QuickTrip®, from Allstate — Privacy Policy

QuickTrip is a drive time management tool provided by Allstate Insurance Company (“Allstate”). Allstate respects your privacy. This privacy policy helps explain how Allstate collects, uses and shares information about you through your use of QuickTrip. This privacy policy is specific to the QuickTrip application.

Allstate does not sell your personal information to anyone. Allstate does not share your information with other companies for their use to market their products or services to you. Allstate may share your personal information with certain affiliated and non-affiliated entities that assist us in providing QuickTrip services or that assist us in analyzing and improving upon the QuickTrip application. Allstate does not use “cookies” or other similar technologies to track your activities while using QuickTrip. Allstate does not collect or store any personal information through QuickTrip except as specifically provided below.

You can use some of the features of QuickTrip without registering as a user. However, if you elect to register, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address, and Allstate will retain and store your e-mail address. If you elect to log in using an existing third-party social media account, Allstate will retain and store the e-mail address associated with your existing third-party social media account. Allstate may use your e-mail address to solicit feedback about QuickTrip or to send interesting or relevant information about enhanced features, benefits or additional services provided by or through QuickTrip. Your e-mail address may also be used to re-set your password upon request.

To provide frequent destinations and retain requested favorite destinations, Allstate will retain and store the location name, location address and its associated latitude/longitude. If you elect to provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Allstate will retain and store your VIN in order to provide pertinent maintenance and recall notices associated with your vehicle. You may also choose to upload a photo of your vehicle within your VIN Dashboard, which Allstate will retain and store.

Any feedback you provide will be associated with you as a user. Allstate may use your feedback to monitor the quality and functionality of the application, improve upon its features and services, or respond to any complaints you may file.

You may elect to provide QuickTrip access to certain features and information on your mobile device. QuickTrip will leverage this information to provide the services you have requested. These features include but are not limited to: calendar, reminder list, camera, photos, and GPS location services. Except to provide frequent destinations and retain requested favorite destinations as described above, this information is not retained or stored by Allstate, but it may be transmitted to our service providers to complete the transactions you requested.

For questions regarding this privacy notice, please contact us at quicktripadmin@allstate.com. As a registered user, you may also contact us at quicktripadmin@allstate.com to review or correct the personal information that Allstate has collected about you. In order to delete your account and associated data, you can visit to the menu of the QuickTrip app and tap "Account" where you will have the option to tap "Delete my account." As a guest user, you may also delete your data by visiting the menu of the QuickTrip app and tapping “Account” where you will have the option to select “Delete my data.”

Allstate may modify this privacy policy from time to time. Please take a look at the date at the bottom of this page to see when this privacy policy was last revised. When substantial changes are made to this privacy notice, you will have the opportunity to review and accept the new privacy notice through the QuickTrip application.

Last Updated: September 1, 2017