Our cybersecurity experts will find your weak points and advise you on how to eliminate them.

LaValley Consulting, LLC is an information security consulting firm. Founded by Jim LaValley, LaValley Consulting offers security assessments and audits, penetration testing (also known as “ethical hacking”), and network and application vulnerability scanning to help protect your organization's information assets. These information security assurance services are essential in the prevention of potentially costly and embarrassing security incidents. LaValley Consulting can provide your organization with detailed assessments of your network infrastructure, host systems, databases, web applications and security architecture to identify your vulnerabilities and your options for remediation.

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LaValley Consulting’s services identify areas to reduce the risks and costs arising from potential information security incidents, regulatory compliance issues, mis-configurations, and existing known vulnerabilities. The firm is dedicated to helping its clients build a balanced, cost effective defense-in-depth strategy which provides multiple layers of security to achieve efficient and reliable protection and risk management. Also, for organizations that have experienced a security breach, LaValley Consulting also provides incident response services to help organizations respond and recover from attacks.


penetration testing services


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vulnerability and security assessments

Vulnerability/Security Assessments

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incident response


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"It is great to work with a security professional that can not only adeptly uncover issues, but also make clear recommendations and assist in corrective action. LaValley Consulting is considered a trusted partner and a recognized leader in the ever changing defensive technology and security strategies that exists in today's enterprise computing environments."

Senior Vice President, Director of Information Technology
Large Financial Institution

"I have known Jim, both personally and professionally, for the past five plus years. Jim's knowledge of IT security is second to none. He has a voracious appetite to "stay on top" of emerging threats as demonstrated by his commitment to learning and professional designations. Further, Jim's passion for the industry and the security of his customers goes well beyond the average IT security professional. Jim tackles each assignment as if it was his own company. He is more than reports and invoices; rather, Jim wants to make sure that he does what is right and necessary in your environment to ensure your data is never compromised.

I have worked with numerous IT professionals over the past 17 years and can say without reservation that Jim LaValley is in a class by himself. If you are responsible for securing your company's network, then I strongly recommend LaValley Consulting as the ONLY option that you should consider."

President and CEO
Financial Institution

"Jim is unquestionably one of the most talented and skilled information security professionals in the industry today. He possesses a unique combination of technical skills, industry experience, consultative capabilities, enthusiasm and an innate understanding of the "hackers mind" that make him an invaluable resource in any infosec initiative. Quite simply, you can't have a better person on your side when it comes to protecting your information assets. Highly recommended!"

Director at Sophos Inc.
(Global security company protecting over 100 million computers worldwide)

We engaged Jim LaValley to conduct a global security audit of all of our applications and networks.

He was not intrusive in his approach and very thorough in his recommendations. He uncovered several areas that needed immediate remediation and several that needed clearer user policies and procedures. Jim enabled us to curtail several irregular practices in various parts of the globe.

He performed a detailed risk analysis that enabled senior management to understand the risk profile that was currently in place and make informed decisions about what level of security in which areas was appropriate given user needs and global platform exposure.

Jim’s work far exceeded our expectations for the level of detail and analysis and the focused recommendations associated with each area of exposure. He also educated several members of the technical team on security methods that saved them substantial time and created a more secure environment. Jim was at all times, available for questions, conferences and elaboration on his findings. His report provided us with a comprehensive guide for future actions as we extend our global footprint.

I recommend Jim’s services and counsel without reservation. His technical and personal skills are excellent and appropriate without question.

Director of Information Technology
Global Manufacturing Company