Voter Paradox (1 Candidate)

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How to Play

There is a proposal at your school to create a Basketball Club. In each round, you and other schoolmates decide whether to cast your vote in favor of the Basketball Club or abstain. Whether the club is created depends on the outcome of the vote. If the number of votes meets or exceeds a minimum threshold then the club is created. Otherwise no club is created.

For each student, voting is costly. Voting cost is determined by distance from the school. This cost is only incurred if an individual votes and there is no direct cost from abstention. You will receive 100 points if the number of votes meets or exceeds the minimum threshold and 0 points otherwise. This leads to four payoff situations:

  1. Club created and you voted: 100 − cost of voting
  2. Club not created and you voted: 0 − cost of voting
  3. Club created and you abstained: 100 − 0
  4. Club not created and you abstained: 0 − 0
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