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I could get a great look at t bone steak by sticking my head up a bull's ass but I'd rather take my butcher's word for it.

“The UI and platform is so simple to use, but under the hood is a rich treasure trove of really actionable intelligence with some complicated algorithms that are honestly above me.”


Jean Doe, CTO theamazonofthings.com Data Analyst

“There's something extraordinary about this company. I have found hidden insights everywhere in our data.”


John Doe, Senior Business Intelligence Manager legalzoom.com Legal Zoom

“If these are our robot overlords, I welcome them. My ROI is at 437% from using this tool. ”


Chris Nash, CFO spaceX.co Creative Director


What can we do for your data?

Data Platform & "Data Stacks" ™️

Upload your data. Join, stack, and combine to uncover hidden business opportunities from the market.

CMS & eCommerce

Use our AI driven machine learning algorithms to unlock key insights about your customers


nirvanalytics was started with a simple but np hard mission: help businesses everywhere.


Scott Tarlow

Senior Data Scientist

Scott puts the 'ol in "lol" and "troll."


Joshua Cook


"The GZA. The Genius. The Osiris of this shit".


Sylvia Tran


Sharp as a tack. Fears no corkboard.


Chris Mehrco

Lead Data Engineer

Fantastic facial hair. Also, I can't figure out how to space Chris's profile box any lower. Hope he doesn't mind


Your name here

Lead Executive VP of Data VPing

This job definitely has the best title. Giggle.


Kevin Coyle

Lead Custodial Engineer

Pretty okay. Scrubbin datasets and trainin neural nets

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