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Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are called “iconic” for a reason. New trends of sunglasses styles and designs may come and go, but you know that the Aviator is here to stay. But what exactly it is, that makes it so popular and never go out of trend?


One reason why the Aviator Sunglasses are very popular is because of its contribution to history and the function it served before becoming a fashion eyewear. The aviator sunglasses, also known as the Pilot Sunglasses were first developed by Bausch & Lomb in the year 1939. The eyewear was developed to protect the eyes of the pilots of the blinding glares from the sun and explosions, and keeping a clear view of the sky while protecting them from any debris that they might come in contact during the war. The top bar of the eye glasses also served a purpose of keeping the sweat away from the eyes while piloting the jets. This design replaced the outdated flight goggles used by militaries previously, as the Aviators were lighter, thinner, more comfortable and elegantly designed. The classic teardrop shape was perfect for pilots because they completely covered the eyes, giving protection to the entire eye socket. Originally called ‘Anti-Glares,' they were branded ‘Ray-Ban' upon their release since they sought to ‘ban' the harsh ‘rays' from the sun.

The Aviators popularity soared, when General Douglas MacArthur was photographed wearing the sunglasses when he landed on the beach in the Philippines during the 2nd World War. It was a big event and the photos ended up on all the newspapers in the country, and became a lasting image of the WWII. It was then eventually sold as a sporting equipment because of its function and became a luxury item for people, who needed their visions protected, while hunting or fishing. It was later adapted and popularized by Hollywood personalities and are specially showcased in movies about the war. And while Aviators has become one of the most popular commercial sunglasses designs today, it has remained a staple of military gear for the U.S. military personnel.


The original and iconic teardrop design of the aviator was developed to provide full protection of the eyes from the sun. They are often distinguished with dark, reflective lenses which are often one way, so the wearer’s eyes in not visible. They also have very thin metal frames, with double or triple bridge, called bullet holes and flexible cable temple ear pieces and with dark green tempered lenses. The lenses were also slightly curved and not flat, which was designed for covering the entire eye from any light entering in different angles. In the 1970s Aviators became popular with colored frames, being worn by public figures like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. It became a part of the cultural design, mimicking military style. Now Aviator sunglasses, gets an update with modern elements like thick molded frames, a double brow bridge, mirrored lenses and comes in many colors and sizes which can be worn with any outfits especially in the fashion world. New alternatives were also developed from the original design such such as square framed aviators and pink lenses to give a softer touch to the famous style.

Choosing the Right Pair

Having an endless options on color, frames size and design, it is sometimes hard to look for that perfect pair. Here are some tips that can help you find your very own Aviator sunglasses.

1. The teardrop design is the classical style of the aviator sunglasses, which gives a vintage vibe while giving you an ultimate eye protection from the sun. This style usually goes well with round faces, creating some contrast, but it might not look good with people having oval faces because it makes the face look longer and flaccid.

2. Egg shaped aviators is a twist to the classic style having rounder lenses. This is perfect for people with long faces because it offsets the pointy chin or a strong jaw creating a softer look.

3. Another update to the iconic teardrop look is the navigator style that is now commonly used by pilots and military personnel, compared to the traditional design. This features a square-off bottoms that are great for both round and long faces.

4. There are also many options when it comes to the frames and the most common is the traditional thin metal frames that look flattering for both men and women. The original aviator frames are made with authentic 12k gold that is why they are slightly heavier, but designs now are thinner and lighter.

5. If you are allergic to the metal frames, or you are just not comfortable wearing them, you can opt for a plastic or mixed materials Aviator frames. The plastic Aviator gives a more diverse and fashionable set of designs and colors that the metal frame cannot provide. Or you can also select the mixed material frames, that could give you both sophistication and a chic or a sporty look at the same time.

6. The color is another thing you have to decide on. More men prefer a darker and more conventional color while women are more versatile with color choices and embellishments. Few of the most popular options now are Dark Gray, Brown, Blue, mirrored and clear lenses.

7. Always consider comfort more than the style of the Aviators. Look for a pair that has the best fit. No matter what the style, color and size is, you have to select the one that you are most comfortable with and have the best bridge fit for you. Try them on before buying and choose what feels right between your eyes and your nose.

If you want to go for a simple yet reliable pair of glasses that goes well in all kinds of outfits, the Aviators is the best choice for you. You can simply wear it anywhere and whatever the occasion is and you’ll never feel out of place. This eyewear accessory is also best suited both for men and women and brings the best protection you need for your eyes against the sun. This kind of style, combining class and function will definitely never go out of trend.