Marina Rantanen Modeer

Candidate as Secretary
I have really enjoyed the community spirit and collaboration as well as the exchange of ideas in the MCAA.

Prior Experience

I have broad experience in mechatronics and software engineering, science communication, and team management. I am currently finishing my PhD research on Cyber Physical Systems at the TU Dortmund in Germany (see this short video about my research). And I am also for many years on the jury of the Swedish national thesis award Automation Student.

During my studies, I was the editor-in-chief of Sweden’s largest student tech magazine Osqledaren at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. I have worked at the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands on several robotics projects (see video about Meteron). I have also worked as a research engineer and team leader at the Smart Mobility Lab at KTH.

I joined the MCAA and became the chair of the German chapter in 2018. I have since worked with the board to further develop the chapter relations with other groups and organisations, to improve our internal governance structures and communications with members, and to organise engaging events for our community. I am especially proud of being part of the organising team of the successful Researchers Meet Innovators conferences.


I have really enjoyed the community spirit and collaboration as well as the exchange of ideas in the MCAA. The MCAA has played an important social role for me by giving me a unique chance to learn new people and expand my network both in and outside of my field.

The MCAA successfully brings together MSCA researcher’s voices to influence policy makers. I believe MCAA’s impact and benefits to its members can be further increased by incentivising wider participation. The Policy WG management model is based on keeping motivation levels high by creating conditions for each collaborator to find their place, develop their own ideas and use their expertise to reach common objectives.

My position as chair of the German chapter has greatly increased my interst in improving conditions for early-career researchers and representing them in policy making.

As secretary, I aim to further support the activities of MCAA and develop the communication and outreach to our members. I am also particularly interested in contributing to discussions on Open Science and stimulating more collaborations between academia and industry.

Areas of expertise
  • Strategic planning

  • Administration management

  • Public relations

  • Research policies & programmes

  • Communication and outreach

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