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Because we began years ago as a self-publisher, we have a special place in our hearts for book authors and film producers spreading the message of individualism and liberty. Therefore, we offer these crusaders a two-month free ad in the classified section of Need-to-Know (the news service from The Reality Zone) and also in Beyond the Matrix (the communications hub for Red Pull University). These ads, 275 characters or less, conform to the standard specifications described above. At the end of the two-month period, they will be terminated automatically. However, if sales are sufficient to sustain the cost, the ad can be continued by the advertiser at the standard rate. To take advantage of this offer, just send the text (275 characters or less) to

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My banner ad in Need to Know has been responsible for better than 90% of my company's growth! To put it succinctly: My advertisement pays for itself! ~~ Chris Main

Our ad in Need to Know is working; just wanted to give you some feedback; great service your are doing for Americans. ~~ John Miller

If the character count after the change is no more than the original count (or 275, whichever is greater), there will be no additional cost. If the revised count is greater than that by ten or more characters, it will be necessary to revise the billing. Revised rates become effective on the next monthly renewal date.

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