Fernanda Bajanca

Candidate as Vice-Chair
I have dedicated the last two years to the Policy WG, accumulating substantial experience and I am now eager to take increased leading responsibility.

Prior Experience

I became a MCAA active member through the Policy WG in 2016. My initial responsibilities included the organisation of the MCAA/EuroScientist policy webinars series (>3K combined visualisations) and the coordination of the MCAA campaign for the ESOF-2018 (9 out of 10 proposals selected in a competitive call).

I was the Chair of the Policy WG from October 2017 to September 2019, which I restructured to coordinate several thematic teams working hard on giving a voice to MCAA members regarding the European science policy.

We have contributed to promoting the MCAA, both within and outside the MSCA fellow’s community, among researchers, policy makers, various stakeholders and general society. We established external collaborations and worked with other MCAA working groups and chapters to reach common objectives. Last year we won the “Best Working Group Award”.

I have promoted and represented the MCAA in many events. Namely, as a member of the MSCA Advisory Group (2017-2019) in Brussels, by collaborating with the NewHoRRIzon project through the MSCA Social labs, and since last year, as a Policy Advisor for the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE). At last year’s GA in Vienna, I was awarded the MCAA “Outstanding Contributor Award”.


I have dedicated the last two years to the Policy WG, accumulating substantial experience on MCAA governance and internal management. I am now eager to take increased leading responsibility.

The MCAA successfully brings together MSCA researcher’s voices to influence policy makers. I believe MCAA’s impact and benefits to its members can be further increased by incentivising wider participation. The Policy WG management model is based on keeping motivation levels high by creating conditions for each collaborator to find their place, develop their own ideas and use their expertise to reach common objectives.

My main goal as vice-chair would be to cement this bottom-up approach as the internal working culture of the MCAA. Adding both my MCAA and professional management experience I believe that I’ll bring added value to the next board, specially focusing on strategic planning administration, HR management, alumni engagement and development of internal policies. I envision a future sustainable MCAA that is an unavoidable platform for communication, experience exchanges and career development for all MSCA researchers.

Areas of expertise
  • Strategic planning

  • Administration management

  • HR management

  • Alumni engagement

  • Development of internal policies

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