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Chases is a mobile app showing three augmented reality works made in the winter and spring of 2015, in New York. They are a kind of a gift back to the city, a gift that stays in the imagination of those who saw it. 3D digital scans are superimposed ontop of signs from New York's streets.

In ChaseFloyd (2016) the 3D digital scan of Mr. Floyd is married with the JP Morgan Chase™ logo around the city. The works bind together digital imagery with the physical, a sense of humor and sadness, and reality with the fantastic.

If a buddha on an ATM sign is only visible through an app that almost no one has downloaded, is it still there?

Ron. (2016)
phone App (screen capture) (2016)
phone App, corrugated plastic sign, tablet, stainless steel mount
(installed at the studio)
phone App (process screen capture)

I met Floyd on 27th St. and 7th avenue, just by the JP Morgan Chase Branch. I've been looking for people for a while then, inviting potential candidates to the studio to have a 3D scan taken. Floyd and I and a chat by the spot he panhandles at. He liked the project and took my offer. more than just a model, Floyd is the muse.
phone App (screen capture) (2016)
phone App, corrugated plastic, acrilic sheets, lego motor,tablet, stainless steel mount
(installed at the studio) (2016)
phone App (screen capture) (2016)
phone App, NYC approved exit sign, tablet, stainless steel mount
(installed at the studio)

To Floyd

About I
I make internet based installation, interventions, websites, and software. Using digital tools to try and gage my online, and offline, presence. Dealing with issues of representation and our human experience today. In the gallery The work takes the form of light projections, appropriated signs, and subtle intervention. Through humour, absurd, and play I try to deal with the dark and lightful materials of life.

About II
Ron Erlih is a Brooklyn based visual artist that makes internet based work. Ron's work deals with issues of online and offline presence, distribution, and life. His work has been shown at the Metropolitan museum of Art New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art, ARS Electronica Austria, and Thaddeus Ropac Galley in Paris. He is represented by Golconda Contemporary gallery in Tel Aviv.

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