Pavlo Bazilinskyy

Candidate as Ordinary Board Member
It has been an amazing journey filled with passionate and motivated people. Now I am ready to take the next step.

Prior Experience

I did my BEng in Finland and MSc in Scotland and Ireland in Computer Science. My PhD project at TU Delft was on human factors of automated vehicles, for which I received the European Young Researchers Award 2017 from EuroScience for outstanding research performance and leadership. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at TU Delft and the head of data analysis in a startup SD-Insights.

In 2017 I became a chair of the Bridging Science and Business working group. We organised four events on the topic of connecting business and academia in Gdansk, Paris, Kyiv, and Berlin. As a result of success of the meeting in Berlin, the yearly Researchers meet Innovators events are now planned. I also established a series of monthly webinars that attract 100-200 participants.

Then, I was the chair of the BeNeLux chapter during 2015-2017, and in 2017 I became its vice-chair. Within these roles, I have organised a number of networking and specialised events. In recognition of my academic output and active participation in the life of the association, MCAA awarded me with the Best Innovator 2018 Award. I am also an active member of EMA, which awarded me with the Alumni Award in 2018.


I have been actively involved in the life of MCAA since 2015. It has been an amazing journey filled with working together with passionate and motivated people and seeing sparkles in the eyes of members that could achieve their goals. Now I am ready to take the next step and support the association in the role of an ordinary board member.

As a member of the board, I would be happy to contribute to the discussion on how our members can benefit from combining research and business. I would aim to translate the success of the Researchers meet Innovators event on all parts of MCAA and assist the association with achieving its financial targets.

MCAA is now a well-established brand in the arena of European education. I would work on utilising the prestige of the association in establishing symbiotic partnerships with other alumni associations and organisations in the EU and beyond. Then, I would raise the question of improving the strengths of MSCA applications from developing countries.

It also needs to become more professional in its communication and has the potential to really shape European science policies, provided it collects and publishes data on young scientists careers. I am motivated by these issues, and I want to do my part to help MCAA go through the next 2 transformative years.

Areas of expertise
  • Strategic planning

  • Administration management

  • Public relations & networking

  • Research policies & programmes

  • Fundraising & sponsorship

  • Events

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