Working together

Who we are

We are a team of passionate and creative people.
We have already committed thousands of hours to help MCAA grow, because we love MCAA and the community around it. And we cannot wait to contribute more as the next MCAA board!
Join us in this adventure, and trust us with your vote and let's work together for a brighter, sustainable, and renewed MCAA.

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Our Vision


We will advocate for sustainable researcher careers and we will support MCAA members in their career development, for example by expanding the offer on trainings and mentorship.


We will be a voice for researchers. We want to give a voice to our members and to all researchers to influence decision-making in areas such as sustainable research practice, research culture and open science policies.


We focus on the future and we will ensure that MCAA can continue to connect researchers, to represent their interests and to enhance their careers. That's why we will work towards financial sustainability for MCAA.


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  • and share your ideas
  • and suggestions for the
  • future of MCAA!
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