A randomly generated throne description is provided in the box below. There is also a simple picture to help you get the idea. If you don't like the throne provided, just click the button for a new throne

How are these throne descriptions generated?

I was working on a project that required a large number of thrones, an image based on a scene from the excellent novel The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis. I decided to write this program to make the thrones and to practice my javascript programming skills. This is related to my crown project although much simpler.

How many different thrones are there? How are they different?

84 at the time of writing. They vary only by the material of which they are constructed and the jewel used for decoration.

Can I use these throne descriptions for my roll playing game, animation, website...?

Yes. I would be very happy to see this project used by someone else. If you have lawyers on your team, the following should satisfy them:

Anyone can use the output of this program for any purpose, without any conditions or requirements, including requirements of attribution.


The output of this program is provided as is, with no warranty or guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose.

What this means in real people language is that you can do anything you want with the throne descriptions and images generated here, but you can't sue me if they don't work for you.

This doesn't work! I want to complain!

Sometimes that happens. I am working on figuring that out. I would suggest reloading the page, usually that fixes the problem. I did mention that I created this project to learn javascript. If you really want to complain, yell at the nearest wall, that is as likely to help as anything. (This is a free thing on the Internet, what do you really expect?)