Dr. Kiran Kumar Chereddy

Past Treasurer (2016-2018); Past Ordinary Board Member (2014-2016)

MCAA is set to achieve challenging goals such as steering EU research policy, bringing private & public sectors more closer, building brand name of our alumni in job market, and most importantly to continue and grow as a center for interaction for all MC alumni. I believe MCAA NEXT is the team to achieve these goals. All the best!

Dr. Pablo E. Tomatis

Chair of MCAA Argentina Chapter

In the upcoming MCAA election, I will support candidates from MCAA Next team. The team is a good mixture of previous board members with vast experience in MCAA governance and new people with innovative ideas. I worked with most of them on MCAA, where I felt the commitment, dedication and passion they have for the better of our association.

Dr. Radenka Krsmanovic Whiffen

Chair of MCAA Western Balkan Chapter

These candidates have already shown their strong commitment to the MCAA mission. I am pleased to be supporting their vision of an organization that listens to its members and that strives to create a sustainable, open research culture which delivers for researchers at all career stages. Now more than ever, I think that's important and necessary."

Dr. Praveen Kumar

Chair of MCAA Indian Chapter

Dr. Gabor Kismihok

Chair of MCAA Research Funding WG

I'd like express my support to the candidates on the MCAA Next list. I have been working together with most of these candidates in various policy and chapter related activities in the past 4 years. Based on my experience, if elected, our MCAA community can rely on the expertise and dedication of Mostafa and his team. I also think that in these difficult and challenging times, excellent leadership values present in this team will be inevitable for protecting and keeping our community together.

Dr. Veronika Stolbova

Chair of MCAA Swiss Chapter

I'd like to formally express my support to the MCAA Next list. I did work with several candidates, in particular, Renaud Jolivet and received a lot of guidance and support for MCAA activities. Also, I admire the dedication of Mostafa to MCAAn(especially the organization of the GA and Conference 2019) and trust that together with his team he will guide MCAA into prosperous future.

Dr. Thomas Bonnard

Chair of MCAA French Chapter

I'd like to formally express my support to the MCAA Next list. I did work with most of the candidates in that team and I know for sure the MCAA can rely on the dedication of Mostafa and his team.

Dr. Valerie Bentivegna

Chair of MCAA Communication WG

I formally express my support for the MCAA Next group. I've worked in close capacity with several of the candidates in my capacity of chair of the Communication Workgroup, and I have confidence in the dedication and competence of this team." - Valerie Bentivegna, Chair of the Communication Workgroup MCAA

Deepak Palaksha

Chair of MCAA Norway Chapter

Passionate team with talent and skill backing their competence. With my previous experience interacting with this team, I know they are hustlers who can bridge the gap between research and industry. I believe the diverse team would deliver the vision of MCAA with transparency and utmost dedication.

Dr. Sahba Mobini

Chair of MCAA Spain Portugal Chapter

I would like to support MCAA-NEXT campaign for its genuine mission and vision that share my values. I endorse them for becoming the advocate for research career sustainability and bringing the attention to this important concern of researchers. I also support their clear strategy on financial sustainability of the MCAA that is a key for the future of our association

Dr. Elizabeth Schmidt

Chair of MCAA Brazil Chapter

Dr. Jonas Krebs

Collaborator Science Slams (CRG)

Dr. Daniel Yar

Chair of MCAA Swedish Chapter

While I see MCAA as an important worldwide actor in the field of science and research in general, I see the management and organisation of our efforts as a crucial matter to realise the potential in our association. After I have heard the Next team vision of MCAA and how they plan to develop a sustainable rganisation/association, I will support their candidacy for the upcoming GA.

Dr. Andreina Laera

Chair of MCAA Policy WG

I'd like express my support to the candidates on the MCAA Next team. They strongly believe in the causes of MCAA and this is why I strongly recommend them. I had the opportunity to closely work specially with Fernanda and Karen during the past two years as member and subsequently chair of the Policy WG. Fernanda is always ready to listen to you and to help you to develop your projects. Karen was very engaged in the activities of the Policy WG. She has plenty of ideas and knows really well how to write for Policy.

Dr. Eirini Papageorgiou

Chair of MCAA Greek Chapter

Dr. Micaela Crespo

Former Chair of MCAA Policy WG

Of course I’ll endorse the MCAA Next team for the next board. I personally know most (if not all) of their candidates and I know they are amongst the most active and motivated MCAA members. I have high hopes in the things they could achieve during the next term.

Dr. Rohan Soman

Chair of MCAA Polish Chapter

Dr. Ben Bleasdale

Senior Policy Advicer, Wellcome Trust

Working in the field of research culture, I know this MCAA-Next team will continue to champion the wellbeing of researchers and help build a better working environment. I’ve seen first-hand how they’re already bringing the research community together, and using their expertise to transform research culture.