CSE Teaching Schedule 2018-2019

2018-2019 Autumn Winter Spring Title
100         Required
120   Hsia   Principles of CS Required/Core
142 Wortzman/Wortzman Reges/Reges Wortzman/Wortzman Intro Prog Java Core
143 Schafer Schafer/Schafer Reges/Reges Intro Prog II Java Capstone
143X Reges     Intro Prog I+II Java
154 Bricker&Hovik Bricker&Hovik Web Programming
160   Gan   Data Programming
163     Schafer Intermediate Data Programming
180 STAT/INFO STAT/INFO Maas Introduction to Data Science
131     Hemingway Digital Photography
190Z Bricker Bricker Bricker STARS
190D       Pixels
390HA Fung Wortzman Wortzman 142 Honors Seminar
390HB Reges Reges Reges 143 Honors Seminar
200-300 Majors      
EE205 EE     Signal Conditioning
311 Zatloukal/Torlak   Zatloukal/Rothvoss Foundations I
312 Karlin Tompa/Tompa A. Rao Foundations II
331 Ernst Zatloukal Perkins/Perkins Software Design and Implementation  
332 Ru. Anderson/Ru. Anderson Ru. Anderson/Ru. Anderson   Data Abstractions
333 Perkins Perkins Hsia/Hsia Systems Programming
340     Mankoff Interaction Programming
341 Grossman Tatlock Grossman Languages
344 Suciu Suciu Leang Intro to Data Management
351 Hsia/Hsia Ceze&Willsey Ru. Anderson/Ru. Anderson The Hardware/Software Interface
369   Hsia Hsia Digital Logic
371 EE EE EE Advanced Logic
391 Wortzman Wortzman Wortzman Unix Tools
390L   Lazowska&Grossman   Leadership Seminar Series
390P       Programming and Problem Solving
400 Majors        
401 Perkins     Compilers
402     Bodik Domain Specific Languages
403   Ernst   Software Engineering
421 Y. Lee Ri. Anderson Oveis Gharan Algorithms
427 Ruzzo     Computational Biology
428     Ruzzo Comp Bio Capstone
431 A. Rao     Complexity
440 Oliveira Fogarty Oliveira HCI I
441     Reinecke HCI II
442 Heer     Visualization
444   Maas Maas Databases (joint with M 544)
446   Kakade Jamieson & Karlin Machine Learning
447   N. Smith   NLP
451 X. Wang Zahorjan Kimura OS
452     Krishnamurthy/Michael Distributed Systems 
454       Internet Systems
455 Martin     Computer Vision
456       Story Design for Animation 
457     Popovic Graphics
458 Mones     Animation  
459 Mones     Character Animation
460   Mones   Animation Capstone
461 Heimerl Mahajan Zahorjan Networks
464     Mones Adv Topics in Animation
469 EE Oskin   Computer Architecture I
470     Oskin Computer Architecture II
473 Tanimoto Shapiro Zettlemoyer AI
474 EE EE EE Embedded SW
475 Hemingway EE EE HW Systems
484 Kohno   Roesner Security (joint with M 584)
481C   Cakmak   Robotics Capstone
481D       Games
481i   Hemingway   Sound Capstone
481V Sankar   Kemelmacher Virtual Reality Capstone
481NLP     N. Smith NLP capstone
481SYS Zahorjan     Cloud Capstone
481SEC   Kohno   Security Capstone
481W       World Challenges
482A     Caspi Accessibility Capstone
482K     Ri. Anderson Tech for Resource-Constrained Env.
486   Seelig (EE)   Intro to Synthetic Biology (joint with 586)
490G1 Farhadi   Deep Learning
490N R. Rao     Neural Engineering
490C Ri. Anderson     ICTD
490   J. Lee   Toolkit for Modern Algorithms
490Q   Svore   Quantum Computing
490R     Choudhury Robotics
490T Aguera y Arcas & Fairhall   Aguera y Arcas & Fairhall Intelligent machinery, identity and ethics (2 cr. Seminar)
490A   Gottesman & Lazowska   Entrepreneuship: Company-Building (w/ 599A1,P590A)
490D Caspi   Accessiblity Prep
490E   Michalove   Ethical Automation (2 cr. Seminar)
490H1   Hovik & R. Wang   History of Computing (1 cr. Seminar)
490R1   Pittman   Reliable Software Systems (1 cr. Seminar)
490P1       Patterns for Career Success
495       Project Practicum
373 Mare Champion Champion Data Structures
374   Hazen Implementation
410       OS/Arch
412       Visualization
413 Perkins   Languages
414 Maas   Suciu Database Systems
415   Tanimoto Tanimoto AI
416     Oh ML
417   Ruzzo   Theory
5th Year MS        
M 501 Perkins     Compilers (joint with 401)
M 502     Bodik Domain Specific Languages (joint with 402)
M 544   Maas Maas Databases (joint with 444)
M 547   N. Smith   NLP (joint with 447)
M 584 Kohno   Roesner Security (joint with 484)
Quals         AREA
501   Bodik   Compilers progsys
503     Ernst SE progsys
505 Tatlock   Programming Languages progsys
507   Torlak   Computer-Aided Reasoning for Software progsys
510 Fogarty     HCI app
512     Heer Visualization app
515       Statistical Methods ai
517 Choi   NLP app
521 Oveis Gharan     Algorithms theory
525   J. Lee Random Algorithms theory
526     Lin Cryptography theory
527 Seelig   Comp Bio app
531       Complexity I  theory
535   Y. Lee Theory of Convex Optimization theory
544       Databases progsys
546 Jamieson     Machine Learning ai
547     Althoff Machine Learning for Big Data ai
548     Ceze Architecture systems
550 Krishnamurthy     Systems for all systems
551   X. Wang   OS systems
552   Lorch&Howell Distributed Systems systems
556 Schulz     Computational Fabrication app
557     Graphics app
561       Networks systems
564   Roesner   Security app
567   Taylor   Digital Systems Design (title in flux) systems
571   Bhattacharjee   Robotics app
573   Hajishirzi   AI ai
576     Shapiro Computer Vision app
Advanced Grad      
522       Algorithms II
528       Computational Neuroscience
532       Complexity Theory
549       High-Performance Computer Architecture
579       Optimal Control
590 Aguera y Arcas & Fairhall     Intelligent machinery, identity and ethics (2 cr. Seminar)
599G1 Farhadi     Intro to Deep learning (joint with 490)
599 Hellerstein     Kinetics Modeling
599 Nandakumar     Modern Mobile Systems
599 Razenshteyn     Algorithms Through a Geometric Lens
599 Roesner     Technology-Enabled Misinformation
599   Althoff   Data Science for Human Well-Being
599   Just   Research Methods and Data Analysis in Software Systems Research
599   A. Rao   Communication Complexity and Applications to Lower bounds
599   Schulz Selected Topics in Computational Fabrication
599     Froehlich Prototyping Interactive Systems
599   Hajishirzi Representation and Reasoning in NLP
599     Kakade & Agarwal Bandits and Reinforcement Learning
599A1   Gottesman & Lazowska   Entrepreneurship: Company-Building (w/ 490A, P590A)
P501       Compilers
P503 Miller   Software Engineering
P505     Tatlock Programming Languages
P510       HCI
P517 Zettlemoyer     NLP
P521   Karlin   Algorithms
P527       Computational Biology
P531       Complexity
P524 Lumsdaine     Parallel Computing
P544       Databases
P546 Hulten     Data Mining / Machine Learning
P548       Computer Architecture
P551       Operating Systems
P552       Distributed Systems
P561       Networks
P557     Curless Graphics
P564       Security
P573   Weld   Artificial Intelligence
P576     Vision
P590A   Gottesman & Lazowska   Entrepreneurship: Company-Building (w/ 490A, 599A1)
P590       Domain Specific Languages
P590       Robotics
P590     Ubiquitous Computing
P590     Just SE TBD
P590     Tessaro Applied Cryptography
P590 Friedman     Performance Engineering
Service Grad      
583 Hellerstein&Beck     SE for Data Scientists
TECHIN510 Cakmak     Programming for Digital and Physical User Interfaces
TECHIN540       Launch Project Patel in Summer
Data PMP        
D514   Friedman   Data Management for Data Science
D515     Hellerstein&Beck Software Design for Data Science
D516 Balazinska     Scalable Data Systems and Algorithms
521   Froehlich