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My Experience with the "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" Blog Review Site

If you've got the guts, thick skin and want your Blog to get better and increase its readership then "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" is the place to go. I submitted my Blog "The Great Device" a couple of weeks ago and they posted their review today.

The folks over there have some clever and yet descriptive pen names like "Nutjobber" and "love bites." The commentary and criticism is in keeping with the names. My reviewer was Nutjobber, a good writer and a fair if tough critic. It seems he hails from Canada and objected to my Americentric Political Blog. Basically I just pissed him off right from the start.

He pointed out in quick fashion the writing, style and content problems that he saw with my site and did it in devilishly sharp and satiric fashion. Naturally my Blog and I were the object of his critical derision and much fun was had at my expense.

I was not surprised by this as much as what he objected to and how easy it was to fix the main problems he had with my Blog. Of course it will not be possible to quit being a singularly "American Political Blog" in spite of the fact that I wax poetic on Geo-political events frequently. It will always be from an American perspective.

I come away from this review with a good deal more knowledge of what not to do on my Blog and that's very helpful indeed. I cleaned up the look of the Header, stopped my overuse of italics and have done my level best to stop inappropriately capitalizing words that are important to me but don't help the flow of the text.

The comments he made on my content I admit to taking with a grain of salt. It was obvious he disliked having to read about my opinion on American politics and I thanked him for his time and effort. It will not stop me from expressing my views as much as help me to clarify, refine and improve their visual impact. For all those things I am very grateful

More than that I'm glad for the experience. If you can take the stiff criticism this blog review site will help you be a better Blogger.