Valentina Ferro

Candidate as Vice-Chair
I believe in multidisciplinary and multicultural research, and that this can be effective only when researchers and society are walking together. Communication is especially important with an organization so fast-growing as MCAA: it is the key to really connect people.

Prior Experience

Contributing to MCAA has been a big aspect of the past four years of my life. I started as the founding chair of the Scotland Chapter.

At the time, I was completing the PHOQUS ITN, where my background in physics was applied to build photonic tools for biology. The participation in the ITN and my early engagement in the MCAA activities introduced me to a community of diverse and brilliant minds. Ever since, I wanted to play an active role in shaping the researchers community.

While my academic career moved me overseas, to work in advanced light microscopy techniques at UC Berkeley, I have continued to be involved in the communication and engagement aspect of MCAA.

In 2018, I was elected vice-chair of the association, and in my role I helped guiding the Association, with a focus on brand identity, social engagement and science communication events, like the comedy shows “The Dark Side of Research”.


I chose to pursue a career in research because I value above everything learning and improving myself. I found that MCAA has been the largest source of inspiration in my professional career and I want to contribute my time, work and ideas to help the association grow and reach more people.

I believe in research that is multidisciplinary and multicultural, and that this can be effective only when researchers and society are walking together. This motivates my passion for communication. Especially with an organization so fast-growing as MCAA, communication is fundamental to connect people, inside and outside of the association itself.

I want to continue playing a role in helping individuals explore new career opportunities, both because of the meaningful relationships they established through MCAA and because of the new creative possibilities they are exposed to when participating in the rich MCAA community.

Areas of expertise
  • Strategic planning

  • Alumni engagement & Communication

  • Public relations & Networking

  • Events

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