Account Linking

Regardless of billing method, developers will be required to implement the Account Linking API. To link an external account to an Amazon account, a customer will be prompted for one or more account identifiers (username, email, etc.) of the third party game/software/website. When the Linking API call is made, you must return the customer ID relating to the information provided (to be used later for purchasing). Independently of the SDK, you will be interacting with GetUserIdSerializableRequest and GetUserIdSerializableResponse.


Field Description
operation The name of the operation, GetUserId in this case.
infoField1 The username or other account identifier where the customer wants an item sent.
infoField2 An optional second identifier field, it will be sent if configured in the developer portal
infoField3 An optional third identifier field, it will be sent if configured in the developer portal


Field Description
response Valid response codes are:
userId A vendor-side immutable ID that will be used in the Purchase/Revoke API to identify the purchasing user

Registration Popup

Besides the linking account call, you must provide a URL through which customers can create new accounts when purchasing items. When a customer decides to create a new account, Amazon will display your account creation page to the customer in a popup window. After the customer creates a new account, your page must redirect to the URL provided in the query string when the account registration page is opened, with the infoFields appended that correspond to the newly created account.

  • Please note that the redirectURL will be URL encoded, and you must URL decode it.
  • Each infoField must be URL encoded


Account Creation URL:
Account Creation URL, with the redirect URL provided:<amazon_redirect_url_goes_here>
The URL to which your account creation page should redirect after account creation:

Health Check

Note that Amazon will use the GetUserId API to detect if your endpoint is up and healthy. The request will happen every 5 minutes and use directed customer ID “AMAZONTEST” and InfoField1 “TESTVALUE”. This user account need not exist in your system, but please ensure your system is able to process this level of traffic. Amazon only verifies that your endpoint returns an appropriate response to the API call.