Tips For You Who Want To Make Songs

The music you produce proves to be very influenced by the music you listen to so often. Based on these facts, you can start looking for inspiration by spending an hour or two to be alone and listen to your favorite songs. Though listening to it thousands of times, do not be afraid to get bored! You can visit Paris Music Backing Tracks and get a backtrack for you to train. Different than usual, this time you listen to it with a different mindset, that is as a candidate for a songwriter. Take a good look at the tricks that these musicians use to express themselves.

Do not be too afraid to do plagiarism (copying other people's work). Even if you want to be seen as an original musician, there is basically no original musician or work. A good musician will allow himself and his works to be inspired by the works he loves, then fill the empty gap with his personality and uniqueness as a different musician.

Read the important life experiences. Many of the best songs result from the author's personal experience. If you get stuck in writing, try to be silent for a moment and think about the life experiences that make up you as a human being. Love, loss, death, and everyday happenings are common topics in popular songs. If you want to try harder, surely you will find interesting experiences or stories that color your life. Very simple events such as buying ice cream on a side street can be transformed into a special song if written correctly. However, try starting this method with easy and important topics (like love, for example).

Do not just think about the event; think about how you feel when through these events. For example, breaking up is often seen as a negative experience. Try changing your perspective by looking at it as a bridge to find the right life partner. Such ironic feelings can be a solid basis for writing great songs.

Analysis of good lyrics. The lyrics are a space for songwriters to explain the content of their songs specifically. In some songs, the lyrics have as much power as the melody for listeners; a good songwriter is obliged to create good lyrics as well. Before you start writing lyrics, try listening to the Backing Tracks of songs you think are "powerful" and interesting like "Yesterday" popularized by Beatles or "Surf's Up" popularized by Beach Boys. Afterward, try to analyze the way they create word games, rhymes, metaphors, and even the lyrics to the music.

A lazy musician or artist, usually also a "lazy" art connoisseur. In the sense that you should be diligent in listening to different songs with different genres if you want to be a successful songwriter, especially since the music you listen will be the main inspiration of your works. In addition, listening to different genres will feed your brain with new stimulants and inspirations. If the deadlock you feel starts to frustrate you, walking outdoors is a good idea. Get out of the house and move your body, undoubtedly the action is able to stimulate your creativity. In the middle of the journey, you may hear or see something that can inspire!

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