Do Not Too Addicted to Gadget or You Will Get These Psychological Impacts

In the era of all sophisticated as nowadays, the presence of gadgets is already a major requirement. Not only as a means of communication support, but also help in other activities. But unfortunately, the presence of gadgets not only give a positive impact. There are some negative effects that gadget users often experience, especially in psychological problems. Not only in children alone, this psychological impact can also occur in adults though. Lowbagger will have a psychological impact on people who are addicted to gadgets. Here is the list:

- Reduce Interaction With Others
One of the psychological effects of playing the gadget too often is the lack of interaction with others. Although the presence of gadgets makes communication easier with others. But unwittingly use the gadget too often even make social interaction in the real world diminished. Too focused use of gadgets makes people not easy to see and empathy to the surrounding environment. Himself will only focus on the world of its gadgets only. Close and warm communication with the family will decrease. This will indirectly shape anti-social personality disorder if it is used from childhood.

- Lazy Doing Other Activities
Addiction to playing the gadget often makes people lazy to do other jobs and activities. Because it is too fun to play gadgets, making someone lazy to move. Of course, this will cause a lot of work to be delayed and future losses. For that is the importance of having good time management so as to divide the time and activities in accordance with the portion.

- Triggering the Development of Consumerism
Other perceived psychological impacts are closely related to the economic aspect of developing a culture of consumerism. This often happens in adolescents today. So go also into one of the psychological disturbance of adolescents. This is due to the emergence of the desire of teenagers who continue to buy the latest gadgets to follow the latest trends. So that causes teenagers to be more extravagant in issuing operational gadgets. These operational costs include credit, mobile service, gadget accessories, and more.

- Decrease in concentration
With the use of smartphones that too often lead to decreased concentration, whether it's for study or work. The concentration of a person becomes shorter that makes him not care about the environment around him. In children, compared to learning he would prefer to spend the time to imagine about the games that are played on the gadget. It is this habit that indirectly impairs the ability to concentrate.

- Potentially Keep Things Close
Indirectly playing the gadget will have the potential to keep things close. For example, in a family was having dinner together at home. But because of each of them busy and busy with their respective gadgets, it makes the atmosphere of dinner is not as warm when having a gadget. It can also be the cause of the family is not harmonious.

- Triggering Mental Illness
Who would have thought if the use of irregular gadgets would cause symptoms of mental disturbance in teenagers? Starting from an increase in the rate of anxiety, depression, attention disorder, autism in children, bipolar, and others. If the consumption of gadgets done excessively, it will increase emergence of stress and depression in children and teenagers. Usually, this stress is triggered because the games are done in their gadget. Thus causing the mental state to be disturbed.

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