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Side-bar banners are 326 pixels wide, 200 pixels or more tall.
Header banners and those within the text of articles are 692px wide x 87px high.

Rates are determined by the total number of pixels. That number is determined by multiplying the width by the height. For example, a banner measuring 326 pixels wide by 200 pixels high will contain 65,200 pixels. The following chart converts total pixels into a monthly rate.
At the end of each month's billing cycle, your ad will automatically terminate unless you ask us to extend for another month.
Your ad automatically will be extended monthly until you ask us to cancel. You may cancel any time
after 3 months.
Side bar $.005 per pixel per month $.003 per pixel per month
Within articles $.01 per pixel per month $.006 per pixel per month
Header banner $.015 per pixel per month $.009 per pixel per month

Ads are dynamically rotated, which means they are viewed in sequence with other ads in the same location. Their position in the queue is random, and the selection is changed every time the page is refreshed. This allows all ads to appear at prime viewing locations, and lessens the tendency for viewers to become ‘blind’ to ads that always are visible in the same location.

Banner advertisers receive a free listing in the classified-ad section. This can be used to supplement their banner ads or for additional products or services. The first 275 characters are free. Additional characters are billed at standard rates.

Banners must be in a TIF, JPG, or GIF format.
Animations must be moderate and slow. Flashers and shakers are not eligible.
Animations are billed as multiple ads, one for each frame.
Send images, hyperlinks, and text for the free classified message here.

Banners will be published on the day payment is processed if before 10
Renewals are on the same date each month.

Let us know of your interest here. You will receive an email to confirm the exact cost and to enable payment by bank card or PayPal.

If you would prefer to advertise only in the classified section, click here to see the current rates.

Thank you.

G. Edward Griffin 



My banner ad in Need to Know has been responsible for better than 90% of my company's growth! To put it succinctly:
My advertisement pays for itself! ~~ Chris Main

Our ad in Need to Know is working; just wanted to give you some feedback; great service your are doing for Americans. ~~ John Miller


Updated 2017-03-16