Continuous Integration


Source : Agile Test Automation is Incomplete Without Continuous Integration

Continuous delivery is enabled by having automated tests that run in an automated test environment. Upon every code check-in to a repository, a test suite is run to ensure the new code does not break existing functionality (does not ‘regress’). Once the test suite passes the new code is allowed to be merged with existing code.

Pull Request Workflow


Source: Pull Request Workflow

Virtually every new feature is developed in its own code branch. Before starting to work on a new feature (or bug fix), create a new local branch. Once your development is complete and you have passed all local tests (you will most likely want to run the regression test suite), issue a pull request. This may also trigger a code review. If the pull request is approved, this branch is merged to the main branch (often called master). Delete branches once they are merged to master.

Large Files

Use Git Large File Storage for large files such as executables. This is so the repo doesn’t grow too large and take too long to clone. Also, regular github repos have a 100 MB file size limit. Watch this video for a description of why and how to use git lfs. Here is also a git lfs tutorial. As of this writing git lfs setup isn’t integrated into PyCharm so if you’re using PyCharm and git lfs, you’ll have to resort to the command line for git lfs setup.

Make sure you:

  • Have the latest version of git installed from Earlier versions of git may not support git lfs.
  • Commit and push all pending files prior to adding git lfs.
  • Follow the proper order of steps to add git lfs to your repo:
git lfs install
git lfs track "my_large_files/*.*"
git add .gitattributes
REM create your large files now
git add my_large_files\big_executable.exe
REM you can now commit files as usual
git commit -m "add big exe"
git push


  • Use a continuous integration system
  • Create branches for new features
  • Create and use an automated test suite
  • Do pull requests to merge new features to the Master branch