AISell is a project that started off as a way to learn Java EE and Android development, and became a dream. The dream of being the top listing app. It was built during the moments that my master thesis didn't take away and without any investors.

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Users can use AISell to list items they want to buy or sell. Every listing is specific information about a general item. The user has to specify whether he/she is trying to sell or buy an item, what's the minimum price, maximum price, and acceptable price that he/she is willing to pay/receive for a given item, and a discount percent (recommended 0.01 - 0.04). More about this later. If somebody believes than a certain listing must be removed, because it is offensive or fraudulent, that person can report the listing and after a certain amount of reports, the listing might be removed by AISell Administration.



AISell listings use user-defined items. That is, no predefined items are provided and each user is responsible for the items that exist in AISell. Items must be created as generic as possible and duplications must always be avoided. For example, if you have an AISell sneaker and added custom LEDs to it, do not include this in the item's description, save them for the listing's description. Otherwise, if there's an AISell sneaker LED edition and many copies of it were manufactured, only then include this in the item's description. A listing might be removed by AISell Administration, if many people report it for considering it offensive or fraudulent.


Self-Negotiating Agents

This is the awesome part. Each user is assigned an intelligent agent that is in charge of negotiating (with other agents) the items its user is trying to buy or sell. This intelligent agent searches for other agents in a 2 km radius (1.2 mi) and as he starts to locate agents, it engages in multiple negotiations at the same time with them. That's why it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT not to duplicate items, because if there were multiple versions of a given item, one agent could be talking about one version and the other one about another. Users may modify existing items to make it better and this will also affect every listing using it. When creating a BUY or SELL listing, some parameters such as min price, max price, acceptable price, full price discount percent and negotiate until min/max price reach must be set. Full price discount percent is recommended to be in the range [0.01 - 0.04] that is [1% - 4%] and the negotiate until min/max reach flag tells the agent to negotiate until the established min/max price is reached. Keep in mind that the agent AUTONOMOUSLY decide when to end a negotiation, even if negotiate until min/max price is set.