.45
Llewellyn Es Multnomah 8.45
Welches Elementary Clackamas 8.46
Montessori School Of Beaverton Washington 8.48
Horizon Christian Elementary And Middle Washington 8.50
French American Int'L Sch Multnomah 8.55
Mckenzie School District #68 Lane 8.56
Vernonia Elementary Columbia 8.58
Mt Tabor Ms Multnomah 8.60
May Street Elementary Hood River 8.60
Rieke Es Multnomah 8.63
Nehalem Elementary Tillamook 8.70
Livingstone Adventist Academy Marion 8.72
Class Academy Multnomah 8.72
Melrose Elementary School Douglas 8.74
Sellwood Ms Multnomah 8.76
Colton Elementary Clackamas 8.82
Cascade Heights Public Charter School Clackamas 8.85
Arbor School Of Arts & Sciences Clackamas 8.90
City View Charter School Washington 8.90
Oak Grove Elementary Clackamas 8.91
Redland Elementary Clackamas 8.95
Maplewood Es Multnomah 8.96
Central Linn Elementary School Linn 8.97
Creston K-8 Multnomah 8.99
Humbolt Elementary School Grant 9.03
Franciscan Montessori Earth Sch Multnomah 9.13
Juniper Elementary Deschutes 9.14
Tumalo Community School Deschutes 9.18
Country Christian School Clackamas 9.20
Western Mennonite School Polk 9.29
Crosshill Christian School South Campus Marion 9.33
Talent Elementary Jackson 9.33
C.S. Lewis Academy, High School Yamhill 9.35
Franklin Elementary School Benton 9.36
Highland Elementary School Josephine 9.38
Arthur Academy Charter (Portland Public Schools) Multnomah 9.43
Gresham Arthur Academy Multnomah 9.47
Elkton Charter School Douglas 9.49
River Road/El Camino Del Rio Elementary School Lane 9.52
Robert Frost School #4 Marion 9.70
Edgewood Community School Lane 9.74
Renaissance Public Academy Clackamas 9.76
Colton Middle School Clackamas 9.77
Wdbn H.S. (Waast) Academy Of Art, Science, & Techn Marion 9.79
High Lakes Elementary School Deschutes 9.83
Miller Elementary School Deschutes 9.86
Cleveland Hs Multnomah 9.97
Elk Meadow Elementary Deschutes 9.98
Le Monde Multnomah 10.00
Friutdale Elementary Josephine 10.06
Holley Elementary Linn 10.07
Lundy Elementary School Lane 10.08
Damascus Christian School Clackamas 10.17
Sauvie Island School Columbia 10.19
Bandon High School Coos 10.21
Bolton Primary Clackamas 10.28
Enterprise Elementary Wallowa 10.31
Southwest Christian School Washington 10.38
Dorena Elementary School Lane 10.42
Mitch Charter School Washington 10.44
Scotts Mills #4 Marion 10.45
Lowell Junior/Senior High School Lane 10.48
Oak Hill School Lane 10.50
Tucker Maxon Oral School Multnomah 10.53
Pleasant Valley Es Multnomah 10.54
Roosevelt Middle School Lane 10.59
Grace Lutheran School Multnomah 10.62
North Valley High Josephine 10.75
Vernonia Middle School Columbia 10.77
Ocean Crest Elementary School Coos 10.98
Touchstone Elementary Clackamas 10.99
Charlemagne/Fox Hollow Elementary Lane 11.01
Churchill High School Lane 11.05
C.S. Lewis Academy K-6 Yamhill 11.11
Hidden Valley High Josephine 11.19
Franklin Middle School Benton 11.35
Valley Inquiry Charter Marion 11.38
Imbler Elementary Union 11.69
Glencoe Es Multnomah 11.79
New Hope Christian School Josephine 11.79
Lewis Es Multnomah 11.88
Winterhaven K-8 Multnomah 11.90
Davinci Arts Ms Multnomah 11.99
Oregon Connections Academy Linn 12.32
Ninety One School Clackamas 12.35
Kalmiopsis Elementary School Curry 12.36
Harbor Lights Middle School Coos 12.39
Westgate Christian School Washington 12.44
Haines Elementary School Baker 12.50
Driftwood Elementary Curry 12.67
Spencer Butte Middle School Lane 12.72
Kelly Es Multnomah 12.76
Joseph Schools Wallowa 12.92
Horizon Christian School, Inc Hood River 12.95
Edison Elementary School Lane 13.16
Tigard-Tualatin Online Academy Washington 13.16
Silverton Christian School Marion 13.25
Forest Grove Community School Washington 13.27
Clackamas Middle College Clackamas 13.33
Springwater Environmental Sciences School Clackamas 13.37
Ewing Young Elementary School Yamhill 13.59
Richmond Es Multnomah 13.62
Chavez Elementary Lane 13.72
Cor Deo Christian Academy Washington 14.01
Abernethy Es Multnomah 14.02
Grace Christian School Clackamas 14.06
Kings Valley Charter School - Middle School/High S Benton 14.13
Highland Elementary Deschutes 14.25
Odyssey Program K-5 Multnomah 14.35
Vineyard Christian School Josephine 14.47
Veritas School Yamhill 14.49
South Eugene High School Lane 14.83
Sheridan All Prep Yamhill 14.93
Triangle Lake Charter Hs Lane 14.97
Bellview Elementary Jackson 15.08
Molalla River Academy Clackamas 15.38
Buckman Es Multnomah 16.23
Arts And Technology Academy Lane 16.73
River Song School Deschutes 17.07
Great Basin Home School Center Klamath 17.07
Oregon Virtual Academy Coos 17.17
Lewis/Clark Montessori Charter Multnomah 17.21
Adams Elementary School Lane 17.27
Lighthouse School Coos 17.29
North Coast Christian School Clatsop 17.31
Ivy School, The Multnomah 17.36
Heritage Elementary Marion 17.48
Academy For Character Education Lane 17.78
Cascades Academy Deschutes 17.96
Illinois Valley High Josephine 18.18
The Community Roots School Marion 18.42
Realms Charter School Deschutes 18.75
Camas Ridge Community Elementary Lane 18.80
St. Stephens Academy Washington 18.97
Triangle Lake Charter El School Lane 19.39
Ashland Middle School Jackson 19.53
Emerson School The Multnomah 19.58
Butte Creek School Clackamas 19.81
Creative Science School K-8 Multnomah 20.33
South Columbia Family School Columbia 20.37
Swallowtail School Washington 20.59
Open Door Christian Academy Multnomah 20.63
Bethany Charter School Marion 20.86
Baker Early College Baker 20.90
Ruch Elementary Jackson 21.08
Columbia Academy Clackamas 21.57
Lorna Byrne Middle Josephine 21.62
Kings Valley Charter School - Elementary Benton 21.65
Metropolitan Learning Center K-12 Multnomah 22.02
Walker Elementary Jackson 22.79
Sunny Wolf Charter School Josephine 22.95
Sunnyside Environmental K-8 Multnomah 23.53
Helman Elementary Jackson 24.08
Ashland High School Jackson 24.35
Far Horizons Montessori Lane 25.00
Applegate Elementary Josephine 25.23
River'S Edge Academy Charter School Jackson 25.74
Network Charter School Lane 26.09
Lighthouse Mennonite School Linn 26.98
Geneva Academy Douglas 28.57
Cais Clackamas 28.65
Williams Elementary Josephine 28.95
Westside Village Deschutes 29.78
Paisley On Line School Lake 30.07
Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter Lane 30.40
Madrone Trail Public Charter School Jackson 30.45
Southwest Charter School Multnomah 31.25
Cm2 Opal Charter School Multnomah 31.82
Amity Creek Magnet School Deschutes 33.72
Evergreen Elementary Josephine 35.27
Muddy Creek Charter School Benton 35.71
Alliance Charter Academy Clackamas 35.92
Brighton Academy Josephine 36.80
Micha-El School Clackamas 39.62
Basic Skills Assessment & Educational Services Clackamas 40.28
Delphian School Yamhill 40.41
Trillium Public Charter Multnomah 49.40
Family School Lane 49.45
Portland Village School Multnomah 52.91
Cedarwood School-Western Valley Waldorf Multnomah 55.71
John Muir Jackson 58.42
Corvallis Waldorf School Benton 60.00
Portland Waldorf School Clackamas 60.44
Willow Wind Community Learning Center Jackson 62.19
Slavic Christian Academy Clackamas 63.46
Village School Lane 65.58
Siskiyou School Jackson 66.13
Eugene Waldorf School Lane 67.50
Shining Star School Multnomah 67.86
Woodland Charter School Josephine 69.47
St Thomas Becket Academy Lane 71.84
Baker Valley Seventh-Day Adventist School Baker
Harvest Christian Academy Baker
Good Samaritan Elementary School Benton
Christian Leadership Academy Benton
Philomath Montessori School Benton
Zion Lutheran School Benton
Corvallis Montessori School Benton
Ashbrook Independent School Benton
Mt Hood Academy Clackamas
Windells Academy Inc. Clackamas
Trinity Lutheran School Clackamas
Oregon City Christian Academy Clackamas
Building Blocks Christian Preschool & Kindergarten Clackamas
Stafford Academy Clackamas
Our Lady Of The Lake Clackamas
Christ The King Parish School Clackamas
Park Academy Clackamas
First Baptist Church School Clackamas
Cascade Summit Montessori School Clackamas
Elliott Prairie Christian Clackamas
St John The Baptist Catholic School Clackamas
International Leadership Academy Clackamas
Hood View Junior Academy Clackamas
Rivergate Adventist Elementary Clackamas
Two Rivers Farm School Clackamas
Scappoose Adventist School Columbia
Creekside Junior Academy Columbia
Columbia County Christian School Columbia
Piercing Arrow Private School Columbia
Aya-Main Site Coos
Gold Coast Christian School Coos
United Valley Christian Academy Coos
Bandon Pacific Christian School Coos
Kingsview Christian School Coos
Christ Lutheran Church And School Coos
Rimrock Trails Alternative School Crook
Footsteps Preschool Crook
Coic Alternative Education - Crook County Crook
Crook County Christian School Crook
Brookings Harbor Christian School Curry
New Leaf Academy Deschutes
St Thomas Academy Deschutes
Sonshine Christian School Deschutes
Sisters Christian Academy Deschutes
Three Sisters Adventist Christian School Deschutes
Shining Light Christian Preschool Deschutes
St Francis School Deschutes
School Of Enrichment @ Cascades Academy Deschutes
Morning Star Christian School Deschutes
Waldorf School Of Bend Deschutes
Truenorth Star Boys Ranch & Academy Douglas
Unity Christian Douglas
Little Folks Christian School Douglas
Scotts Valley School Douglas
Canyonville Christian Academy Douglas
The Barn School - Preschool On Celebration Ranch Douglas
Sutherlin Seventh Day Adventist School Douglas
Umpqua Valley Christian School (7 -12) Douglas
Canyonville Seventh Day Adventist School Douglas
Cobb School Douglas
Umpqua Valley Christian School (Pre-6) Douglas
Melrose Christian School House Douglas
Milo Academy Douglas
Roseburg Junior Academy Douglas
St. Paul'S Lutheran School Douglas
Mid-Columbia Adventist School Hood River
Family Solutions/ Gold Hill Jackson
Family Solutions Day Treatment Jackson
Lithia Springs Program Jackson
Shady Point Sda School Jackson
Medford Montessori Jackson
Rogue Valley Adventist School Jackson
New Dimension Christian School Jackson
St John Lutheran School Jackson
Cascade Christian High School Jackson
Culver Christian Preschool Jefferson
Madrone Adventist Elementary School Josephine
St. Annes Catholic School Josephine
Grants Pass Adventist School Josephine
Community Christian Academy Josephine
Dome School Josephine
Klamath Lake County Youth Ranch Klamath
Klamath Youth Development Center Klamath
7Th Day Adventist School Klamath
Hosanna Christian School Klamath
Triad School Klamath
Solid Rock Christian School Lake
Pleasant Hill Christian School Lane
Countryside Christian School Lane
Looking Glass/ Center Point School Lane
Looking Glass/ Stepping Stones Lane
Messiah Lutheran School Lane
Northwest Youth Corps Lane
Mlk Education Center Lane
Child Center, The Lane
Jasper Mountain School- Safe Center Lane
Creative Minds Alternative School Lane
Life! Lutheran School Lane
Jasper Mtn School Lane
Looking Glass/Riverfront School Lane
West Lane Technical School Lane
First Landmark Baptist School Lane
Looking Glass/ New Roads School Lane
Oak Park Christian Preschool Lane
Central Little School Lane
Lane School Lane
Emerald Christian Academy Lane
Drinking Gourd, The Lane
Nature Discovery School Lane
Lifegate Christian School Lane
Coburg Community Charter School Lane
Wellsprings Friends School Lane
Child'S Way Charter Lane
Eugene Christian School Lane
St Paul Parish School Lane
Willamette Christian School Lane
Creswell Christian School Lane
Logos Academy Lane
Eugene Sudbury School Lane
Abundant Life Academy Lincoln
Seventh Day Adventist School, Lincoln City Lincoln
Siletz Valley School Lincoln
Mid Coast Christian School Lincoln
Evergreen Mennonite School Linn
Lake Creek Mennonite School Linn
Harris Private School Linn
Sundborn Children'S House Linn
Central Valley Christian School Linn
Standard Christian School Linn
Brownsville Mennonite School Linn
St Peter Catholic School Malheur
Treasure Valley Christian School Malheur
Salem Montessori School Marion
Truth Tabernacle Christian Academy Marion
St. Vincent De Paul Marion
Buttercup Hill Children'S Center Marion
St. Luke'S - Woodburn Marion
Jefferson Christian School Marion
Sacred Heart - Gervais Marion
Heritage School Marion
Immanuel Lutheran School Marion
Abiqua School Marion
Blanchet School Marion
Gethsemane Christian Academy Marion
Queen Of Peace Marion
Willamette Valley Christian Marion
St. Joseph'S School Marion
St. Paul Parochial Marion
Crosshill Christian School North Campus Marion
Regis High School Marion
Salem Academy Jr. High Marion
Salem Academy High Marion
Sonshine School Marion
Willamette Valley Baptist Marion
St. Mary'S - Stayton Marion
Holy Family Academy Marion
St. John Bosco Marion
Insight School Of Oregon Charter - Portland Studen Multnomah
Insight School Of Oregon - Portland Student Help C Multnomah
Open Meadow Middle School Multnomah
St Andrew'S Nativity School Multnomah
Open Meadow Alternative High School Multnomah
St John Fisher School Multnomah
All Saints School Multnomah
Trinity Lutheran School Multnomah
Archbishop Howard School Multnomah
Montessori Pathways C/O West Hills Montessori Scho Multnomah
Portland Jewish Academy Multnomah
Holy Cross Catholic School Multnomah
St Clare Elementry School Multnomah
Madeleine School Multnomah
Holy Redeemer Area School Multnomah
Apostolic Christian Academy Multnomah
City Christian School/Preschool Multnomah
Serendipity Center Multnomah
St Ignatius School Multnomah
St Therese School Multnomah
Pacific Crest Comm Sch Multnomah
Greater Portland Christian Academy Multnomah
Portland Lutheran School Multnomah
St Thomas Moore Parish School Multnomah
Summa Academy Multnomah
Bridges Middle School Multnomah
Maimonides Jewish Day School Multnomah
Portland Christian Early Childhood Education Multnomah
Cathedral School Multnomah
Holy Family Catholic School Multnomah
Portland Adventist Elementary School Multnomah
De La Salle N Catholic High School Multnomah
Living School, The Multnomah
Mother Earth School Multnomah
Poyama/Wesd Polk
Helga'S Kinder Haus Polk
Wallace Learning Tree Polk
West Valley Christian School Polk
Eola Hills Charter School Polk
Faith Christian School Polk
Monmouth Montessori School Llc Polk
Grace Christian Preschool & Kindergarten Polk
Family Christian School Polk
Mid Valley Christian Academy Polk
Pacific Christian School Tillamook
Hendrickson Academy Tillamook
Ocean Breeze School Tillamook
Neskowin Valley School Tillamook
Tillamook Adventist School Tillamook
Fire Mountain School Tillamook
Lighthouse Christian Academy Umatilla
Hermiston Junior Academy Umatilla
Nixyaawii Community School Umatilla
Harris Junior Academy Umatilla
Hermiston Christian School Umatilla
Milton-Stateline Sda School Umatilla
Grande Ronde Child Center Union
La Grande Seventh Day Adventist School Union
Lighthouse Apostolic Academy Union
Grande Ronde Academy Union
Grande Ronde Mennonite School Union
Enterprise Seventh Day Adventist School Wallowa
St. Mary'S Academy Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Covenant Christian Academy Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Sonrise Academy Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Aloha Christian Preschool Washington
Day Treatment Program Washington
Trinity Christian Preschool Washington
St. Francis School Washington
Durham Education Center Washington
Levi Anderson School At St. Mary'S Home For Boys Washington
Palace Of Praise Academy Washington
Thomas Edison High School Washington
Pilgrim Lutheran School Washington
Catlin Gabel School-Middle Washington
St. Paul Lutheran Church & School Washington
Visitation Catholic School Washington
Islamic School Of Muslim Educational Trust (Ismet) Washington
Valley Catholic Middle School Washington
St. Matthew School Washington
St. Anthony School Washington
Valley Catholic High School Washington
Banks Christian Academy Washington
St. Francis Of Assisi School Washington
Holy Trinity Catholic School Washington
Carden Cascade Academy Washington
Westside Christian High School Washington
Valley Catholic Elementary School Washington
Catlin Gabel School-Beginning Washington
Forest Hills Lutheran School Washington
Emmaus Christian School Washington
Beaverton Christian Church K&P Washington
Agia Sophia Academy Washington
Living Wisdom School Washington
Metsker Yamhill
Life Christian Academy Yamhill
County Faith Christian Academy Yamhill
Bethel Christian School Yamhill
Mcminnville Montessori School Yamhill
St. James Catholic School Yamhill
Mcminnville Adventist Christian School Yamhill
Sheridan Baptist Christian School Yamhill
Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center School Baker
Huntington School District 16J Baker
Keating Elementary School Baker
Eagle Cap Innovative High School Baker
Burnt River School District Baker
Baker Web Academy Baker
Baker Middle School Baker
Pine Eagle Charter School Baker
Alsea School District Benton
Children'S Farm Home Benton
Clemens Primary School Benton
Monroe High School Benton
Blodgett Elementary School Benton
Oak Grove Elementary School Benton
North Albany Elementary School Benton
Philomath Middle School Benton
Mrsd Outside Placement 6-8 Clackamas
Clackamas River-Christie Care Clackamas
Leep-Beavercreek Elementary Clackamas
Leep-Ogden Clackamas
Leep-Oregon City High Clackamas
Heron Creek Academy High Clackamas
Heron Creek Elementary Clackamas
Oak Grove Center Clackamas
Parrott Creek Ranch Clackamas
Merrick School Clackamas
Twilight School Clackamas
Timberlake Clackamas
Mrsd Outside Placement K-5 Clackamas
Heron Creek Academy Jr High Clackamas
Leep-Estacada Altenative Options Clackamas
Ackerman Academy - Casd Outside Placement Clackamas
Mrsd Outside Placement 9-12 Clackamas
Milwaukie Elementary Clackamas
New Urban High School Clackamas
El Puente Elementary Clackamas
Arts And Technology High School Clackamas
Three Rivers Charter School Clackamas
Colton High School Clackamas
Linwood Elementary Clackamas
Clarkes Elementary Clackamas
Boring Middle School Clackamas
Gladstone Center For Children Clackamas
Sandy Grade Clackamas
Kelso Elementary Clackamas
Molalla Elementary Clackamas
Welches Middle School Clackamas
Sojourner Elementary Clackamas
Kraxberger Middle Clackamas
North Coast Youth Correctional Facility/Clinic Clatsop
Knappa High School Clatsop
Warrenton High School Clatsop
Hilda Lahti Junior High Clatsop
Jewell School #8 Clatsop
Hilda Lahti Elementary Clatsop
North Columbia Academy Columbia
St. Helens Columbia County Education Campus (Ccec) Columbia
Early Intervention Columbia
Yankton Arthur Academy Columbia
Scappoose Warren Elementary Columbia
Rainier Junior/Senior High School Columbia
Coastline - North Bend Middle School/Kyros Coos
Coastline - Elem/Kyros Program Coos
Peak Hs Coos
Peak Nbms Coos
Winter Lakes High School Coos
Destinations Academy Coos
Powers School District Coos
Coquille Valley Middle School Coos
Winter Lakes Virtual Academy Coos
Resource Link Public Charter School Coos
North Bay Elementary Coos
Myrtle Point High School Coos
Myrtle Crest Elementary Coos
Coquille Valley Intermediate School Coos
Lincoln Elementary Coos
Orco Tech North Bend High School Coos
Orco Tech Nbms Coos
Larson Learning Center - Early Intervention/Early Crook
Crook County Pioneer Secondary Alternative Hs Crook
Paulina Elementary School Crook
Pacific High School Curry
Bend High Toddler Prgm Deschutes
Coic Deschutes
High Desert Esd Redmond Ei/Ecse Deschutes
Rosland Elementary Deschutes
Marshall High School Deschutes
Redmond School Dist K-12 Exceptions Deschutes
Lapine Middle School Deschutes
Phoenix School - Deer Ck Adol Tx Cntr- Project Ind Douglas
Dillard Alternative School Douglas
Douglas County Juvenile Center - Mt Nebo Douglas
Glide Middle School Douglas
Mcgovern Elementary School Douglas
Insight School Of Oregon Roseburg Student Center Douglas
Riddle Education Center - Charter School Douglas
Days Creek Charter School Douglas
Insight School Of Oregon Charter Roseburg Student Douglas
Sutherlin Middle School Douglas
Douglas High School Douglas
Glendale Senior High School Douglas
Tri-City Elementary School Douglas
Tiller Elementary School Douglas
Yoncalla High School Douglas
North Douglas High School Douglas
Phoenix Charter School Douglas
Camas Valley Community Charter School Douglas
Coffenberry Middle School Douglas
West Intermediate School Douglas
Riddle Jr/Sr High School Douglas
Oakland Elementary School Douglas
Riddle Elementary School Douglas
Glide Elementary School Douglas
Yoncalla Elementary/Middle School Douglas
Oakland High School Douglas
Winston Middle School Douglas
North Douglas Elementary/Middle School Douglas
Green Elementary School Douglas
Elkton High School Douglas
Glendale Elementary School Douglas
Canyonville School Douglas
Winchester Elementary School Douglas
Joseph Lane Jr Middle School Douglas
Glide High School Douglas
Reedsport Community Charter School Douglas
Sunnyslope Elementary School Douglas
Sutherlin High School Douglas
Seneca School Grant
Dayville School District #16J Grant
Monument School District #8 Grant
Long Creek School District #17 Grant
Pine Creek School Harney
Double "O" Elementary Harney
Drewsey Elementary Harney
Frenchglen Elementary Harney
Fields Elementary Harney
Diamond School Harney
Suntex School Harney
Monroe School Harney
Burns Alternative School Harney
Burns High School Harney
Crane Union High School Harney
Crane Elementary Harney
Hines Middle School Harney
Klahre House/The Next Door, Inc. Hood River
Westside Elementary Hood River
Cascade Locks School Hood River
Mid-Valley Elementary Hood River
North Teen Parent Jackson
Medford Opportunity High School Jackson
Vibes Public Charter School Jackson
Hanby Middle School Jackson
White City Elementary Jackson
Sams Valley Elementary Jackson
Mountain View Elementary Jackson
Butte Falls Secondary School Jackson
Lake Creek Learning School Jackson
Armadillo Technical Institute Jackson
Oak Grove Elementary Jackson
Howard Elementary Jackson
Butte Falls Charter Elementary Jackson
So Or Educational Service District Jackson
Patrick Elementary Jackson
White Mountain Middle School Jackson
Abraham Lincoln Jackson
Scenic Middle School Jackson
Pinehurst School Jackson
Ashwood Elementary Jefferson
Warm Springs Elementary Jefferson
Big Muddy School Jefferson
Black Butte School Jefferson
Culver High School Jefferson
Culver Middle School Jefferson
Metolius Elementary School Jefferson
Newbridge High School Josephine
Lincoln Elementary Josephine
Allen Dale Elementary School Josephine
Link River High School Klamath
Merrill Elementary School Klamath
Lost River Junior Senior High School Klamath
Roosevelt Elementary School Klamath
Sage Charter School Klamath
Klamath Adult Learning Center Klamath
Early Childhood Intervention Klamath
Gearhart Elementary School Klamath
Gilchrist Elementary School Klamath
Malin Elementary School Klamath
Keno Elementary School Klamath
Falcon Heights Academy Klamath
Chiloquin Junior Senior High School Klamath
Chiloquin Elementary School Klamath
Pelican Elementary School Klamath
Brixner Junior High School Klamath
Gilchrist Junior Senior High School Klamath
Henley Middle School Klamath
Henley Elementary School Klamath
Ferguson Elementary School Klamath
Stearns Elementary School Klamath
Adel School Lake
Plush Elementary Lake
Union School Lake
Coic Alternative Education Lake
Paisley School District Lake
Daly Middle School Lake
A D Hay School Lake
Fremont School Lake
North Lake School Lake
Lakeview High School Lake
Ocean Dunes High School Lane
Ecco Child Development Center Aka Education Option Lane
Intensive Tutoring Program Lane
Homebound Program Lane
Gateways Night School Lane
Gates Program Lane
Kalapuya High Lane
Gateways High School Lane
Guy Lee Elementary Lane
Elizabeth Page Elementary Lane
Sps On-Line Program Lane
Hamlin Middle School Lane
Community Transitions Program Lane
Marcola School District Lane
Oakridge Junior High Lane
Douglas Garden Elementary Lane
Mapleton Elementary School Lane
Willamette Leadership Academy Lane
Clear Lake Elementary Lane
Agnes Stewart Middle School Lane
Mapleton Middle/High School Lane
Territorial Elementary School Lane
Fairfield Elementary Lane
Malabon Elementary Lane
Oakridge High School Lane
Elmira Elementary School Lane
London Elementary School Lane
Crow Middle - High School Lane
Twin Oaks Elementary School Lane
Olalla Center Lincoln
Lc Insight School Lincoln
Eddyville Secondary Charter School Lincoln
Siletz Valley Early College Academy Lincoln
Eddyville Elementary School Lincoln
Newport Prep Academy Lincoln
Lc Career Tech High School Lincoln
The Bridge - Alternative Education Program Lincoln
Isaac Newton Magnet School Lincoln
Waldport High School Lincoln
Toledo Middle/High School Lincoln
Toledo Elementary Lincoln
Sweet Home Online School Linn
Oregon Youth Authority Oakcreek Facility Linn
Albany Online Linn
Lebanon I-School Linn
Lourdes Linn
Central Elementary Linn
Santiam Jr/Sr High Linn
Tangent Elementary School Linn
Periwinkle Elementary Linn
Takena Elementary School Linn
Albany Options School Linn
Foster Elementary Linn
Clover Ridge Elementary Linn
Oak Elementary Linn
Scio High School Linn
Hamilton Creek School Linn
Riverview School Linn
Sunrise Elementary School Linn
Calapooia Middle School Linn
Mari-Linn Linn
Hawthorne Elementary Linn
South Shore Elementary Linn
Scio Middle School Linn
Lafayette Elementary Linn
Seven Oak Middle School Linn
Waverly Elementary School Linn
Green Acres School Linn
Ww Jones - Arock School Malheur
Malheur Education Center Malheur
Jordan Valley Elementary School Malheur
Jordan Valley High School Malheur
Annex School Malheur
Adrian High School Malheur
Cairo School Malheur
Adrian Elementary & Middle School Malheur
Nyssa High School Malheur
Ontario Middle School Malheur
Alameda Elementary Malheur
Juntura Elementary School Malheur
Harper Elementary School Malheur
Aiken Elementary School Malheur
Willowcreek School Malheur
Vale Middle School Malheur
Four Rivers Community School Malheur
Ontario High School Malheur
Nyssa Elementary School Malheur
Nyssa Middle School Malheur
Vale Elementary School Malheur
Vale High School Malheur
May Roberts Elementary Malheur
Pioneer School Malheur
Gervais School District Daycare Marion
Roberts High School Ips Marion
Wheatland Ctp Marion
Micah Ctp Marion
Roberts High School-Dtlc Marion
Downtown Ctp Marion
Winema Marion
Wdbn H.S.Success (Alternative Programs) Marion
Teen Parents Program Marion
Hillcrest-Robert Farrell School Marion
Wdbn H.S. (Waca) Woodburn Arts & Communication Aca Marion
Washington Elementary Marion
Washington Elementary #103 Marion
Chemeketa Ctp Marion
North Santiam Alternative Program Marion
Roberts High School-Soph Marion
Maclaren - Lord High Marion
Roberts High School Slc Marion
Mt. Angel Middle #91 Marion
Wdbn H.S.(Ais) Academy Of International Studies Marion
Chemawa Indian Clinic/School Marion
Centennial Ctp Marion
Evergreen School #4 Marion
Oregon School For Deaf Marion
Hallman Elementary Marion
Lamb Elementary Marion
Roberts High School-Skon Marion
St. Paul Elementary #45 Marion
Ole Charter School Marion
St. Paul High #45 Marion
Jefferson Middle #14 Marion
Jefferson Elementary #14 Marion
Kennedy Elementary Marion
Samuel Brown Academy Marion
Central Howell #4 Marion
Wdbn H.S. (Webss) Woodburn Wellness, Business & Sp Marion
Hayesville Elementary Marion
Eyre Elementary Marion
French Prairie Middle #103 Marion
Swegle Elementary Marion
Hoover Elementary Marion
Pratum Elementary #4 Marion
Roberts High School-Credit Link Marion
Cesar Chavez Elementary Marion
Waldo Middle School Marion
Jane Goodall Charter School Marion
Cloverdale School #5 Marion
John F. Kennedy High #91 Marion
Jefferson High #14 Marion
Highland Elementary Marion
Houck Middle Marion
Osh - Quest Adult School Marion
Howard St. Charter Marion
Turner Elementary #5 Marion
Four Corners Marion
Lincoln Elementary #103 Marion
Early College High School Marion
Victor Point #4 Marion
Stayton Intermediate Marion
Forest Ridge Elementary Marion
Stayton Middle School #29 Marion
Cascade Jr. High Sd 5 Marion
Stephens Middle School Marion
Morrow Education Center Morrow
Heppner Elementary Morrow
Irrigon Elementary Morrow
Riverside High School Morrow
Windy River Elementary Morrow
Sam Boardman Elementary Morrow
Ac Houghton Elementary Morrow
Heppner High/Middle School Morrow
Irrigon Junior-Senior High School Morrow
Kerr Youth And Family Center Dtp Multnomah
Mesd Fls David Douglas H.S. Multnomah
Mesd Fls Arata Creek Multnomah
Mesd Fls Salish Ponds Es Multnomah
Arata Creek E/Ms- Alt Multnomah
Mesd Fls Woodland E.S. Multnomah
Mesd Fls Ventura Park E.S. Multnomah
White Shield School Multnomah
Nickerson Adt Multnomah
Clinton Street School Multnomah
Mesd Fls Centennial Ms Multnomah
Ramona Ealy Learners Academy Multnomah
Pathfinders Academy Multnomah
Helensview Child Development Center Multnomah
Morrison Center Counterpoint Multnomah
Breakthrough @ Benson Hs Multnomah
Parry Center Scip Multnomah
Depaul Alternative School Multnomah
Portland International Scholars Academy Multnomah
Rosemont Multnomah
New Avenues Multnomah
Youth Employment Institute Multnomah
Community Transition Program Dd Multnomah
Pioneer 5-8 @ Youngson Multnomah
Mesd Fls Pathways Community School Multnomah
Four Corners School Multnomah
Youth Progress Association Multnomah
Pioneer Annex 9-12 Multnomah
Parry Center Multnomah
Naya Early College Academy Multnomah
Rosemary Anderson Hs Multnomah
Mesd Fls Centennial H.S. Multnomah
Mesd Fls Oliver E.S. Multnomah
Ed Options Reconnection Center Multnomah
Wynne Watts School Multnomah
Morrison Hand In Hand Multnomah
Portland Youth Builders Multnomah
Alpha Hs Multnomah
Ace Academy Multnomah
Rosemary Anderson Hs East Multnomah
Helensview School Multnomah
Arata Creek Multnomah
Alliance Hs @ Benson Campus Multnomah
Self Enhancement Inc. Academy Multnomah
Oregon Outreach Rosi Hinton Hs Multnomah
Centennial Park School Multnomah
Dd Evening Academy Multnomah
Reynolds Learning Academy Multnomah
Sitton Es Multnomah
Pioneer K-6 @ Holladay Center Multnomah
Fir Ridge Campus Multnomah
Me Web Academy Middle School Multnomah
Alliance Hs At Meek Multnomah
Center For Advanced Learning Multnomah
Woodlawn Pk-8 Multnomah
Mt. Scott Park Learning Ctr Multnomah
Springwater Trail Hs Multnomah
Hayhurst Es Multnomah
Corbett Hs Multnomah
Shaver Es Multnomah
H. Oliver Elementary Multnomah
Davis Es Multnomah
Glenfair Es Multnomah
Arthur Academy Charter (David Douglas S. D.) Multnomah
Damascus Ms Multnomah
King Pk-8 Multnomah
Peninsula K-8 Multnomah
Marysville K-8 Multnomah
West Orient Ms Multnomah
Wake Robin School Polk
Mcacs (Morrison Charter School) Polk
Padtc Polk
Falls City High School Polk
Teaching Research Institute & Child Development Ce Polk
Falls City Elementary Polk
Harritt Elementary Polk
Ash Creek Elementary Polk
Tillamook Youth Correctional Facility Tillamook
Neahkahnie Preschool Tillamook
Nestucca Middle/High School Tillamook
Garibaldi Grade School Tillamook
Tillamook Junior High School Tillamook
Liberty Elementary Tillamook
Neahkahnie High School Tillamook
Nestucca Valley Elementary School Tillamook
Lifeways Day Treatment Program Umatilla
Homestead Youth Umatilla
Pleasantview High School Umatilla
Stanfield Secondary Umatilla
Sunset Elementary Umatilla
Ukiah Elementary And High School Umatilla
Echo Elementary And High School Umatilla
Hawthorne School Umatilla
Intermountain Education Service District Ei/Ecse Umatilla
Stanfield Elementary Umatilla
Clara Brownell Middle School Umatilla
Pilot Rock Jr/Sr High School Umatilla
Athena Elementary Umatilla
Weston Middle School Umatilla
Umatilla High School Umatilla
Mcloughlin High Umatilla
West Hills Intermediate Umatilla
Freewater Elementary Umatilla
Grove Elementary Umatilla
Washington Elementary Umatilla
Pilot Rock Elementary Umatilla
Mckay Creek Elementary Umatilla
Central Middle School Umatilla
Lincoln Primary School Umatilla
Desert View Elementary Umatilla
Sandstone Middle School Umatilla
Ferndale Elementary Umatilla
Highland Hills Elementary Umatilla
Rocky Heights Elementary Umatilla
Weston-Mcewen High School Umatilla
Mcnary Heights Elementary Umatilla
Sunridge Middle School Umatilla
Riverbend High School Oya Union
Willow Elementary School Union
Greenwood Elementary School Union
Troy School Dist. 54 Wallowa
Imnaha Bridge School Wallowa
Wallowa Jr/Sr High School Wallowa
Wallowa Elementary School Wallowa
Mid-Columbia Alternative School Based Treatment Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Twilight/The Dalles Wahtonka H.S Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Arlington High School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Condon High School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
South Wasco County Jr/High School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
North Wasco Virtual Academy Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Mosier Middle School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Mosier Community School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Condon Grade School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Maupin Elementary Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Sherman Elementary Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Sherman County Jr/ High School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Arlington Elementary Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Dufur School Dist #29 Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Colonel Wright Elementary School Wasco/Sherman/Gilliam
Gales Creek Therapeutic Day School Washington
Cordero Residential Treatment Center C/O Durham Ed Washington
Miller Ed Center 7Th & 8Th Washington
Miller Educational Center West Washington
Fern Hill Elementary Washington
Cornelius Elementary Washington
Reedville Elementary Washington
Health & Science High School Washington
Transition Program (Ttsd) Washington
Echo Shaw Elementary Washington
Groner Elementary Washington
Health & Science Middle School Washington
Willliam Walker Elementary Washington
Merlo Station High School (Community) Washington
W.L. Henry Elementary Washington
Bridgeport Elementary School Washington
Merlo Station Science And Technology Washington
International School Of Beaverton High Washington
Rosedale Elementary Washington
Indian Hills Elementary Washington
Free Orchards Elementary Washington
Banks Junior High Washington
Dilley Elementary Washington
Butternut Creek Elementary Washington
International School Of Beaverton-Middle Washington
Chehalem Elementary Washington
Jackson Elementary Washington
Gaston Jr. Sr High School Washington
Mooberry Elementary Washington
Witch Hazel Elementary Washington
North Plains Elementary Washington
Brookwood Elementary School Washington
Banks High School Washington
Fir Grove Elementary Washington
Elmonica Elementary Washington
Mountain View Middle School Washington
Hope Chinese Charter School Washington
Hillsboro Online Academy Washington
Farmington View Elementary School Washington
Fossil Elementary Wheeler
Spray School District #1 Wheeler
Wheeler High School Wheeler
Mitchell School District #55 Wheeler
Chehalem Youth & Family Services Yamhill
Catalyst Yamhill
Sheridan Spartan Academy Yamhill
Willamina Middle School Yamhill
Sheridan Japanese School Yamhill
Amity Middle School Yamhill
Willamina High School Yamhill
Newby Elementary School Yamhill
Dayton Jr. High School Yamhill
Sheridan High School Yamhill
Mountainview Middle School Yamhill

Source: Oregon Health Authority